Epson 100-88002 Printer User Manual

E n Se m b le H D
H o m e C I NEM A S Y S TEM
Imagine the ability to capture the magic
of going to the movies in your own home.
The world’s first complete, high
performance, affordable, integrated
audio and video projection system.
Cinema at Home
Imagine the ability to capture the magic of going to the movies in your own
home. Imagine harnessing that hair-raising, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat,
popcorn-kernel-stuck-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth feeling you could once only
get at the theater. Imagine a 100-inch screen (over four times the size of a
50-inch TV) where your favorite movies, TV, sports events, and video games
come to life in breathtaking High Definition. Imagine being the envy of the
neighborhood. You don't have to imagine any longer.
Introducing the Epson Ensemble HD™ Home Cinema System. The world’s first
complete, high performance, affordable, integrated audio/video projection
system designed to allow users to simply and seamlessly transform any room
into a state-of-the-art home cinema. The Epson Ensemble HD system has
everything you need to create the home theater of your dreams, including,
high-definition projector, integrated sound system, colossal, motorized movie
screen, AV controller with built-in DVD player, universal remote and equipment
cabinet. All necessary brackets, cables and wire management tracks are also
included for an easy, unobtrusive professional installation in as little as 4 hours.
This is true Home Cinema. This is the experience of going to the movies,
brought to life in the comfort of your own home, complete with spine-rattling
sound and mind-blowing visual clarity.
“This has got to be the coolest home
theater solution I’ve seen.”
EGear Magazine
The System of your Dreams
Among the system’s key innovations is its
integrated sound system. Developed in
coordination with Atlantic Technology,
a world leader in home audio...
In one word – Easy
speakers hidden
in the projector’s
speaker cradle
Easy to operate, easy to integrate into any room, easy on the eyes, easy on the
wallet. In the past, home theater systems have been complex, intimidating,
bulky, too expensive and way too limiting. The Ensemble HD finally changes
all that with a seamless design, simple operation and a more than manageable
price tag. Ensemble HD makes home cinema simple and includes everything
you need. Period. Just sit back and enjoy.
A hallmark of design
The system is designed and optimized to work together functionally and fit
together aesthetically. A sleek, contemporary design unites the components
and blends comfortably with almost any room or decor. Ensemble HD is never
the center of attention, (not until it's on anyway).
Unrivaled Innovation
Among the system’s key innovations is its one-of-a-kind, integrated sound
system. Developed in coordination with Atlantic Technology, a worldrenowned leader in multi-channel speaker systems, all front channel speakers
are hidden within the system’s 100-inch, 16:9, motorized screen and the
surround speakers are discreetly hidden in the projector’s integrated speaker
cradle. This unprecedented innovation ensures the highest quality sound
without the usual hassle and obtrusiveness of typical speaker systems.
100" motorized
screen with
LCR speakers
The Epson Ensemble HD comes
with everything you need for the
ultimate home cinema experience.
100" Screen with
Integrated LCR Speakers
10" Subwoofer
AV Controller with
built in DVD Player
1080p Projector with
Integrated Speaker Cradle
Remote Controller
Astounding Performance
There has, quite simply, never before been
a system that combines the Ensemble
HD’s unprecedented accessibility with such
extraordinary performance.
Extraordinary Video Quality
The Ensemble HD delivers crystal-clear high-definition, widescreen video that
puts you in the middle of the action. The projector features advanced Epson
3LCD technology for rich, vibrant colors and superb, fast motion images.
State-of-the-art optics ensure bright, distortion-free images from corner to
corner so none of the action gets missed. The system’s colossal, 100" screen,
over four times the size of a 50" big-screen TV, truly brings your
movies, TV and video games to life.
Epson 1080p projector
with state-of-the-art
You can place four
50" (16:9) screens in
Ensemble HD's 100"
AV Controller with
built-in DVD player and
dual HDMI inputs
Phenomenal Audio Fidelity
The audio system, engineered by Atlantic Technology®, a world-renowned
leader in multi-channel speaker systems, includes a state-of-the-art Dolby®
5.1 digital surround processor and over 350 watts RMS of heart-pounding
system power. The Ensemble HD’s rich, full audio fills the room and offers
clean, detailed, highly intelligible theater sound, at loudness levels sure to
satisfy even the most demanding action-movie aficionado. The system’s custom
designed subwoofer ensures you “feel” the sound as well as hear it. There
has, quite simply, never before been a system that combines the Ensemble HD’s
unprecedented accessibility with such extraordinary performance.
“…[The] unification of the audio and video
components into a seamless coherent whole
is what makes the system so enjoyable...”
A Seamless Fit in Nearly Any Room
Just push a button on the remote and Ensemble
HD’s screen disappears into the elegantly
designed screen casing, allowing you to enjoy
your room decor without any clutter...
Easy operation for everyone
Epson’s engineers have designed the system to ensure ease of use for everyone
in the home, regardless of age or audio/video experience. Our powerful AV
controller, with true 1080p output and intuitive on-screen display, has all the
inputs you need to connect your existing components, such as your cable
receiver and video game systems. At last, you can rid yourself of multiple
remotes. The pre-programmed, backlit, universal remote control is simple to
use even in a dark room. With the push of a single button on your remote,
your movies, television, sports and video games appear like never before.
Complete system
activation with
the push of a
single button
on your remote
Screen disappears into
the screen casing
Everything you need for trouble-free installation
The battle for the living room is finally over
Home cinema should be for everyone. Whether you’re installing the system in a
Just push a button on the remote and Ensemble HD’s screen disappears into
large basement or a small living room, Ensemble HD comes with everything you
the elegantly designed screen casing. When the Ensemble HD is not on display,
need for trouble-free installation in virtually any room. A professional installer
it humbly disappears into its surroundings, taking a back seat to the place you
will have you going in as little as four hours. Versatile mounting options allow
call home. When the screen is up, use Ensemble HD’s sound system to listen to
you to hang the screen from the ceiling or wall, and the Ensemble HD includes
your favorite music.
a proprietary “hidden track” wire management system that ensures a clean,
finished look with no extensive rewiring or intrusive room modifications.
(Wire management not shown)
to find your local Epson Ensemble HD dealer.
The Building Blocks of the Ensemble HD
Home Cinema
Engineered to deliver full 1080p resolution,
the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080
combines five revolutionary innovations in
one remarkable performer.
The Ensemble HD is best defined not by the sum of its parts, but by the
experience it delivers as a whole. That being said, the individual components
are pretty amazing.
A projector that redefines visual impact
Get ready to ooh and aah. The projector in the Ensemble HD Home Cinema
System is from Epson, the world leader and innovator in projecting highdefinition images.
Designed with a soft, pearl-white finish and engineered to deliver full 1080p
resolution, the award-winning Epson® PowerLite® Home Cinema 1080*
combines five revolutionary innovations in one remarkable performer. It begins
with C²Fine™ 3LCD technology, the core of this powerful projector, designed to
faithfully reproduce every color and scene.
Dichroic mirror
Next, there’s a proprietary lamp that provides consistent light from corner to
corner, using the least amount of power, while 1080Perfect™ video processing
offers full HD 1080p performance with 24fps and HDMI 1.3 compatibility.
AbsoluteBlack™ technology delivers a 12,000:1 contrast ratio and ensures
the richest, deepest blacks. And, the innovative OptiCinema™ lens delivers
amazing detail and color for spectacular results. Together, these cutting-edge
LCD panel
Winner: Epson
Home Cinema
Dichroic mirror
technologies, all within a single projector, present a total solution that exceeds
all expectations.
C²Fine 3LCD
technology, the core
of this powerful
“...a home theater package that simplifies the
process by including everything you need to get
up and running, while still being a great value.”
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080
• Razor sharp detail
True 1080p resolution
(1920 x 1080 pixels)
• Brighter, more accurate colors
Epson 3LCD (3-chip) technology
• Incredible blacks, depth and detail
C2Fine™ technology to achieve the deepest blacks without sacrificing detail
• Industry-leading connectivity
HDMI 1.3, with Deep Color™ support
• Superior optics
Exclusive OptiCinema™ lens for superior
picture quality, corner to corner
• Astonishing placement flexibility
97% vertical and 47% horizontal lens
shift capability without any image
• Sleek, contemporary design
Pearlescent finish and compact size
make it the centerpiece of any
home theater
*System also available with Epson
PowerLite Home Cinema 720 Projector
(Ensemble HD-720)
Components that will make
your system soar
Through its innovative, integrated design,
the Ensemble HD has solved – once and
for all – the dilemma of how to seamlessly
mount speakers in your room.
An amazing image has to be accompanied by a colossal screen and big,
dramatic sound, and the Ensemble HD Home Cinema System delivers.
The AV Controller
This system’s command center is a user friendly audio/video controller
complete with built-in progressive scan DVD player and AM/FM tuner.
The elegant, black-graphite unit is equipped with dual HDMI inputs and
1080p up-conversion on all inputs; ideal for connecting your essential
components including Blu-Ray or HD DVD players, High Definition
game systems and cable or satellite receivers.
100" Motorized Screen
with Integrated LCR Speakers
An Amazing Cinema Screen with an Innovative
Atlantic Technology Speaker System
To ensure a true big-screen viewing experience, the system’s motorized
100-inch, 16:9 electric screen, with built-in left, center and right speakers,
mounts on either the ceiling or wall for maximum flexibility. The screen uses a
high-quality, durable, Somfy tubular motor ensuring that it glides quietly from
AV Controller with
built-in DVD and
1080p up-conversion
its soft white screen enclosure even after repeated use. The screen utilizes a
1.0 gain, high-quality screen fabric creating rich, vibrant, real colors and deep
black levels.
"...a full-fledged true home theater system for a
fraction of the cost of a custom system, and with
a fraction of the installation time."
World-Renowned Atlantic Technology Speaker Design
Engineered by Atlantic Technology, the Ensemble HD’s left, center and
right channel speakers are unobtrusively integrated into the screen’s clean,
contemporary, white housing. Utilizing precise 4 ½" midrange drivers and
1" horn-loaded tweeters, the front stage speakers deliver highly articulate,
intelligible speech and on-screen action effects. To achieve pristine, consistent
sound fidelity in virtually any room, the Ensemble HD includes a proprietary,
4-position Location Equalization Control. This cutting-edge technology allows
users to adjust the sound to fit their room and ensures that listeners perceive
the dialog and action as coming from the screen- not above it!
Integrated surround
speaker cradle
A Cradle of Elegance and Sound
At last, the Ensemble HD has solved—once and for all—the dilemma of how to
mount surround speakers in your theater room. Surround speakers are a critically
important component in any life-like, convincing home theater. The surround
speakers convey the three-dimensional, ambient information that makes a movie
seem real: the sonar “bongs” reverberating through a submarine’s hull or the
hustle-and-bustle of a crowded city street.
The system ingeniously mounts the surround speakers in the projector housing,
firing outwards towards the sides of the room. Utilizing 4" full-range drivers, our
speakers take advantage of sound reflections from the walls and ceiling to fill
the room with rich, immersive, real sound that makes you feel like you’re part of
the action.
Elegant speaker design blends
with room decor
Ensemble HD is simply the smartest
way to convert your family room,
multimedia room or basement into a
first class entertainment center.
Everything you need
A subwoofer with true cinematic impact
Convincing, low-frequency sound reproduction is essential to any quality
Pre-Programmed Remote Control
home theater audio system, and this Atlantic Technology-designed subwoofer
The system includes a pre-programmed,
brings it to you. The Ensemble HD’s subwoofer includes 5.1 channels of
universal remote control. This easy to use
amplification and over 350 Watts of total system power. The subwoofer has
controller finally eliminates the need for
been painstakingly engineered with a ported design and a 10" polypropylene,
multiple remotes to control your various
long-throw woofer, producing solid, room-shaking bass down to the mid-
AV components, including your VCR, high
20Hz region. Warp engines and exploding Death Stars will sound and feel like
definition DVD player or cable/satellite box.
they’re happening right in your room.
Used to power some of the most complex,
high-end systems in the world, the remote
The location of the subwoofer in a room can greatly influence its performance.
includes backlit hard buttons and an LCD
In order to produce the highest performance in virtually every room, the
screen for simple operation with the lights
system includes proprietary “bass-smoothing” technology, creating smooth,
on or off.
equal bass throughout your room and ensuring the Ensemble HD subwoofer
LCD Remote Controller
always sounds clean, powerful, and detailed.
All Cables, Mounting, Wire Management and
Equipment Cabinet
The system includes everything you need to install and enjoy your home
cinema including all necessary mounting brackets, cables and wire
management tracks for seamless integration into your room. It even comes
with an equipment cabinet that cleanly houses all system components with
room to spare for your favorite add-ons.
10" subwoofer
with 5.1
channels of
A Story of Innovation
While Epson is prominently recognized as a world leader in high-quality printers
and scanners, its accomplishments in the world of front projection and home
entertainment are equally astounding.
During the past century, Epson has developed sophisticated technologies that
keep them at the forefront of the digital imaging and front projection markets.
Since its establishment, Seiko Epson Corporation has earned a reputation for
pioneering original technologies, which have led to a number of notable "firsts",
including the first notebook computer (1981), the first liquid crystal TV watch
(1982) and the first portable liquid crystal color TV (1984).
Today, utilizing Epson's patented 3LCD technology, Epson’s projectors are the
most widely used projectors in the world. Recognizing the superior quality of
LCD technology, other major companies use Epson’s LCDs in a variety of different
products, from televisions and projectors to watches and cell phones.
Epson’s projectors have won a number of prestigious awards and can be found
in high-end home theaters worldwide. Epson was among the first manufacturers
to bring 1080p front projectors to market, ushering in extraordinary picture
resolution at unprecedented pricing. Epson’s projector with built-in DVD player
helped introduce the world of home cinema to a new generation of consumers.
With every new advancement, Epson solidifies its position as a technology leader.
Now, Epson has teamed up with Atlantic Technology, a world leader in home
audio, to create the world’s first complete, integrated home cinema system.
Immerse yourself in the magic of the movies.
Features & Specifications
720p Projector Specifications
Audio/Video Controller with Built-in DVD
PowerLite Home Cinema 720
Audio/Video Capabilities
DVD/CD player; FM/AM tuner
Projection System
Epson 3LCD Technology
Surround Sound Processing
Native 720P (1280x720), 16x9
Dolby Digital Surround, DTS 5.1, Dolby Pro Logic,
and Dolby Pro Logic IIx (for cinema, music, and games)
Up to 1600 lumens (Dynamic Mode)
Video Processing
Pixelworks® chipset upscales all inputs to 1080p
Up to 10,000:1 (Dynamic Mode)
AV Inputs
Throw Distance
100" (wide: 10.5' – tele: 22')
(2) HDMI, Component, Composite, S-video
Digital audio (HDMI, optical, coax)
Lens Shift Range
Vertical +/- 100%; Horizontal +/- 50%
AV Outputs
HDMI (video) (upscaled to 1080p) DB15 (audio)
Video Inputs
HDMI, component, S-video, composite
System Remote Control
LCD backlit display, programmable
Dimensions (W x H x D)
16" x 12.2" x 4.9"
Dimensions (WxHxD)
13.5" x 10.5" x 4"
Weight (ea)
11.9 lb
7.5 lb
1080p Projector Specifications
PowerLite Home Cinema 1080
Projection System
Epson 3LCD Technology
Native 1080P (1920x1080), 16x9
Up to 1200 lumens (Dynamic Mode)
Up to 12,000:1 (Dynamic Mode)
Throw Distance
100" (wide: 12' – tele: 20.9')
Lens Shift Range
Vertical +/- 96%; Horizontal +/- 47%
Video Inputs
HDMI, component, S-video, composite
Dimensions (W x H x D)
16" x 12.2" x 4.9"
Weight (ea)
12.3 lb
Specifications and terms subject to change without notice. Epson and C2Fine are
registered trademarks and Epson Exceed Your Vision and 1080Perfect are trademarks of
Seiko Epson Corporation. PowerLite is a registered trademark and Ensemble HD,
AbsoluteBlack, and OptiCinema are trademarks of Epson America, Inc. All other products and
brand names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Epson disclaims any and all rights to these trademarks. © Copyright 2007 Epson America, Inc.
CPD-24688 8/07 OCPC
100" (16:9) Electric Screen with Built-in Front Speakers
Surround Speakers in Integrated Speaker Cradle
Screen Size
(Nominal Diagonal)
100" (HDTV Format 16:9)
Speaker Mounting
Side/reflective surround; also removable for
corner wall/ceiling installation
Screen Material
1.0 gain super white
4" coaxial speaker
Additional Black Drop
12" black screen drop length
Frequency response
Supports wall or ceiling installation
Amplifier Power
70 W total power (RMS)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
26.9" x 6.4"x 12.7"
(complete projector mount)
15 lb
(1) 4.5" midrange,
(1) 1" titanium horn tweeter
(1) 4.5" midrange,
(1) 1" titanium horn tweeter
Powered Subwoofer Specifications
Frequency Response
75Hz – 20kHz ±3dB
Sealed enclosure, front-firing
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
Bass Driver
10" (254mm) long-throw
Frequency Response
32-250Hz, +/- 3dB
Screen Dimensions w/ grilles
(W x H x D)
100" x 9.5" x 5"
Amplifier Power
150 Watts (RMS)
Peak Output
105dB in 2000 cu.ft.
76 lb
Vertical +/- 96%; Horizontal +/- 47%
Built-In 5.1 Amplifier w/ EQ
Output Power
(150x1 sub) (50x1 center) (35x4 LR/SrSl)
Frequency Response
Boundary Controls
Five pre-programmed EQs manually selected based on
screen installation location on either wall or ceiling
Sub Acoustic Adjustment
Manual rotary control varies frequency and gain
Anti-Boom Circuitry
Smooths room induced base peak
Dimensions (WxHxD)
14.9" x 16.1" x 18.0"
65 lb
Epson America, Inc.
3840 Kilroy Airport Way, Long Beach, CA 90806
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