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User’s Manual
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. When can I start using my stroller?
A. You should wait until your child is 6-8 weeks of
age before using your stroller. As every child develops
differently you may want to consult your pediatrician
before using your stroller. Always use proper neck and
body support for smaller children.
Q. How much weight will my stroller hold?
A. Your stroller will hold up to 85 pounds of child weight
plus 8 pounds of cargo weight.
Q. Is my stroller rust proof?
A. Your stroller is rust resistant if maintained and cared
for properly. Your stroller is not rust proof.
Q. What if my tire goes flat?
A. The tires on your stroller are just like tires on a bicycle
or car. They may occasionally go flat if you get a thorn in
the tire or something else sharp. To fix this, simply visit a
local bike shop and they can change the tire tube for you
or you can purchase a tube and replace it yourself. Tires
and tubes are not covered under the stroller warranty as
they are a wear and tear item.
Q. Can I roller blade with my stroller?
A. We do not recommend this. It is too easy to lose
control and cause possible harm to your child and
Q. What if I break my stroller?
A. No problem. Call for help, toll free, at
Q. Is the fabric on my stroller washable?
A. Yes. The seat and basket are removable and machine
washable in cold water with mild detergent in the gentle
cycle. Place back on your stroller to dry. Be sure to
remove all seat panels before washing and replace when
ALWAYS use your safety wrist strap any time a
child is in the stroller.
ALWAYS engage rear foot brake when loading
and unloading passenger.
NEVER leave your child unattended in or around
the stroller.
NEVER overload the stroller. Overloading
the stroller may cause the stroller to become
unstable and tip over.
DO NOT allow your child to stand in the stroller.
This may cause the stroller to tip and cause
injury to your child and others.
WARNING: Do not run with your stroller when
the front wheel is in swivel mode. Front swivel
wheel strollers of any kind are not true joggers
and if not locked into stationary mode properly
may overturn when used as a running stroller.
Shearling Insert soft cushioned
comfort for your child’s ride.
Flashing Light Provides dual
flashing modes, is water resistant,
and can be seen for up to 1600 ft.
Bug Canopy Versatile canopy that
provides protection from bugs or
flying debris and shade from the
Back Pack A very spacious bag
equipped with cell phone and
water bottle pockets. Packed up
and over the shoulder allows this
bag to keep up with even the
busiest of families.
Deluxe Carry Bag Contains a
removable, hard back and bottom
support, as well as hand, shoulder,
and adjustable back straps.
Bunting Bag Styled similar to a
sleeping bag but designed to fit
for use in the stroller. The zip close
padded bag keeps your child snug
and warm.
If you would like to
purchase any accessories
listed on this page, please
call Dreamer Design at
Before Beginning
Correct Assembly of this stroller is vital for safe use by you
and your passenger. We strongly recommend that you
follow these assembly instructions closely. Choosing not to
follow these instructions is outside of the manufacturer’s or
distributor’s liability.
No tools are required for the assembly of your stroller.
Included in your stroller box you will have the below listed items. If you are
missing any of the listed items please call us @ 1-800-278-9626 and we will
gladly help you.
In The Box:
1. Stroller frame with seat and basket
2. 2-16”rear wheels
3. 1-12” front wheel
4. Tire Pump*
5. Rain Canopy*
6. This Instruction Manual*
* Not Pictured.
Stroller Assembly
Step By Step Instructions:
Unpack your stroller and carefully verify that you have all listed parts for
Read instructions carefully before you start to assemble your stroller.
Frame Assembly:
Turn stroller over with the inside of the seat facing up. Grasp stroller by the
handle, lift up and pull back at the same time until the stroller locks into
WARNING: Watch fingers when folding and unfolding
your stroller. Failure to do so may cause fingers to get
pinched in the folding mechanism.
Ditto Manhattan Deluxe Manual
Rear Wheel Installation:
A. Remove 16” wheels from plastic bags.
B. Remove foam cover from wheel axle.
C. Place rear footbrake in upright position.
D. Push on the black cap in the center of the wheel, and insert it into the
rear stroller frame axle. Give the wheel a tug to make sure it is locked into
To remove the rear wheels, make sure that the footbrake is in the upright
position. Push on the center of the black cap that says push and pull wheel
axle out of the stroller frame.
WARNING: Be sure to discard plastic bags and packaging
from the wheels, they are a suffocation hazard to
children. Check to make sure your wheels are locked
before each use.
Front Wheel Installation:
A. Tip the stroller back so it is resting on its handle and rear wheels to put
the front wheel on.
B. Remove 12” wheels from the plastic bag, remove the foam protector.
C. Find the flat sides of the round axle and slide all of the way to the back
of the fork tips on both sides.
D. The quick release lever should be straight out. While holding the lever,
tighten the thumbnut until it is snug. The axle should not move side to side.
E. Flip the quick release lever down so it is flush with the frame. Give the
wheel a tug to make sure it is secure.
F. Repeat steps C through E for second wheel.
To remove the front wheel, tip the stroller back so it is resting on the handle
and rear wheels.
Flip the quick release lever, loosen the thumbnut just enough to allow the
front wheel to be pulled from the fork tips. Do not loosen the the thumbnut
too much or the internal spring will pop out.
WARNING: Check to make sure the stroller wheels are
secure and locked before each use.
Now your stroller is ready to roll! Read on
to learn about the features that your new
Dreamer Design stroller has...
Dreamer Design
Ditto Manhattan Deluxe Frame
Front Swivel Wheel With Stationary Lockout:
Your stroller is equipped with a lever that allows your front wheels to swivel
or stay in a locked position. This lever is located on the frame, between the
seats on the back side.
Stationary position:
Lift lever and release, then swivel the front wheels to the underside of the
footplate until they locks into place.
Swivel position:
Squeeze the lever toward the frame and psh the spring button in until
locked. Your wheels are now in swivel mode.
WARNING: Always double check your stationary lock to
assure it is locked.
WARNING: Do not run with your stroller when the front
wheels are in swivel mode. Front swivel wheel strollers
of any kind are not true joggers and if not locked into
stationary mode properly may overturn when used as a
running stroller.
Height Adjustable Handle:
Your stroller is equipped with a height adjustable handle. To extend the
handle, push the buttons located on the outside. While holding in the
buttons, rotate the handle to the desired height.
WARNING: Do not hang anything from your stroller
handle, as it may cause the stroller to become unstable
and tip over.
Ditto Manhattan Deluxe Manual
Rear Footbrake:
Your stroller is equipped with a rear footbrake for child safety. The footbrake
is located to the inside of the rear wheels, mounted on the rear axle of the
Setting rear footbrake:
Set your footbrake by pushing down with your foot, using light force to
engage the brake into the wheel hub.
Releasing rear footbrake:
Simply place the top of your foot on the underside of the footbrake and lift
up with light force. This will disengage the brake from the wheels and allow
for your wheels to turn.
WARNING: Always use the rear footbrake when loading
and unloading your passengers.
Always use the rear footbrake anytime a passenger is in the stroller and when
you are not pushing or within reach of the stroller.
Safety Wrist Strap:
NEVER leave passenger unattended in the stroller. You
should never be further away from the stroller than the
length of the safety wrist strap.
Your stroller is equipped with a safety wrist strap attached to the bottom
rear axle of your stroller. Always use the safety wrist strap when a passenger
is in the stroller.
A. Make sure safety wrist strap is secured to the bottom rear axle of your
stroller. To secure the strap, lace the larger looped end through the smaller
end and tighten around bottom rear axle.
B. Place large loop over your hand, resting on your wrist. Simply remove
from your wrist when not using the stroller.
WARNING: Never leave passenger unattended and use
wrist strap anytime a passenger is in the stroller.
Dreamer Design
Seat Features:
The seat on your Dreamer Design stroller is equipped with many features for
parent and child comfort and convenience.
5 Point Harness:
You will want to do a general positioning of the harness before placing your
passenger in the seat. Once your passenger is in the seat, you will want to
do a final harness adjustment.
A. Shoulder Height Adjustment: Push down on the silver center button
located between the passenger's knees. While depressing the button, pull
the webbing completely up through the tunnel that goes up the back of the
seat. This allows you to position the height of the shoulder straps. Shoulder
straps should be placed behind the back at shoulder blade level so the
shoulder straps are wrapping up around the shoulders, not resting just
above the shoulders.
B. Pelvic strap positioning: The pelvic strap slides back and forth on the
seating area. This strap should be positioned slightly under the passenger’s
pelvic area to keep the passenger from sliding out of the harness and seat.
C. Girth Adjustment: Pull the excess webbing from the height adjustment
strap through the shoulder straps by pulling the webbing located by the side
D. Now you are ready to place your passenger in the stroller. Seat your
passenger, place their arms through the shoulder straps, double check
shoulder strap location and make final adjustment. Double check pelvic strap
placement and make final adjustment. Now clip the side buckles into place.
Depress the center buckle and pull down on center strap until the harness is
pulled securely over your passenger. A good fit is reflected in placing 2 fingers
under the shoulder straps with no more room.
This initial adjustment process seems lengthy, but now that it is done only
incremental adjustments will need to be made as your passenger grows or
wears heavier clothing.
WARNING: To avoid serious injury from falling or sliding
out of the stroller, always use the harness. Never leave
your passenger unattended while in the stroller.
Seat Recline:
The amount of recline on the seat is adjusted by holding the black plastic
adjustable clip behind the seat and pulling the strap to make the seat sit
more upright or further back.
WARNING: To avoid serious injury, never use the reclined
position unless firmness panels are in place. Child may
slip into leg opening and get hurt.
Ditto Manhattan Deluxe Manual
Stroller Storage:
Your stroller comes with many convenient parent and child pockets as well as
water bottle holders, inside and under the seat pockets. The combined weight
limit for these features is 5 pounds.
WARNING: Do not overload storage compartments as
your stroller may tip if overloaded. Do not store sharp
objects in any of the pockets or basket.
To fold your stroller, pull the latches on both sides of the stroller frame
simultaneously and push down on the handle until the forks and handle
If you would like for your stroller to fold more compact, simply take the
wheels off.
Seat Removal and Care:
The stroller seat can be removed from the frame and washed with ease.
Simply unsnap and unvelcro the seat and remove it from the frame. Remove
the firmness support boards from the hidden pockets, the openings are at
the bottom back of the seat on the back rest and seat portion. Wash seat in
the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Put the seat back on the
stroller frame to dry. Don’t forget to replace the firmness panels.
WARNING: Not replacing the firmness boards could
result in injury.
Dreamer Design
Sun Canopy Features & Use:
Your stroller is equipped with retractable, fully front rotating sun canopies with
many convenient parent and child features. Features include: Retractable front
sun visor, view port window and side storage pockets.
To rotate the sun canopy forward, simply unvelcro the flap at the back of the
sun canopy and rotate it to the desired position.
Canopy Removal:
Your sun canopies can be removed from the stroller frame.
Find the C shaped clamp that is holding the sun canopy on the stroller
Place stroller frame on its side, locate the sun canopy clamp and grasp
it. Twist slightly to one side while pulling up at the same time, the clamp
should pop off. Some force may be needed.
To replace the clamp, place the stroller on its side, and thread the clamp
through the seat hold. Place the clamp over the frame and push down with
some force. The clamp will fit right over the frame in its natural place.
All Weather Cover Use:
If you get stuck in the rain, cold weather or wind, the all weather cover will
help keep your passengers dry, warm and protected.
A. Drape the cover over the canopy with the flap going under the handle,
not over it. Seal the back Velcro straps together.
B. Tuck the bottom portion underneath the footplate. Attach the Velcro
straps under the footplate of the stroller.
WARNING: Even though the all weather canopy and
stroller are not air tight, you should check on your
passenger often while using the all weather cover to
make sure they do not become overheated.
WARNING: Do not store the all weather cover in severe
cold areas as it may crack.
Ditto Manhattan Deluxe Manual
We recommend that you have an experienced dealer perform these maintenance checks at least once a year.
Lubrication of the following items is necessary:
 Front wheel axle
 Check fabric seams and straps for fraying and tearing.
Keep it out of the sun, and in a dry place when not in
 Quick release lever
use, to prevent fading and mildew.
 Insert in frame for rear wheels
 Check the frame for loose rivets, cracks, and wear.
 Wheel hub and ball bearings of rear wheels
 Check to make sure all nuts and bolts are tight on the
 Locking bars of folding mechanism
 Check to make sure all of the bolts are tight, and that
springs are secure on footbrake.
We recommend that you put a rust preventative type coating on your wheels
and other metal parts on your stroller. These parts can also be maintained by
cleaning with a damp cloth, and keeping these parts dry and free from debris.
Warranty Information
Thank you for purchasing a Dreamer Design Stroller. We have created a warranty that will keep your unit in top
condition and headache free. The following warranty is on workmanship and materials from date of original
consumer purchase.
20 year warranty on the stroller frame
1 year warranty on stroller parts
Exclusions include:
Parts that require replacement under normal use.
Damage or malfunction caused by negligence or abuse.
Foam grips, inner tubes, tires, brake pads, and parts damaged by rust are specifically excluded.
Dreamer Design will, at its option, repair or replace defective parts upon delivery to our service center accompanied
by proof of date of original consumer purchase; such as a copy of a sales receipt. Please refer to the store where you
purchased your stroller for refunds. Dreamer Design does not give direct refunds. You must pay any initial shipping
charges required to ship the product for warranty service. Purchaser is also responsible for all applicable duties and/
or custom charges. The return charges will be at Dreamer Design’s expense. Please include your name, address,
telephone number, email address, and a brief description of the defect or problem.
All implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited in
duration to the length of the warranty.
Dreamer Design will not be liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages; including, without limitation,
damages resulting from loss of use.
Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty last and/or do not allow the exclusion of
limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state.
Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Please let us know if you are dissatisfied with any of our products. We will do
our very best to correct the situation and make you happy. Feel free to contact us and send photos. We love to hear
from you!
Dreamer Design
Warranty Registration
Please provide the following information and mail it to:
Dreamer Design
PO Box 369
Selah, WA 98942
Or complete registration online at
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________ State: ___________ Zip Code: ________________
Phone: __________________________ e-Mail: ___________________________________
Purchased: ___________________________________________________________________
Date of
Purchase: ___________________________________________________________________
Ditto Manhattan Deluxe Manual
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