FAQ’S Reichert 7 & 7CR

FAQ’S Reichert 7 & 7CR
Reichert 7 & 7CR
How do I connect the instrument to my EMR software?
Go to the Reichert 7 webpage (http://www.reichert.com/eye_care.cfm, click on
Tonometry, then Reichert 7).
Download and install the USB driver onto the EMR computer.
Download the ReichertCapture from the same webpage.
Extract the files of the ReichertCapture *.zip file and then read the User’s Guide.
Attach a USB cable (Type A to Type B) and install the ReichertCapture software.
Does the Reichert 7 ever need cleaning?
Periodic cleaning of the instrument may be required if it has difficulty finding the eye,
giving occasional asterisk readings, or not taking readings. To clean the instrument,
go to the Reichert 7 webpage (http://www.reichert.com/eye_care.cfm, click on
Tonometry, then Reichert 7) and then download the Service Bulletin for cleaning from
the Downloads and Resources tab. Follow the instructions on the Service Bulletin
exactly as indicated.
How do I clean the headrest?
For hygienic reasons, clean the Forehead Rest with a clean cloth moistened with a
mild detergent solution (1 cc of liquid dish soap to one liter of clean, filtered water
(filtered below 5 microns)). Do not use strong cleaning solutions or damage to the
headrest pad may occur.
Note: If the Forehead Rest pad must be sanitized, a sterile wipe may be used
How do I change the printer paper?
To change the printer paper, push the button to the left of the printer door and then
remove the printer paper door to expose the printer paper compartment.
Remove any remaining paper or paper roll from the paper compartment and place a
new roll of Reichert thermal printer inside.
Note: To order replacement thermal paper, contact your local Reichert dealer.
Unroll the paper about 6 inches and hold the end of the paper as the printer door is
replaced. Push the printer door closed.
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