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Installation and Operating Instructions
Dimplex Adagio Fire
Model : ADG20
Issue 0
Fig. 1
Important Safety Advice:
When using electrical appliances, Basic precautions
should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire,
electrical shock, and injury to persons, including the
If the appliance is damaged, check with the
supplier before installation and operation.
Do not use outdoors.
Do not use in the immediate surroundings of a
bath, shower or swimming pool.
Do not locate the heater immediately below a fixed
socket outlet or connection box.
Do not cover the heater. Do not place material or
garments on the heater, or obstruct the air
circulation around the heater, for instance by
curtains or furniture, as this could cause
overheating and a fire risk.
This appliance is not intended for use by children
or other persons without assistance or
supervision if their physical, sensory or mental
capabilities prevent them from using it safely.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
Do not use this heater in series with a thermal
control, a program controller, a timer or any other
device that switches on the heat automatically,
since a fire risk exists when the heater is
accidentally covered or displaced.
Ensure that furniture, curtains or other
combustible material are positioned no closer
than 1 metre from the heater.
In the event of a fault unplug the heater.
Unplug the heater when not required for long
Although this heater complies with safety
standards, we do not recommend its use on deep
pile carpets or on long hair type of rugs.
The appliance must be positioned so that the plug
is accessible.
If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced
by the manufacturer or service agent or a
similarly qualified person in order to avoid a
Unpack the heater carefully and retain the packaging for
possible future use, in the event of moving or returning the
fire to your supplier. Loose coals and pebbles are packed
separately within the carton. When the heater is assembled
the coals or pebbles are placed on top of the fuel bed. ‘The
coals may be removed and pebbles added in their place up
to a maximum weight of 6KG.
The heater is designed for use inset into a 407mm (16") or
457mm (18") wide by 559mm (22") high fireplace opening
see also section “Installation in a fire place opening”.
A 2kw fan heater discreetly positioned in the canopy of the
fire provides heating in cold weather. Switching allows half
or full heat.
Before connecting the heater check that the supply voltage
is the same as that stated on the heater.
Please note: Used in an environment where background
noise is very low, it may be possible to hear a sound which
is related to the operation of the flame effect. This is normal
and should not be a cause for concern.
This heater must be used on an AC ~ supply only and the
voltage marked on the heater must correspond to the supply
Before switching on, please read the safety warnings and
operating instructions.
For your convenience, the heater is fitted with a rewireable
plug incorporating a 13 amp fuse. In the event of replacing
the fuse in the plug supplied, a 13 amp fuse approved by
ASTA to BS1362 must be used.
Installation in a Fireplace Opening
Safety cut-out
At the rear of the fire, two adjustable supports are provided
for levelling the fire where the base of the fireplace opening
is raised above the level of the hearth.
For your safety, this appliance has been fitted with a thermal
cut-out. In the event that the product overheats, the cut-out
switches the heat off automatically.
Adjust by removing the two screws holding each bracket in
position, then refit the bracket and the two screws in the
required position.
To bring the heat back into operation, remove the cause of
the overheating, then unplug or turn off the electrical supply
to the heater for up to 10 minutes.
When the heater has cooled sufficiently, re-connect and
switch on the heater.
The unique flame effect may be enjoyed whether or not the
heating elements are in operation.
Before commencing cleaning, unplug the heater and allow
it to cool.
The heater controls are located on the left hand side of the
canopy heat outlet.
The surfaces of the heater should be given an occasional
wipe over with a dry soft cloth.
Three switches provide a choice of heat settings.
Do not use detergents, abrasive cleaning powder or polish
on the metal body of the heater.
A switch is in the ON position when the red indicator mark on
the switch is visible.
The glass screen should be cleaned carefully with a
chamois leather. DO NOT use proprietary cleaners.
To remove any accumulation of dust or fluff the soft brush
attachment of a vacuum cleaner should occasionally be
used to clean the outlet grille of the fan heater located under
the canopy.
Switch 1
Switch 2
To clean the fuel effect, remove the coal/pebbles and wash
in warm water. The plastic tray should be wiped clean with
a damp cloth. When dry replace the coal/pebbles and
arrange for best effect.
Switch 3
Fig. 2
After Sales Service
Switch 1 - Controls the electricity supply to the heater
and the flame effect.
Note: This switch must be in the ON position
for the heater to operate.
Switch 2 - Provides 1kw heat output.
Switch 3 - Provides 2kw heat output with switch 2.
Lamp Replacement
There are two lamps located beneath the fuel effect. To gain
access to the lamps, remove the coal/pebbles and place in
a container, lift out the plastic fuel effect to reveal the lamps.
Replace the defective lamp with a 240V - 60W E14 SES clear
candle lamp.
Replace plastic fuel effect and coal/pebbles.
Your product is guaranteed for one year from the date of
Within this period, we undertake to repair or exchange this
product free of charge (excluding lamps & subject to
availability) provided it has been installed and operated in
accordance with these instructions.
Your rights under this guarantee are additional to your
statutory rights, which in turn are not affected by this
Should you require after sales service you should contact
our customer services help desk on 0870 727 0101. It
would assist us if you can quote the model number, series,
date of purchase, and nature of the fault at the time of your
call. The customer services help desk will also be able to
advise you should you need to purchase any spares.
Please do not return a faulty product to us in the first
instance as this may result in loss or damage and delay in
providing you with a satisfactory service.
Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
The product complies with the European Safety Standards EN60335-2-30 and the European Standard Electromagnetic Compatibility
(EMC) EN55014, EN60555-2 and EN60555-3 which cover the essential requirements of EEC Directives 73/23 and 89/336
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