Mettler Toledo P20Density Datasheet

Mettler Toledo P20Density Datasheet
Density Determination of Weights
Density determination
of weights 2 kg up to 20 kg
B u s i n e s s
A r e a
M e t r o l o g y
P20 Density
Economical density and volume
For high – accuracy mass determination, the density of the weights
must be known. With the density and
volume determination system
P20Density, weights from 2 kg to
20 kg are measured with a fast and
simple process. The accuracy achieved
fulfils OIML Class E1 requirements.
P20 Density software makes it easy
The P20Density software guides
through the efficient measurement
process and performs density calculations including uncertainty budget
and analysis.
The software was developed in
collaboration with
Swedish National
Testing and Research Institute.
• Guided process for accurate and
fast method
• Automatic data acquisition
• Detailed and comprehensive report
• Uncertainty budget with analysis
• Parameter and equipment database
• Swivel station for reliable filling
METTLER TOLEDO Metrology Trainings
Economical solution according OIML R111 method D
Conform for OIML E1 weights
Software guided process including results calculation
With two measurement methods, the accuracy is adapted to the specific requirements.
Delivery content
• Constant volume vessel,
• Density determination software (MS Windows-based)
• Reliable swivel filling station
• High accuracy temperature sensor
• Syringe
• Leather gloves
Following equipment is required for operation
• Mass comparator with resolution <10 mg (e.g. KA30-3/P)
• Special, stackable disc weights 2 x 10 kg F1
• PC for software
For secure handling, stackable weights are recommended
• 2 x 10 kg Reference disc weights of OIML F1 class
System requirements
Computer with Pentium processor 500 MHz, min. 64 MB RAM, one serial
interface RS232, hard disc space >10MB, Windows 98SE, Me, NT4.0,
2000 or XP
Accurate method (12 Steps)
Density uncertainty (k=2)
1…15 kg/m3
Process time
< 2 hours
Fast method (4 Steps)
Density uncertainty (k=2)
Process time
Quality certificate ISO 9001
Environmental certificate ISO14001
Worldwide service
2 … 25 kg/m3
< 30 min
Subject to technical changes
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