Specifications | Ematic 2 Graphics Tablet User Manual

Parents’ Guide
Section 1: Tablet Overview
Tablet Overview
Kid Mode Overview
Parent Mode Overview
Touch Screen Basics
Lock Screen
Customizing your Lock Screen
Icon Glossary
Section 2: Initial Setup
Connecting to Wi-Fi
User Setup
Editing Available Apps
Turning on Child Lock
Parent Dashboard
Section 3: Common Functions
Downloading and Installing Apps
Uninstalling Apps
Removing Apps from Home Screen
Connecting to a Computer
Adding Music and Movies
Connecting to your TV
Kid Safe Browser Overview
Adding Safe Sites
Deleting Sites
Recording a Storybook
Included Apps
Tips and Tricks/FAQs
Customer Support
Limitations of Liability
Tablet Overview
Hold for Power
Press to Sleep
Audio Jack
card slot
Micro USB
Kid Mode Overview
Change User
Exit Kid Mode
Tap the blue arrow
for more games
Tap to Switch Tab
Tap to reveal the navigation bar.
Decrease Volume
(Does not function
in Kid Mode)
Parent Mode Overview
Swipe down to reveal
your notifications
Increase Volume
Wi-Fi Signal
Swipe down to reveal
your settings
Swipe left or right to switch between home screens.
Decrease Volume
Recent Apps
Home Back
Increase Volume
Touch Screen Basics
Tap the screen once to activate or open something.
Touch and hold to move an item by dragging.
*In many apps touch and hold can offer more options.
Zooming: Double tap quickly to zoom into a web page, picture,
or map. Some apps allow you to zoom in and out by touching
the screen with two fingers, and pinching them together.
TIP: You can flick the screen with your finger to quickly scroll
through a long list, such as a library of music.
Tap a specific location on the screen where you would like to
enter text. The on-screen keyboard will pop up, allowing you to
type out your desired text.
Hide Keyboard
Tap ?123 for
numbers and more
Then tap ~\{ for
more symbols.
Touch and hold a
letter for special
The G-Sensor allows the tablet to detect screen rotation. You
can view the home screen in either a landscape or portrait format as you use the apps. Kid mode only functions in landscape
Lock Screen
Slide the padlock icon circle to the unlocked padlock to unlock
the screen.
Customizing Your Lock Screen
You can customize your lock screen by adding widgets. Swipe
to the right on the current clock widget and tap the +. Choose a
widget from your library of widgets. You can add up to 4
additional widgets.
Icon Glossary
You can fill the home screen with any combinations of shortcuts,
widgets, and folders you like.
When you power up your tablet for the first time, you’ll see the
main home screen panel. This panel is typically centered; you
can access additional panels on either side of the main one by
swiping your finger left or right.
Battery Level: The blue battery level indicator will
decrease and change to red as the battery is drained.
Wi-Fi Signal: As the Wi-Fi signal strength decreases,
the blue bands will change to grey.
Menu: Tap to reveal settings and options.
All Apps: Tap to view all apps.
Back: Go back to the previous screen.
Home: Go back to the home screen.
Recent Apps: Open a list of recent apps. Tap an app to
open or swipe left/right to remove the thumbnail.
Screenshot: Take a snapshot of the current screen.
Increase Volume
Decrease Volume
Initial Setup
Fully charge your FunTab 2 for 6 hours before the first use.
Use the included USB Wall
The battery indicator will
show that your device is
Note: Charging by the USB port on your computer will be slow.
We recommend using the included wall charger.
If you accidently exit Kid Mode
during setup, tap the Kid Mode
icon on the desktop to resume
initial setup.
Getting Started
Once your tablet loads you will see a start-up sequence that
will Walk you through connecting to the internet and setting up
your Zoodles account.
Connecting to Wi-Fi®
First slide down to reveal your
settings. Then tap Wi-Fi.
Tap to select your network.
Slide OFF to the right to turn
on Wi-Fi.
Enter your password.
When connected tap back.
(Located at the bottom of the screen)
User Setup
Tap “Get Started!”
Enter the e-mail and password you would like to use
and tap save.
Add your child. You can add
another child now, or later at
any time by using the parent
dashboard app.
Editing Available Apps
All apps will be available the first time you turn on the tablet.
To modify apps, tap Edit, or
you can tap Save to skip and
move on to the next step.
Uncheck the apps you want
to remove by tapping in the
check box, then tap save.
You can edit the available apps later by using the Parent Dashboard app and selecting Apps.
Turning on Child Lock
Tap “Turn on Child Lock.”
Tap “Begin.”
First, tap “Kid Mode”.
Then, tap “Always”.
Choose which action is
required to exit Kid Mode.
Entering a 4 digit pin is the
most secure option.
Use the Parent Dashboard to control the child lock features and
to change the required action for exiting out of Kid Mode.
You can choose 3 levels of security:
Least Secure
Draw a Z
Enter Birthdate
Most Secure
Enter PIN
Parent Dashboard
For more options exit Kid Mode and choose the Parent
Dashboard app.
Family: Add additional children.
Storybooks: Record yourself reading a story, or buy
more books.
Apps: Select the Android Apps available to use from
inside Kid Mode.
Child Lock: Turn Child Lock on/off or choose which
action is required to exit Kid Mode.
Video Mail: Turn Video Mail on/off.
Go to www.zoodles.com/parent to send your child a
video message, add family members to your account,
and review all the message your child has sent and
Art: Save your favorite drawings by giving them a
gold star.
Settings: Sign out, refresh content, or set maximum
Help: Need help? Get answers to help you address
common problems with Zoodles. Scroll through a list
of popular topics, or send questions and feedback.
Visit www.zoodles.com/parent to promote subjects, record
video mail, invite family members, and more.
Upgrade to premium to promote subjects, adjust violence
filter, block characters, block sites, and more.
Common Functions
Downloading and Installing Apps
Apps can be downloaded in Kid Mode, but you must exit Kid
Mode to install the app.
Tap the App Mall icon.
Tap the app you want to
Tap Accept Permissions.
3 Exit Kid Mode.
Tap the My Account icon in
the top right corner.
Tap an app.
Tap the App Mall icon
Tap downloads to see the
apps that have been downloaded but not installed.
Tap Install.
10 Use the Parent Dashboard
app to make the app available in Kid Mode. See the Editing Available Apps Section.
Tap Install.
Tip: If you install too many apps, you may run out of memory.
You can uninstall an app and download it again later.
Uninstalling Apps
In parent mode, touch
and hold an app in the
app menu and drag to the
Trashcan icon.
You can also uninstall
apps by tapping apps in
the settings app.
Removing Apps from Home Screen
In parent mode, touch and hold
an app on the home screen
and drag to the X Remove icon.
Connecting to a Computer
You must be in parent mode to connect to a computer.
Connect to your computer by USB.
Tap turn on USB storage.
Tap OK to allow USB Storage.
Skip to the next page if you have a Mac®.
FunTab 2 (E:)
FunTab 2 (E:)
Choose open folder to view files or select the removable disk.
FunTab 2 (E:)
You will now be able to drag and drop files from your computer
to your tablet just as you would with a USB flash drive.
Before turning off USB storage, make sure you have unmounted
(“ejected”) the FunTab 2 and SD card from your computer. Tap
Turn of USB Storage.
Go to the previous page if you have a PC.
4 Use Finder® to go to Devices and choose FunTab 2
5 You will now be able to drag and drop files from your computer on to your tablet just as you would with a USB flash
Before turning off USB storage, make sure you have unmounted
(“ejected”) the FunTab 2 and SD card from your computer. Tap
Turn of USB Storage.
Adding Music and Movies
To view videos and listen to music that have already been loaded, the Music app and 4K Player app must be made available in
Kid Mode. Use the Parent Dashboard to add them if they aren’t
already. See the Editing Available Apps Section.
Connecting to Your TV
The FunTab features an HDMI connection allowing you to mirror
the FunTab’s screen on your HDTV. Connect an HDMI cable to
the FunTab and the screen will automatically mirror onto your
Kid Safe Browser Overview
Maxthon’s kid safe browser allows your child to safely
browse the internet by only granting access to sites you
have approved.
Delete Tab
Back a Page
Add a Safe Site
Forward a Page
Add a New Tab
Favorites Manager
Check for Updates
Exit Browser
Adding Safe Sites
Tap the + icon.
The first time you add a site
you will be prompted to solve
a math problem and create a
You can choose from recommended sites or enter your
own URL.
Deleting Sites
Touch and hold an icon.
Tap the pop-up delete button.
Enter your password.
Recording a Storybook
Use the Parent Dashboard app to make a recording of you
reading a storybook to your child.
Tap Storybooks.
Choose a book. You can
upgrade to premium for
more books.
Tap start recording to begin.
Turn each page by tapping
the green arrow.
Select a child to receive your
Choose your audience.
The story will be available to
your child after processing.
You can delete a recording by logging into your parent
dashboard on zoodles.com.
Tap the Camera app to access the camera.
Zoom in and out by
pinching your fingers
together on the screen
You can view your photos in the Gallery app.
Switch to front or rear camera
Continuous snap mode
Snap Mode
Camera Effects
Camera Settings
Video Camera Settings:
Zoom in and out by
pinching your fingers
together on the screen.
Tap once to take a photo.
You can view your videos in the 4K Player app.
Switch to front or rear camera
Time Lapse Interval
Video Settings
Widgets allow you to personalize
your home screen with useful information and tools. Some widgets
can be resized. Touch and hold,
then release. Next, drag the blue
diamonds to resize the widget.
Wi-Fi: Turn Wi-Fi on to see available networks and connect.
Data usage: Data is not applicable for the FunTab 2.
Sound: Adjust the volume, notifications, and alarm sounds.
Display: Adjust brightness, change your wallpaper, turn on/off
screen rotation, sleep settings, and font size.
Storage: Provides storage use data.
Battery: Provides battery usage data.
Apps: Tap an app to force stop, uninstall, clear data, move to SD
card, or clear data.
Location access: Allow Google to use data to determine your
location for improved search results.
Security: adjust settings to make your tablet more secure. Allow
installation of non-Market apps.
Language & input: Set language, spelling correction, keyboard
and voice settings.
Backup & rest: Backup data and factory reset your tablet.
Accounts: Tap to add or remove Email accounts.
Date & time: Set the date, time, and time zone.
Accessibility: Adjust settings for users with poor vision.
Developer options: Advanced settings for developers.
About tablet: Model number and general tablet information.
Included Apps
4K Player: Video gallery
Adobe Reader: Read PDF documents.
Angry Birds: Use the unique power of the Angry Birds to
destroy the greedy pigs’ fortresses!
Ant Smasher for Kids: Smash ants with your finger.
App Mall: Download kid friendly apps and games.
Browser: Internet browser.
Bumbee: Bumbee is here & now it’s up to you to fly her in
this never ending adventure!
Calculator: Basic calculator functions.
Calendar: Keep track of your schedule and set reminders.
Camera: Still and video camera.
Caveman 2: Go back to the Stone Age and survive from
the dangerous dinosaurs.
Clock: Keep time and set alarms.
Clouds & Sheep: Care for a flock of sheep to become the
best shepherd of all time!
Cut the Rope: Cut the rope to feed Om Nom the candy he
wants and catch stars along the way.
Devil Ninja 2: Fight monsters on the devil’s land.
Downloads: Manage your current downloads.
Email: Sync your Email accounts.
EMusic: Plays, discovers, and downloads music-wherever
your day takes you.
Evernote: Keeps notes and to do lists.
File Manager: Browse for files to open, delete, etc.
Fruit Ninja: Slice fruit like a true warrior.
Gallery: View your photos.
Geo Quiz: Match the correct flag and capital with the
Google: Stay up to date with Google Now cards.
Google Settings: Edit your Google Account settings.
Gravitire 3D: 3D tire racing!
Happy Vikings: Hoard gold and perform great stacking
feats to earn your place in Valhalla!
Hi-Q MP3 Recorder: Voice recorder.
iStory Books: Illustrated storybooks that read themselves.
Kid Mode: The primary interface for the FunTab 2 with
educational content, stories, and more.
Kids ABC Letters: Learn the letters of the alphabet.
Kids ABC Phonics: Learn the sounds of letters.
Kids Animals: Contains questions and descriptions of over
70 animals.
Kids Animal Piano: 9 tone piano for kids with animal
Kids Connect the Dots: Improve letter and number recognition skills with this classic game.
Kids Connect the Dots Xmas: Festive-themed, musical version of Kids Connect the Dots
Kids Learn to Read: Practice blending sounds together to
read and spell simple words.
Kids Numbers and Math: A fun way for kids to learn numbers and build basic math skills.
Kids Preschool Puzzle: Educational fun with colorful
Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite: Educational fun with colorful
Kids Shapes: A hands-on, real-life way for kids to learn
Kingsoft Office: Open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF
Lightracer 3D: Futuristic light-emitting motorcycles race in
a 3D arena.
Maxthon Kid Safe Browser: Safe and clean web browser
for kids.
Music: Music Player
Noogra Nuts: Control a cute little squirrel with a unique
ability; he can crack nuts using his head!
Parent Dashboard: Adjust settings for Zoodles Kid Mode.
Pig Rush: Help Jumpy the Pig in his quest to run away from
the farm.
Radio Ball 3D: A fun, radioactive, fast-paced, accelerometer driven 3D game.
Return Zero: Ultra fast 3D tunnel racer.
School Assistant: School Assistant is your personal school
aide, keep your routine organized.
Settings: Adjust settings on the FunTab 2.
Skitch: Annotate an image with arrows, shapes and text.
Tiki Kart 3D: Extreme racing with Tiki Bobby and friends.
Toon Goggles: Watch 100% parent-friendly cartoons when
and where you want.
Where’s My Water: Help Swampy by guiding water to his
WiFi Connection Manager: Wi-Fi manager and scanner.
Tips and Tricks/FAQs
Screen Brightness
In the settings tap Display.
Tap Brightness.
Tip: Lower the brightness at
night to extend your battery
Use the slider to adjust the
brightness. Then tap OK.
Volume Limiter
Kid Mode features a built-in volume limiter to prevent your child
from listening to audio at excessive volume. Go to the Parent
Dashboard app and tap Settings, then tap Maximum Volume to
adjust the setting.
Apps won’t install
In the settings app tap security.
Be sure “Allow installation of
non-Market apps” is checked.
You must allow installed apps to be accessed in Kid Mode. See
the Editing Available Apps section.
Won’t Connect to Computer
Try a different USB port on your computer and/or restarting
your FunTab.
The battery may be too low and the computer is not providing enough power by USB. Use the wall charger to charge your
FunTab for 30 minutes then re-connect to the computer.
Tablet Freezes
Sometimes your FunTab may freeze.
The reset button is located on
the back of the unit. Reset the
device by pressing the button
with a small object such as a
paper clip.
Factory Restore
Select Backup & reset in the
settings app to restore factory
settings. This will erase all data
on the tablet.
The FunTab is an electronic device and can be damaged if used
• Don’t expose your device to liquids, water or extreme humidity.
• Don’t try to dry the FunTab using a heat source such as a dryer,
microwave, or oven.
• Don’t charge your tablet or use it in environments above 95°F
and below 32°F.
• Don’t expose the FunTab to dirt or sand.
• Use a clean, dry cloth to clean your tablet. Do not use
chemicals or water.
• The FunTab can be damaged by shock from dropping.
CPU: 1.5GHz Quad Core
GPU: Quad Core
Memory: 8GB
MicroSD Card Supported: up to 32GB
Resolution: 1024x600
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer
Record: Built-in Microphone
Operating System: Android 4.2, Jelly Bean
Video Formats: WMV, MKV, MO, AVI, RM/RMVB, MPEG-2/4
Music Formats: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, AC3, WAV
Customer Support
Visit ematic.us/support for customer support regarding your
To submit a request, fill out the required information online. You
will be provided a ticket number regarding your issue, which
you can refer to when contacting us further.
Caution - Electric Device
Not recommended for children under 5 years of age. As with
all electric products, precautions should be observed during
handling and use to prevent electric shock.
Attention: Important Safety Information
All charging functions and mechanisms (AC adapter, car charger) are intended for adult usage. Children should not use this
device while charging.
Limitations of Liability Statement
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of such damage. You agree that you have sole responsibility for adequate protection and
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