Edelbrock 61949 Automobile Parts User Manual

For Gen III and Gen IV Small-Block Chevrolet V8s
Catalog #61949, 61969, 61979 & 61989
PLEASE study these instructions carefully before beginning this installation. Most installations can be accomplished with common tools and
procedures. However, you should be familiar with and comfortable working on your vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable performing this installation,
it is recommended to have the installation completed by a qualified mechanic. If you have any questions, please call our Technical Hotline at:
1-800-416-8628, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday or e-mail us at edelbrock@edelbrock.com.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer. Improper installation
will void your warranty and may result in poor performance and engine or vehicle damage.
DESCRIPTION: Performer RPM Gen III cylinder heads are designed for
1997 and later 5.7L LS series engines, and other third and fourth
generation small-block Chevrolet V8 engines. These heads provide great
“out-of-the-box” performance and feature CNC-ported, 205cc intake
and 82cc exhaust ports for superior flow, and efficient 65cc CNC profiled
combustion chambers. CNC-ported cylinder heads #61969 & 61979 are
designed for engines with 3.900” or larger bore diameters and will not
fit 4.8L and 5.3L engines with factory 3.780” cylinder bores. Performer
RPM Gen III cylinder heads can also be used on larger displacement Gen
III and Gen IV small block V8 engines including 7.0L (427 c.i.d.) engines
with 4.125” or larger cylinder bores using the C5R block, LS7 block, or
sleeved production blocks.
Partial CNC cylinder heads #61949 provide an economical alternative to
complete CNC ported cylinder heads, featuring as cast, 214cc intake
ports, partial CNC ported 80cc exhaust ports, and fully CNC profiled 65cc
combustion chambers.
As-cast cylinder heads #61989 can be finished to accommodate a
smaller bore size. This would be determined by the professional cylinder
head porting shop performing the finish machine work (See note below).
All heads feature reinforced rocker arm bosses for increased strength.
Complete heads are assembled with the following components:
High quality, stainless steel, one-piece, 2.02” intake and 1.57”
exhaust valves for increased flow
2-ring positive oil control seals
Valve springs accept camshafts with up to .650” lift
Titanium valve spring retainers (Steel on 61949)
Hardened valve seats compatible with unleaded fuel
NOTE: Complete cylinder heads are assembled and prepared for
installation right out of the box. Bare cylinder head #61979 will
have valve guides and seats installed, but will require final
sizing and a valve job to match the valves you will be using.
Small-port, bare cylinder head #61989 requires professional
preparation. This is a machined casting from which the
finished heads are made. The small, as-cast ports and
chambers are designed to allow a variety of designs to
completely clean up when CNC-ported. Follow the finisher’s
recommendations regarding maximum valve lift, gaskets,
and additional hardware, as cylinder head setup will vary
depending on the specific cylinder head assembly.
For a successful installation, the Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder
Heads require some components other than original equipment parts. To
complete your installation, you will need the following items:
Catalog #61949, 61969, 61979, 61989
Rev. 12/08 - AJ/mc
Head gaskets (graphite); Right - GM #12558809, Left - GM
#12558810. Or, multi-layer steel shim (MLS) gaskets, GM
#12498544 (both sides) may also be used. NOTE: Stock 4.8L &
5.3L head gaskets are NOT compatible with these cylinder heads.
Stock type intake manifold o-ring seals; GM #12533587 for LS1/LS6
intake manifolds, GM #17113557 for later CK truck intakes, or GM
#89017585 for LS2 intake manifolds.
Exhaust gaskets; Edelbrock #6962
New cylinder head bolts or studs, with hardened steel washers
Heads are machined to accept stock rocker arms, aftermarket
rocker arm assemblies for Gen III and Gen IV engines may also be
Correct length pushrods (The required pushrod length is dependent
upon camshaft base-circle diameter and the amount that has been
surfaced from the heads or machined from your block. You will need
to check for correct pushrod length.)
14mm x 17.5mm (.708”) reach, tapered seat, resistor-type spark
CHECKING PISTON-TO-VALVE, VALVE-TO-BORE AND PISTON-TOHEAD CLEARANCES: Prior to installation, it is highly recommended that
valve-to-piston clearances are checked and corrected to minimum
specs, if necessary. These cylinder heads have larger-than-stock valve
sizes and although they are designed to accept factory pistons in most
cases, it’s possible the use of aftermarket pistons and/or custom
machining of your pistons may be required. Actual valve-to-piston
clearance should be specified by your camshaft manufacturer. Valve-tobore clearance should also be checked, and the top of the bore notched
for clearance, if necessary.
ACCESSORIES: Although Edelbrock Cylinder Heads will accept most
OEM components (valve covers, intake manifold, etc.), we highly
recommend that premium quality hardware be used with your new
HEAD BOLTS OR STUDS: High quality head studs or head bolts with
hardened washers must be used to prevent galling of the aluminum bolt
bosses. Edelbrock head bolt kits #8596 (pre-2003) and #8595 (post2003) include all head bolts needed for use with these cylinder heads.
New production head bolts may also be used. New style blocks use GM
head bolt kit #11519772. Old style blocks use GM #12498545 (See
Note under Figure 1 for year span of old & new style blocks).
Because factory bolts are a torque-to-yield type fastener, the stock head
bolts CANNOT be re-used. The tightening procedure listed below Figure
1 is for OEM torque to yield bolts only. Edelbrock bolt kit #8596 should
use the torque values listed in the Installation subsection.
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Brochure #63-0414
ROCKER ARMS AND VALVE TRAIN: These cylinder heads are designed
to use the stock rocker arms or aftermarket replacement rocker arms
designed for the Gen III and Gen IV engines. Aftermarket stud &
guideplate rocker arm conversions require machine work to the
rocker stud pad for proper guideplate placement. Due to the larger
intake port design on these CNC-ported heads, the factory rocker bolts
will need to be shortened, or you may use aftermarket rocker bolts.
VALVE COVERS: Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads will accept
stock center-bolt design valve covers. Engines originally equipped with
perimeter bolt valve covers will need to convert to center bolt valve
covers. Perimeter bolt cylinder heads are found on 1997, 1998, and
some 1999 vehicles.
INTAKE MANIFOLD: Cylinder Heads will accept stock intake manifolds,
as well as our Performer RPM LS-1 Carbureted intake manifold #7118,
Victor JR. LS-1 Carbureted intake manifold #2908, or Victor Jr. LS-1 EFI
intake manifold #29085 (requires fuel rail kit #3638 or equivalent). Use
stock type LS1/LS6 individual port o-ring seals.
EXHAUST HEADERS: For optimum performance, exhaust headers and a
low restriction exhaust system are highly recommended for use with
Edelbrock Cylinder Heads. Exhaust ports are CNC-profiled to match
stock or Edelbrock #6962 exhaust gaskets which are recommended for
this application.
torque value of 85 ft/lbs (or 70 ft/lbs w/ ARP moly lube) for the M11
bolts, and 29 ft/lbs (or 23 ft/lbs w/ ARP moly lube) for the M8 bolts.
Head Bolt Torque:
Deck Thickness:
Combustion Chamber Volume:
Valve Size:
Valve Seats:
Valve Spring Diameter:
Valve Spring Installed Height:
Valve Spring Seat Pressure:
Valve Spring Open Pressure
Max. Valve Lift:
Coil Bind
SPARK PLUGS: Use 14mm x 17.5mm (.708”) reach tapered seat
resistor type spark plugs. Heat range requirements will vary by
application. For many applications, GM factory spark plugs or equivalent
spark plus such as Champion RS14YC6, NGK TR55, or Denso IT16 spark
plugs may be used. Use anti-seize on the plug threads to prevent
galling in the cylinder head, and torque to 10 ft./lbs. Do not over
tighten sparkplugs! If a short reach plug is used, poor
performance and possible engine damage may occur.
INSTALLATION: Installation is the same as for original equipment
cylinder heads. Consult a factory service manual for specific procedures,
if necessary. Factory manuals can be purchased direct from Helm® at:
www.helminc.com. Be sure that the surface of the block and the surface
of the head are thoroughly cleaned to remove any oily film before
installation. Use alcohol or lacquer thinner on a lint-free rag to clean.
NOTE: Be VERY careful to remove any coolant or other fluids that
may be in the cylinder head bolt holes in the block. These bolt holes
are sealed at the bottom, and any fluid trapped in the holes will
cause the block to crack when you torque the bolts.
When using the GM factory head bolts, be sure to replace all of the bolts
with new bolts, and to follow the factory recommended installation
procedures. The factory bolts and installation procedures do not call for
the use of oil or any lubricant on the threads. When using aftermarket
bolts or studs, follow the manufacturer’s recommended torque
specifications (See Figure 1 for factory tightening sequence).
NOTE: A Torque Angle Gauge is required for proper installation.
Torque to yield fasteners are not designed to be re-torqued after
See Figure 1, or use head bolt
manufacturer’s specifications
65 cc
Intake - 2.02”
Exhaust - 1.57”
Hardened ductile iron, noninterlocking, compatible with
unleaded fuel
Beehive type spring,1.300”
at base of spring
130 lbs. @ 1.800”
318 lbs. @ 1.200”
Figure 1 - Factory Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence
First Design Blocks
(8 long, 2 medium length M11 bolts per cylinder head)
First Pass:
Second Pass:
Final Pass:
Torque all M11 bolts (1-10) in sequence, to 22 ft./lbs.
Turn all M11 bolts (1-10) in sequence, an additional
90 degrees.
Turn all long M11 bolts (1-8) in sequence, an
additional 90 degrees. Turn medium M11 bolts
(9-10) an additional 50 degrees. Tighten M8 bolts
(11-15) in sequence shown to 22 ft./lbs.
Second Design Blocks
(10 long, M11 bolts per cylinder head)
First Pass:
Second Pass:
Final Pass:
Torque all M11 bolts (1-10) in sequence, to 22 ft./lbs.
Turn all M11 bolts (1-10) in sequence, an additional
90 degrees.
Turn all M11 bolts (1-10) in sequence, an additional
70 degrees. Tighten M8 bolts (11-15) in sequence
shown to 22 ft./lbs.
NOTE: First to Second design change-over date is roughly mid
December 2003 for block manufacturing date. Always refer to your
vehicles service manual for specific torque procedures.
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When using Edelbrock bolt kit #8596 or #8595, lightly coat all head
bolts with 30wt motor oil or ARP moly lube, then substitute a final
Catalog #61949, 61969, 61979, 61989
Rev. 12/08 - AJ/mc
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Brochure #63-0414
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