User manual | Ematic ESB210 Music Mixer User Manual

Attaching the Stand
Getting Started
Connecting Your Device
Connect the Soundbar and
the audio line.
Slide the supplied stand onto
the bottom of the main unit
until you hear a click.
Press the button downwards
to disconnect the stand from
the unit.
Use the Non-Skid Pad
You can also use the non-skid pad to
install this unit on a shelf or TV Stand
User Manual
Ematic - ESB210
Be sure to put the bigger part
of the pad towards the front
panel of the unit.
Powering On
Make sure that the Soundbar is
plugged into a power source.
Push the on/off button on the
Soundbar or on the remote.
The Display Screen will light up
when powered on.
USB Mode
Press Mode button to switch to USB Mode.
Bluetooth™ Mode
Press Mode button to switch to Bluetooth Mode.
Insert your USB Drive. The USB port is on the left side
of the soundbar.
Soundbar will automatically begin
playing music in the order listed on
your USB drive.
Control playback using the play/pause/prev/next buttons.
Press and hold the prev/next buttons to increase/decrease volume.
Playback can also be controlled using the Remote Control.
Playback will stop if the USB drive is removed. The memory function
will continue playback from where it stopped when the USB drive is
inserted again.
Press EQ button while in USB Mode to choose from a
list of preset equalizer options: classical, jazz, movie,
standard, etc.
Note: EQ function is not available in AUX Mode.
AUX Mode
Press Mode button to switch to AUX Mode.
Connect Soundbar to another device to stream music.
Note: MP3 Line-in and AUX Mode use the same audio input channel.
Both cannot be played at the same time.
Customer Support
Remote Control
Power button
Mute volume
Number buttons
Reset button
Previous track/
35W 2.1 Channel Sound bar w/ built-in subwoofer
Ultra-thin 55mm/2.2” deep
Compatible with LED/LCD TV’s
Frequency Response: 50Hz ~ 20KHz
Voltage AC: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Speaker Driver: 3” + 2.5” x 2
Input sensitivity: 850mVrms
Total Peak Power: 60W
USB, AUX in, AUX, MP3 Input
Select USB/Line/RCA
Volume up/down
Next track/chapter
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