Electronic Arts 14633195873 Video Games User Manual

1 Introduction
1Default Control Layout
2 Game Screen
4The Cars
4Checkpoint Resets
4 Gas Stations
5Driver Abilities
5Driver Profile
5Challenge Series
6 Game Modes
6Online Multiplayer Racing
Race for Your Life
Need for Speed ™ The Run is an illicit race across the country’s most iconic and treacherous roads,
spanning from San Francisco to New York City. There are no rules and no allies in the cities, deserts,
mountains, and canyons that stand between you and the finish line.
Default Control Layout
eed for Speed The Run gives you the choice of playing with an Xbox 360® controller or your computer keyboard.
For the best experience with Need for Speed The Run, we recommend using the Xbox 360 controller. You can
change controls from the Gameplay Settings menu.
Look back
Checkpoint Reset
Free look
Change camera
Gear up manual transmission
Gear down manual transmission
Left arrow/right arrow
Game Screen
Main HUD
Gas Station
Mini map
Time elapsed
Driver XP
Draft meter
Current gear
Nitrous meter
Race Objective
These text boxes indicate the current objective to complete the level or race.
Gas Station Indicator
This icon and distance meter indicates the location of an upcoming Gas Station where you can
change cars.
This icon indicates the number of Resets available.
This displays the current Autolog leader (Friend with top time).
Nitrous Meter
The blue nitrous meter appears when the Nitrous Driver Ability is unlocked. The meter indicates how
much nitrous is in the tank.
Draft Meter
The green draft meter appears when the Drafting Driver Ability is unlocked. The meter indicates
earned draft power when driving behind an opponent.
Driver XP
This number indicates the XP earned for each driving action.
Challenge Series HUD
Medal target
Medal Target Time
The medal target shows the goal you must reach in order to earn the displayed medal.
Real-Time SpeedWall
This compares all the times posted on the Need for Speed The Run SpeedWall for this event.
Online Multiplayer HUD
This list shows the players in the race.
Objective Updates
This update appears when you complete a Playlist or Playgroup objective. It occasionally appears to
update you on the objective’s status, as well.
The Cars
Car Attributes
Performance Tiers
The cars in Need for Speed The Run are divided into six performance tiers, with Tier 6 cars being the
fastest vehicles on the planet.
Handling Difficulty
The handling difficulty indicates how challenging the car is to drive. Cars that are more challenging to
handle are usually more powerful.
Car Classes
Stock Classes
These cars are unmodified and come straight from the factory. Stock classes include Sport, Muscle,
Exotic, and Supercars.
NFS Edition Cars
These vehicles are performance-tuned variants of the cars, and they have branded NFS edition liveries.
Signature Edition Cars
Signature Edition cars are rare collectible vehicles that stand out from the rest because of their unique
characteristics. Each of these cars has a name.
Checkpoint Resets
Checkpoint Resets are triggered when you wreck your car, and once activated, they send you
back to the last passed checkpoint. Resets can also be triggered manually, which can give you
the opportunity to improve the time of the last section you raced. Keep in mind that you are given
a certain number of Resets per race, and using up your last one results in failing the event. Your
chosen difficulty determines the number of Resets you are given.
If you reach the end of a stage with Checkpoint Resets remaining, you are given bonus XP for each
one. Checkpoint Resets are available only in single-player. In Online Multiplayer Racing, Resets are
just a convenient way to get your car back on the road if you get stuck or want to avoid a wreck, but
they won’t help you win!
Gas Stations
When racing from San Francisco to New York City, you’ll want to change out your car once in awhile
and select a vehicle that will give you a competitive edge for your current location. You can do just
that at Gas Stations.
Gas Stations are indicated on your HUD with an icon and meter that shows the distance to the next
station. Once you reach a Gas Station, pull in to enter the car select menu. There, switch out your
current ride with any available vehicle. When you’re finished, you are taken back into the race without
losing a beat.
Driver Abilities
Driver Abilities are acquired as you earn XP and unlock Driver Levels.
Gain a little extra somethin’ somethin’ that gives you a boost when you need it. Nitrous takes time to
refill, so don’t waste it.
XP Booster
Gain more ways to earn XP. Drifting, jumping, and hitting your car’s top speed all contribute to a bonus.
Max Nitrous
Add 50% more Nitrous for longer burns.
Race like a pro with drafting. Tuck in close to another car to ride in its slipstream. Time it right and use
the extra energy to slingshot past.
Cop Eliminator XP
Outrun the cops, bust through roadblocks, and total cop cars to earn big XP bonuses.
Faster Nitrous Recharge
Like taking risks? If you do, you’ll be rewarded with significant increases in how fast your Nitrous
refills. Drive fast, narrowly miss other cars, drift around corners, take shortcuts, take out cop cars, and
evade roadblocks to help refill your Nitrous.
Driver Profile
The Driver Profile is your home for everything related to your progress. It shares your stats and
accomplishments with the rest of the Need for Speed The Run community.
Icon, Background, and Motto
Select an icon, background, and motto to represent you as a driver. New icons and backgrounds can
be earned throughout the game.
Experience Points
You gain experience points (XP) regularly in the game. Lots of things contribute to XP, such as Driver
Abilities, unused Resets, beating Autolog Recommendations, and earning Medals from Challenges.
XP contributes to your Driver Level, and each Driver Level presents new rewards and unlocks.
Challenge Series
Each Challenge Series contains a variety of themed challenges, which are unlocked by completing
sections of The Run.
You can win Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum medals in each Challenge of every Challenge Series.
To win medals you must beat time requirements, which get progressively harder for each medal.
Beating Challenges and earning medals can award XP, Profile items, and new cars for your Garage!
Your times for each completed Challenge will be posted on Autolog so you can compare your times
with those of you Friends.
Game Modes
Take on five different game modes in The Run.
Sprint Race
Finish a section of The Run ahead of a certain number of racers.
Time Challenge
Finish a section of The Run as quickly as possible to make up for lost time.
Battle Mode
Pass another skilled racer within a certain time limit to get to the next racer.
Race for your life!
A sneak peak at an upcoming event; it allows you to preview a car you haven’t unlocked yet.
Beating The Run
Extreme difficulty is unlocked after you beat The Run. This difficulty level challenges the extent of your driving
abilities. Play through The Run multiple times to improve your Autolog times and earn new rewards.
Online Multiplayer Racing
Online Multiplayer racing pits you against seven other drivers in competitive sprint races online.
Select a Playlist
Each Playlist offers a specific racing theme—from racing sport cars in the city at night, to muscle cars
battling on the open freeways.
Each Playlist runs multiple races in a row to form Race Sessions. Players can vote on each session,
which determines the types of cars, performance, and tracks that will be run.
The Bonus Wheel appears during voting, offering a random bonus prize that is awarded after
each session!
To unlock new Playlists, complete online objectives.
Every Playlist allows you to increase your XP when you complete objectives.
You always have three objectives, and when you finish one objective, another one replaces it until all
objectives are completed.
The harder the objective, the more XP you earn when you complete it.
If you start or join a Playgroup, you can complete special Playgroup objectives for even more XP.
Join or invite your Friends into a Playgroup to enjoy special racing benefits together.
When in a Playgroup, new group objectives are available to complete. They require you to work
together with your Friends to complete them.
Completing group objectives allows you to earn far more XP and cool new rewards.
Joining a Race in Progress
Rather than making you wait for a race to finish, Need for Speed The Run lets you join a race that
has already started. You enter the race in last place near the back of the pack (not all the way back at
the start). You may not win, but it beats sitting around waiting, and you can still earn XP!
Autolog is a suite of online features that allow you to connect, compare, and compete with your
Need for Speed The Run Friends. Autolog makes it easy to find more Friends to add to your list with
Friend suggestions and simple access to worldwide online play.
Autolog is also available outside Need for Speed The Run via the www.NeedForSpeed.com website.
Simply login with your EA account details to check your stats, Tag your Recommendations to play
them later in the game and view the best photos and news from the community.
How to Access
Press A to open the Autolog menu from most areas in the game.
Notifications appear on the bottom of the screen and display useful information, such as:
XX Friend updates
XX Race recommendations
XX New items and more!
The Run Autolog Competition
As you play The Run, you are compared against your Friends for every stage. You and your Friends’
overall times are also pitted against each other.
The Run SpeedWall
The Run SpeedWall is shown after every race event and stage. It updates your position against those
of your Friends.
Real-Time HUD Updates
If a Friend has previously raced an event you have unlocked, their current split time is shown against
yours in real-time.
The Run Leaderboards
Access The Run Leaderboards from the map screen. Here, you can view the overall times of all your
Friends for The Run.
Autolog Recommends
Autolog Recommends give you personalized gameplay recommendations automatically generated for
you based on how well your Friends have been playing. Everything you do in Need for Speed The Run
is tracked and continuously compared against your Friends.
If you set a new Personal Best for a race event or stage, Autolog places your performance into your
Friends’ games and alerts them about your progress. Similarly, your Friends’ performances are
broadcasted directly into your game, giving you instant comparisons whenever you are playing.
Adding Friends
At your Autolog Friends list, view recommended Friends, or see Friends of Friends who have played
Need for Speed The Run. You can also see players whom you’ve recently raced with online.
Gallery and Photos
The Gallery is where you view your photos, your Friends’ photos, and popular photos from the Need
for Speed community.
Dreamshots are high-quality images you can share with your Friends. When you are in an event,
press ESC to access the pause menu and select PHOTO MODE to begin.
This is where you can find the latest and greatest information and updates from Need for Speed The Run
and the Need for Speed community.
Autolog in The Run
When racing in The Run from San Francisco to New York City, your times are tracked and compared
against your Friends’ at every step of the journey.
Compete with Friends to own the fastest stage times and become the stage leader.
When you’re not the stage leader, your Friend’s Autolog Stage time is displayed as a ticker in your
HUD, which compares your current stage progress to the stage leader.
If you’re not happy with your current stage progress, or if you finish up the stage and feel you could
have done better, select to restart the stage and take another shot at the stage leader. You can also
select to replay earlier stages from The Run in the Stage Select menu.
You’re also competing for the grand prize—the fastest overall time in The Run.
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