Emerson STS2 Switch User Manual

AC Power
For Business-Critical Continuity™
Liebert ® STS2 Static Transfer Switch2
The Cornerstone of High-Availability Power Systems
The Power to Protect Your Critical Operations
For maximum availability applications, the Liebert Static
Transfer Switch2 (STS2) provides an automatic, seamless
transfer between your critical load and the outputs of two
independent UPS systems in a dual-bus power configuration.
If the primary UPS should fail, the switch will automatically
transfer the loads to the alternate UPS.
Liebert is the market leader in dual-bus power systems,
building the world’s most reliable UPS and Static Transfer
Switch products. Liebert STS2 further extends our
market leadership with design benefits unmatched by
competitive products.
Standard Features Of The
Liebert STS2 Provide Greater
Overall Protection
100% rated, fuseless design.
Hot-swappable circuit breakers.
Flash memory enables firmware updates while
supporting critical load.
Rack-out control/power assembly on units up to
600A to allow maintenance, service or full
replacement without disrupting the critical load.
Internal CANBUS protocol: high-bandwidth
communication between system components via
twisted-pair cables. Options can be added as
simple network nodes.
Dual-lug installation bus with pem nuts for
single-hand installation and “hot” torque service.
Color Touch-Screen Interface
The color touch-screen LCD interface allows
you to quickly check the status of the unit and
identify problems. The controls of the Liebert
STS2 are intuitive and simple.
Low Total Cost Of Ownership:
Conservative design margins and excellent
overload capacity.
UL listed.
The color LCD monitor is divided into three segments. In addition to a system
mimic diagram, there is a Status/Alarm panel and a section dedicated to
operator instructions and menus. The screen allows you to configure the unit,
including the control of the preferred source, auto/manual retransfer selection,
alarm notification and other system setpoints. You benefit from improved
operator effectiveness, reduced training time, and less chance of operator error.
True Front-Access Design
All mechanical and electronic components of the Liebert
STS2 are accessible from the front of the unit for
installation and service—no side or rear access required.
This gives you several immediate benefits:
Greater freedom in system design. The Liebert STS2
can be placed adjacent to or in back of other
equipment. It can also be placed against a wall or
Simplified installation, with ample space for cable
connections through top and bottom access plates.
Less floor space required for maintenance access.
Designed for maintainability, with all key components
visible and accessible from the front of the unit,
without shutting down the connected load.
For units up to 600 amps,
the entire power and
control module can be
removed as an assembly.
A separate compartment
for option modules
provides safe and
convenient field access.
True Internal Redundancy
The Liebert STS2 has tripleredundant logic. Each DSP
controller is capable of working
independently, and each helps
monitor the other two. If one
malfunctions, the other two lock it
out. Each controller has power
feeds from both power supplies.
One-Line Diagram
The two power supplies feature true
dual-bus power distribution. Both
have dual inputs, one from each AC
input source. All power connections
have diode protection, so that internal
or external faults cannot propagate.
The result is a rugged, fault-resilient
package that is optimized for realworld applications.
Source 2
Source 1
K2 K3
K1 K3
System Output
Optimized Transfer Option Enhances
Cost-Efficient System Operation
Liebert offers a patented optimized transfer option for the Liebert STS2 that greatly
improves operation when used in primary side switching applications.
Figure 1 Standard STS2 transfer
Figures 1 and 2
show results for the
standard STS2 vs.
the optimized STS2
for the same
(alternate source
lags 120 degrees)
respectively. The
optimized transfer
control algorithm
minimizes the
saturation current
resulting from an
out of phase
load voltages
transformer fluxes
primary currents
The Liebert STS2 can be used in two different types of high-availability dual bus
configurations—as primary or secondary side switches. For primary side switching,
the unit is connected to the primary or input of a downstream transformer. On
secondary side switching the Liebert STS2 is connected to the secondary or output of
two transformers.
One of the main advantages of using primary side switching is lower cost.
These savings are the result of only one power distribution unit, a lower current due
to 480V vs. 208V, and lower installation and wiring cost thanks to use of smaller three
wire cable.
The one drawback of this configuration is the creation of transformer inrush
saturation current each time switching occurs. The downstream transformer can
cause large peak saturation current during automatic transfers. The transformer
saturation is caused by DC-flux built-up during transfer, especially when the sources
See also
White Paper “STS2
Optimized Transfer
(June 4, 2004)” at
are not in phase.
Figure 2 Optimized STS transfer
Liebert’s transfer control does
more than balance the flux.
Due to our unique approach to the
optimized transfer algorithm, transfer
time should not be the only performance
measure for this new optimized switch.
Liebert’s method, whenever possible,
also seeks to minimize voltage
disturbances while maintaining
transformer flux balance. It takes both
voltage disturbance and volt-second
balance into consideration.
Liebert has a unique flux balance
algorithm that doesn’t just “sit and
wait” for the balance point to occur.
Rather, we will “pulse fire” the SCRs
as soon as possible in order to
minimize the load discontinuity and
hence the voltage disruption.
The patented Liebert static switch optimized transfer control algorithm
eliminates the downstream transformer inrush saturation.
The Liebert algorithm is designed to optimize transfer timing such that the volt-seconds applied to the
So how safe is this new
optimized Liebert STS2 for your
critical loads?
downstream transformer primary is balanced, thus minimizing peak saturation current. This balance is
achieved by directly computing the volt-second applied to the transformer during transfer events and
The optimized Liebert STS2 safely meets
determining the optimum time to turn on the alternate source SCRs in order to balance the volt-
both the CBEMA standard (prior to 1996)
second within specified tolerance.
and the latest ITIC standard (1996) for
critical loads. Liebert’s optimized
This results in a volt-second balancing algorithm that is independent of voltage wave shape,
voltage failure decay rate, etc., making it superior to other algorithms based on voltage
phase angle difference only.
STS2 eliminates the risk of transformer
saturation problems during automatic
transfers, while its algorithm control
ensures minimum voltage disturbance
during transfers while still balancing
the flux.
Liebert STS2 Communication
and Product Options
Liebert STS2 has a wide choice of monitoring and
communications options to keep you connected to your
critical power protection system.
Seismic Anchors — To ensure stability for the unit in the event
of seismic activity, anchors are available for securing the unit to
a concrete floor to meet seismic Zone 4 requirements.
RS-232 Terminal Port — Standard on all units, this port
is primarily used as an alternate user interface to
configure, control, and diagnose the system.
Seismic Floor Stand — Designed to level the unit and provide
bottom cabling access without relying upon a raised floor for
support. Available in 18, 24, 30, 36 inch heights.
Input Contact Isolator (ICI) Board — Customizable
input relays allow alarms from other devices to be
displayed on Liebert STS2 display. Provides an interface
for up to eight user inputs. External messages and alarms
can be routed to the unit, via the ICI.
Distribution Cabinet (Up to 600A) — An output distribution
cabinet mounts on the side of the STS2. It is a full height
section with hinged doors to allow for easy access. The cabinet
contains one vertically mounted I-line panelboard for load
distribution. The panelboard is totally enclosed with an accent
cover that provides access without exposing other portions of
the unit. The panelboard provides space for 100A through 250A
three-pole branch circuit breakers. It also includes a separate
isolated neutral bus bar and safety-ground bus bar for the
neutral and safety-ground connections.
Programmable Relay Board (PRB) — Programmable
output relays for custom customer alarms and
connections. Up to two PRBs can be installed in the
Liebert STS2 to route system events to external devices.
Comms Board — Includes a terminal block to provide a
DTE connection to an external modem. This board also
provides a direct connection to a Liebert SiteScan® Web
system, via an RS-422. SiteLink-12 or SiteLink-4 is
required for SiteScan to communicate with the
Liebert STS2.
Liebert IntelliSlot™ 485 Web Card ADPT
Allows systems to be viewed from the network using a web browser.
Delivers SNMP, Telnet and web management.
Provides security using HTTPS message encryption.
Supports 10 and 100 MBit Ethernet for legacy and modern networks.
Provides compatibility with Liebert MultiLink shutdown software,
to prevent data loss and ensure data availability.
Supports Liebert SiteScan WEB enterprise monitoring software, to provide
trending for proactive analysis and maintenance to ensure facility uptime.
Interfaces to Liebert Nform alarm notification software, to facilitate
quick corrective action.
Liebert IntelliSlot 485 Web Card ADPT provides connectivity to any
TCP/IP-based Ethernet network to allow the device to communicate with
network management systems (NMS) via SNMP. Events can be
transmitted to the NMS to provide remote status monitoring,
plus fault and alarm detection. The card includes an RJ-45 port for
an Ethernet connection, via Category 5 cable. The card can also
integrate the system with an existing Building Management
System (BMS) or out-of-band monitoring, using Modbus.
Options and Accessories
Redundant Output Breaker — An output plug-in, nonautomatic circuit breaker provides redundancy in the output
power path. The breaker is connected in parallel with the
output plug-in non-automatic circuit breaker.
Input Junction Boxes and Cable (Up to 600A) — The input
junction box option is available to simplify input connections to
the STS2. Two input junction boxes and the associated flexible
10-foot long input cables are provided with this option.
Available with bottom cable entrance only, typically when the
unit is located on a raised floor.
Remote Source Selection — An optional Remote Source
Selection board may be installed in your STS2. This option
allows you choose the preferred input source from a remote
location. Terminal connections enable you to remotely select a
preferred source in the same process as the local source
transfer selection.
Key Lockout Switch — The key lockout switch activates a
software lockout of the touch-screen display to prevent manual
transfers and configuration changes. When locked out, the
touch-screen becomes a read only display. A key is needed to
perform manual transfers or change settings.
Critical Space Support from Emerson Network Power Service
Total Service Capability
Remote Monitoring — Always There, Always Alert
Emerson Network Power Service provides a Basic, Essential and
Preferred level of maintenance and service that allows you to
select the complement of critical power system services that
best fits your requirements. These programs include
guaranteed four-hour response time, emergency service and
preventive maintenance.
The key to providing proper service for your critical power systems is being aware of
that equipment’s operating status at any given time. For customers who need to have
these vital protection systems continuously monitored, but don’t want to do it
themselves, Emerson Network Power Service offers Remote Monitoring Service. This
seamless, rapid-response system is designed to maximize the capabilities of your
Liebert equipment by maximizing the effectiveness of its monitoring capabilities.
With more than 300 Liebert-employed Customer Engineers and
a network of over 900 factory authorized service personnel, our
technical capabilities, geographical coverage and ability to
respond are second to none. These factory-trained service
professionals have direct access to the most comprehensive
factory authorized parts network in the industry. We also
provide them with immediate online access to detailed
schematics and your equipment’s complete service record
from the time it was started up.
Continuous 24-hour remote monitoring of UPS/power conditioning equipment,
environmental products and other critical space support systems is available. No
matter where your facilities are located, we can provide continuous oversight of a
wide range of critical installations from our Customer Response Center.
When a problem is detected, the monitoring system immediately alerts the Customer
Response Center where each alarm is evaluated and processed. The center offers
instant phone assistance using a customer-defined response and call escalation plan.
Liebert will coordinate all service vendors, track the response and solution time for
service calls and provide comprehensive reports on alarms and corrective actions.
Ensuring The High Availability Of
Mission-Critical Data And Applications.
Amp Output
Rating (KW)
Liebert Corporation
Uncrated Dimensions
Shipping Dimensions1
Note: Shipping dimensions and weight include the pallet and packing material. Actual weights will vary depending on installed options.
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Operating Specifications
Voltage: 208, 220, 240, 380, 400, 415, 480 or 600 VAC (field selectable), +/- 10%
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz (field selectable), +/- 0.5 Hz
Overload Capability: 125% for 10 minutes,150% for 2 minutes
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40° C
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