Dynex DX-FC202 Network Card User Manual

Dynex DX-FC202 Network Card User Manual
IEEE1394 Card Bus Adapter
Installation Guide
Thank you for purchasing IEEE1394 Card Bus Adapter, the adapter is a 32Bit bus interface
running up to 400Mbps high-speed band width. With the advantage of hot-plug swappable and
Plug n Play features you can easily install it in seconds. The installation is simple, just slide the
adapter into the type II Card Bus slot of your notebook and it is done.
The Card Bus Adapter allows the connection of your notebook with Fire Wire multimedia and
consumer devices such as high-speed mass storage devices, DVD-ROM Drives, Scanners and latest
DV Camcorders. You will be able to edit and create your digital movies right from your notebook
anytime, anywhere.
Hardware Installation
1. Slide the Card Bus adapter into slot of your notebook till it is seated
firmly. It should feel locked (Please refer to your PC card installation
2. Windows will automatically detect the IEEE1394 Controller after the
Card Bus adapter is inserted.
3. When connected, your IEEE 1394 peripherals and OS will prompt to
install relative driver. (Please refer to your peripheral guide.)
Using self-powered IEEE 1394 devices
To avoid the crashing your system and the overload of power
consumption, we have designed the Card Bus adapter with no bus power
output. Therefore you will need to connect the self-powered peripherals such as D8, DV
camcorder, DVD players etc to work properly. Otherwise a bus powered peripheral connected to
the adapter may not being detected by Windows OS and not work.
Verify if your Card Bus adapter is properly installed
To ensure your adapter has been installed successfully, just click Device Manager on Windows
OS. You should have the entry title of "1394 Bus Controller". Click on the "+" sign for subentry to reveal, "VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller". With this, you can be
sure that the adapter is ready to work.
P/No: DX-FC202
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