Emerson 12-20kVA Power Supply User Manual

AC Power
For Business-Critical Continuity™
Liebert Nfinity ®
A Powerful UPS Solution For Small To Medium Data Centers
You Depend On Your Network More Than Ever
IT managers are experiencing more change and uncertainty today than at any time in
the last 20 years. Network technology is advancing faster than your infrastructure
support strategy. It’s no longer just about managing system availability and growth;
it’s also about managing uncertainty, equipment density and capacity.
Smaller Rooms, Bigger Challenges
If you operate a small data center (up to 25 racks) or network closet, you
undoubtedly realize the importance of these critical IT facilities to your
operations. You will have to do more to protect the operation of your critical
networks in order to maintain business continuity. As servers and other
components shrink in size, capacity and criticality are increasing.
Powering all of this equipment is no small task. That’s why
Liebert has developed a power protection solution that
can expand easily as your needs grow.
Putting It All Together:
The Liebert Nfinity UPS System
The Liebert Nfinity power system is a
scalable UPS utilizing fault-tolerant
technology in two scalable models:
4 to 16 kVA and 12 to 20 kVA. Designed
with N+x parallel redundancy capability,
its modular design was devised to
provide easy scalability to users as their
power demands grow. Configurations
can be cost-effectively upgraded
without re-investing in a new system or
installation. The patent pending frame
design houses all of the modular system
components, including 4 kVA power
modules, battery modules and system
control modules.
Liebert Nfinity is the perfect power
protection solution for:
Small Data Centers
Network Closets
“The Liebert UPS systems were absolutely
perfect. We’ve not had any battery
problems with the Liebert systems and we
used to have that all the time.”
Brad Thomas
Network Engineer
University of Wyoming
Liebert Nfinity’s modularity and scalability allow you to specify a system that is right for your needs
today — but has the ability to expand with your requirements for the future.
transfer to battery to increase battery life. For lighter
Higher Availability And
Flexibility Start With
Higher Intelligence
loads, low line transfer can range down to 110V.
The Liebert Nfinity is a true on-line,
Wider Input Voltage Window
A wider, variable input voltage range minimizes
double-conversion UPS that delivers
Generator Compatible
Full time output voltage and frequency
regulation is provided — a necessity for sensitive
electronic equipment and a must for sites with
back up generators.
100% power conditioning, zero
transfer time to battery, no change
Higher Availability
transient suppression than line-
Proven mission-critical
technologies that minimize single
points of failure produce the
highest possible availability of your
IT systems. With the Liebert
Adaptive Architecture, missioncritical technologies aren’t
limited to the data center — they
extend wherever you have missioncritical equipment.
interactive units. Built-in intelligence
is provided by system level and
Liebert Nfinity offers the highest overload capability
individual module microprocessor
of any system in its class — capable of sustaining
controls which increase UPS
110% of the system’s rated load for an extended
functionality, communications and
period of time.
reliability. The Liebert Nfinity also
Liebert’s two-year warranty provides for repair or
replacement of your Liebert Nfinity UPS during the
The Liebert Nfinity is part of the
Liebert Adaptive Architecture — a
combination of power, cooling and
monitoring technologies that
provide mission-critical IT support
across your entire enterprise. The
Liebert Adaptive Architecture
delivers higher performance with
greater flexibility than any other
infrastructure design.
in output voltage and better
Highest Overload Capability
Two-Year Factory Warranty Program
Liebert Adaptive Solutions
For Today’s Computers
offers added reliability with internal
bypass and optional redundant
initial warranty period.
Cabinet Stands Small,
Stays Small
Liebert Nfinity’s compact,
efficient design allows you to
pack more power and battery
capability into a much smaller
sized unit, so it takes up less of
your valuable floor space.
The components of the Liebert
Adaptive Architecture can be
reconfigured to meet the demands
of new technologies, achieve
higher tiers of availability or
support increased densities — with
minimal disruption to operations.
Lowest Total Cost of
Liebert technologies are designed
to minimize capital equipment
expenses and optimize efficiency.
Their ability to adapt to change
prevents obsolescence and extends
their useful life.
There’s A Liebert Nfinity Configuration For Your Application
Your Liebert Nfinity UPS can be ordered in dozens of different power and
battery capacities — and then upgraded at any later time as needs change.
Using an 8 Bay, 16 kVA frame, Liebert Nfinity provides capacities up to
16 kVA in a non-redundant mode and up to 12 kVA in an N+1
redundant mode — with an incredibly small footprint
(only 20”W x 28”D x 41”H).
The 12 bay, 16 kVA frame provides capacities up to 16 kVA
in an N+1 redundant mode.
The 12 bay, 20 kVA frame provides capacities
up to 20 kVA in an N+1 redundant mode
(both in only 20”W x 28”D x 54”H).
More Choices For
Extended Runtime
And Redundancy
Initial System
4 kVA Redundant
Power Modules
System Capacity
8 kVA Redundant
The system control module
provides communications and
control for the unit.
The system utilizes
independent 4 kVA power
modules. Up to six power
modules can be operating
at one time.
Each battery module
is composed of ten individual
12-volt batteries encased in a
plastic housing.
Power and battery modules
are housed in identical bays
within the frame. Power
modules must be contained in
the top half of the frame, while
battery modules can be
utilized in any of the bays.
This allows battery backup
times to be configured to
customer needs.
Power Modules
Extend System
Run Time
8 kVA Redundant
Power Modules
H i g h er Ava i l a b i l i t y
Shipped as a complete, fully tested
system, ready for final connection.
Hot-swappable modules allow
installation or replacement of
power, battery, control and display
modules without shutting down or
compromising power to the load.
Redundant components at critical
points of UPS operation.
Maintenance performed
without shutdown.
Intelligent, fault-tolerant design
enables the power, battery and
control modules to take
themselves “off-line” if there
is a problem, without
compromising system integrity.
Full self-diagnostic test is
performed when modules are
inserted and before going on-line.
Emergency power off capability.
Designed with N+x parallel
Patent pending intelligent
bypass technology provides
seamless transfers to and from
the bypass source.
Wide input voltage window
minimizes battery operation to
maximize battery life.
Generator compatible due to full
time output voltage and frequency
Highest overload capability of any
system in its class, capable of
sustaining 110% of the system’s
rated load for an extended
period of time.
Fl e x i b i l i t y
Scalable 4-16kVA & 12-20kVA
models available.
Customizable battery backup
times, due to a flexible frame
design that allows addition of
battery capacity without
increasing footprint.
Scalable design allows UPS
capacity or redundancy upgrades
without the expense or installation
downtime associated with the
purchase of a new UPS.
Additional battery cabinets can be
added for extended backup times
up to 72 hours.
Remote management and control
software enables greater control.
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
Longer battery lifetimes and fewer
battery replacements because
online technology minimizes
transfers to backup.
Modular batteries, controls and
power components help reduce
maintenance cost thanks to userserviceability.
Scalability allows you to costeffectively invest in added capacity
as it is needed.
Reduced installation time and
costs, because UPS units are
shipped with batteries connected
and charged.
Incredibly Intelligent
The Liebert Nfinity’s intelligent power system is the
key to higher availability and flexibility. The faulttolerant design enables the power, battery and
control modules to take themselves “off-line” if there
is a problem, without compromising system integrity.
System level and individual module microprocessor
controls increase UPS functionality and reliability.
IntelliControl™ Module — works with the user
interface to provide vital information about the
condition of the power and battery modules.
The use of a paired system control provides full
systems functionality in the event of any single
failure and ensures that operations and
communications are always available.
IntelliBattery™ Modules — continuously monitor
the battery’s voltage, current, and temperature to
determine their condition and predict performance.
A built-in microprocessor in each battery module
provides the intelligence and communication
capability to allow the module to automatically
remove itself from the critical DC bus if necessary.
Intelligent Power Modules — ensure protection
against power outages, spikes, surges, noise, and
sags. Designed in 4 kVA “building blocks,” they utilize
patent pending current sharing technology that
ensures premium quality power. Liebert Nfinity
power modules feature a power factor corrected
(PFC) rectifier to create a sinusoidal input current
waveform. This allows the system to use utility power
more efficiently and reduces reflected distortion.
A true online system, Liebert Nfinity provides
continuous, regenerated sinewave output power.
Intelligent Bypass — provides seamless transfers to
and from the bypass source to insure continuity of
power and provide maximum system availability.
Accessory Components Enhance Availability
The Liebert Nfinity
maintenance bypass
cabinet provides complete
“wrap around” protection,
allowing the Liebert Nfinity UPS
to be pulled from service without
interrupting power to the protected
loads. Controls include a manual
bypass transfer switch, UPS input
disconnect switch and a branch rated
output circuit breaker.
Extended Battery
The Liebert Nfinity
extended battery cabinet
is available when extra run
time is critical to your
protected loads. This unit
has 12 bays that accept up
to 12 standard Liebert
Nfinity intelligent battery modules,
allowing you to add battery capacity
as needs change.
Configurable Output
The Liebert Nfinity
configurable output
distribution option
provides the flexibility to easily
connect multiple loads with various
receptacle types and current ratings
to the Liebert Nfinity. Receptacles
range from 15A to 30A types and
include a branch rated circuit breaker
to protect each individual load. Select
a maximum frame size of 6, 8, or 10
distribution plates, as well as a choice
of 6, 12, or 25 feet of cabled conduit.
Power Monitoring And Control Capabilities
The Liebert Nfinity UPS incorporates extensive firmware that
provides a comprehensive range of controls and operating
information, as well as communications capabilities.
User Interface Control Panel
The user interface is the main source of communication between the
Liebert Nfinity UPS and the user. It features an easy-to-read LCD display
and LED mimic diagram. The control panel informs the user of the
status of the UPS, including the power and battery modules, and allows
you to configure the system to fit specific needs or preferences.
Communication Connections
Dry contacts and a serial communications
port are standard. The unit also includes four
Intellislot® ports for multiple user options
SNMP/WEB card that allows the
Liebert Nfinity to communicate with
an Ethernet network.
MultiPort4 cards that enable up to
four client computers to monitor
UPS status.
Relay contact cards to provide contact
closures for remote monitoring of alarm conditions.
The system also communicates to and monitors internal and
extended battery cabinets.
Shutdown Monitoring Software
Liebert MultiLink® is the perfect complement to the Liebert Nfinity UPS
because it prevents unexpected server
shutdowns, protects data and minimizes
downtime. The software provides
unattended, orderly shutdown
for one computer or many,
and is especially effective
with large server farms.
Liebert MultiLink has
full event
management and
displays UPS
on screen.
It All Adds Up To
A Better Solution
The Liebert Nfinity brings it all together to
provide a perfect answer to your critical
power needs in smaller data centers and
network closets.
Service Solutions To Keep You
Up And Running
To enhance the availability and trouble-free operation of
your Liebert Nfinity UPS, the Emerson Network Power
Service Business offers a range of optional service
programs which include:
Higher Availability
Proven mission-critical
technologies minimize failure
to produce the highest
possible availability of your IT
The best UPS system in the world can’t operate right if it’s not
installed properly. During the start-up process, the correct
installation and operation of your new Liebert Nfinity UPS is verified
by our factory-trained customer engineer. This ensures that the
unit, the installation and the environment meet published
specifications for design use. Operator training is also provided.
Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring is our comprehensive service program
connecting your Liebert Nfinity UPS to our 24 x 7 x 365 Customer
Resolution Center (CRC). The CRC continuously monitors your
critical equipment, detects alarms, and initiates a response
according to a customized, predetermined corrective action plan.
Customer Resolution Center
When a customer call or alarm is
received at our Customer Resolution
Center (CRC), it activates the
Emerson Network Power 24-hour
service network. This network
provides immediate two-way radio
access to our factory-trained
customer engineers through our
wireless communication system.
Exclusive Guaranteed Four-Hour Response Time
We can guarantee a four-hour response time from the time your
call is received at our CRC until a Liebert Customer Engineer arrives
on-site. (Applicable in U.S. and Canada. Distance limitations apply).
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance visits are designed to assess the status of
your installed equipment and make any necessary corrective
adjustments or repairs.
The Liebert Nfinity can be
reconfigured to meet the
demands of new technologies,
achieve higher tiers of
availability or support
increased densities - with
minimal disruption to
Now you can achieve the highest levels of UPS
reliability and efficiency in a system that is sized
to protect medium to small IT applications. The
Liebert Nfinity UPS provides continuous, highquality AC power to your mission-critical
systems, protecting them from any power
aberrations due to blackouts, brownouts, surges
or noise interference.
Talk to your local Liebert Representative or
Liebert Network Solutions Partner to find out
how the Liebert Nfinity power system can
add up to a big plus for your IT operations.
Ensuring The High Availability Of
Mission-Critical Data And Applications
Liebert Corporation
Scalable 4 - 16 kVA
General & Environmental
Unit Rating
Conducted and Radiated EMC Levels
Compliant Safety Standards
Compliant Immunity Standards
Dimensions: Width
Dimensions: Depth
Dimensions: Height
Operating Temperature (max)
Relative Humidity
Maximum Operating Altitude
Nominal Heat Dissipation
Input Data
Nominal Input Voltage
Power Factor
Input Frequency (nominal)
Input Frequency Range
Battery Module
Battery Capacity
Autonomy Time (full load)
Maximum Charge Current (full load)
Nominal Voltage
Recharge Time
F (C)
Ft. (M)
Cos 0/
8 Bay
20 (508)
28 (711)
41 (1041)
In (mm)
12 Bay
20 (508)
28 (711)
54 (1372)
32°-104° (0°-40°)
0-95% non-condensing
10,000 (3,000)
170 to 276
110-276 (variable, based on output load)
(With an equal number of Battery & Power Modules, in a non-redundant configuration)
3-5 (to 90% capacity)
Output Data
Output Voltage
Voltage Regulation
Voltage Transient Response (100% step load) %
Voltage Stability (100% step load)
Recovery Time
Voltage distortion:
Output Frequency
Efficiency at 100% load
Output Overload Capability
FCC Part 15, Class A
UL 1778; c-UL
IEEE C62.41, Category B
Scalable 12 - 20 kVA
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from use of this information or for any errors or omissions.
208/120 or 240/120
<3 THD, linear load
<7 THD, non-linear load
110-125% for 10 min
126-150% for 10 sec
>151-200% for 2 cycles
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