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Sound That Will Move You.
All Weather Speakers
Owner’s Manual
& Warranty
Sound That Will Move You.
Earthquake Sound reserves the right to amend details of the specifications without notice.
Copyright © Earthquake Sound Corporation
Earthquake Sound Corporation • 2727 McCone Avenue Hayward CA, 94545
Phone: 510-732-1000 Fax: 510-732-1095
Earthquake Consumer Warranty and Guidelines
Five (5) year limited warranty:
Earthquake warrants the original purchaser that all Factory Sealed New Audio
Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal and proper use,
for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase (as shown on the
original bill of sale
with serial number affixed/written on it). The five (5) year warranty period is valid only if an
authorized Earthquake dealer properly installs the product, and the warranty registration
card is properly filled out and sent to Earthquake Sound Corporation. If a non-authorized party
installs the product a ninety (90) day warranty period will be applied.
• Bent amplifier casing, damaged finish on the casing due to abuse, misuse, or improper
use of cleaning material.
• Burnt tracers on PCB.
• Product/part damaged due to poor packaging or abusive shipping conditions.
• Subsequent damage to other products.
(A) Five (5) years limited warranty plan coverage guidelines:
• First year: Earthquake pays for labor, parts, and ground freight (only in US mainland,
not including Alaska and Hawaii).
• Second year: Earthquake pays for labor and parts only, customer must pay freight both
• Third, fourth & fifth year: Earthquake pays labor only. Customer must pay for parts
and freight both ways.
(E) Service Request:
To receive product/s service, contact Earthquake service department at (510)
732-1000 and request an RMA number (Return Material Authorization), items shipped
without a valid RMA number will be refused. Make sure you provide us with your
complete/correct shipping address, a valid phone number, and a brief description of the
problem you are experiencing with the product. In most cases, our technicians might be able
to resolve the problem over the phone, thus eliminating the need to ship the product.
(B) Warning:
Products (sent for repair) that are tested by Earthquake technicians and deemed to
have no problem(s) will not be covered by the five (5) year limited warranty. Customer will be
charged a minimum of one (1) hour of labor (ongoing rates) plus shipping charges back to
(C) Earthquake will repair or replace - at our option - all defective products/parts
subject to the following provisions:
• Defective products/parts have not been altered or repaired by other than an Earthquake
factory approved technician. Products/parts are not subjected to negligence, misuse,
improper use, or accident, damaged by improper line voltage, used with incompatible
products, or have its serial number or any part of it altered, defaced or removed, or have
been used in any way that is contrary to Earthquake's written instructions.
(D) Warranty Limitations:
Warranty does not cover products that have been modified or abused. Including
but not limited to the following:
• Damages to speaker cabinet and cabinet finish due to misuse, abuse, or use of
improper use of cleaning materials/methods.
• Bent speaker frame, broken speaker connectors, holes in speaker cone, surround &
dust cap, burnt speaker voice coil.
• Fading, deterioration of speaker components & finish due to improper exposure to
warranty claim will not be valid if the warranty registration card is not properly filled
& returned to Earthquake with a copy of the sales invoice. Warranty card is located
on the last page of this manual.
(F) Shipping Instructions:
Product/s must be packaged in its original protective box(s) to minimize
transport damage. Shipper claims regarding items damaged in transit must be presented to
carrier. Earthquake Sound Corporation reserves the right to refuse product improperly
packed. Original bill of sale must accompany product returned for service. We encourage you
to include with the package a written description of the problem. Ship product to: Earthquake
Sound Corp. 2727 Mc Cone Avenue, Hayward, CA 94545. Ph (510) 732-1000. You are
responsible for the cost of shipping the product to Earthquake Sound Corporation.
(G) Disputes Resolution:
All disputes - between clients and Earthquake Sound Corporation - resulting
from the five (5) years limited warranty policy must be resolved according to the laws &
regulations of the county of Alameda -California.
Please keep this warranty information in a
safe place. Also we recommended that
you place or write your serial number here
for future reference if necessary.
Thank you for purchasing the new AWS indoor / outdoor speakers by
Earthquake Sound. Combining the infamous Earthquake Sound that will move
you with the latest and best weather resistance and manufacturing methods,
the AWS speakers are ideally suited for you with, the highlight feature being the
outdoor resistance - sun, rain, snow, heat and cold - or marine use. Their
presence is as equal indoors as well as out bringing life to your background
music, hi-fi, or home theater. All models in the AWS line are true two-way
designs with all acoustic parts sealed and gasketed against penetrating
Earthquake Sound Corp. has a proven history of successful and brilliant audio
products spanning over 19 years. Earthquake specifically designed the AWS
line to minimize damage caused by extreme weather conditions that typically
other speakers are not capable of defending against. With a durable
construction and proven materials like; molded PVC cabinets, electro plating,
UV protection, aluminum grills and brackets, gold-plated speaker connections.
Drivers constructed with high roll rubber surrounds, longer excursion for better
bass. Agile brackets make installation easier in most situations and the
speakers shape allows for simplified corner placement. The AWS line is the best
choice in a large market of uncertain products to choose from.
20-125 Watts
35-150 Watts
60-200 Watts
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity (1W@1M)
5 inch
6 inch
8 inch
Frequency Response
Amplifier Power
(Mica cone with butyl surround)
25mm ASV voice coil 25mm ASV voice coil 25mm ASV voice coil
One 3/4” (20mm)
One 3/4” (20mm)
One 1” (25mm)
PEI Mylar Dome
PEI Silk Dome
PEI Silk Dome
9 5/8” (244.475mm) 11 1/2” (292.10mm)
Dimensions without bracket
7 1/8” (180.975mm)
5 3/4” (146.05mm)
Grill and Bracket
14 7/16”
8 1/2” (215.90mm)
10 3/4” (273.05mm)
7 1/8” (180.975mm) 8 1/8” (206.375mm)
High Temp
Molded PVC
High Temp
Molded PVC
High Temp
Molded PVC
How to Wire the AWS Speakers
Connecting to an Amplifier or Receiver
In order to achieve the best quality and stereo imaging from your AWS
speakers, you must wire the speakers correctly. Wiring can be quickly and
easily achieved, but be aware and cautious of your work, wiring incorrectly can
result in poor sound stage and bass reproduction. 18-gauge (or heavier)
speaker cables are recommended for lengths ranging from 25 feet and up. Prep
your cable for installation: strip the ends 1/2” (12mm) to expose wire, and tightly
twist the ends. For installations that are run on or through a building, use the
correct weather proofed wire that complies with local codes.
1) Connect the speaker terminals to the amplifier speaker outputs.
2) When making all connections, be sure to connect +(positive) to +(positive)
and - (negative) to -(negative).
Prevent electrical shock, by switching off the amplifier or receiver when making
connections to the speaker. When making all connections, be sure to connect
the + (positive) on the speaker to the + (positive) on the amplifier, and the (negative) on the speaker to the - (negative) on the amplifier.
- +
+ -
Amplifier / Receiver
Verify That You Correctly Connected Your Speakers
IMPORTANT: Speaker wire is
usually marked or textured
differently to distinguish between
positive and negative.
Using the gold-plated binding
posts: you can easily connect
banana-plugs, spade-plugs and
bare wire. Insert the wire into the
hole tighten securely (do not let
bare wire hang out side of hole).
It is important that your speakers are hooked up with alike polarity or “in-phase”.
Use this easy test to determine if you have connected your speakers correctly.
Place speakers face-to-face, as close together as possible. Set your amplifier to
mono and begin listening to music, reverse the connections on one of the
speakers. You should hear distinguishable change in sound. The speaker that
plays louder and deeper is the one that is connected correctly.
Volume and Power Handling limitations
Mounting the AWS speakers
The listed power recommendations assume you will operate your system in a
way that will not produce distortion (blow your speakers). Even these speakers
can be damaged by a modest amplifier if it is not operated properly. If you hear
distortion (harsh or crackling noise) your’re over powering the speakers and
should immediately turn the volume down. Prolonged abuse caused by over
powering the speakers will cause permanent damage that may not be covered
by the Earthquake limited warranty.
Before you fasten all items down, you may want to test the placement of your
speakers to ensure that you are getting the best sound possible. Use the
supplied bracket to mount the speaker vertically or horizontally on your chosen
surface. The bracket offers multiple mounting options; key hole sockets and
standard screw holes the difference is usually based on the surface type(you
may want to consult with an installer regarding the proper hard ware to use).
Speaker Placement
Speaker location is one of the key factors for better sound quality. Taking your
time to place your speakers correctly ensures that your speakers will sound best
in any indoor or outdoor situation. Stereo sound is best heard when the
speakers are separated by at least 3-6ft. Usually placing speakers by a wall or
other surface will increase your bass response. Outdoors, placement under the
eaves of a roof reduces exposure to constant direct sunlight and precipitation,
which will extend the speaker life. Respect your neighbors; if you know that it will
affect your neighbors privacy face the speaker toward the intended listening
area to contain the amount of distance that the sound will travel.
To mount, remove the bracket from the enclosure. To make wire less noticeable
you can insert it from the surface through the hole in the bracket and into the
connections. Mount the bracket in a desired location, and fasten the speaker to
the bracket. Finally face the speaker in the direction where the sound will most
Earthquake also placed two 1/4”
threaded inserts on the back of the
speaker for alternative mounting
options. Some additional options
include floor stands, hanging devices
etc... These items can usually be
found at the dealer where you made
your purchase or any other audio
If You Feel That the Speaker is Not Working
First contact the dealer where the speakers were originally purchased, if this is
not an option, you may contact the Earthquake service department;
510.732.1000. Products purchased on auction website or from unauthorized
Earthquake dealers will be charged shipping, labor and parts. Make sure you
protect your investment and buy from an authorized dealer.
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