EDGE Tech Diesel LB7 Automobile Parts User Manual

Chevy/GMC Duramax® Diesel LB7
Power Edge LB7 EZ
Installation Instructions and Manual
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GM LB7 EZ Manual
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GM LB7 EZ Manual
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Table of Contents
Disclaimer of Liability………………………………………………………….
Aftermarket Products and Your Manufacturer’s Warranty………………..
About the Power Edge LB7 EZ……………………………………………….
Power Edge LB7 EZ getting connected………………………………………..
Using the Power Edge LB7 EZ…………………………………………………..
Power Gains……………………………………………………………………
Making sense of it all…………………………………………………………..
Transmission Relearning………………………………………………………
Edge Products, LLC
GM LB7 EZ Manual
The EZ Module is a high performance product
It is strongly recommended that EGT and boost gauges
be installed when using this product.
Do not use this product until you have carefully read the following agreement.
This sets forth the terms and conditions for the use of this product. The installation of this product indicates
that the BUYER has read and understands this agreement and accepts its terms and conditions
Edge Products, LLC and its successors, distributors, jobbers, and dealers (hereafter SELLER) shall in no way be responsible for
the product's proper use and service. THE BUYER HEREBY WAIVES ALL LIABILITY CLAIMS.
The BUYER acknowledges that he/she is not relying on the SELLER’s skill or judgment to select or furnish goods suitable for any
particular purpose and that there are no liabilities which extend beyond the description on the face hereof and the BUYER hereby
waives all remedies or liabilities, expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise, (including without any obligations of the
SELLER with respect to fitness, merchantability and consequential damages) or whether or not occasioned by the SELLER's
The SELLER disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages. The BUYER
acknowledges and agrees that the disclaimer of any liability for personal injury is a material term for this agreement and the
BUYER agrees to indemnify the SELLER and to hold the SELLER harmless from any claim related to the item of the equipment
purchased. Under no circumstances will the SELLER be liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sale of any such
The SELLER assumes no liability regarding the improper installation or misapplication of its products.
It is the installer's responsibility to check for proper installation and if in doubt, contact the manufacturer.
Edge Products, LLC (hereafter "SELLER") gives Limited Warranty as to description, quality, merchantability, fitness for any
product’s purpose, productiveness, or any other matter of SELLER's product sold herewith. The SELLER shall be in no way
responsible for the product’s open use and service and the BUYER hereby waives all rights other than those expressly written
herein. This Warranty shall not be extended or varied except by a written instrument signed by SELLER and BUYER.
The Warranty is Limited to one (1) year from the date of sale and limited solely to the parts contained within the product's kit. All
products that are in question of Warranty must be returned shipping prepaid to the SELLER and must be accompanied by a dated
proof of purchase receipt. All Warranty claims are subject to approval by Edge Products, LLC
Under no circumstances shall the SELLER be liable for any labor charged or travel time incurred in diagnosis for defects, removal,
or reinstallation of this product, or any other contingent expenses.
If the BUYER sends back a failed unit that is out of warranty and chooses to buy a refurbished unit, the refurbished unit will
only carry a 60 day warranty. If the BUYER purchases a new unit at a predetermined discounted rate, it will have the
standard 1 year warranty.
Under no circumstances will the SELLER be liable for any damage or expenses insured by reason of the use or sale of any such
Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.
GM LB7 EZ Manual
Edge Products, LLC
Many of our customers ask, “Will your product void my vehicle manufacturer’s
warranty?” While the answer is straightforward from a legal standpoint, we also
want to educate our customers (and after-market consumers) on some industry
realities and offer some common sense precautions to minimize your risk.
Consumers of aftermarket products are protected by The Federal Magnusson-Moss
Warranty Act. The Act states that if something breaks on your car and you take it
in for warranty repair, the dealer must honor your warranty unless they can prove
that whatever modifications you have added to your car actually caused the
problem. Please keep in mind that towing in anything higher than level two is not
While as a consumer, you have strong legal protection with regards to your
vehicle’s warranty, there is also a practical reality that different automotive
manufacturers and dealers have greatly varying views on aftermarket products, in
particular those that produce horsepower, such as performance enhancement chips,
modified intake manifolds, or aftermarket exhaust systems. There are dealers and
manufacturers out there that will use the presence of a horsepower upgrade to void
your vehicle’s warranty. They will do this regardless of whose product you are
using. Any aftermarket company that does not acknowledge this is misleading
The bottom line is that while the law protects the consumer and provides for
enforcement of the warranty, it is very difficult for most people to hire an attorney
and fight a voided warranty. Edge recommends that you always disconnect and
remove your EZ module when you take your vehicle to a dealer for warranty
work in order to not interfere with Diagnostic equipment.
Edge Products, LLC
GM LB7 EZ Manual
About the Power Edge
Thank you for purchasing the Power Edge LB7 EZ Module for the Chevy/GMC
Duramax® Diesel LB7. The EZ module has been developed and produced
from the highest quality materials available to ensure the best performance for
years to come. If you have any questions, please contact Edge Products. We
will be very happy to answer your questions about our complete product line (1888-360-3343).
The EZ Module is an add-on Engine Control Module (ECM) for the Duramax®
Engine that offers additional features not available with the factory setup. Since
it is an add-on ECM, it uses all the factory data, and then enhances the factory
settings to optimize your truck’s performance.
These features include:
• Engine temperature monitoring and power increase from the EZ module
as engine reaches operating temperature
• Three selectable power level settings that can be changed on the fly
• Smart power control during torque converter lockup to allow a smooth,
easy torque converter clutch lock-up
The EZ module offers a large power increase over stock throughout the rpm
range, but the power is most noticeable in the midrange rpm’s. This greatly
improves drivability and towing performance. Transmission downshifting is
greatly reduced, especially while passing or towing.
The EZ also regulates power delivery based on engine temperature. This means
that while the engine temperature is below 140° F no additional fueling is
delivered. At 140° F the module begins delivering fuel at 25% of the calculated
additional fuel, and the percentage increases as the engine temperature
increases, until at full engine temperature (174° F) the EZ delivers 100% of the
calculated additional fuel.
Warning: Do not stack the Edge LB7 EZ with the Edge
LB7 Juice. It can cause severe damage to the engine.
GM LB7 EZ Manual
Edge Products, LLC
Power Edge LB7 EZ
Getting Connected
Supplied Items:
1. Power Edge EZ Module
2. Three Wire Ties
3. Two Velcro Strips
4. Power Adjustment Switch
Required Tools:
Please read these instructions completely so that you understand each step prior
to installation.
The Power Edge LB7 EZ Module
This picture shows the Power Edge LB7 EZ Module with the harness cable.
These two
are EGT
The EZ does
not utilize
these two
are for the
Juice product
This cable is
where the toggle
switch that
changes power
levels gets
Edge Products, LLC
GM LB7 EZ Manual
Installing the EZ Module
1. The Power Edge LB7 EZ Module can mount on top of or to the side of the
black plastic fuse box cover located on the driver’s side fender. Adhere the
module using the supplied Velcro, allowing enough harness movement for
removal of the cover.
Connecting The Harness
2. Disconnect both stock
connectors by squeezing the
ears on the backside of the
connector and pulling the
gray lever.
3. Gently insert the EZ
connectors and lock in place
with the gray levers, and then
gently connect the stock
connectors to the other end of
the EZ connectors.
Notice: Use caution when inserting connector bodies. If the connector does not
slide smoothly, remove the connector, inspect the pins, and retry installation.
Final Inspection
4. Recheck all connections for a properly secure installation. Using the
supplied wire ties, secure the wiring harness to prevent possible damage.
Start the engine. The engine should start and run like a stock truck. If the
engine does not start or run properly, turn off the motor, remove the keys
from the ignition, then remove the EZ module and inspect the pins inside
both connectors. Straighten pins or clear foreign material from the pins
and connector surfaces, then re-install the connectors. If failure
conditions still exist, contact your dealer or Edge Products, LLC. When
trying to restart, make sure that the key has been turned off for at least 10
seconds before cranking the engine.
GM LB7 EZ Manual
Edge Products, LLC
Using The Power Edge
Adjusting Power Levels
The EZ has three power levels. The EZ module was designed to allow the user
to select any of the three power levels on the fly with the supplied three position
switch. Level 3 is with the switch towards the tab.
Power Level Confirmation
To confirm the power level that you have selected with your switch, you can do
the following procedure:
1. Place gear selector in Park with your foot off of the accelerator while
engine is idling
2. Set the Parking Brake
3. Place gear selector to reverse, neutral, reverse, then back to park. P-R-NR-P
4. The engine will rev to coincide with the power level selected, revving 3
times for level 3 and so on
It is recommended that you use the Tow/Haul transmission mode while towing.
This provides torque converter lockup in gears 2-5, which reduces transmission
heat and also raises the shift rpm threshold to keep the rpm’s higher. It is
recommended that you maintain engine rpm above 1800 while towing.
While towing, the EZ module allows the engine to pull many grades in the mid
rpm’s rather than having to downshift and pull them in the high rpm’s. This
provides for lower EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) with the same power
output. EGT rises significantly with rpm--especially above 2500. It is highly
recommended that you install an EGT gauge while using the Power Edge EZ.
It is recommended while towing you use power levels 1 or
2 due to EGT and transmission stress
Edge Products, LLC
GM LB7 EZ Manual
Power Gains
The following power gains are representative of an actual test vehicle. These
gains were measured on a SuperFlow Dyno at an altitude of 4400 ft above sea
level, and represent power delivered to the rear wheels of the test truck. The
only modification made to the test truck was the addition of the Power Edge EZ
module. Power gains may vary somewhat on a different vehicle or in different
geographic settings.
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Warning: It is strongly advised that you do not combine, or “stack” chips
to gain more horsepower.
Warning: Do not stack the Edge LB7 EZ with the Edge
LB7 Juice. It can cause severe damage to the engine.
GM LB7 EZ Manual
Edge Products, LLC
Making Sense of it All
This section is designed to help you understand how the additional power will
change your driving experience as well as help you figure out what power level
will best suit your driving style.
The first thing you will probably notice, especially if this is your first time
driving a diesel truck with a performance module, is that this is a whole
different animal. You will experience more power, quicker take-offs, better
passing and acceleration and possible better fuel economy. Power level one is
specifically designed to maximize fuel economy improvements (if you can put off
the little guy on your shoulder telling you to ‘step on it hard’).
If you are towing, the beauty of the extra power the Edge EZ module delivers is
that not only will you be able to maintain speed going up a hill, but the added
power will also keep you in a higher gear, so your transmission will not keep
“hunting” for lower gears. We recommend level 1 or level 2 for towing
applications. Only use level two if you are towing a light load. Level 3 should
never be used while towing. Level 3 is a great overall driving level. When
driven responsibly, and used with an EGT gauge, level 3 will not stress the
stock engine or transmission as long as you are not towing.
EGTs: What they mean and why
EGT stands for exhaust gas temperature, and is the single most important
indicator of how a diesel engine is performing. Unlike a gasoline motor, a
diesel motor will continue to make power as more fuel is added. As more fuel
is added, heat will be generated until the motor just gets too hot and things start
to melt. This is a situation you want to avoid. Exhaust gas temperature is the
ideal measurement of how hot the motor is, since temperature fluctuations in
exhaust gas are almost instantaneous. Just so you know, it is possible to
generate excessive EGT on a stock truck, particularly if you are towing. This is
why we always recommend installing an EGT gauge.
In our experience 1350 degrees is about as high as you want to let your EGTs
go. Keep in mind, the stress on your engine created by the heat is a function of
both temperature and time. A brief spike to 1400 that lasts a second is not that
big a deal. Pulling up a hill for several minutes at 1400 is far worse.
As you drive your truck in the various power settings, keep your eye on the
EGTs. Depending on how you drive and where you drive, you may find a
particular power level is more suitable to your power needs.
Edge Products, LLC
GM LB7 EZ Manual
The EZ Module and your Transmission
The automatic transmission has a fluid-filled clutch-like device called a torque
converter. This device uses the spinning motion of the motor to drive the
transmission which drives your wheels. As the truck speed stabilizes, the
torque converter engages a mechanical connection which locks the two halves
of the torque converter, so the output shaft is going the same speed as the input
shaft. This mechanical linking of the two halves is called Transmission Lockup. If the motor produces too much power, this mechanical lock-up can start to
slip. When this slippage occurs, the EZ module reduces the power output to
allow the transmission to function properly. This is a great feature that provides
an extra level of protection for your vehicle.
GM LB7 EZ Manual
Edge Products, LLC
The Allison transmission is a “Smart” transmission. That means that it pays
attention to how smoothly the transmission is changing gears, and modifies the
shifting to improve drivability. When the motor delivers more power (by
adding the EZ module), the transmission has to ‘re-learn’ how to shift. After
first installing the EZ module, you may notice rough shifting. The best way to
re-teach the transmission is to set the truck in the power level you will be using
most of the time. Then set out to drive, some city, some highway, varying the
driving and the speed. Make sure that you shift through each gear 20 to 30
times. A good rule of thumb would be 100 to 200 miles. Remember that the
truck must go through each gear 20 to 30 times. You will notice the shifting
becoming better, and your truck responding better to the additional power as
you go through the learning cycle.
Edge On Your Side
Edge Products LLC takes a great deal of pride in the quality of our customer
service. If you have any questions or concerns about your EZ module, please
feel free to call us at 888-360-3343. Our tech support desk is open from 8:00
am to 5:00 pm Mountain time Monday through Friday.
Edge Products, LLC
GM LB7 EZ Manual
EZ Power Level Confirmation..... 9
Horsepower gains ...................... 10
Installing the EZ........................... 8
Making Sense of it all................ 11
Torque gains .............................. 10
Towing Recommendations .......... 9
Transmission Relearning ........... 13
Using the EZ .................................................. 9
About the EZ ................................ 6
Connecting the harness ................ 8
Disclaimer .................................... 4
EZ Adjusting Power Levels ......... 9
EZ features ................................... 6
EZ final inspection ....................... 8
EZ getting connected ................... 7
EZ picture..................................... 7
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