Operating instructions | Elinchrom FX 100 Camera Accessories User Manual

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Operating Manual
Elinca S.A Style FX 01.01.2007 DE (73276) Printed in Switzerland
Style FX 100/400
Table of contents
Declaration of conformity, disposal and recycling, CE marking
Safety notice and precaution
Operating instructions
Control Panel
Switch and Fuse
Modelling Light
Digital power display, Photo-cell
Synchronisation, Wireless Remote control and flash triggering
Acoustic signal
DVD, «The beginner’s guide to light»
7, 11
Technical Data
Elinchrom Accessories
PS: Technical data subject to change.
The listed values are guide values which may vary due to tolerances in components used.
The Elinchrom Style FX is manufactured by Elinca S.A. CH -1020 Renens/Switzerland
Dear Photographer,
Thank you for buying your Style FX compact flash unit.
All Elinchrom products are manufactured using the most advanced technology. Carefully selected
components are used to ensure the highest quality and the equipment is submitted to many controls
both during and after manufacture. We trust that it will give you many years of reliable service.
All Style FX flash units are manufactured for the studio and location use of professional
photographers. Only by observance of the information given, can you secure your warranty, prevent
possible damage and increase the life of this equipment.
Style 100FX - 400FX
The quality of light and exceptional performance is the result of long research, application of
demanding principles, the long experience of ELINCHROM in lighting products for the studio
and the utilization of the latest technology in this area.
Totally integrated to the range of the ELINCHROM flashes, the Style 100FX - 400FX units
maintain the traditional look and function that is ELINCHROM.
The control provides continuously variable adjustment of the modelling lamp and the flash
power with precision over 5 f-stop, from full power 1/1 to 1/16 th.
FCC Class B Compliance Statement
This equipement has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to Part
15 of the FCC Rules and meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipement Regulations.
These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential
installation. This equipement generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and
used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipement
does not cause harmful interferences to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the
equipement off and on, the user is encouraged to correct the interferences by one or more of the following
- Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
- Increase the separation between the equipement and receiver.
- Connect the equipement into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
ELINCA S.A. is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorised modifications of
this equipement or the substitution or attachment of connecting cables and equipement other than those specified
by ELINCA S.A. The correction of interference caused by such unauthorised modification, substitution or
attachment will be the responsibility of the user.
Declaration of conformity
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two
1. This device may not cause harmful interference.
2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
Product name:
Professional Studio Flash unit
Trade name:
Model number(s):
Style FX 100/400
Name of responsible party:
Elinca S.A
Av. De Longemalle 11
1020 Renens / Switzerland
Phone :
+41 21 637 2677
+41 21 637 2681
We, ELINCA S.A., hereby declare that the equipement bearing the trade name and model number
specified above was tested conforming to the applicable FCC rules, and that all the necessary steps
have been taken and are in force to assure that the production units of the same equipement will
continue to comply with the Comissions requirements.
Disposal and recycling
This device has been manufactured to the highest possible degree from materials which can be recycled or disposed of in a manner that is not enviromentally
damaging. The device may be taken back after use to be recycled, provided that is returnedinaconditionthatistheresultofnormaluse.Anycomponentsnotreclaimed will be disposed of in a environmentally acceptable manner.
If you have any question on disposal, please contact your local office or your local ELINCHROM
agent (check our website for a list of all ELINCHROM agents world wide).
CE marking
The shipped version of this device complies with the requirements of ECC directives 89/336/ECC «Electromagnetic compatibility» and 73/23/ECC «Low voltage directive».
Notational Conventions
The meaning of the symbols and fonts used in this manual are as follows:
Pay particular attention to text marked with this symbol.
Failure to observe this warning endangers your life, destroys the device, or may damage other equipement
Supplementary information, remarks, and tips follow this symbol.
Text which follows this symbol describes activities that must be performed in the order shown.
«Quotation marks» indicate names of chapters or terms
Safety notice
According to safety regulations, we draw your attention to the fact that these
electronic flash units are not designed for use outdoors, in damp or dusty conditions and should
not be used after being exposed to sudden temperature changes causing condensation. They must
always be connected to an earthed (grounded) mains supply.
On no account should any object be inserted into the ventilation holes.
The units may retain an internal charge for a considerable time even though disconnected from the
power supply.
• Do not use in restricted areas (like hospitals, etc.).
• Do not use in explosive environnements.
Flash Tubes and Modelling lamps
• Flash tubes and modelling lamps in use are very hot!
• Never touch a flash tube or lamp before the unit cooled down and is disconnected from
the mains (min 30mn).
• Do not fire flashes from short distance (less than 1m) directed to a person and avoid looking directly into the flashlight!
• Keep (min 1m) distance to flammable materials.
• Keep generally distance to operating units.
• Transport the flash unit with care and only in its original packaging or another corresponding
packaging fit to protect it against knocks and jolts.
• Transport only in complete discharged conditions. Wait a minimum 30 minutes after removing
from mains supply before packaging and transportation.
• Never drop the flash unit (danger of glass breakage)
Power cable
To guarantee safe operation, use the cable supplied.
• The cable has to be HAR-certified or VDE-certified. the mark HAR or VDE will appear on the outer sheat.
• The cable set must be selected according to the rated current for your flash unit.
• Do not use a spider box to connect one or more flash units.
Flash systems store electrical energy in capacitors by applying high voltage.
For your safety, never open or disassemble your flashes.
Only an authorised service engineer should open or attempt to repair the units.
Internal defect charge capacitors may explode whilst the unit is in use, neve
switch on a proper working flash unit.
Before you start !
The Style FX are adapted for operation on 190-260V/50-60Hz.
Before connecting for the first time, check to make sure that your modelling lamp coincides
with the voltage line.
They must always be connected to an earthed ( grounded) mains supply.
All Style FX units have a bayonet mount and locking ring reflector fitting, for fixing all Elinchrom and
Prolinca accessories.
Mount the unit securely to a suitable stand or support.
Remove the black protective cover (note: first turn the locking ring A as shown, then rotate the
black cap cover B in the same direction). Fitting a reflector or accessory is the reverse of this action.
DO NOT operate the unit without first removing the black protective cover.
Operating instructions
1.Check that the modelling lamp voltage is correct.
2.Check that the mains switch (3) is in the OFF ("O" position).
3.Insert mains cable to the MAINS INLET (1) and connect to a FULLY EARTHED OUTLET
4.Connect the synchro cord to the socket (6).
5.Using the mains SWITCH (3) and switch the unit ON ("I" position).
6.Select the power with the touch pad (11 - 12)
A/ locking ring
B/ protective
C/ tilthead with locking
umbrella holder
Control Panel
13 14 15 18
Overview of controls
1.Mains inlet socket
2.Mains fuse (slow blow)
3.Mains Illuminated on/off switch
4.Modelling fuse (fast blow)
6.Synchro-sockets, Amphenol + jack 3.5 mm 7.Digital power display and
charge/discharge indicator
8. Acoustic recharging signal (Beep)
9. Slave cell switch on/off
10. Photocell receptor
11. Power adjustment in 1/10 f-stops, with
12. + Power adjustment in 1/10 f-stops
13. Modelling lamp switch
(on/off free or prop)
14.+ Modelling power control
15. - Modelling power control
16. Tilt head clamp
17. Knurled clamp screw
18. Handle
19. Stand 5/8-inch socket
20. Umbrella tube (only for EL
umbrellas, diameter 7 mm)
21.Supplementary locking for others
Mains Supply
With the MAINS SWITCH (3) switched off ("O" position), firmly push in the plug
of the original ELINCHROM mains cord into the mains socket (1).
Mains Switch
The switch should light up when the compact is switched on ("I" position).
(Switch off before removing the mains cord).
If the on/off switch (3) is ON ("I" position) but not illuminated,
switch off the unit and check the mains fuse (2).
If failed replace with the correct fuse and switch ON the unit.
This unit is protected by a thermal circuit breaker to avoid overheating.
Should this occur, the unit turns off automatically and cannot be fired.
After a break for cooling, the flash will be ready again for operation.
See page 11: Troubleshooting
This equipment is not user serviceable and contains high voltages which are dangerous.
In the event of failure, please return the unit to an authorized Elinchrom service station.
Mains Fuse
Standard type 5 x 20 mm, (use only tempered fuse)
8 AT (code 19022) for Style 100FX and Style 400FX
Note: Before exchanging a blown fuse, switch off the unit and remove mains cable. Depress and
turn the fuse holder anti-clockwise 1/8th, turn and remove it. If the new fuse blows immediately
upon reconnection, return the unit to an ELINCHROM service centre for a check-up.
(Please don't forget to check the correct rating of the fuse !).
Fuse for modelling light
Fast type 5 x 20mm, 4 AF
Switch off the unit and replace the blown fuse with a new one of the correct rating.
The fastblow fuse will protect the triac of the modelling lamp circuit, the lamp and therefore
the flash tube.
Mains socket
Mains fuse
(Only tempered)
Modelling fuse
Mains switch
Modelling Light
The touch pad (14) controls the modelling lamp on/off and the proportional light.
Select the power with the touch pad (15). The modelling light output (100%) is achieved when
the power value is set to maximum.
Proportional modelling lamp, is set when the position "PROP" is selected (led is illuminated), the
light output is proportional to the selected flash power.
For all types of Style FX compact flash units, use maximum 200 - 250W modelling lamps
Modelling lamps and fuse (230V Version)
Modelling lamp
Style 100FX
100W krypton
Style 400FX
100W krypton
150W halostar
200W halogen
GX 6,35
Note: lamp socket adapter E27 to GX 6.35, code 23101
This adaptator allows the use of the halogen lamp 200W, GX 6.35 (code 23034) in the Style 100 FX and
400 FX units.
230V Modelling lamp options:
If the modelling lamp does not illuminate, this may be due to the following:
1. The filament is broken after long use *(replace lamp and fuse)
2. The filament is broken after shock *(replace lamp and fuse)
3. An internal component failure, *(return the unit to customer service)
* Action required:
Digital power display
The actual flash power is shown in a f-stop compatible format.
The power range is 5 f-stops. The digital display, provides continuous power indication of the flash
and modelling lamp. The controls cover a continuous output range from full power 1/1 to 1/16th in
1/10th, f-stop intervals.
During charging or discharging, the display "flashes".
The "Style 100 FX and 400 FX" units have an integrated discharge system, protected by a thermic switch.
To avoid overheating, lower power settings of more than 2f-stop, can be discharged manually by releasing the
flash with the «Test» touch button.
The photocell is actived when the green LED (on the touch pad 9) is illuminated.
When switched ON, the unit can be remotely triggered by another flash unit !
The Style FX photocell is specially designed to work under ambiant light conditions in your studio.
Direct light or other strong light sources may reduce the sensitivity of the cell.
In difficult situations e.g. blinding, sunlight or obstacles, the additional cell with 5 m cord
(extensions available) solves most problems.
Power display
9 Cell
10 Photocell
light controls
5 Test and ready
Cordless flash control
EL-Skyport triggers flashes without sync cords over a distance of
approximately 100 m. Further detailed information please find under
www.elinchrom.com / Products / RX Multi Remote
EL-Skyport Universal Set
Universal receiver
Sychronisation socket
The standard socket 3.5 mm mini-jack (6).
N.B. Do not link ELINCHROM units by cable to other manufacturers sync outlets.
ELINCHROM uses the low voltage (5V) for security reasons.
Test and Ready
Open flash "Test"
Having pressed the touch pad to release a flash, the green «READY» light will
appear again once the unit is recharged. If the green light does not appear the
charge system could be defective.
Please contact and send to an authorized Elinchrom service.
Audible recharge signal
Select the function with the touch pad (8), the green indicator appears.
Once recycled an acoustic signal indicates that the compact unit is ready.
1. The mains switch (3) is ON ("I" position), but does not light up:
• Switch OFF the unit and change the mains fuse (2)
• Use only time-lag fuse (16 AT), corresponding to the Style FX model
2. The switch (3) is lit, the open flash ready is lighting up but does not function.
• The flashtube in the flashhead may be faulty
• You cannot change the flashtube by yourself! => please return the unit to an authorised
Elinchrom service.
3. The ON/OFF switch (3) is lit but the open flash signal (6) is not lit
• Temporary break for overheating, caused by fast flash sequences or ventilation
slots obturated
• Fan cooling defective => the unit turns off automatically and cannot be fired any
more. After a break for cooling, the flash is ready again for operation.
• If after several minutes of break for cooling the ready signal (6) is not lit, the cause
could be a component failure. However, high voltage may remain on the capacitor
circuits. => DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE UNIT. In this case please send the unit
to an authorised Elincrom station.
Training with Elinchrom lighting
The Beginner’s Guide To Light /
Only in English available.
Your DVD Guide to better pictures, show
how easy studio photography can be.
Learn about flash units and why studio
flash is just the better light source for
portrait and universal photography.
Setting up and controlling flash lights and
how to use umbrellas, softboxes, snoots
and grids. Have a look and enjoy the
passion of photography. Presented by
Chris Burfoot.
Mains switch
Controls for: modelling on/off, cell on/off, acoustic signal on/off.
Flash and modelling power control.
«X» synchro jack socket 3,5 mm.
Socket for Plug-In remote control.
Mains inlet socket and two fuses (Mains and modelling).
Locking bayonet ring for accessory and reflector fitting
Tilthead whit 5/8" - inch stand socket
Thermal safety
Halogen modelling lamp 100W, with E27 fitting, or optional alternative
*200W/GX6.35 with adaptator code 23101.
• Silent fan cooling
• Auto dumping function. Automatic discharge of flash power
• Central umbrella tube plus external fitting
• Acoustic recharging signal
• Mains cable
• Synchro cord of 5m (jack 3.5mm plug)
• Protective cover
• Total compatibility with all Elinchrom accessories
• Very fast recycling time
• Very short flash duration
Technical data
Flash power
Power supply
Recycling time (230 V)
Flash duration (t 0,5) 1/1
Modelling output
Voltage across sync cable
Connected load A/VA
Radio interference suppressiv CE-IEC 491
Dimension length x diam.
F-stop, 1m, 100 ISO, with reflector 48°
Control range
(t 0,5) 1/16
Tolerances and specifications conforming to IEC and CE standards. Technical data subject to change
without notice.
Entry level Compacts
D-Lite 2 20481
D-Lite 4 20482
EL-Skyport Universal trigger Set 19360
Pro Compacts
BX 250 Ri 20460.1
BX 500 Ri 20461.1
230 V: 20626
110 V: 20726
Style RX 600
230 V: 20627
110 V: 20727
Style RX 1200
RX Pro Compacts
Style RX 300
EL-Skyport Transceiver
Adapter 19374
H.D. Pro Flash Heads
EL-Skyport RX Trigger Set 19362
230 V: 20625
110 V: 20725
Pro Flash Head
EL-Skyport Computer Remote / Trigger Set 19361
Entry Level Flash Heads
Ranger RX
Battery Power Packs
Ringflash 1500
Ranger RX Speed AS
Ranger A Head
Ranger RX Speed
Ranger S Head
Adapter cable
Ranger Snappy
230V : 20168
110V : 20167
A 3000 N Speed
230V : 20180
110V : 20181
Twin X4
230V: 10258
110V: 10257
Digital RX 2400
230 V: 10256
110 V: 10255
Digital RX 1200
Digital 3000 AS
230 V 10254
110 V 10253
Effect Lights
Digital RE
Classic 3000
230 V 10226
110 V 10225
EL-Skyport Universal trigger Set 19360
Fresnel Spot SPP 6000
Fibre Optic Kit
Kit with two glass cables 26430
Kit with one glass cables 26431
Pro Umbrella Silver/Gold
105 cm 26378
Pro Umbrella Blue
105 cm 26380
Polystand 31045
Pro Umbrella Bronze
105 cm 26379
Pro Umbrella Gold
105 cm 26377
Zoom Spot Accessory Set 26484
Zoom Spot 18°-36° 26481
230V & 110V : 20494
Pro Umbrella White
105 cm 26375
Mini Spot Lite with filter holder,
lens & Gobos set 26420
230V : 20170
110V : 20169
Ringflash 3000
EL-Skyport Computer Remote / Trigger Set 19361
Digital 1500 AS
230 V 10248
110 V 10247
Power Packs
EL-Skyport RX Trigger Set 19362
Snoot with Snoot
grid 15° 26061
Snoot Grid set 3
Pro Umbrella White
85 cm 26372
Pro Umbrella Silver
105 cm 26361
EL Multi-Table Complete 19228
Additional tray 19226
Pro Umbrella Translucent Pro Umbrella Translucent
85 cm 26371
105 cm 26374
Elinchrom Softbag
For 2 compacts,
excepted Style RX 1200 33197
Budget Umbrella Translucent
83 cm 26351
Budget Umbrella Silver
83 cm 26350
Softlite White*
44 cm 80° 26168
230V : 20182
110V : 20183
X 6000 N
Power Flash Heads
Digital S
230V : 20150
110V : 20149
Softlite Silver*
Elinchrom Case
For 3 compacts 33209
For Digital RX & Ranger RX 33215
Rotalux Deep Octa
100 cm 26185
Diffuser Tissu
For 70 cm Softlite: 26235
For 44 cm Softlite: 26232
70 cm 64° 26167
44 cm 55° 26166
Each Softlite reflectors incudes a deflector set
Softlite Silver*
Digital SE
Softlite White*
70 cm 82° 26169
230V : 20174
110V : 20175
Stand Set A 30161
3 stands, 85-235 cm
& Carrying bag
Rotalux Octa
135 cm 26184
Set Gold-Silver 11.2 cm 26303
Set Gold-Silver 16.5 cm 26304
Translucent 14 cm 26305
Maxi Lite Reflector
40 cm 43° 26147
Digital SEE
Rotalux Strip
50 x 130 cm 26181
Stand Set A 30160
2 stands, 85-235 cm
& Carrying bag
Rotalux Octa
100 cm 26183
Bayonet Reflector Support Set
Maxi Spot Reflector
40 cm 29° 26149
230V : 20172
110V : 20173
Reflector 16 cm 90°
Varistar Set 105 26385
Varistar Set 85 26386
Rotalux Strip
35 x 90 cm 26180
Stand / Umbrella Set To Go 20564
2 stands, 85-235 cm
2 Umbrellas (silver + translucent)
& Carrying bag
Rotalux Recta
90 x 110 cm 26176
Varistar Reflector
24 cm 90° 26164
Mini A Speed
Background Reflector
Rotalux Recta
70 x 90 cm 26175
Colour Gels 21 cm
230V : 20104
110V : 20103
High Perfomance
Reflector 26 cm 48° 26137
EL Strip 33 x 175 cm
Rotalux Square
100 x 100 cm 26179
Polarizing Filter 26
cm 26248
Barndoor set 26
cm 26040
EL Recta 72 x 175
cm 26154
Rotalux Square
70 x 70 cm 26178
Compact Reflector
21 cm 65° 26140
Mini S
Standard Reflector
21cm 50° 26141
EL Quadra 145 x 145
cm 26156
Colour Gels 21 cm
Barndoor set 21
cm 26037
Grid 21 cm
30° 26052
20° 26053
12° 26054
8° 26055
230V : 20106
110V : 20105
Grid Reflector
18 cm 60° 26144
Grid 18 cm
30° 26100
20° 26101
12° 26102
Polarizing Filter 21
cm 26244
EL Octa 190 cm
S i ngle units do n o t i n c l u d e R e f l e c t o r s - Product range and specifications subject to change . N o g u a r a n t e e f o r m i s p r i n t s .
This ELINCHROM product will be repaired free of charge by the vending agent if during a period
of 24 months from date of purchase its working order is impaired through a manufacturing or
material defect. The faulty product should be immediately sent to the authorized dealer or ELINCA
agent. This guarantee is not valid for equipment which has been misused, dismantled, modified
or repaired by persons not belonging to the ELINCA distribution network. It does not cover flash
tubes, lamps and the normal ageing of capacitors. No responsibilities can be accepted for damage
resulting from unsatisfactoıy operation of the equipment, such as wasted film or other expenses.
Please „register“ your Elinchrom product online, under
www.elinchrom.com > Downloads > Product Registration
In case you cannot register your Elinchrom unit via internet, please fill in the
Guarantee card and post it to Elinca.
Please return this registratioin card directly to
Diese Registrierkarte bitte direkt zurücksenden an
Veuillez retourner cette carte d’enregistrement directement à
Vi preghiamo di far pervenire questa cartolina di iscrizione direttamente a
Por favor envie esta carta de registro directamente
Elinchrom model
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Elinchrom modell
Modello di Elinchrom
Modelo de Elinchrom
Date of purchase
Datum des Kaufs
La date d’achat
La data di acquisto
La fecha de la compra
Your full name and address
Ihr voller Name und redet an
Votre nom complet et adresse
Il suo nome pieno ed indirizza
Su nombre y apellidos y dirige
elinca sa
P.O. Box 458
Avenue de Longemalle 11
CH-1020 Renens
Il distributore
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