E. Emerson Tool 3NTS Switch User Manual

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Model: Ei408
as the light illuminates, release the House Code button. The red
light should start to flash slowly (this indicates that the Ei408 is
sending out its own unique House Code signal).
Switched Input Module
Battery Powered
For use with RadioLINK Smoke/Heat Alarms and Bases
9. Remove all other RadioLINK devices from House Code mode (see
individual instruction leaflets).
Switch output device for
triggering RadioLINK units
Figure 1
The Ei408 is a battery powered RadioLINK Module that accepts an
input from a set of Volt-Free switched contacts (e.g. flow switch
contacts on a sprinkler system).
It is recommended that you install all other RadioLINK devices that
will form part of the system before installing the Ei408 Module.
All RadioLINK units should be located in their final
positions before House Coding is carried out.
The Ei408 should not be mounted close to any metal
objects, metal structures or fitted to a metal back-box.
1. Remove the front plate of the Ei408 by unscrewing the two screws
and then fix the back-box to a solid surface using the screws
provided. (Do not recess mount the back-box).
2. Neatly run wiring from the Volt-Free switched contacts that will be
used to trigger the Ei408 through one of the knockouts in the backbox and connect to the terminal block as shown in Figure 1.
3. Switch on the built-in battery by sliding the yellow battery switch to
the “on” position (see Figure 2).
4. Press and hold the House Code button (shown in Figure 2) until the
red light on the front plate of the Ei408 illuminates solidly. As soon
a) Check that the light on the front plate flashes green every 40
seconds to show that the battery power is healthy.
Contains vital information on the product’s operation and installation.
Read and retain carefully. If you are just installing this product the
manual MUST be given to the householder.
All RadioLINK devices will automatically exit House Code mode
after either 15 or 30 minutes (depending upon device). However, if
left in House Code mode for these periods, problems could occur if
a nearby system is being House Coded at the same time (i.e. two
different systems could become coded together). To prevent this it
is recommended that all RadioLINK devices in a system are taken
out of House Code mode once it is determined that they are all
coded together.
The Ei408 is an important alarm device and should be tested after
installation and then regularly to ensure correct operation as follows.
Terminal Block
On receipt of a switched input, the Ei408 sends out a RadioLINK
alarm signal to trigger all other RadioLINK alarms/bases in the
system into alarm.
red light illuminates solidly. As soon as it illuminates solidly, release
the House Code button. The red light should stop flashing. Re-fit the
front plate back onto the back-box. (Note: The Ei408 will
automatically exit House Code mode after 15 minutes from it initially
being put into House Code mode, so this step may not be required).
House Code
Figure 2
Keep wires away
from Antenna area
5. Screw the front plate back onto the back-box.
6. As quickly as possible put all other RadioLINK devices that are part
of the system into House Code mode (see individual instruction
leaflets). This must be done within 15 minutes of putting the Ei408
into House Code mode (step 4 above).
In House Code mode, all the RadioLINK devices will ‘learn’ and
memorise each others unique House Code. Once House Coded, a
RadioLINK device will only respond to other RadioLINK devices
that it has in its memory.
7. Check that the number of amber light flashes (for RadioLINK
bases) or blue light flashes (for RadioLINK alarms) corresponds to
the number of RadioLINK devices in the system. For example, with
3 Ei168RC RadioLINK bases and 1 Ei408 Module in the system
there should be 4 amber light flashes on each Ei168RC base
(Note: The red light flashes from the Ei408 do not relate to the
number of RadioLINK devices. The flashes simply show that it is
sending out its own unique House Code).
8. Remove the Ei408 from House Code mode by unscrewing the front
plate and then pressing and holding the House Code button until the
b) The module should be tested regularly with the external switch
device (e.g. use a test button on the external device). The light should
turn red and stay on continuously for 3 seconds and then flashes red
(once every 20 seconds) for 5 minutes indicating a repeat
transmission of the alarm signal. (Note: after 5 minutes the RF alarm
signal ceases and therefore the smoke alarms will stop alarming. This
prevents the batteries in the Ei408 module from being depleted.
c) Check that all the RadioLINK units are now in alarm. If everything
is satisfactory, cancel the test. Check all the RadioLINK units are
switched off. (If some or all of the alarms have not been activated,
then the House Coding procedure should be repeated. If there are still
some problems, see the section on “Troubleshooting”.)
Low Battery
If the light flashes amber every 9 seconds this indicates that the
batteries are depleted and the Ei408 may no longer be able to send
an alarm signal. The unit must be removed from its location and
returned for repair if still with the guarantee period, (see Sections 7 &
8 for details).
If the end of life has been reached (see “REPLACE BY” label on the
side of the mounting box) dispose according to local guidelines and
regulations (see label on the inside of unit).
If, when checking the RadioLINK interconnection, some of the alarms
do not respond to the Ei408 test (as outlined in section 3), then:
(i) Ensure the Ei408 has been activated correctly and the red light has
come on continuously for 3 seconds and then continues to flash red
every 20 seconds.
A16224-R0-EI408-UC-ENG 25/10/07 12:22 PM Page 2
(ii) Ensure that there is an Alarm/Base set as a "Repeater" within a
few metres of the Ei408. If Ei168RC RadioLINK Bases are being
used, they are set as "Repeaters" as standard and so an additional
base (with alarm) may need to be installed. If Ei405 and/or Ei405TY
RadioLINK Smoke Alarms are being used, set the alarm that is
closest to the Ei408 into "Repeater" mode (see individual instruction
(iii) There are a number of reasons why the radio signals may not
reach all the RadioLINK units in your system (see Section 5 on
“Limitations of Radio Communications”). Try rotating the units or relocating the units (e.g. move them away from metal surfaces or wiring)
as this can significantly improve signal reception.
Rotating and/or relocating the units may move them out of the range
of existing units even though they may have already been House
Coded correctly in the system. It is important therefore to check that
all units are communicating in their final installed positions. If units are
rotated and/or resited, we recommend that all units are returned to
the factory settings (see their respective use and care instructions).
Then House Code all units again in their final positions. The radio
interconnection should then be checked again.
Clearing the House Codes:
If it is necessary at some stage to clear the House Codes on the
• Remove the front plate of the Ei408 from the back-box.
• Slide the battery switch off. Wait 5 seconds and then slide switch
back on.
• Press and hold the House Code button for approx 6 seconds, until
the red light turns on, then flashes slowly. Release the button and the
red light will go out.
• Re-fit the front plate to the back-box.
Note: clearing the House Codes will reset the Ei408 to the original
factory settings. It will now only communicate with un-coded units
(see instruction leaflets for information on how to un-code other
RadioLINK devices).
Ei Electronics radio communication systems are very reliable and are
tested to high standards. However, due to their low transmitting power
and limited range (required by regulatory bodies) there are some
limitations to be considered:
These tests are designed to provide reasonable protection against
harmful interference in residential installations. This equipment
generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not
installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause
harmful interference to radio and television reception.
However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a
particular installation. Interference from the Smoke Alarm system can
be identified by turning the whole system off. To turn off the Ei408
remove the front plate and slide the yellow battery switch to the “off”
position (see Figure 2). Refer to the instructions supplied with the
other products used for information on these. The user is encouraged
to eliminate the interference by one or more of the following
(i) Re-locate the unit.
(ii) Increase the distance between the Ei408 and the device being
(iii) Consult the supplier or an experienced radio/television technician.
The Ei408 is designed to last 10 years in normal use. However the
unit must be replaced if:
The crossed out wheelie bin symbol that is on your
product indicates that this product should not be disposed
of via the normal household waste stream. Proper
disposal will prevent possible harm to the environment or
to human health. When disposing of this product please
separate it from other waste streams to ensure that it can
be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. For
more details on collection and proper disposal, please
contact your local government office or the retailer where
you purchased this product.
2. The unit is over 10 years old (see “REPLACE BY” label on the side
of the unit).
3. If during checking and testing, it fails to operate.
4. If the light on the front plate is flashing amber every 9 seconds
(indicating the long life battery is depleted).
The Ei408 must be powered off before disposing or recycling in
accordance with the directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical &
electronic equipment (WEEE).
If your Ei408 fails to work after you have read this leaflet, contact
Customer Assistance at the nearest address given at the end of this
leaflet. If it needs to be returned for repair or replacement put it in a
padded box with the battery disconnected. Slide switch to “off”
position (see Figure 2). Send it to "Customer Assistance and
Information" at the nearest address given on the Ei408 or in this
leaflet. State the nature of the fault, where the unit was purchased and
the date of purchase.
Note: It may be necessary, sometimes, to return additional units (see
individual instruction leaflets) along with the Ei408, if you cannot
establish which is faulty.
(ii) Receivers may be blocked by radio signals occurring on or near
their operating frequencies, regardless of the House Coding.
Ei Electronics guarantees this product against any defects that are
due to faulty material or workmanship for a five year period after the
original date of purchase. This guarantee only applies to normal
conditions of use and service, and does not include damage resulting
Do not interfere with the product or attempt to tamper with it.
This will invalidate the guarantee
1. The light on the front plate does not flash green every 40 seconds.
(i) Radio equipment, such as the Ei408, should be tested regularly to
determine whether there are sources of interference preventing
communication. The radio paths may be disrupted by moving furniture
or renovations, and so regular testing protects against these and
other faults.
The Ei408 has been tested to EN 300 220-1 V1.3.1 (2000-09) in
accordance with the requirements of EN 300 220V1.1.1 (2000-09).
from accident, neglect, misuse unauthorised dismantling or
contamination howsoever caused. Excessive operation of the unit will
shorten the battery life and is not covered. If this product has become
defective it must be returned to the nearest address listed in this
leaflet (see "Getting Your Ei408 Serviced") with proof of purchase. If
the product has become defective during the five year guarantee
period we will repair or replace the unit without charge. This
guarantee excludes incidental and consequential damages.
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