User`s manual | Ematic EGD103 Tablet User Manual

Ematic EGD103 Tablet User Manual
User’s Manual
Ematic 10” Tablet with Windows 8.1
Since the tablet software updates regularly, the user
manual may not cover all aspects of new features.
Important Notices
• The new battery will be in its best condition after
being fully charged and discharged 2-3 times.
• While using earphones, if the volume is excessively
high it may cause hearing damage. Please adjust
the volume of the player to a safe level and moderate during use.
• Do not disconnect the tablet suddenly when formatting or uploading and downloading, which can
lead to program errors.
• Do not dismantle the tablet by yourself, and do
not use alcohol, thinner or benzene to clean its
• Do not use the tablet while driving or walking.
• The tablet is not moisture and water resistant.
Please do not use it in a damp environment.
• Do not drop or hit the tablet against a hard surface, or the screen may be damaged or cracked.
• Do not upgrade the firmware by yourself. The
tablet should be upgraded with the right firmware
and right methods offered by us. If upgrade is
needed, please contact us.
Section 1: Tablet Overview
Tablet Overview
Touch Screen Basics
Take a Screenshot
Section 2: Initial Setup
Turn on or Wake
Battery Status
Getting Started
Section 3: Personalize Your Tablet
Personalize Your Start Screen
Create Tiles
Customize Your Tiles
Background & Color
Personalize Your Lock Screen
Personalize Your Desktop
Section 4: Networks
Turn On/Off Wi-Fi
Forget a Wi-Fi Network
Connect/Disconnect to a VPN
Join a Homegroup or Workplace
Section 5: Connect to Devices
Pair with a Bluetooth Devices
Connect to TV, Monitor, or Projector
Section 6: Keyboard Settings
On-screen Keyboard
Other On-Screen Keyboard Options
Access On-screen Keyboard Settings
On-screen Keyboard Tips
Typing Cover (keyboard)
Pair Typing Cover to Tablet
Typing Cover Functions
Charging Typing Cover
Section 7: Apps
Finding Apps
Switch Between Apps
Dual Screen Apps
Close Apps
App Commands
Uninstall Apps
App Help & Settings
Explore Apps
Included Apps
Section 8: User Accounts
Microsoft Account or Local Account
Manage Your Accounts
Unlock & Sign-in
Options
Change Your Password
Lock or Sign Out
Section 9: Ease of Access
Section 10: PC Settings
Section 11: Tips & Tricks
Extending Battery Life
Technical Specifications
Customer Support
Limitations of Liability Statement
Tablet Overview
Hold for 2 seconds to turn on/off.
Press to sleep/wake up.
Volume Up/Down
Hold for 2 seconds to
turn on/off.
Press to sleep/wake.
Volume Up/Down
card slot
Touch Screen Basics
Swipe in from the right edge to reveal charms.
You can also return to the Start screen from here.
Swipe in from the left edge to switch to the last
used app.
Swipe in from the top or bottom edge to reveal app
commands specific to the current app.
Drag from the top edge of the screen down to the
bottom to close the current app.
Pinch or stretch your fingers to zoom in and out. Slide your fingers across the screen to see more.
Charms provide you easy access to commands you
perform most often. Charms allow you to do things like
search, share, and change the settings wherever you
To open the charms:
Touch: Swipe from right edge of the screen
and tap the charm you want to open.
Keyboard: F3 (only in Android/iOS mode)
Note: see Typing Cover Functions on pg. 20
Search to find things anywhere on Surface,
in apps, and on the web.
Share files, photos, music, and links.
Brings you to the Start Screen. If you’re
already at Start, it will take you to the last
opened app.
Play, print, and project from other devices
when you connect with them.
Change Surface settings, or app settings
when apps are opened.
Take a Screenshot
To take a snapshot of your screen:
1. Open the share charm.
2. Underneath Share, tap Screenshot.
Note: Sometimes the Screenshot option doesn’t appear, depending on what app you are in. Just tap the
first button underneath Share, and the Screenshot option will appear.
3. Choose how you want to share your screenshot. You
can share via mail, facebook or save it to OneNote.
2. Initial Setup
Turn on or Wake
To turn on your tablet, press and hold the power key
for 2 seconds.
Once the screen loads, connect to your Wi-Fi network.
To wake, press the power button and the lock screen
should appear. Swipe up to unlock and sign in.
Fully charge your tablet for 6 hours before the first
Use the included wall
The battery indicator will
show that your device is
Attention: Charging by connecting to a computer will
be extremely slow. We recommend only using the
included wall charger.
Battery Status
There are a few places you can check on your battery
The lower left corner of the screen when you open
The lower left corner of the lock screen.
The lower right corner of the Desktop taskbar.
Battery Status
Attention: Plug your tablet into the charger when
you see a low battery warning.
Getting Started
Your information is used to create an account on the
tablet. You can use this account to create, modify, or
remove other accounts on your tablet.
Ema Tic
Personalize Your Tablet
Personalize Your Start Screen
Regina Roberts
Office hours
Sheila’s office
9∶30 AM — 10∶30 AM
RE∶ Pick up the kids on Thursday?
That sounds great. See you then!
Essential App
Internet Explorer
Los Angeles
Help + Tips
Health & Fitness
Food & Drink
Reading List
18°/11° Mostly sunny
20°/12° Partly sunny
Innovative ways to teach computers
to kids
Create Tiles
Pin your favorite apps, websites, and contacts to the
Start Screen.
To pin an app:
1. Swipe up from Start Screen.
2. Press and hold an app, then select Pin to Start.
To pin a website:
1. Go to website.
2. Swipe down from top edge of screen.
3. Tap Favorites button. Then tap Pin button.
4. Tap Pin to Start.
To pin a contact:
1. Open People app and select a contact.
2. Swipe down from top edge of screen.
3. Tap Favorites button. Then tap Pin button.
4. Tap Pin to Start.
Customize Your Tiles
Customize your start screen by changing around the
tiles any way you like.
To move a tile: Tap and drag to where you
want it.
To resize a tile: Press and hold a tile. Select
Resize. Choose the size you want.
To turn off a live tile: Press and hold a tile.
Select Turn live tile off.
To unpin tile from Start: Press and hold a
tile. Select Unpin from Start.
Background & Color
You can also customize the Start screen colors and
background. At your Start screen, open the Settings
Charm, and tap Personalize.
Personalize your Lock Screen
Open the Settings Charm. Tap Change PC settings.
Tap PC and devices. Then Tap Lock Screen.
Notifications should appear in the top right corner of
the screen. To hide notifications, open the Settings
charm and tap notifications.
To change more notification settings, tap Change PC
settings in the Settings charm. Tap Search and apps,
then tap Notifications. Lock Screen Notifications: To edit app notifications on
the lock screen, tap Change PC Settings in the Settings
charm, Tap PC and Devices, then Tap Lock Screen.
Personalize your Desktop
Customize your desktop how you want it.
Go to the desktop and open the Settings Charm. Tap
Personalization. Here you can change the theme,
desktop background, colors, and sound.
4. Networking
Wi-Fi can only be used when it connects with a Wi-Fi
Access Point (AP) or a free unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot.
Turn on Wi-Fi
Within the Settings
Charm menu, tap the
wireless Network icon.
Under Networks, tap
the Wi-Fi switch to
turn it on and scan for
Your tablet will list the networks it finds within range.
Tap a network to connect.
When connected, the wireless indicator appears in
the status bar. The white lines indicate connection
Turn off Wi-Fi
Tap the Wi-Fi OFF switch under Networks.
Turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it to extend the
life of your battery between charges.
Forget a Wi-Fi Network
Go to Change PC settings after you open the Settings
Charm. In the Network settings screen, tap Connections. Then tap Manage known networks, select a network and tap “Forget” in the dialog box that opens.
Connect to a VPN
You can connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Note: This tablet has built-in support for VPN. You can
also install third-party VPN software, if available in the
Windows Store.
1. Open the Settings Charm. Tap Change PC settings.
2. Tap on Network. Then Tap Connections.
3. Tap Add a VPN connection and enter VPN info to
Disconnect from a VPN
Tap the VPN OFF switch under Networks. Turn off
VPN when you’re not using it to extend the life of your
battery between charges.
Join a Homegroup or Workplace
Go to Change PC Settings in the Settings Charm. Tap
on Network. Then Tap HomeGroup or Workplace and
follow the on-screen instructions.
5. Connect to Devices
You can connect your tablet to different devices with a
USB cable or wirelessly.
Pair with a Bluetooth Device
1. Turn on your Bluetooth device to make it discoverable.
2. Open Settings Charm, and tap Change PC Settings.
3. Go to PC and devices, and tap Bluetooth.
4. Turn on your Bluetooth and wait for your tablet to
search for Bluetooth devices. When the bluetooth deive appears, follow the on-screen instructions to finish
To print from your tablet:
1. Make sure what you want to print is open on your
2. Open Devices Charm. Tap Print.
3. Select your printer from the list.
4. Select your printing options. Tap Print.
Use the scan app to scan images and
documents to a variety of file formats.
To Scan:
1. Swipe up from center of Start screen.
2. Tap Scan.
Connect to TV, Monitor, or Projector
Connect your tablet to a TV or monitor to watch movies, work with multiple apps, and share presentations.
To Connect to a wireless display:
1. Open Devices charm. Tap Project.
2. Tap Add a wireless display.
3. Choose your wireless display and follow the onscreen instructions.
6. Keyboard Settings
On-screen Keyboard
The on-screen, touch keyboard appears whenever you
need it.
Tap the screen where text can be entered, and the
keyboard will automatically appear.
When your on the desktop, you can access
the on-screen keyboard from the keyboard
icon in the lower right icon.
You can also manually access the on-screen keyboard
from wherever you are.
1. Open settings charm.
2. Tap on the Keyboard.
3. Tap on Touch keyboard and handwriting panel.
To close on-screen keyboard:
Tap anywhere on the screen where text can’t be entered, or tap the close keyboard icon and press Hide
keyboard on the on-screen keyboard.
Other On-screen Keyboard Options
Thumb Keyboard
The thumb keyboard makes typing easier when holding
the tablet in your hands.
Handwriting Keyboard
Write with the touch of your finger or a capacitive pen.
Access On-Screen Keyboard Settings
1. Open settings charm.
2. Tap Change PC settings.
3. Tap PC and devices. Tap Typing.
4. Change your on-screen keyboard settings under
Touch keyboard.
On-Screen Keyboard Tips
Tap &123 key or swipe
upwards on the buttons on
the top row.
Diacritical Marks/
More character
Press down a key. Slide
your finger to the accented
character or option you
Keyboard Shortcuts
Tap Ctrl key + another
key that shows a shortcut
Caps Lock On/Off
Double-tap Up Arrow Key.
The key should turn white
when Caps Lock is on.
Typing Cover (keyboard)
The included typing cover allows you to access your
tablet from a wireless keyboard.
Pair Typing Cover to Tablet
On your Typing Cover:
1. Switch to On. The power light should briefly turn
2. Press Connect button. The bluetooth light will
flash blue until it is paired with your tablet.
On your Tablet:
1. Open Settings Charm.
2. Tap Change PC settings.
3. Tap Bluetooth. Under
Manage Bluetooth devices
the typing cover should be
4. Tap on Keyboard.
Then Tap Pair.
5. On your typing cover, type in the passcode shown
on the screen and press enter.
6. Your typing cover is now
connected and ready to use.
Typing Cover Functions
First select what typing mode you want to use.
Different modes have different key functions.
When in Fn+Q/Fn+E (For Android/ For IOs) mode
Switch between Start screen and
last opened app.
Opens Search bar.
Scroll forward.
Shift + Tab
Scroll backwards.
Opens Charms bar.
Opens Desktop Settings.
Volume Up/Volume Down.
Arrow Keys
Scroll up/down and left/right.
Open app or open link
When in Fn+W (For Win) mode
Switch between Start screen and
Internet Explorer.
Opens Internet Explorer.
Scroll forward.
Shift + Tab
Scroll backwards.
Arrow Keys
Scroll up/down and left/right.
Open app or open link.
Charging Typing Cover
Connect included USB cable to your computer’s
USB port.
Charging light will flash when charging.
Power light will flash when the power is low.
Find Apps
Swipe up from middle of Start screen. A list of your
apps will appear. Scroll through the list or search to
find an app.
Note: You can also open the Search charm to find
an app.
Switch Between Open Apps
Go Back To Previous App
Touch: Swipe in from left edge of screen.
Go To Specific App
Touch: Drag in from left edge of screen,
then drag out. Choose the app you want
to open.
Dual Screen Apps
You can arrange and view two apps side-by-side.
1. Open the apps you want to use.
2. Open your recently used apps tab (swipe in from
left edge, then swipe out).
3. Choose the app you want and drag you see a black
vertical line divide the screen in half. Let the app go.
To change one of the apps, open a new app from the
Start screen or Apps view. The new app will appear
above the other two apps. Tap left or right to choose
where to place the app.
Close Apps
From the top edge, swipe and drag app down off the
App Commands
Swipe down from the top edge or or up from the bottom edge of the screen to pull up the app commands.
Uninstall Apps
Press and hold an app until the app is highlighted,
and app commands appear at the bottom of the
screen. Tap on Uninstall.
App Help & Settings
For App Help:
Open Settings Charm and find Help. If there is no help,
check the company’s website for information.
For App Settings:
Open Settings Charm inside an app.
Exploring Apps
Open up some Apps to better familiarize yourself with
your new tablet.
Tap the Alarm app to access your alarm,
timer, or stopwatch.
Tap the camera app to take pictures and
videos to share with your friends and
Tap the camera app to take pictures and videos to
share with your friends and family.
Taking Photos:
• Tap the camera icon to take a photo
• To zoom pinch two fingers together on the screen.
• Swipe down from the top edge on any photo for
Camera Settings.
Recording Video:
• Tap the video icon to start recording
• To zoom pinch two fingers together on the screen.
• Tap the video icon again to stop recording
• Swipe down from the top edge on any photo for
Video Settings
Included Apps
Calculator: Basic calculator functions
Calendar: Keep track of your schedule and set
Camera: Take photos and record videos
Desktop: Use your tablet like a PC.
Documents: Easily store and save your documents on your tablet.
Food & Drink: The hands-free cooking mode
makes trying new recipes easy and fun.
Games: Discover the latest Xbox games for
Windows 8.1
Health & Fitness: This app has tons of exercise
videos, exercise and diet trackers, and nutrition
and medical guides.
Help + Tips: This informational app helps you
navigate around your tablet with ease.
Internet Explorer: This tablet has two versions of Internet Explorer: a desktop app,
and a touch-friendly app.
Mail: Use the mail app to respond to messages
from all your e-mail accounts.
Maps: Maps provides you with directions and
traffic conditions to help you get where you
need to go.
Money: Global sources help you keep track of
financial news and market data.
Music: Play, stream, and buy music from the
Xbox Music Store.
News: A photo-rich app that keeps you up to
date with what’s happing in the world.
OneDrive: Easily share files securely with
friends. Cloud storage makes your files accessible from any of your devices.
OneNote: A digital notebook where all your
notes, to-do lists, and pictures are saved in the
cloud for easy access.
PC Settings: Adjust the settings on your tablet.
People: An address book and a social media
app in one. Here you get all the latest updates from your friends on Facebook, Twitter,
Google, etc.
Photos: View, edit, and import photos on your
tablet and OneDrive.
Pictures: View and store photos on your desktop app.
Reader: Allows you to read files in PDF/XPS
Reading List: Bookmark content you want to
read later.
Scan: Scan pictures or documents.
Skype: Use Skype calls and chat to connect and
stay in touch with family and friends.
Sound Recorder: Record audio using the built-in
Sports: Live updates of your favorite sports and
Store: Get the latest apps from the Windows
Travel: This app helps you plan your trip with
travel guides, booking tools, currency conversion, and weather forecasts.
Video: Xbox video lets you watch the latest
movies and tv shows, and offers recommendations based on what you like to watch.
Weather: This app shows you hourly, daily, and
10-day forecasts.
8. User Accounts
Your user account controls how you use your tablet.
When you want to use your tablet, sign in with your
user account.
Microsoft Account or Local Account
Choose whether you want to use a Microsoft account
or a local account.
Microsoft Account
You use this account to sign into Windows, and shop
for apps in the Windows Store. All your files are also
saved to OneDrive by default so that you can access
them from any PC.
Local Account
You can only use a local account on your tablet and
cannot connect to the cloud.
Manage Your Accounts
There are two ways you can manage your accounts:
PC Settings
1. Open the Settings Charm and tap Change PC
2. Tap Accounts. Then Tap Other Accounts.
Control Panel
1. Open the Search Charm.
2. Type “user accounts” into the search bar.
3. Choose user accounts from search results.
Unlock & SIgn-in
1. Press and release power button. The lock screen
should appear.
2. Swipe up to dismiss lock screen, and type in
your password (if required).
Options
You can also create a pin or use a picture password to sign in to your tablet.
To access other sign in options, go to Change PC
Settings in the Settings Charm. Tap Accounts,
then tap Sign-in options and follow the on-screen
sign in options
Change Your Password
1. Open the Settings Charm. Tap Change PC Settings.
2. Tap Accounts. Then Tap Sign-in options.
3. Choose user accounts from search results.
3. Under password, tap Change and follow the onscreen instructions.
Lock or Sign Out
Your tablet will be automatically locked when you
don’t use it for awhile.
You can manually lock or sign out from the Start
screen by tapping your account picture in the top
right corner of the screen. Choose Lock or Sign
9. Ease of Access
The Ease of Access settings allows you to change
your tablet the way you want, making your PC
easier to use.
To go to Ease of Access Settings:
1. Open Settings Charm. Tap Change PC Settings.
2. Tap Update and recovery.
3. Tap Recovery.
10.PC Settings
Activate Windows: Install the latest version of Windows on your
tablet with your product key.
PC and devices: Manage your tablet settings such as display,
typing, power, and sleep. Manage Bluetooth devices and other
devices. Get PC info.
Accounts: Manage and create different user accounts.
OneDrive: Manage OneDrive storage, sync settings, and metered connections.
Search and apps: Control your search experience, share options, notifications, and choose default apps.
Privacy: Change your privacy settings, location settings, webcam settings, microphone settings, and other devices.
Network: Manage your network connections.
Time and language: Set date and time. Set region and language.
Ease of Access: Control accessibility settings. Narrator, magnifier, high contrast, abd keyboard options can be adjusted to
your needs.
Update and recovery: Update Windows, save copies of your
files, and recover or reinstall your tablet.
11. Tips & Tricks
Extending Battery Life
Reducing the Brightness of your screen can help extend
your battery life.
1. In the Settings Charm, Tap Screen.
2. Drag the slider to adjust brightness.
Switch off Wi-Fi if you’re
not close to a strong signal.
You can also adjust your power and sleep settings
to save battery.
12. Refresh/Reset
Refresh Device
1. In the Settings Charm, tap on Change PC Settings.
2. Tap on Update and recovery. Tap Recovery.
2. Choose how you want to refresh the tablet.
Reset Device
1. In the Settings Charm, tap on Change PC Settings.
2. Tap on Update and recovery. Tap Recovery.
2. Choose “Remove everything and reinstall Windows.
Warning: Reset deletes all your personal files and
settings. The tablet restores to its factory settings.
13. Troubleshooting
Cannot turn on the tablet.
Check the tablet’s power level. Please charge it before starting it. If your tablet still cannot be turned on, you may reset it
before you turn it on.
No sound from earphones.
Check if volume is set to ‘0’. Or earphone may be broken,
please try another one.
Loud static noise.
Check if there is dust in the earphone or speaker. Check if the
file is broken.
Frozen to any operation.
Reset the device by pressing the reset button with a small
object such as a paperclip.
Application is not working.
Possible reasons may be that this app is not compatible with
your OS or the downloaded .apk file is broken. You may need
to download a full version.
How do I delete a Microsoft account?
If an account is added, the account is shown in Other accounts,
where you may also add another account. To delete an undesired account, tap the account, then tap Remove. Tap Delete
account and data.
Technical Specifications
Windows 8.1
10” 1280 x 800 Screen
1.3GHz Quad-Core Intel Atom Processor
16GB flash memory (formatted capacity will be less)
Front & Back Cameras
MicroSD card slot supports up to 32GB
USB Connection
Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
Customer Support
Visit for customer support
regarding your device.
To submit a request, fill out the required information
online. You will be provided a ticket number regarding
your issue which you can refer to when contacting us
Limitations of Liability Statement
Limitations of Liability Statement
The Ematic User Manual may contain or reference links to third-party sites, however,
please be aware that Ematic is not responsible for and cannot control these other sites.
Ematic makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about any other website
which you may access as a result of reading this user manual, or otherwise. When you
access a website that is not owned or operated by Ematic (a “non-Ematic website”),
even one that may contain an Ematic logo, please understand that it is independent
from Ematic, and that Ematic has no direct control over the content on such website(s).
In addition, a link to any such non-Ematic website does not mean Ematic endorses or
accepts any responsibility for the content, or of any functionalities or services, of such
website(s). Furthermore, Ematic makes no promise, representation or warranty that any
non-Ematic website you navigate to will be free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses and
other items of a destructive nature. The Ematic User Manual is for your exclusive benefit
and you assume all risks, losses and/or damages of whatever nature that may result
arising out of your use of the Ematic User Manual.
Limitation of Liability and Indemnity
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Ematic shall not be liable for any
damages suffered as a result of using, modifying, contributing, copying, distributing, or
downloading the materials, use of the Ematic User Manual or use of any Ematic product
and/or software. In no event shall Ematic be liable for any indirect, extraordinary, exemplary, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages (including, without limitation, loss of data, revenue, profits, use or other economic advantage) however arising,
whether for breach of contract or in tort, even if Ematic has been previously advised of
the possibility of such damage. You agree that you have sole responsibility for adequate
protection and backup of data and/or equipment used in connection with the product
and software and will not make a claim of any nature against Ematic for lost data, inaccurate output, work delays or lost profits resulting from the use of the materials. You
agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Ematic, together with its affiliates, parent
and subsidiary entities, successors, assigns, partners, managers, members, employees,
officers, directors and shareholders, from and against any and all damages, liens, liabilities, losses, demands, actions, causes of action, claims, costs and expenses (including,
without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees, charges and disbursements, as well as the
cost of in-house counsel and appeals) arising from or related to Ematic, the use of The
Ematic User Manual or any Ematic product and/or software. Some jurisdictions do not
allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above
limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
Windows™ is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and other
countries; Mac OS® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Ematic is not affiliated the
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo, and the Wi-Fi logo are registered trademarks of the the Wi-Fi
Alliance. ©2010 Bluetooth SIG, Inc. All rights reserved.
Ematic is not affiliated with Microsoft or Apple, Inc.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following
two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device
must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired
The Ematic brand and products are owned by Shaghal, Ltd.
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