Electronic Arts 14633196863 Video Games User Manual

Complete Controls
Setting Up the Game
Playing the Game
Game Modes
Virtual Pro
Team Management
Practice Arena
Complete Controls
NOTE: The control instructions in this manual refer to the Classic configuration. Once you’ve
created your profile, select CUSTOMISE > SETTINGS > CONTROL SETTINGS to adjust your
control preferences.
Move player/Jog
Left stick
> button (press and hold)
Stop ball/Shield
Left stick (release) + > button
Stop ball and face goal
Left stick (release) + < button
Dummy (when receiving ball)
< button (press and hold)
Complete Controls
Send teammate on a run
< button (double tap)
Skilled dribbling
< button (press and hold) +
> button (press and hold)
Pace control (when in possession of ball)
< button (press and hold)
Knock on
Right stick
Skill move modifier
Right stick + < button (press and hold)
Complete Controls
Coaching Tip: Shielding
To protect the ball from your player’s marker, release the left stick and hold the > button.
Your player will get between his marker and the ball and try to hold him off.
A button
Finesse/Placed shot
< button + A button
Chip shot
< button + > button + A button
Fake shot (in opposition half)
A button (hold), then S button
Complete Controls
Choose direction of pass/cross
Left stick
Short pass/Header (hold to
pass to further player)
S button
Lobbed pass (hold to determine distance)
F button
Through pass (hold to pass to further player)
D button
Bouncing lob pass
> button + F button
Lobbed through ball (hold to
pass to further player)
< button + D button
Give and go
< button + S button
Trigger run from pass
< button + S button (double tap)
Fake lob
F button (hold), then S button
Complete Controls
Coaching Tip: Give and Go
To initiate a one-two pass, press the S button while holding the < button to make
your player pass to a nearby teammate, then release the < button and move the left
stick to continue his run. Press the S button (ground pass), the D button (through ball),
the F button (lobbed pass), or the < button + the D button (lobbed through ball) to
immediately return the ball to him, timing the pass perfectly to avoid conceding possession.
Ball Control
First touch (while receiving the ball)
Right stick (hold for more distance)
Cancel pass/shot
< button + > button
Free Move
< button (press and hold) +
> button (press and hold)
Complete Controls
Cross (hold to determine distance)
F button
Low cross (within cross zone)
F button (double tap)
Ground cross (within cross zone)
F button (triple tap)
Early cross (outside cross zone)
< button + F button
Early low cross (outside cross zone)
< button + F button (double tap)
Early ground cross (outside cross zone)
< button + F button (triple tap)
Complete Controls
Skill Moves
Press and hold the < button and move left stick or right stick (depending on the footwork)
to perform the following skill moves.
NOTE: The controls listed below assume that the controlled player is moving vertically and
should be amended depending on your player’s direction.
Body Feint
Right stick Z (flick)/right stick X (flick)
Right stick C, Z/right stick C, X
Reverse Step-over
Right stick Z, C/right stick X, C
Ball Roll
Right stick Z (hold)/right stick X (hold)
Drag Back (standing only)
Left stick V (flick)
Complete Controls
Heel Flick
Right stick C (flick), V heel flick
Flick Up
Right stick C (flick), C, C flick up
Right stick V, Z, C, X/
right stick V, X, C, Z
Fake Left & Go Right
Right stick Z, V, X
Fake Right & Go Left
Right stick X, V, Z
Heel to Heel Flick
Right stick C (flick), V
Simple Rainbow
Right stick V (flick), C, C
Advanced Rainbow
Right stick V (flick), C (hold), C (flick)
Complete Controls
Feint Left and Exit Right
Right stick Z, V, X
Feint Right and Exit Left
Right stick X, V, Z
Elastico (requires high skill level)
Right stick X, V, Z
Drag Back Fake and Exit
Left (standing only)
Left stick V, X, V, Z
Drag Back Fake and Exit
Right (standing only)
Left stick V, Z, V, X
Heel Chop (running only)
Right stick O, O/right stick U, U
Scoop Turn (standing only)
Right stick O, O/right stick U, U
Hocus Pocus
Right stick V, Z, V, X
Triple Elastico
Right stick V, X, V, Z
Complete Controls
Ball Roll & Flick (running only)
Right stick X (hold), C (flick)/
right stick Z (hold), C (flick)
Sombrero Flick (standing only)
Right stick C (flick), C, V
Turn & Spin
Right stick C (flick), Z (flick)/
right stick C (flick), X (flick)
Ball Roll Fake (standing only)
Right stick Z (hold), X (flick)/
right stick X (hold), Z (flick)
Rabona Fake (sprinting only)
F button/A button,
then S button + left stick V
Complete Controls
Ball Juggle (standing only)
> button (tap)
Sombrero Flick Backwards
Left stick V (hold)
Sombrero Flick
Left stick Z (hold)/left stick X (hold)
Around the World
Right stick clockwise/counter clockwise
In Air Elastico
Right stick X (flick), Z (flick)
Flick Up For Volley
Left stick C (hold)
T. Around the World
Right stick counter clockwise, C (flick)
NOTE: In EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer, players are capable of many more flicks, tricks, and skill
moves than are listed here! Get out on the pitch and start experimenting, and then put those
skills to use!
Complete Controls
Move player
Left stick
Switch player
< button (tap, on release)
Directional player switch
Right stick
> button (press and hold)
S button (press and hold)
Complete Controls
2nd defender press
A button (press and hold)
Sliding tackle
F button
< button (press and hold)
Running jockey
< button (press and hold) + > button (press and hold)
Jockey press
< button (press and hold) + S button (press and hold)
Complete Controls
Coaching Tip: Running Jockey and Jockey Press
If an opponent is moving quickly, press and hold the < button and press the > button
to control your defender’s speed and allow him to position himself for a tackle. If you don’t
want him to dive in using the Press control, press and hold the < button and press the
S button to Jockey Press. Your player will keep his opponent in front of him and not commit
to a tackle. Then, at the first sign of a bad touch, release the < button to make him move
in for the ball.
D button (press and hold)
Move/Aim kick or throw
Left stick
Throw (while holding the ball)
S button (hold to pass to the further of two players)
Drop kick (while holding ball)
A button/F button
Drop the ball (while holding ball)
D button
Complete Controls
Set Pieces
Direct Free Kick
Left stick
Shot (hold for increased power)
A button
Lob pass (hold for increased power)
F button
Add spin to ball (while powering kick)
Left stick
Change kick taker
> button
Call lay-off man
< button
Complete Controls
Lay-off man shot
< button + A button
Lay-off man pass
< button + S button
Jump wall (defense only)
D button
Move wall (defense only)
< button/> button
Charge kick (defense only)
S button
Complete Controls
Coaching Tip: Adding elevation and spin
To add elevation to your shot, power it up for longer (but beware of overpowering) and move
the left stick to add sidespin, topspin, or backspin. Topspin can be employed to bring a ball
down quickly (e.g., after it has cleared the wall).
Goal Kick
Left stick
Lob pass (hold for increased power)
F button
Ground pass
S button
Complete Controls
Aim throw
Left stick
Short throw (to nearest player)
S button
Manual short throw
(in direction you’re facing)
D button
Long throw
F button
Switch receiver
< button
Complete Controls
Lob cross (hold for increased power)
F button
Add spin to lob cross (while powering kick)
Left stick
Low cross
F button (double tap)
Ground cross
F button (triple tap)
Call for a short corner
< button
Complete Controls
Penalty Kick
Aim shot
Left stick (hold to aim further
in any direction)
Driven shot
A button
Finesse/Placed shot
< button + A button
Chip shot
< button + > button + A button
Dive (goalkeeper only)
Right stick
Move on goal line (goalkeeper only)
Left stick
Complete Controls
Coaching Tip: Penalties
Aiming: By default, your player starts aiming at the middle of the goal. From the moment
you start powering up for a shot, you can hold the left stick to move the aim anywhere
inside the goal. The longer you hold the left stick in any particular direction, the farther your
player’s shot goes in that direction. Be careful with how long you hold the left stick, as
letting go too soon results in a shot closer to the middle of the goal, and holding it for too
long causes your player to miss the goal.
Saving: Committing to a save direction early allows your goalkeeper to reach farther and
save shots close to the corner of the goals. However, diving farther to the side makes it
more difficult to save shots aimed toward the middle of the goal.
If you think the kick taker is going for placement rather than power, you can try to react to
the shot by holding the right stick in any direction after the ball has been kicked.
Complete Controls
Be A Pro: Goalkeeper
Attacking off the ball
Call for/Suggest pass
S button
Suggest through pass
D button
Suggest cross
F button
Suggest shot
A button
Toggle camera target
SELECT button
Complete Controls
Defending own box
Right stick/left stick + S button (press and hold)
< button (press and hold)
Slow movement facing the ball
Left stick + < button
D button (press and hold)
Dive at feet
F button
Complete Controls
Anticipation save
< button + > button
2nd defender press
A button (press and hold)
Toggle camera target
SELECT button
> button
Coaching Tip: Be a Goalkeeper
Experiment with different levels of Save Assistance (Assisted, Semi-Assisted, and Manual) to
find what is right for your play-style and skill level.
Touch Controls
Use the touch controls to take shots, free kicks, throw-ins, penalty kicks, and corner kicks.
You can also use touch controls to make passes and switch defenders.
Complete Controls
To take a quick shot on goal, simply touch the goal on the screen (touchscreen). The longer
you hold the touch, the more powerful your shot is.
You can also use the rear touch pad to take shots. Think of the entire rear touch pad as the
goal, and touch where you want to aim. Your aim indicator is a solid dot that changes color
according to your shot meter. After you have taken a shot, the results indicator, displayed as
a crosshair, shows where the ball ended up.
Keep in mind that the defensive pressure combines with the direction and speed of your
dribble to determine the accuracy of your shot.
NOTE: When using touch controls, the white icon in the top center of the screen
indicates that your fingers may be resting on the rear touch pad. You can only trigger the
rear touch pad shooting controls in the offensive third of the pitch when your fingers are
not resting on the rear touch pad.
Complete Controls
Free Kicks
To take a free kick, align the camera to face the direction you want to kick, and then swiftly drag
your finger across the touchscreen. As soon as you touch the touchscreen, your player begins
powering up for the shot. You can see track his power with the colored line. The type of curve
you draw on the touchscreen determines the bend and topspin. Keep in mind that a right-footed
player can bend the ball better to the left than to the right. The opposite goes for a left-footed
To take a free kick with the rear touch pad, simply touch where you want to aim your kick. The
rear touch pad allows you to aim directly at the goal, but if there is a wall in the way, consider
using the touchscreen to curve the ball around the defenders.
Touch where you want to throw the ball to perform a throw-in. If your player has the Long
Throw-in or the Giant Throw-in trait, then he can throw the ball farther than others.
Complete Controls
Penalty Kicks
Use the touchscreen to make perfectly composed penalty kicks. Time your shot according to
the Composure Meter and touch it when it’s in the green for maximum control. Then, touch
where you want to aim. The duration of the touch determines your power, which is indicated
by the Shot Power Meter.
Corner Kicks
During corner kicks, touch a teammate to pass the ball. To lob your pass, hold your touch.
Touch a player to pass the ball, or touch an open space to pass to a specific point on the
pitch. To lob a pass, hold your touch. Hold your touch even longer to clear the ball.
Switch Defenders
When on defense, there are times when you need to switch defenders quickly. To do so,
touch the defender you want to control.
Setting Up the Game
Before heading out onto the pitch, create an EA/Origin account to enjoy the online features in
EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer Profile
Select your skill level, preferred controls setup, and favorite team.
EA/Origin Account
To create an EA/Origin account, enter a valid email address and password when prompted at
the title screen. The name and password are used to access online features in EA games and
game-specific content on easports.com.
Playing the Game
Game Screen
Match clock
Playing the Game
Saving and Loading
Before exiting a game mode or a menu where changes have been made, make sure you save
your progress (or unsaved information will be lost). You can access the Load screen from
most game mode menus to load files manually.
NOTE: EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer features an autosave feature.
Select EXHIBITION MATCH to head onto the pitch with your default settings (which
can be changed in CUSTOMISE > SETTINGS > GAME SETTINGS) or select BE A PRO:
GOALKEEPER or BE A PRO: PLAYER to take on the role of a single player.
Be a Pro: Goalkeeper
Play as the goalkeeper and feel the tension of acting as your team’s last line of defense
against the opposition’s hungry strikers. Make calls to the rest of the team when the ball is
off the pitch and stick to the Indicator when the opposition gets close.
Game Modes
Career Mode
Every player, no matter how talented, eventually has to leave the action of the pitch. In
Career Mode you can expand your player’s soccer career through three roles: Player, Player
Manager, and Manager. Start as a player and progress through all three roles or begin as
either a Player Manager or Manager. Your player’s success in each role determines his value
in the eyes of the soccer world!
Player Career
Take control of a career-minded professional soccer player as you play in multiple league,
cup, and continental competitions. You may play as a real player, a created player, or your
Virtual Pro. Make every action on the pitch count and work your way up from prospect player
to club legend!
Game Modes
Player Manager Career
Player Managers have an impact on and off the pitch, and must strike a perfect balance
between action and team management. Play as a created player or your Virtual Pro. Your
player’s focus rests on managing the line-up, including formation, playing style, training, and
starting players, as well as taking to the pitch during key games.
Manager Career
The role of a Manager is to pick the best possible squad for each match and make sure
that, based on the opponent, the right tactic is in place. Play as a created player or your
Virtual Pro. Your Manager is in control of the team’s finances and must manage the budget,
including transfers, negotiations, and player contracts. Win prestigious cup matches and
your league to rise to prominence and keep the board pleased.
Game Modes
Management Tips!
• Review your line-up before simming a game! Every player can make a difference to
the outcome.
• Use all the search options to find the right player to complete your squad, and keep in
mind how much the player wants for a successful signing.
• Take notice of your assistant coach’s player assessment. His analysis of every player’s
talent lets your Manager know which young players deserve more time on the pitch.
• Keep an eye on your Player Level/Manager Reputation as your Manager progresses
through a season. This determines his standing within the club as well as potential job
offers at the end of the season.
Game Modes
The crowning glory of reaching the top of a tournament reigns in the anticipation and
excitement of both players and soccer fans alike. EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer gives players
over 50 tournaments to choose from. Choose the country and the specific tournament
you’d like to compete in, and then decide which team(s) you’d like to control in the fight for
Create Tournament
Create your very own tournament! Choose from LEAGUE, KNOCKOUT, or GROUP &
KNOCKOUT, and then set the number of teams and whether or not you’d like to choose
each competing team yourself or have them filled in automatically. Once you’re happy with
all of the settings, save your tournament and then see if you can come out a winner.
NOTE: For even more control over your tournament settings, toggle Advanced Settings ON.
You are then taken to the Advanced Settings screen after accepting the basic setup. Here,
you can fine tune tournament rules and set parameters for the Auto Fill function.
NOTICE POSTED ON www.ea.com/2/service-updates.
NOTE: In order to play online, you must read and accept the EA Privacy Policy and Terms of
Service. You are asked to read and accept these documents when playing for the first time.
You may choose not to accept, but this will bar use of EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer’s online
Friends Leagues
Create an online league for you and up to 31 other online players. Play by your rules against
players across the globe.
Virtual Pro
Take to the pitch as an all-new player in EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer’s Virtual Pro mode. Begin
your career and build your reputation from the ground up! Decide the stats of your Virtual Pro
then take to the field and attempt to become a superstar.
You can use your Virtual Pro in any of the offline game modes, including Career Mode and
Kick-Off. Use your Virtual Pro efficiently to earn rewards, upgrade his stats, and create a
true superstar.
Arena Options
Feel like practicing in the United Kingdom as Rooney against the formidable Howard? Visit
Arena options to select which Player, Goalkeeper, and Stadium you would like to use when
practicing within the Arena.
Team Management
Custom Tactics
Select CUSTOM TACTICS on the Team Management screen of any club to customize
defensive and attacking play. Check out their default tactics and then press the S button to
view other preset tactics (Counter Attack, High Pressure, Possession, and Long Ball) as well
as your own customized tactics (see below). To choose one of these as your default tactic,
select it and press the S button.
To create a new tactic, select one as a template and use the sliders to tweak its individual
components. Then, press the A button or the F button to save your new tactic to a selected
slot and press the S button to confirm.
Team Management
Quick Tactics
To use your tactics on-the-fly in games you must assign them to the directional buttons. To
do this, select QUICK TACTICS on the Team Management screen, choose a direction, and
press the S button. Then, select your new tactic and press the S button again to assign it to
your chosen direction.
NOTE: You can share your customized tactics with friends—or the entire FIFA community—
by entering the Player Hub, pressing the < button, scrolling to Shared Tactics, and
following the on-screen instruction.
NOTE: If your default configuration uses the directional buttons for player movement, the left
stick must be used to select Quick Tactics.
Team Management
Get out the tactics board and start fine-tuning team formations and player roles by selecting
FORMATIONS in the Team Management screen of any team.
First, choose a formation and press the F button to edit it. Then, choose a player from the
selected formation and press the S button. Finally, decide which aspect of his game you
want to alter (Player Base Position, Player Work Rate, or Player Positioning) and follow the
on-screen instructions.
NOTE: Press the directional buttons to change your team’s mentality on-the-fly. Press the
Z button to make your players more defensive or press the X button to encourage them
to attack.
Practice Arena
EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer’s Practice Arena is the place to hone your skills before getting into
a game. This is the place to fine-tune striking, keeping, and set pieces.
The Practice Arena defaults to one-on-one action, so you can dribble around and shoot
whenever you please. You can use it to practice skill moves, find the perfect angle of
attack, or even figure out your own weaknesses. This is an excellent location to practice the
touchscreen commands, as well.
In addition, you can decide how many attackers and defenders are on the pitch during your
practice session. Choose SET PIECES to practice free kicks, penalties, throw-ins, and corner
kicks. To practice your skills without the pressure of playing in a real match, you can choose
PRACTICE MATCH from the Practice Arena menu. There is no score and no game clock, so
you can play for as long as you like.
NOTE: Press the SELECT button while in the Arena to bring up the Practice Arena menu.
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