Print on plain white paper - Part # 122919
for the
PN 152839 & PN 152846
This kit is used to replace the counter balance arm actuated Kink Valve with the pilot air operated Kink Valve
on the International delivery instrument head. The procedure outlines the removal and replacement of a
single Kink Valve and syringe control. Typically three or more Kink Valve will be involved and this procedure
should be performed on all Kink Valves simultaneously.
1. Remove the whip by loosening the whip set
screw on the underside of the whip and pulling
the whip off (See Figure 1).
12. Mount the new Kink Valve assembly on top of
the Actuator assembly, using the small socket
head screw.
2. Remove the instrument head cover by taking off
the four phillips head screw on top of the
instrument head.
13. Connect the handpiece tubing to the new Kink
Valve barbed fittings in the same positions as
3. Turn off the master air supply.
NOTE: Make a note of the tubing
locations as you disconnect them from
the Kink Valve. You will connect the
tubing to the same locations on the
new Kink Valve.
4. Remove the springs and disconnect the
handpiece tubing from the Kink Valve by pulling
them off of the barb fittings.
5. Disconnect the supply tubing (Blue, Clear and
Orange tubing) from the Kink Valve by cutting
them as close to the barbed fitting as possible.
6. Loosen the upper set screw in the hub block
and slide the hub pin out and discard the
actuator linkage.
7. Replace the hub pin and hub and tighten the
set screw.
8. Remove the old Kink Valve by removing the
slot head screw.
9. Attach the new pilot valve block using the same
hole where the Kink Valve was attached and
fasten with the large socket head screw (See
Figure 2).
10. Position the actuator arm to rest on the large pin
in the hub.
11. Attach one end of the new spring to the long screw
on top of the pilot valve block and the other end
to the large pin on the hub.
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NOTE: In some cases it may be
necessary to extend the length of the
handpiece tubing. Extra tubing for this
purpose is provided in the kit.
14. Connect the supply tubing to the same
positions as before.
15. Repeat this procedure with the remaining Kink
16. Attach the top red tube from the actuator
assembly to the fitting on the front of the kink
Valve assembly.
17 Connect the bottom red tube in series (daisy
chain) with the other red tubes on the adjacent
Kink Valves.
18. Splice into the red 1/8" line in the instrument
19. Attach the syringe spring block to the plate in
the instrument head using the small socket
head screw.
20 Attach one end of the new spring to the long screw
on top of the syringe spring block and the other
end to the large pin on the hub.
21. Secure the syringe hose to the clamp on top of
the syringe spring block.
22. Replace the whips and instrument head cover.
TPW1536 Rev. B (11/99)
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