User manual | Datavideo RMC-120 Network Card User Manual

Ethernet Control Box
for SE-800
Warnings and Precautions
1. Read all of these warnings and save them for later reference.
2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this unit.
3. Unplug this unit from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not
use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.
4. Do not use this unit in or near water.
5. Do not place this unit on an unstable cart, stand, or table. The
unit may fall, causing serious damage.
6. Slots and openings on the cabinet top, back, and bottom are
provided for ventilation. To ensure safe and reliable operation
of this unit, and to protect it from overheating, do not block or
cover these openings. Do not place this unit on a bed, sofa,
rug, or similar surface, as the ventilation openings on the
bottom of the cabinet will be blocked. This unit should never
be placed near or over a heat register or radiator. This unit
should not be placed in a built-in installation unless proper
ventilation is provided.
7. This product should only be operated from the type of power
source indicated on the marking label of the AC adapter. If
you are not sure of the type of power available, consult your
Datavideo dealer or your local power company.
8. Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord. Do not locate
this unit where the power cord will be walked on, rolled over,
or otherwise stressed.
9. If an extension cord must be used with this unit, make sure
that the total of the ampere ratings on the products plugged
into the extension cord do not exceed the extension cord’s
10. Make sure that the total amperes of all the units that are
plugged into a single wall outlet do not exceed 15 amperes.
11. Never push objects of any kind into this unit through the
cabinet ventilation slots, as they may touch dangerous
voltage points or short out parts that could result in risk of fire
or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind onto or into this
12. Except as specifically explained elsewhere in this manual, do
not attempt to service this product yourself. Opening or
removing covers that are marked “Do Not Remove” may
expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risks, and
will void your warranty. Refer all service issues to qualified
service personnel.
13. Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer to qualified
service personnel under the following conditions:
a. When the power cord is damaged or frayed;
b. When liquid has spilled into the unit;
c. When the product has been exposed to rain or water;
d. When the product does not operate normally under
normal operating conditions. Adjust only those
controls that are covered by the operating instructions
in this manual; improper adjustment of other controls
may result in damage to the unit and may often
require extensive work by a qualified technician to
restore the unit to normal operation;
e. When the product has been dropped or the cabinet
has been damaged;
f. When the product exhibits a distinct change in
performance, indicating a need for service.
Table of Contents
Warnings and Precautions …... …... …... …... …... …... …... …..1
Warnings and Precautions
What's in the Box……………..……….………………...…...……….4
Product overview
User Interface Functions……………………………..……….……...7
Installation, Connections, Set up…………………………..……....14
PC IP setting
RMC-120 IP setting
SE-800 IP setting
No connection
Technical Support...…………………………………….…………...26
What’s in the box?
1. RMC-120
2. AC / DC Power Adaptor * 1
3. RJ45 Ethernet cable 1M * 1
4. RS-232 cable 1.2M * 1
(cross over)
5. User manual
6. Installation CD
Thank you for purchasing Datavideo’s RMC-120. RMC-120 is
one of SE-800 accessories, which can be used to remote
control SE-800 via RS-232 command with a simple, but
unique operate control interface. You will be amazed and
pleased at what you can do with this advanced piece of
technology. In order to bring out the maximum performance
of this unit, we recommend that you spend some time to read
this manual carefully.
Product Overview
RMC-120 is special designed for SE-800 control by Ethernet.
Now you can remote control shots, mix, and edit, all within
the SE-800 RS-232 protocol. RMC-120 is a simple RJ45 to
RS-232 device, featuring powerful software that allows you to
use your PC or laptop as a control center.
What is the benefit of using that? For example, you could use
it in remote areas, where could be far away from your
switcher as long as you have internet connection.
The full size control panel includes most control functions of
SE-800, which includes video selection, audio selection,
video effects, transition effects, color corrections and RGB
corrections. Also, it includes 30 user programmable macro
function keys that let you play back preset transitions and
effects instantly by clicking a single button.
Standard RJ 45 and RS-232 connectors
Easy to install
Simply connection
Full functions remote control
Friendly user interface
User Interface Functions
20 19 18
17 16 15
Joy stick and mode selector
13. T-Bar
Voice sync adjustment
14. Main video source selectors
Video input format selector
15. Sub video source selectors
Audio channel selectors
16. Chroma key control
Audio follow video switch
17. Preset Banks F1 to F30
Color processor
18. Video effects: Picture in Picture
Border control
19. Video effects: Paint controls
Background control
20. Video effects: Mosaic controls
Transition source selectors
21. Numeric Keypad
10. GPI function on/off button
22. Transition effects.
11. Play F1 to F30 by sequence
25. Audio channel selectors
12. Take function key
1. Joystick and Joystick mode selector: The Joystick control
can function either in RGB Color Correction mode or
Position Control mode, depending on the position of the
selector below it. In RGB Correction mode, you can make
real time RGB white balance corrections to the Main
Source video. This function (white balance adjustment) is
effective only with “Input Format selection” mode. In
Position Control mode, the joystick
is used to position the selected
effect (Mosaic or Picture In Picture)
anywhere on the screen in real time.
2. Voice Sync: adjusts for audio delay
or advance from –19 to +3 frames
for the Audio Input that is fed from
the selected Video channel.
3. Input Format selectors: These buttons allow you to select
the input video format for each channel. To operate,
press the upper button to select the channel (each press
cycles the LED to the next channel),
then press the lower button to select
the proper format. Disengage the
selectors by pressing a button in
any other section on the front panel.
4. Audio Input Selectors: Controls which audio input channel
(A, B, C, and/or D) is sent to the Audio Bus “Video”
channel in SE-800. The row of selector buttons across
the top of this section has LEDs to show which input
channel is active. If the A+V function
(5.) is engaged, the source channel
selected on the Main Source bus is automatically
selected. If A+V is not engaged, the input source is user
selectable. Level controls for each input source are the
rotary pots below the selection buttons.
5. A+V: Audio follow video switch. When this button is
engaged (you’ll know it is engaged because the LED is
lit), the audio associated with a selected input source
automatically follows the video through the
dissolve. When the button is inactive, audio
must be switched manually.
6. Color Processor: These controls become active in
conjunction with the Input Format selector (3.). When that
control is active, you can make adjustments to the
selected channel’s brightness, contrast, color, and tint
(NTSC only) by pressing the up and down arrow buttons.
The LEDs on the left side of this section indicate relative
steps above or below unity (the signal exits the control
unchanged). Press and hold the Reset button in the
upper right for 2 seconds or more to reset the Color
Processor controls
all to unity. The
“Reset All” button
resets the color
correction and RGB
correction settings
for all 4 inputs.
7. Border: controls the border style and color for the Picture
in Picture effect. This control is accessible when the
Picture in Picture controls,
Wipe and Zoom effects. (22.)
are engaged.
8. Background: when Background is selected in either the
Main or Sub Video Source (14, 15.), and the ON button is
pressed (and the LED is lit), repeated
presses of the color button cycle
through the 8 possible solid
9. Video or Audio: selects the T-Bar operating mode of the
SE-800, between Video (default). (Audio mode is not
working at this moment.)
10. GPI (General Purpose
Interface) function: ON/OFF,
allow RMC-90 to trigger
other GPI devices.
11. PLAY: Play memorized
function key from F1 to F30
in sequence.
12. TAKE: Switch the video or audio source setting from one
to another.
13. T-Bar: used to manually perform a transition.
14. Main Video Source Selector: used to select which of the
four video input channels or
background is sent to the Main
video output.
15. Sub Video Source Selector: used to select which of the
four video input channels or
background will be transitioned
to or used as a sub source in
an effect.
16. Chroma Key: when engaged, this removes the selected
color from the Main Video Source and reveals the
corresponding portions of the Sub Video Source.
Repeated presses of the Color up and down buttons
selects the color to be removed. Repeated
presses of the Level up and down buttons
sets how much of the color will be
removed. Color and level information are
displayed in the windows above the
Keypad (21.)
17. Preset selectors: control the 30 user programmable
preset locations for storing
customized effects and
18. Picture in Picture: puts the selected Sub Video
Source in a window on the Main Video Source,
with control over window size and placement.
Used in conjunction with the Border keys (7.)
19. Paint: when engaged (and the Paint LED is lit), this
applies a posterized effect to the selected Main Video
Source. Repeated presses of the up and down
buttons set the intensity level of the effect, from
1 (least) to 4 (most). The level setting is
displayed in the Effects window above the
Keypad (21.).
20. Mosaic: when engaged (and the Mosaic LED is lit), this
turns the selected Main Source Video into a mosaic of
colored squares. There are 8 mosaic patterns to choose
from, selected by repeated presses of the up
and down buttons. The effect can be applied to
the whole image or one of two window sizes by
select PIP effect (18.) You can also use Joystick
(1.) mode to place the mosaic window in
anywhere on the screen.
21. Keypad: used to enter numerical data that
controls effects or transitions. The Effects
and Speed windows above the Keypad
display parameter information for the
selected effect or transition.
22. Transition selectors: These five selection buttons
determine the transition type and allow for the
selection of certain effects that are performed on
the selected Main Video Input channel. The
Take-button executes an auto play.
23. Audio Bus selectors: the LEDs indicate which of the audio
inputs are active in the Main audio output mix. Press the
button to either include or exclude the channel. The left
button, labeled Mic/Aux, can be
set to either Mic, Aux, or off.
Above all are basic functions descriptions. For more detail
information and application, please refer to SE-800 user manual.
Installation, Connections, Set up
SE-800 Real Panel
Ethernet Cable
Computer Real
Set up PC Computer IP address
Step 1: Click “Start” button. Go to “Setting”, then
click on “Control Panel”
Step 2: Click on “Network and Dial-up
Step 3: Click on “Properties”
Step 4: Select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”, click on
Step 5: Set up IP address and Subnet mask.
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Set up RMC-120 IP address
Step 1: Double click or Config Icon
Step 2: Click on the Search Buttion
Step 3: clink on the MAC List
Step 4: Setting the Local IP:
Setting the Subnet Mask :
Setting the Remote IP:
Setting the Baud Rate: 57600
Setting the Data Bit: 8
Setting the Stop Bit: 1
Setting the Parity: Odd
Select TCP Misc Mode and Click on the
Write Button, and then Exit Button
Set up SE-800 IP address
Step 1: Clink on the se800 icon
Step 2: Right Click on the mouse button and select
Step 3: Select “Client Mode” and set up Remote IP then Click on the “OK” button
Trouble shooting
1. “Connect failed” error message.
Please check your PC Computer IP address
settings again, and be sure it has been set up
IP address:
Subnet mask:
RMC-120 IP address settings assigned Condition
Setting the Local IP:
Setting the Subnet Mask :
Setting the Remote IP:
SE-800 PC Control Software IP address settings
assigned Condition
Client Mode setting Remote IP
Q: When I select BACKGROUND, the “ON” button starts
blinking. Sometimes it will speed up, but sometimes it will
slow down. Is it normal?
A: Yes, it’s normal, and it will not affect the performance.
Q: When I use GPI control, occasionally the “PLAY” key will
turn on in SE-800 switcher. Why the remote interface doesn’t
turn on?
A: It’s normal. Don’t need to worry.
Q: While programming the function keys is in process, three
seconds after I pressed “ENT” key, the remote interface will
display number “555”. Is that normal?
A: We already notice this problem, and will fix it in next
version software.
Q: Are all SE-800 can be controlled by RMC-120?
A: No. RMC-120 can only use with SE-800 ROM A: v5.6;
ROM B: v2.4, or later version firmware.
Q: How do I check my SE-800 firmware version?
A: For the ROM A, when SE-800 turns on, please check the
digital number which shows on “EFFECT” and “SPEED” if
it’s showing 5.6 as below.
05 6
A: For the ROM B, please make sure all the video effects and
transition effects have turned off. Then, press up key and
check the check the digital number which shows on
“EFFECT” and “SPEED” if it’s showing 2.4 as below.
02 4
RS-232 Data Control Port
Connecting Datavideo SE-800 RS-232 Remote Control Port
RJ-45 Ethernet Port
Connecting PC or Laptop Ethernet Port for Remote Trigger
Dimensions W x D x H
100m/m x 67m/m x 23m/m
0.12 Kg
Input: DC 9V/0.1A
AC/DC Power Adapter
1.2M RS-232 Cable x 1
1.2M RJ45 Ethernet Cable x 1
Instruction Manual
Installation CD
Product registration
Go on line for product
See the warranty card for warranty period
Tech support
Datavideo maintains five offices worldwide to support this and
other products.
Datavideo Technologies Co., LTD.
10F, No. 176, Jian-Yi Rd,
Chung Ho City, Taipei Hsien 235, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-8227-2888
Datavideo Corporation USA
12300-U East Washington Blvd.
Whittier CA 90606 USA
Tel: (562) 696-2324
Datavideo Technologies Europe BV
Californiedreef 26
3565 BL Utrecht, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 30 261 9656
Datavideo Technologies China Co.
2F-D, No 2, Lane 777, West Guang-zhong Rd
Zhabei District, Shang-Hai, China
Tel: 86 21 5603-6599
Datavideo UK Limited
Unit 2 Waterside Business Park
Manchester, England
Tel: +44(0) 1457 851000
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