Electronic Arts 14633197570 Video Games User Manual

Complete Controls
Gameplay: Tips and Tricks
Setting Up the Game
Playing the Game
EA SPORTS Football Club
Match Day
17 EA SPORTS Football Club
18 FIFA Ultimate Team
Skill Games
Other Game Modes
Customize FIFA
My FIFA 13
Complete Controls
Note: The control instructions in this manual refer to the Classic controller configuration.
Once you’ve created your profile, select CUSTOMISE FIFA > SETTINGS > CONTROLS >
WIRELESS CONTROLLER SETTINGS to adjust your control preferences.
Move player/Jog/Dribble
Player run/Modifier
Face up dribble
Stop ball (when unmarked)
Stop ball and face goal
Shield ball (when marked)
Dummy (when receiving ball)
Pace control
Send teammate on a run
Knock on
Drag back
(assuming player is facing vertically
Skill moves
left stick
R (hold)
Q (hold)
W + R (hold) + left stick
left stick (release) + R
left stick (release) + Q
left stick (release) + R
E (hold)
W (hold)
right stick (flick)
left stick V + W
right stick + W
Coaching Tip: Shielding
To protect the ball from your marker, release the left stick and hold the R button. Your
player moves between his marker and the ball and tries to hold him off.
Finesse/Placed shot
Chip shot
Flair shot (first time only)
Choose direction of pass/cross
left stick
Short pass/Header (hold to pass to further
Lobbed pass (hold to determine distance)
Through ball (hold to pass to further player) D
Bouncing lob pass (hold to determine
Lobbed through ball
(hold to pass to further player)
Give and go
Finesse pass
Coaching Tip: Give and Go
To initiate a one-two pass, press the S button while holding the Q button to make your
player pass to a nearby teammate, and move the left stick to continue his run. Then press
the S button (ground pass), the D button (through ball), the F button (lobbed pass), or
the Q button + the D button (lobbed through ball) to immediately return the ball to
him, timing the pass perfectly to avoid conceding possession.
Ball Control
First touch (while receiving the ball)
right stick
(hold for more distance)
First touch to stop
W + left stick
Cancel pass/shot
Free Move
W + R (hold)
Cross (hold to determine distance)
Low cross (within cross zone)
F (double tap)
Ground cross (within cross zone)
F (triple tap)
Early cross (outside cross zone)
Early low cross (outside cross zone)
Q + F (double tap)
Q + F (triple tap)
Early ground cross (outside cross zone)
Move player
left stick
Switch player
Directional player switch
right stick
R (hold)
S (hold)
Teammate contain
E (hold)
Tackle/Push or pull
Sliding tackle
W (hold)
Running jockey
W + R (hold)
Clearance (when in possession in own half) A
D (hold)
Move/Aim kick or throw
left stick
Throw (hold to pass to the further of two
Drop kick (while holding ball)
Drop the ball (while holding ball)
Pick up the ball
(only when last played by an opponent)
Switch to goalkeeper
Set Pieces
Direct Free Kick
left stick Z/X
Curled shot (hold for increased power)
Driven shot (hold for increased power)
High pass/Cross (hold for increased power) F
Add spin to ball (while powering kick)
left stick
Ground pass
Change kick taker
Call 2nd kick taker
2nd kick taker curled shot
2nd kick taker driven shot
2nd kick taker layoff pass
2nd kick taker layoff chip
2nd kick taker run over ball
W + A, S
Call 3rd kick taker
3rd kick taker curled shot
3rd kick taker driven shot
3rd kick taker short pass
3rd kick taker lob pass
3rd kick taker run over ball
E + A, S
Jump wall (defense only)
Move wall (defense only)
Wall charge (defense only)
Wall creep (defense only)
Add/remove player to wall (defense only)
Q to select player, then left stick
Coaching Tip: Adding elevation and spin
To add elevation to your shot, power it up for longer (but beware of overpowering) and
move the left stick to add sidespin, topspin, or backspin. Topspin can be employed to
bring a ball down quickly (e.g., after it has cleared the wall).
Indirect free kick/Goal kick
left stick
High pass/Cross (hold for increased power)
Ground pass
Call for a short free kick
Aim throw
left stick
Short throw (to nearest player)
Manual short throw (in direction you’re facing)
Long throw
Toggle receiver/thrower control
(switch control to a receiver in the direction you’re
Lob cross (hold for increased power)
Add spin to lob cross (while powering kick)
Low cross
Ground cross
Call for a short corner
Short corner
left stick
F (double tap)
F (triple tap)
Penalty Kick
Aim shot (hold to aim further in any direction)
left stick
Finesse/Placed shot
Chip shot
Stutter shot
A (hold), A
Dive (goalkeeper only)
right stick
Move along goal line (goalkeeper only)
left stick
Coaching Tip: Penalties
Aiming: By default, you start aiming at the middle of the goal. From the moment you start
powering up for a shot, you can move the left stick to aim anywhere inside the goal. The
longer you hold the left stick in any particular direction, the farther your shot goes in that
direction. Be careful with how long you hold the left stick, as letting go too soon results in a
shot closer to the middle of the goal, and holding it for too long causes you to miss the goal.
Saving: Committing to a save direction early allows you to reach farther and save shots
close to the corner of the goals. However, diving farther to the side makes it more difficult
to save shots aimed toward the middle of the goal.
If you think the kick taker is going for placement rather than power, you can try to react to
the shot by holding the right stick in any direction after the ball has been kicked.
Be A Pro: Goalkeeper
Attacking off the ball
Call for or suggest pass
Suggest through pass
Suggest cross
Suggest shot
Toggle camera target
Defending own box
right stick + direction (hold)/S + direction
Auto positioning
Q (hold)
Slow movement facing the ball
W + left stick
D (hold)
Dive at feet
Anticipation save
2nd defender contain
Toggle camera target
Coaching Tip: Be A Goalkeeper
Experiment with different levels of Save Assistance (Assisted, Semi-Assisted, and Manual)
to find what is right for your play-style and skill level.
CB joins attack
Swap wings
Offside trap
Team Press
Decrease attacking mentality
Increase attacking mentality
Free-kick (outside the box)
Penalty (inside the box)
Practice options
C button, X button
C button, Z button
C button, C button
C button, V button
Z button
X button
The following moves can be executed when holding W and while a player is standing
or jogging.
directional buttons
directional buttons
Skill Moves
Skills moves can be performed by all players. The type of skill your player can execute
depends on his skill level. A player with the highest skill level can perform the most difficult
and effective skills in the game, whereas a player with a lower skill level will attempt a simpler
version of a trick or may altogether fail in his attempt of that skill. The speed at which a skill
move is executed depends on your player’s agility attribute. For example, an agile player like
Cristiano Ronaldo can perform skills at a much quicker pace than a player with lower agility.
All of the skills are broken down into five levels of difficulty. One-star moves are the most basic
and can be performed by all players in the game. Two-, three-, and four-star moves can be
done by players who are relatively skillful in real life. Five-star moves can only be performed by
the most skilled footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. These players are able to
do the most impressive skills and tricks in FIFA 13.
Note: The controls listed below assume that the controlled player is moving vertically
upwards and should be amended depending on your player’s direction.
Directional fake shot
S while shot/lob power bar is ramping up
1 Star
Directional scoop turn
S while shot/lob power bar is ramping up
4 and 5 Star
Fake shot to stop
S while shot/lob power bar is ramping up
1 Star
Directional heel chop
(hold the left stick in any direction)
(hold the left stick in any direction)
+ release the left stick
W (hold) + S while shot/lob power bar
is ramping up (hold the left stick in any
4 and 5 Star
Body feint right
right stick X (flick)
2 Star
Body feint left
right stick Z (flick)
2 Star
Body feint exits
left stick (hold in any direction after
a body feint)
2 Star
Stepover right
right stick C, I, X
2 Star
Stepover left
right stick C, Y, Z
2 Star
Stepover exits
left stick (hold in any direction after a
2 Star
Double touch stepover
Reverse stepover left
left stick Y /I (hold after a stepover)
5 Star
right stick X, I, C
2 Star
Reverse stepover right
right stick Z, Y, C
2 Star
Reverse stepover exits
left stick (hold in any direction after a
reverse stepover)
2 Star
Roulette right
right stick V, O, Z, Y, C, I, X
3 Star
Roulette left
right stick V, U, X, I, C, Y, Z
3 Star
Drag back (standing only)
left stick V (flick)
2 Star
Drag back exits (standing
left stick (hold in any direction after a drag
2 Star
Drag back fake + exit left
(standing only)
Drag back fake + exit right
(standing only)
Flick ball up
left stick V, U, X U, V, O, Z
5 Star
left stick V, O, Z, O, V, U, X
5 Star
right stick C, C, C
3 Star
Ball roll left
right stick Z (hold)
2 Star
Ball roll right
right stick X (hold)
2 Star
right stick X, U, V, O, Z
5 Star
Reverse elastico
right stick Z, O, V, U, X
5 Star
Ball hop (standing only)
N (tap)
4 and 5 Star
Heel chop left (jogging only)
right stick O (flick), right stick O (flick)
4 and 5 Star
Standing or Jogging moves (Cont.)
right stick U (flick), right stick U (flick)
Heel chop right (jogging
right stick O (flick), right stick O (flick)
Scoop turn left (standing
right stick U (flick), right stick U (flick)
Scoop turn right
(standing only)
right stick V (flick), C, C (timed)
Simple rainbow
Advanced rainbow
right stick V, C (hold), C (timed)
Heel to heel flick
4 and 5 Star
Advanced flick up
Juggling (standing only)
E (tap)
5 Star
Laces flick up
E (hold)
5 Star
E (tap repeatedly)
1 Star
4 and 5 Star
Sombrero flick back
left stick V (hold) + E
5 Star
4 and 5 Star
left stick V (hold) + E
4 and 5 Star
Sombrero flick back
Around the world
right stick V, O, Z, Y, C, I, X
1, 2, 3, and
4 Star
5 Star
right stick C (flick), V
4 and 5 Star
Alternate around the world
right stick V, U, X, I, C, Y, Z, O
5 Star
Hocus pocus
right stick V, O, Z, O, V, U, X
5 Star
In air elastico
right stick X (flick), Z
5 Star
Triple elastico
right stick V, U, X, U, V, O, Z
5 Star
Reverse in air elastico
right stick Z (flick), X
5 Star
Ball roll flick left (jogging
Ball roll flick right
(jogging only)
Ball roll fake left
(standing only)
Ball roll fake right
(standing only)
Ball roll cut left
right stick X (hold), C (flick)
5 Star
Sombrero flick left
left stick Z (hold) + E
1 Star
right stick Z (hold), C (flick)
5 Star
Sombrero flick right
left stick X (hold) + E
1 Star
right stick Z (hold) + X (flick)
5 Star
Flick up for a volley
left stick C (hold) + E
1 Star
B (hold) + N (tap three times)
5 Star
right stick X (hold) + Z (flick)
5 Star
Chest flick (only after
flicking ball up for a volley)
Hop the world right foot
4 and 5 Star
B (hold) + right stick V, U, X, I, C,
Y, Z, O
5 Star
right stick Z (hold) + left stick X (hold)
Ball roll cut right
right stick X (hold) + left stick Z (hold)
4 and 5 Star
right stick V (hold)
5 Star
B (hold) + right stick V, O, Z, Y, C,
I, X
5 Star
Quick ball rolls (standing
Sombrero flick (standing
Turn and spin left
Alternate T. around the
T. around the world
5 Star
right stick V, O, Z, Y, C, I, X, U,
V, C
5 Star
right stick C (flick), C, V
Juggling rainbow
right stick V (flick), C (flick)
5 Star
right stick C (flick), Z (flick)
5 Star
Double around the world
5 Star
Turn and spin right
right stick C (flick), X (flick)
5 Star
right stick V, O, Z, Y, C, I, X, U, V,
O, Z, Y, C, I, X, U, V
Stop and turn left
(jogging only)
Stop and turn right
(jogging only)
Rabona fake (jogging only)
right stick C (flick), Z (flick)
4 and 5 Star
Toe bounce left
right stick Z (hold)
5 Star
right stick C (flick), X (flick)
5 Star
Toe bounce right
right stick X (hold)
5 Star
A/F + S + left stick V (hold)
5 Star
First time flick up
(standing only)
Elastico chop left
W (hold) + E (hold)
1 Star
right stick V (flick), Z (flick)
5 Star
Elastico chop right
right stick V (flick), X (flick)
5 Star
4 and 5 Star
User Controlled Celebrations
To perform a signature celebration press the S button, or hold the W button + the R
button + the S button to perform a pay respect celebration. You can skip UCC by pressing the
Q button + the E button.
Ear twist
Thumb suck
One arm raised
Wrist flick
Arms out
Finger points
Point to sky
Can you hear me
Fist pump
Come on
Blow kisses
Double arm swing
Flying bird
Hand on head
Heart symbol
Arms pointing up
Running Moves
D (hold)
F (hold)
A (hold)
D (tap), D (hold)
F (tap), F (hold)
A (tap), A (hold)
right stick C (hold)
right stick X (hold)
right stick V (hold)
right stick Z (hold)
right stick X (flick), Z (hold)
right stick Z (flick), X (hold)
right stick V (flick), C (hold)
right stick C (flick), V (hold)
right stick X (flick), X (hold)
right stick Z (flick), Z (hold)
right stick V (flick), V (hold)
right stick C (flick), C (hold)
right stick C, X, V, Z
N (hold)
Knee slide to fist pump
Jump punch to fist pump
Big fist pump
Shoulder dust
Bottom dance
Point to crowd
Standing and point to sky
Standing archer
Knee slide fall on back
Punch and dodge
Chest slide
Finishing Moves
Q (hold) + A
Q (hold) + F
Q (hold) + D
Q (hold) + A (double tap)
Q (hold) + F (double tap)
Q (hold) + D (double tap)
Q (hold) + right stick C (hold)
Q (hold) + right stick X (hold)
Q (hold) + right stick V (hold)
Q (hold) + right stick Z (hold)
Q (hold) + right stick V (flick), C (flick)
Finishing Moves (Cont.)
Q (hold) + right stick C (flick), V (flick)
Head shake
Q (hold) + right stick Z (flick), X (flick)
Standing arm sweep
Q (hold) + right stick X (flick), Z (flick)
Arms to crowd
Q (hold) + right stick C (flick), C (flick)
Q (hold) + right stick C (flick), C (flick)
Walking back flip (agile UCC)
One knee fist pump
Q (hold) + right stick X (flick), X (flick)
Kneel and point to heavens
Q (hold) + right stick V (flick), V (flick)
Fall to knees
Q (hold) + right stick Z (flick), Z (flick)
Roll and punch
Q (hold) + right stick C, X, V, Z
Hand spring (agile UCC)
Q (hold) + right stick C, X, V, Z
Q (hold) + right stick C, Z, V, X
Double back flip (agile UCC)
Q (hold) + right stick C, Z, V, X
Uppercut jump punch
Q (hold) + N
Shoe shine
W (hold) + A
W (hold) + F
Spanish archer
W (hold) + D
Knee slide spin
W (hold) + A (double tap)
Hands on ears
W (hold) + F (double tap)
Heel taps
W (hold) + D (double tap)
Knee slide arms out
W (hold) + right stick C (hold)
I can’t hear you
W (hold) + right stick X (hold)
Side slide
W (hold) + right stick V (hold)
Brick fall
W (hold) + right stick Z (hold)
Fall to knees and hold face
W (hold) + right stick V (flick), C (flick)
Knee slide
W (hold) + right stick C (flick), V (flick)
Samba dance
W (hold) + right stick Z (flick), X (flick)
Who am I
W (hold) + right stick X (flick), Z (flick)
W (hold) + right stick C (flick), C (flick)
Front flip (agile UCC)
W (hold) + right stick C (flick), C (flick)
Thigh point
W (hold) + right stick X (flick), X (flick)
Knee slide to sit
W (hold) + right stick V (flick), V (flick)
Bird walk
W (hold) + right stick Z (flick), Z (flick)
Cart wheel
W (hold) + right stick C, X, V, Z
Flip (agile UCC)
W (hold) + right stick C, X, V, Z
Cartwheel and roll
W (hold) + right stick C, Z, V, X
Twist flip (agile UCC)
W (hold) + right stick C, Z, V, X
W (hold) + N
Career and Online Pro Unlockable Finishing Moves
Slide on back
E (hold) + F (double tap)
Flying dive
E (hold) + right stick C (hold)
Karate kicks
E (hold) + right stick X (hold)
Jump kick
E (hold) + right stick V (hold)
Ice skating
E (hold) + right stick V (flick), C (flick)
Golf swing
E (hold) + right stick Z (flick), X (flick)
River dance
E (hold) + right stick C (flick), C (flick)
Break dance
E (hold) + right stick X (flick), X (flick)
Backwards worm
E (hold) + right stick C, Z, V, X
E (hold) + N
Knee walk
R (hold) + F
Cradle swing
R (hold) + D
Back flips
R (hold) + F (double tap)
R (hold) + D (double tap)
Many bows
R (hold) + right stick C (hold)
R (hold) + right stick X (hold)
Fall to knees and beg
R (hold) + right stick V (hold)
Praise on knees
R (hold) + right stick Z (hold)
Dance 1
R (hold) + right stick V (flick), C (flick)
Dance 2
R (hold) + right stick C (flick), V (flick)
Dance 3
R (hold) + right stick Z (flick), X (flick)
Dance 4
R (hold) + right stick X (flick), Z (flick)
Spin and fall
R (hold) + right stick C (flick), C (flick)
Rowing on knees
R (hold) + right stick Z (flick), Z (flick)
Seated rowing
R (hold) + right stick X (flick), X (flick)
Uncontrolled back flip
R (hold) + right stick C, X, V, Z
R (hold) + right stick C, Z, V, X
EA SPORTS™ Football Club Unlockable Finishing Moves
If I catch you
R (hold) + N
Why always me
E (hold) + D (double tap)
E (hold) + right stick Z (hold)
Muscle flex
E (hold) + right stick C (flick), V (flick)
Push ups
E (hold) + right stick X (flick), Z (flick)
Kiss the pitch
R (hold) + A (double tap)
Pit bull
E (hold) + A
The salute
E (hold) + D
Water hose
R (hold) + right stick V (flick), V (flick)
Prancing bird
E (hold) + F
E (hold) + A (double tap)
Telling off
R (hold) + A
E (hold) + right stick Z (flick), Z (flick)
Forwards worm
E (hold) + right stick C, X, V, Z
E (hold) + right stick V (flick), V (flick)
Gameplay: Tips and Tricks
Complete Dribbling
While facing up to an opponent, you can make precise dribble touches with 360° directional
mobility. Your player contextually faces up while dribbling in order to keep you better oriented
to take on defenders in one-on-one battles. To manually face up while dribbling, hold the W
button and the R button to make your player face up to the nearest goal-side defender.
Performing the action manually allows you to change direction quicker at lower speeds and
explode past defenders.
1st Touch Control
With more realistic control over difficult passes, your player’s first touch is now more important
than ever. Opponent pressure, incoming ball speed, player skill, and many other factors, all
contribute to the success of your player’s first touch. Control the ball while moving at slower
speeds to keep the first touch closer. For an even more refined touch, hold the W button as
your player receives a difficult pass to control the ball at a slow speed.
You can now call a second and third kick taker during a free kick. Each kick taker can pass,
shoot, or run over the ball. Utilize dummy runs and lay off passes to create dangerous and
unpredictable free kicks. Opponents can counter by adding or subtracting players to the wall,
creeping the wall forward, or sending a bullet man to intercept the pass or block the shot. For
free kicks that are farther away, you also have the ability to call a second player to come short
by pressing the W button.
Game Screen
Seal Outs
While defending, you now have the ability to dispossess an opponent by using your defender’s
body to win back possession of the ball. With good anticipation, you can use your defender’s
size and strength to seal out an opponent who attempts to dribble past him. In situations where
there is separation between the dribbler and the ball, press the A button to launch a Seal Out
and use your player’s body to step in front of your opponent.
Setting Up the Game
Lateral Contain
You now have more freedom and lateral mobility while containing an opponent. Use Contain
to place your defender in front of the opposing team’s attacker by holding the S button. Move
your defender left or right while containing in order to shepherd an opponent to less dangerous
areas of the field or onto his weaker foot.
THE Game
Tactical Free Kicks
Saving and Loading
Before exiting a game mode or a menu where changes have been made, make sure you
save your progress to your PlayStation®3 system. Unsaved information will be lost. Load files
manually by accessing the Load screen from most game mode menus.
Note: FIFA 13 features an Autosave feature. When ON, game information is automatically
saved to your PlayStation®3 system.
Before heading out onto the pitch, create a FIFA 13 profile to save all of your memorable
achievements and accomplishments to the PlayStation®3 system. Create an Origin Account
(EA) to enjoy the online features in FIFA 13.
FIFA 13 Profile
`` An active User Profile saves career achievements in various game modes to your
PlayStation®3 system. To create one at the start of the game, select a Difficulty Level, your
preferred Controller Setup, and your favorite team. Autosave is on by default.
Origin Account (EA)
`` To create an Origin Account (EA), enter a valid email address and password when prompted
at the title screen. The name and password are required to access online features in EA
games and game-specific content on www.easports.com.
EA SPORTS Football Club
Match Day
EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day introduces regular updates with real world data, stats, and
stories to bring your single player game experience to life!
Players’ form in game reflects their real life form and teams have to cope without injured,
suspended players, and those away on international duty. The league table positions, facts, and
figures drive the commentary that you hear. So when your club has that vital top of the table
clash or relegation battle, it is reflected in game.
Live Fixtures
The details of each team’s next four real opponents are stored in-game. Use this option to short
cut to an upcoming match and play out your anticipation for the big game.
Games of the Week
Each week, a small number of Live Fixtures become Games of the Week. Check out these
massive encounters in this dedicated section.
Turning EA SPORTS FC Match Day On/Off
By default, the live data is used for your game as long as you are connected to EA Servers. If
you wish to use your local customized database instead, then toggle EA SPORTS FC Match Day
feature by pressing the D button on the Select Teams screen.
EA SPORTS Football Club
EA SPORTS FC continues to evolve in FIFA 13 with the introduction of EA SPORTS FC Match
Day (see above) and the EA SPORTS FC Catalogue. Earn all-new Football Club Credits (FCC)
as you play the game, and redeem them in the Catalogue to unlock in-game items—such as
historic kits, gameplay celebrations, and FUT coin boosts. You’ll continue to earn XP to build
your Level, and your Level from FIFA 12 carries over to FIFA 13 so that your season starts as
strong as it finished.
Also, all-new Facebook integration allows you to push news events and custom messages
directly to Facebook.
All of the major features from FIFA 12 continue on: News, Leaderboards, Support Your Club,
and of course, Challenges, pulled from current events, continue to follow the heartbeat of the
real football world.
FIFA Ultimate Team
Join the millions of fans who have built their club in FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team is
a massive online community of football fans from around the globe, building their own dream
squads and competing in Tournaments, Seasons, and in our global Auction Market for players.
Getting started
When you first start FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) you are given a starter pack of players. This pack
contains everything you need to start playing in Tournaments and earning coins. You’ll receive
22 players from various leagues around the world, a manager, and some player contracts.
Building Chemistry
Having a team of star players is great, but having a team with excellent chemistry is what
you’re after. A squad with good team chemistry can play above their ratings, while great
players with poor chemistry won’t be at their best. To build chemistry, look at the links
between players on the pitch.
Building Chemistry Links
Players gain chemistry when playing in the correct formation, playing in a position that they
prefer, and linking to other players who come from the same country, league, or club.
Formation bonuses are added when a player is in a formation they like. For example, a striker
with a 4-4-2 preference gets the best bonus for playing in a 4-4-2, but if you put them in any
formation with two strikers, such as a 5-3-2, they’ll receive a partial bonus.
A position bonus is earned by playing a player in the correct position on the pitch. Playing a
center midfielder in a CM spot in a formation grants a full position bonus to a player. However,
putting a center midfielder into a CDM (center defensive midfielder) or CAM (center attacking
midfielder) spot yields a partial bonus. You even get a small bonus by playing them in LM (left
midfielder) and RM (right midfielder) spots.
Linking to other players is the way to get your team chemistry to maximum. Links between
players are made by connecting players with the same nationality, players who play in the
same league, and players who play at the same club. For example, if you put an Italian striker
from the Serie A next to a Spanish striker from the same club, you would get a strong link for
having two players who play in the same league and club side by side.
There are many ways to reach high team chemistry, so experiment with different combinations
of players and have fun creating unique squads.
TIP: When building your squad, include Bronze players with good chemistry early on. This
helps you earn more coins in the early completions and eventually get better players.
Managing your Squads
The Squad screen is where you manage your players, give players contracts, improve their
fitness and morale, and optimize your teams’ chemistry.
In FIFA Ultimate Team, your players need contracts to play a match. Each player has seven
contracts when they’re found in a pack. Every time you play a match the contracts remaining
for a player is reduced by one. A player loses one contract by coming on the pitch; if the player
is in your subs but does not play they keep their contract for the match.
A player contract can be Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Applying a contract to a player with the same
quality rating is always the best value. So, when a Bronze player runs out of contracts picking
up a Bronze pack or a Bronze contract on the trade market is your best bet. To apply a contract
item to a player bring up the Actions menu and select APPLY CONSUMABLE.
To get the most out of your players in matches, make sure your squad is match fit and ready to
play. Check your players for fitness and morale in the Squads screen by moving the right stick
and changing to the Status view.
Ideally, fitness for players should be as high as possible (maximum 99) to ensure they can
run for the full match. Fitness can be recovered two ways—resting the player for a match
or playing a fitness recovery item. Try to keep your players above 75 fitness to get a full 90
minutes from them. To apply fitness items to a player bring up the Actions menu and select
APPLY CONSUMABLE. Fitness items can be found in packs or on the Auction market.
Morale for a player starts out neutral and goes up or down based on their performance in
matches. A player with high morale gains benefits during gameplay, while a player with low
morale has a small decrease to their performance during the match.
Aim to keep your player morale at neutral or above when starting a match. A player’s morale
trends toward neutral naturally. If you find a player is not in good spirits, you can rest him in
matches or play a morale training item on that player. To apply a morale item to a player, bring
up the Actions menu and select APPLY CONSUMABLE. Morale items can be found in packs or
on the Auction market.
TIP: To swap players, highlight one player, press the S button, and then highlight another
player and press the S button again. To look at the players in your club, press the F button to
open the Player Actions menu, and then select the Swap with Club option.
The most popular mode in FIFA is back for FIFA 13! Play with any club you want in 10-game
online seasons, with the goal of reaching promotion and climbing up the divisions. Can you
reach Division 1? There are now all-new Division Titles, which exist in each division. Not only is
promotion a goal, but also the glory of being the best in your division and collecting silverware.
What better way to show off your success than your own Trophy Cabinet. The more success
you have, the better your cabinet can get.
Also new is the ability to save your team management changes for future Seasons games. In
addition, there are more matchmaking options, which give you added customization, so that
you can play the way you want against who you want.
Lastly, co-op play is back in FIFA Seasons! Grab a friend for some 2v2 action and work
together to glory.
Playing In Cups
Every few weeks the cup window opens. Based on your current division, you qualify for cups
and choose which to enter during the window. Each is a dynamic 16-team tournament. Can
you fill up your Trophy Cabinet?
Decide how you wish to begin your career—as a player or as a manager. Your success in each
mode determines your value in the eyes of the football world!
Choose Your Journey
Player Career
Take control of a created up-and-coming starlet or choose to be a current professional football
player as you embark on your journey in multiple league, cup, continental, and, potentially,
international competitions in the hopes of becoming a world-class star.
You can choose two different types of players in your Player Career:
Select any real player from any team. You start at whatever the player’s
Real Player
status is with the club and country (if applicable).
Create Your Pro Create your own professional player, starting as a young player for any
team. You can select any club, as there are many paths to take in your
journey to creating a world-class star. Select a low-tier club and work your
way up through leagues to play for the best clubs in the world, or choose
to start your journey with one of the best clubs. Be warned, if your player is
deemed not to have qualified to make the starting lineup, your club may put
him out on loan to build up his skills and experience. Once he has met the
requirements, he’ll become a regular starter.
Create a Pro
Create a player and grow over the seasons with over 500 accomplishments. Each player you
create has his own individual journey, enabling you to play multiple player careers in different
positions and play for different clubs.
Player Objectives
In your Player Career, keep track of manager-assigned objectives. These objectives, completed
in your league, include goal-scoring targets, chances created, winning tackles, and passing
Your player is also given short-term targets, which are pulled from the league objectives given
by his manager. These targets are based on the skill level of your player’s opposition and
whether the team is home or away.
Request Transfer or Loans
If you feel it’s time for a change or want more playing time to build up your player’s skills, you
can request your club for a transfer or go out on loan for a season. To do this, go to My Actions
and select any of the options. Be warned, your club ultimately decides what they want to do, so
you may not get what you wish for.
Manager Career
You are in control of the team’s finances and must manage the budget, including transfers,
negotiations, and player contracts. Play as a manager and reach ultimate glory at the domestic
and international level. Rise to prominence and keep the board pleased by winning prestigious
cups, winning your league, and managing a national team to win major tournaments.
Management Tips!
`` Be sure to review your line-up before playing a game! Every player can make a difference to
the outcome.
`` Use all the search options to find the right player to complete your squad, and listen to
feedback that your negotiator provides for a successful signing.
`` Take notice of your assistant coach’s player assessment. His analysis of every player’s
talent lets you know which young players deserve more time on the pitch.
The decisions you make in Career Mode can have a direct effect on the morale of your players,
leading to a change in their performance on the pitch. Form and energy also play a big part in
your team’s performance, so view the Squad Report and Squad Ranking screen to stay up to
date on everyone’s key indicators. Players can go beyond good or bad form into extreme good
or bad form if key statistical indicators such as goals, assists, or clean sheets per game also
support their match ratings. The captain you choose affects on the organization of your team on
the pitch, so ensure you select a wise head to lead your team once they cross the white line.
European Competition in the First Season
Start the Champions Cup and Euro League right away in the first season. To enable this,
select the option in the Career Mode introduction flow and decide what clubs you want to have
participating in either competition.
Player Action Popup
In your Player Career, use the Action Popup to submit transfer/loan requests or decide to retire.
In your Manager Career, use the Action Popup to view more information about a player, or
quickly submit enquiries or transfer bids. Use this as your hub to take actions on players you
hear about or transfer targets that you have.
Request Funds
If you need more money to make a big signing to improve your squad, submit a proposal to the
board. Be careful, as you may need to promise a better season end result to have the board
accept the request.
Transfer Shortlist
Shortlist any transfer targets that you have and compare their attributes in the Transfer
Shortlist screen.
Youth Academy
Take Control
Build up your club’s youth system so you can grow from within and find the best young talent
to set you up for the future. Having a healthy youth squad is integral to building a strong team.
Send scouting agents to locales all over the world to discover and hire new players.
Talk To Press
Whether you’re a player or a manager, you may be eligible to participate in international
competition with your national team. As a player, you have to put in strong performances
with your club to get noticed by your national team’s manager. As a manager, offers to coach
national teams are based on how well you are performing at the club level.
A good manager takes care of his team on every level. Before games, you have a chance to
speak to the press. Use this time to make statements about individuals, teams, or the opposing
team or manager and affect their performance in the next game.
Transfer Deadline Day
Expect to see major transfers and a lot of excitement as star players shift teams as the clock
counts down each hour. Use this day to make last minute transfer improvements to your squad.
Skill Games
Skill games are all about learning football skills of from beginner to expert level. There are eight
skills to master, each with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Skill Challenge levels. Can you become
legendary in all the skills? Compare your high scores with those of your friends and the world
to see who is the best.
Your default player in Skill Games is your Arena player (in the main menu). Before each match,
you can choose him or another player from that team’s starting 11. If you want to try a different
team, choose SELECT TEAM/PLAYER from the Skill Games menu and pick a different player on
a new team.
Pro Clubs Seasons
The popular Seasons format is now in Pro Clubs! Try to earn enough points each season with
your teammates to be promoted into higher divisions, win titles, and play for cups.
Create your Online Pro and grow your skills online by playing with other FIFA 13 gamers. Your
Online Pro’s progression is specific to Pro Clubs Seasons; there are over 300 accomplishments
to earn in club matches and drop-in games. Create or join clubs and participate in organized
games in monthly seasons. Play on a club with Friends to have fun, or be competitive and take
on the world. Personal and club glory is on the line. Can you become one of the best virtual
football players in the world? Can you and your teammates compete against the top clubs each
month? Pro Clubs Seasons is the ultimate stage to show off your skills on the pitch as a player.
Online Friendlies
Love playing your Friends online, but want a way to track your rivalries? Online Friendlies
allows you to play your Friends in five game seasons to prove who is the best. In the hub, see
all your Friends and their status, invite who you want to play, and try to get a win for three
points. Earn the most points in five games to hoist the trophy, and then start all over again the
next season to try to defend your title.
Note: In order to play online, you must read and accept the EA SPORTS Privacy Policy and
Terms of Service. You are asked to read and accept these documents when playing for the first
time. You may choose not to accept, but this will bar use of FIFA 13’s online features.
Note: An Online Pass is required to access all online features. When playing for the first
time, you are asked to input the Online Pass found on the back of the manual. If you don’t have
an access code, or it has already been redeemed, you can purchase the Online Pass or begin
a free limited trial. Online Pass is the EA SPORTS Premium Online experience, included with all
new copies of any EA SPORTS game.
Become the conductor with the PlayStation®Move motion controller and use this unique control
method to take control of teammates and trace run paths for them.
Now you can start down the pitch with the ball, and while still keeping possession, move the
motion controller to select a nearby teammate and have them make a run to open space.
On defense, you can mark a man and specify which opposing player you want the nearest
teammate to cover.
Set players to run to open areas before taking a corner kick or other set piece.
PlayStation®Move Match
PlayStation®Move Match is where you play with the motion controller. Play single player,
against your friends, or co-op where one player creates running paths for teammates and the
other feeds those players. You can play with up to two motion controllers and two wireless
controllers at once.
Note: The motion controller acts as a standard controller in all areas but within
PlayStation®Move Match.
Ensure your PlayStation®Eye is connected. This is required to utilize the motion controller’s
function. If a PlayStation®Eye is not plugged in, the motion controller has limited capabilities.
When a motion controller is turned on, it is registered by the game and has standard controller
functionality. When you enter PlayStation®Move Match, you are prompted to calibrate
the motion controller. Calibration can also occur in game at the pause menu. Follow the
instructions onscreen to properly calibrate your motion controller.
Side Select
FIFA 13 supports a maximum of two motion controllers in the Side Select screen. When you
enter the screen there are controller slots displayed in the center of the screen. Detected
motion controllers are in the bottom two slots. When motion controllers are connected the
controller icons in applicable ports switch to motion controller icons. At this point, press the
Move button to calibrate a connected motion controller. An icon with a lighted ball matching
the color of your motion controller then switches out with the standard motion controller icon.
When holding the T button, gestures can be used to move your icon to one side of the screen
or the other. When you return to Side Select from the calibration screen, you are informed of
this. You can also manually switch ports.
Help Screen
You can view the PlayStation Move button commands in the pre-match settings screens
under Button Help. You can also view them in the pause menu within Settings > Motion
Controller Help. Here you can view Button Help, Skill Moves, and Celebrations.
Pause Menu
Press the START button on a motion controller during gameplay to pause the game. Once
paused, you can navigate the pause menu with gestures combined with pressing the T button.
However, you cannot use your motion controller in Instant Replay.
Player Movement Indicator
When using a motion controller, an indicator is shown on-pitch. A line with a shadow below it
connects the indicator with the player that is being controlled. The indicator and line match the
color of your motion controller.
The color gradient on the connecting line is more transparent when your player is jogging. It
becomes solid as you pull the indicator away from the player and the player begins sprinting.
Pass/Through ball
Play runs
Chip shot
Add spin to shot
Skill moves
Basic Navigation
Move the indicator in any direction
Move the indicator farther away from a
player. The farther away from the player, the
faster he will run.
Point the motion controller where you want
to pass or send a through ball and press the
Move button
T button and draw a line with the motion
controller to send the closest player to the
start of the run
Point the motion controller to location and
press S
Point the motion controller at the net and
press A
Move the motion controller up while shooting
Twist the motion controller while shooting
F (hold while performing gesture)
D (hold) to bring up tactics overly and
gesture in the direction of the desired tactic
Conservative tackle/Contain
Mark a man
Move button (hold to contain)
T button and point the motion controller at
an opponent
Switch player
Slide tackle
Signature running move
One arm raised
Thumb stick
Ear twist
Finger points
Arms out
Wrist flick
A (hold)
F (hold)
D (hold)
A (tap), A (hold)
F (tap), F (hold)
D (tap), D (hold)
Skill Move
While you are attacking and your player has the ball, hold F while completing a gesture to do
a skill move. All of the following gestures are performed with the motion controller.
Body Feint
Left, center
body feint left
Right, center
body feint right
Quarter circle left
step-over left
Quarter circle right
step-over right
Reverse Step-over
Quarter circle up, starting
on the left
reverse step-over left
Quarter circle up, starting on
the right
reverse step-over right
Ball Roll
Left (hold)
ball roll left
Right (hold)
ball roll right
Heel Flick
Up, down (flick)
Twist motion controller left
to right
Twist motion controller right
to left
Half circle starting right and
going left
fake right and go left
Half circle starting left and
going right
fake left and go right
Other GAME
The crowning glory of reaching the top of a tournament reigns in the anticipation and
excitement of both players and football fans alike. FIFA 13 gives players over 50 tournaments
to choose from. Select the country and the specific tournament you’d like to compete in, and
then decide which team(s) you’d like to control in the fight for supremacy.
Create Tournament
Create your very own tournament! Choose from LEAGUE, KNOCKOUT, or GROUP & KNOCKOUT,
and then set the number of teams and whether or not you’d like to choose each competing
team yourself or have them filled in automatically. Once you’re happy with all of the settings,
save your tournament and then see if you can come out a winner.
Note: For even more control over your tournament settings, toggle Advanced Settings ON.
You are then taken to the Advanced Settings screen after accepting the basic setup. Here, fine
tune tournament rules and set parameters for the Auto Fill function.
Customize FIFA
Team Management
Custom Tactics
Select CUSTOM TACTICS on the Team Management screen of any club to customize defensive
and attacking play. Check out their default tactics, and then press the S button to view other
preset tactics (Counter Attack, High Pressure, Possession, and Long Ball) as well as your own
customized tactics (see below). To choose one of these as your default tactic, select it and
press the S button.
To create a new tactic, select one as a template and use the sliders to tweak its individual
components. Then press the A button or the F button to choose a slot to save your new tactic
to and press the S button to confirm.
Quick Tactics
To use your tactics on-the-fly in games you must assign them to the directional buttons. To do
this, select QUICK TACTICS on the Team Management screen, choose a directional button, and
press the S button. Then select your new tactic and press S again to assign it to your chosen
Note: You can share your customized tactics with friends—or the entire FIFA community—
by entering the PLAYER HUB through MY FIFA ONLINE, selecting SHARED TACTICS, and
following the on-screen instructions.
Note: If your default controller configuration uses the directional buttons for player
movement, the left stick must be used to select Quick Tactics.
Get out the tactics board and start fine-tuning team formations and player roles by selecting
FORMATIONS in the Team Management screen of any team.
First, choose a formation and press the F button to edit it. Then, select a player from the
selected formation and press the S button. Finally, decide which aspect of his game you want
to alter (Base Position, Work Rate, or Positioning) and follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: Press the directional buttons to change your team’s mentality on-the-fly. Press the Z
button to make your players more defensive or the X button to encourage them to attack.
My Music & Chants
Personalize your FIFA 13 sounds by importing your own audio or customizing the EA SPORTS
Trax. To upload personal audio tracks, from the main menu select CUSTOMISE FIFA > MY
MUSIC & CHANTS > CUSTOM MUSIC & CHANTS to determine which game mode’s audio you
want to adjust. Select a game event and then choose the corresponding playlist.
Creation Centre
Create, share, and bookmark players, teams, leagues, and tournaments for download on your
console at www.easportsfootball.com/cc and then visit the Creation Centre Gallery to view and
download the bookmarked content. Downloaded teams can be used in tournaments, exhibition
matches, and unranked head to head online. Downloaded players can be assigned to any club.
Replay Theatre
Both online and offline saved replays and highlights are stored here. Press the D button to
upload favorites to www.easportsfootball.com.
Video Upload
Share your moments of glory—or shame—with the rest of the world by uploading your videos
to EA SPORTS Football World.
To capture footage of your skills, pause the game and select INSTANT REPLAY. To set a
keyframe, press the C button, and press the Z button/X button to move it to your desired
position (to delete a keyframe, press the V button). Once you’re happy, press the D button to
upload your video and share it with the Football World community.
Ensure you capture all the action with keyframes. These are individual sections within
your video that you can treat differently to the rest of your footage. For instance, you can
use a different camera, viewing angle, and speed so that, when you get to a key moment,
you can zoom in on the action and capture your moment of glory in slow motion.
FIFA 13 Store
Purchase downloadable content in the FIFA 13 Store, and use your pre-order codes to unlock
special items. Augment your Creation Centre experience with additional editing options, more
download slots and the ability to bring Creation Centre Leagues into Career. EA SPORTS Season
Ticket is also available, providing early access to EA SPORTS titles, as well as free content in
the store and reduced prices in FIFA Ultimate Team.
Download PDF