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The Toshiba 803 quick start guide
In just a few minutes we’ll show you how easy it is to use the new features of your Toshiba 803. This
advanced phone can take advantage of the faster 3G network, and we have specially enhanced it to make
the most of the Vodafone live! multimedia service.
You’ll see how quickly you can make video calls, take pictures and video clips with its built-in 2 megapixel
digital camera, send pictures, sounds and video clips in multimedia messages (MMS), and connect to
Vodafone live!.
You’ll also be able to personalise your phone by downloading new ringtones, games and wallpapers.
Finally, we’ll show you how to transfer music files to your phone and use it as a music player!
Getting started
1. Insert your SIM card:
Slide off the back cover, and remove the battery. Slide your Vodafone SIM card (with the gold contacts
facing downwards) into its holder, making sure that the cut-out corner is aligned. Replace the battery and
2. Insert the miniSD™ memory card:
Open the side miniSD™ slot and slide the memory card in as shown. This enlarges your phone’s memory.
3. Turn it on:
Make sure the battery is charged (see the User Manual for details). Open the handset, then press and
hold the
key. (You do the same to turn it off again.)
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7/9/05 2:30:00 pm
The phone
Keys and navigation
Navigation key: press the centre to select an action or highlighted menu item, or
select the middle icon at the bottom of the screen. (In standby mode it opens the main
Move the navigation key sideways to move around icons and menu lists. (In standby
mode, up opens the Shortcut Menu, right opens Calendar, down opens Contacts
List and left opens Create Message.)
Soft keys: select the option displayed in the bottom left or right of the screen. (In
standby mode left opens Messaging, right opens Vodafone live!.)
Call key: makes or answers a call. In standby mode, goes to the voice and video
Dialled Numbers.
End key: press to end a call, or to exit an application and return to the standby screen.
Press and hold to turn the phone on and off.
Media Player key: press to choose and play music.
Multi Task key: press to switch to another open application, or to go to the Organiser
& Tools menu without closing the application you’re using (see page 11).
Side camera key
Camera key: press to start the camera, or press and hold to start the video recorder.
Music player controller (on cover): use this to choose and play your music (see
page 12).
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7/9/05 2:30:01 pm
The 3G network & Video calling
: 3G service indicator
When the 3G symbol appears
next to the signal bars, you’ll be
able to take advantage of the
faster, richer experience of the
Vodafone 3G service. Of course,
you’ll still be able to use the
existing network at other times.
The 3G network is growing
rapidly – contact Vodafone for
more information on where the
service is available.
The 3G network is designed to carry data faster, giving you new levels of speed and service. As well
as enabling video calling (see below), you’ll experience significantly faster downloads, you’ll find richer
content, and you can stream video and music too.
Vodafone is introducing new services designed just for the 3G network such as live! TV and Full Track
Music Downloads (see page 10). These are already available in some countries, so check out Vodafone
live! for more information.
Make and receive a video call
When the 3G symbol [
] appears you can make and receive video calls with your Toshiba 803. The
other person you are calling must have a compatible 3G phone and be in a 3G area too. Please note that
the Toshiba 803 has no internal camera, so the other person will just see the view from the camera on the
Make a call:
In standby mode, enter the number using the keypad and then press [Options]/Video Call. Press
dial, and
to end the call.
Video Call
When the connection is made, the sound will switch to the loudspeaker. Press [Options] for more options
during the call.
To use your Call logs, press
in standby mode. Scroll to the number you want and press [Options]/
Video Call to start dialling. You can also do the same from your Contacts (press
in standby mode).
Tosh 803 UK.indd 3
Answer a call:
to answer a video call.
7/9/05 2:30:03 pm
Using the camera
With the built-in 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom it’s easy to take pictures and video clips. You can
send these to family and friends as a picture or video message (MMS – see page 6).
Take and send a picture
1. Choose the size of your picture:
You can choose two different camera modes: Portrait mode, where you hold the phone upright, uses
lower resolution files (best for sending pictures or using as wallpaper). Landscape mode (held sideways)
uses much higher resolution, but the file sizes are much higher, too.
With the camera active, press 2 to switch between Portrait and Landscape modes, 9 to change the
picture size, or 5 to change the quality (press 1 to see a full list of commands). Press [Options] for more
2. Take a picture:
In standby mode, briefly press the front camera key
to start the camera (you can also briefly press
the side camera key
, or go to the main menu and select Camera). Use the volume keys or
to zoom in or out (except at highest picture sizes), and press
to turn the camera light on and
off. Press the side camera key again (or press
) to take the picture.
3. Save and send the picture:
It’s saved automatically. Portrait (upright) photos are in Menu/My Items/Pictures, while Landscape
(sideways) photos are in Pictures/Digital Camera.. Press
] to send it As MMS, or as
Postcard (see page 10).Press [Back]] to take another picture, or [Options
[Options]/Delete to delete it.
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7/9/05 2:30:05 pm
Take and send a video clip
1. Take a video clip:
In standby mode, press and hold the front or side camera key, or go to Menu/Camera/Record Video.
Press 2 to switch between the two recording modes: For MMS mode (upright), limits the length and
quality so it can be sent to other people. Camcorder mode (sideways) lets you take higher quality for
longer, but you won’t be able to send it as an MMS message.
Press either
or the side camera key to start recording (you’ll hear a brief sound when it starts), and
press it again to stop.
2. Save and send the video:
It’s saved automatically (in Menu/My Items/Videos).). Press
] to send it As MMS. You can
also add it to a video message later – see page 6. Press [Options]/Play
]/Play to watch it, [[Back] to take
another video, or [Options]/Delete to delete it.
3. Settings:
With the video camera active, press 2 to change the recording mode, 5 to change the quality, or 8 for fullscreen mode (press 1 to see a full list of commands). Press [Options] for more options. Use the volume
or up/down
keys to zoom.
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7/9/05 2:30:06 pm
With picture and video messaging (MMS) you can send more than just text messages – you can send
pictures, video clips and sounds as well!
Page 1
Send to
[Add Picture]
[Add Text]
[Add Sound]
[Add Video]
[Add Other Files]
Text entry:
Press and hold
change from Predictive text (T9)
to Multi-tap (abc). In T9, use
to cycle through the
alternative words, then press
or 0 to select the one you
want. If the word you want isn’t
available, switch to Multi-tap
to enter it.
Tosh 803 UK.indd 6
Create and send an MMS (Multimedia message)
1. Start a new message:
To send a picture or video message, press the
Select Create Message, then MMS.
key in standby mode (or select Menu/Messaging).
2. Add a picture or video clip:
Select [Add Picture] or [Add Video] , then choose My Pictures or My Videos. Select the picture or
video clip you want, then press
to attach it and return to the MMS screen. Note: you can add either
a picture or a video clip to a message. If you send a large video clip you may not be able to add any more
to the message.
3. Enter the text:
Select [Add Text], then use the keypad to write your text. To enter punctuation or other characters, press
1 or press the
key and select the symbol you want. For a space, press 0. Press the
key to
cycle through capitals, numeric, etc. (shown at the top of the screen). Press
to return to the MMS
4. Add a sound clip:
Select [Add Sound]. Choose your clip and press
to attach it and return to the MMS screen.
5. Preview the message:
Select [Options]/Preview Message to see and hear your message. To change an item highlight it in the
MMS screen, then press [Options]/Edit... or Delete.... Then press
7/9/05 2:30:07 pm
6. Choose who you send it to:
Select Send to. Choose From Contacts to enter a contact number or email address from your Contacts
List. To send it to a mobile choose Enter Recipient and enter the number, or choose [Options]/Input
method/abc to enter an email address (press the 1 key once for the [.] symbol, three times for the [@]).
Then press
Page 1
Hey! Wait til you see this!
7. Send your message:
Select Send, and press
to send it. Or press [Options]/Add Recipients to send it to more people.
Messaging tips
Sending to a mobile:
Try sending one to yourself to see how it works. You’ll find it in Menu/Messaging/Inbox.
If the receiving phone isn’t picture message or video message compatible, they’ll be sent a web address
to view your message on.
You can add more than one
picture, sound or video clip
to your message by adding a
new page. In the MMS screen
press [Options]/Add Page.
Tosh 803 UK.indd 7
Adding a new picture or video clip:
To add a new picture or video to your message you can choose Take Picture or Record Video in the
[Add Picture] or [Add Video] menus.
7/9/05 2:30:08 pm
Vodafone live!
Vodafone live! brings you new and exciting ways to communicate, to access information, music and
games, and to personalise your phone. You can find more details in the Vodafone live! guide to services or
on the Vodafone website (
Connect to
1. Connect:
In standby mode, press
homepage. To exit, press the
] and select Vodafone live! to connect you to the Vodafone live!
2. Browsing:
Simply highlight the item you want to select, then press
a page. Press [Options] for the Browser Option menu.
to open that page. Press [Back] to go back
To go directly to a favourite page, press [Options]/Bookmarks/View List to select a saved bookmark or
Bookmarks/Add Bookmark to add a new one.
4. Direct links:
In standby mode, go to Menu/Vodafone live!. Here you can go directly to your bookmarks before
connecting. You’ll also find direct links to the main Vodafone live! sections, including news, downloads and
5. What’s new:
Vodafone live! is always evolving to bring you new and better services – keep checking to see what’s new.
Note: your view of the homepage
may be slightly different.
Tosh 803 UK.indd 8
7/9/05 2:30:09 pm
Change your Toshiba 803 whenever you want by downloading new real music ringtones, videos, games,
applications and background wallpaper from Vodafone live!. You can also stream (view or listen only) video
and audio...
Download more sounds
More Sounds
Download to your phone
1. Wallpaper, screensavers and ringtones:
Go to Menu/My Items. Choose Pictures/More Pictures for images and wallpaper, or Sounds &
Ringtones/More Sounds for ringtones and sounds. Follow the instructions to download.
After downloading, you’ll be given options to view or use your new download.
Otherwise, to set a downloaded sound as your new ringtone, go to Menu/Settings/Phone Profiles then
choose Normal (or any other profile)/[Options]/Personalise. Select Assign Ringtone, choose Voice
Call, then press My Sounds/Sounds&Ringtones and select your new ringtone. Press [Options]/Play,
then [Assign].
To set an image as your wallpaper, go to Menu/Settings/Display Settings, then choose Main Display/
Wallpaper. Select My Pictures, and then choose the picture you want.
2. Games:
For games, go to Menu/Games&More/Applications/More Games. Follow the instructions to
3. Streaming video/audio:
Go to Menu/My Items/Videos/More Videos, and follow the instructions. Your video or audio stream will
automatically start playing.
Tosh 803 UK.indd 9
7/9/05 2:30:10 pm
Other services
live! Postcard & live! Studio
1. live! Postcard:
Now you can send a picture from your phone as an actual postcard. Go to Menu/Messaging/Create
Message/live! Postcard, and add a picture and text (up to 200 characters). Select Send to and add the
address, then select Send/Send. Vodafone will have it printed on a postcard and sent by mail.
2. live! Studio:
You can also upload selected pictures to an online album where you and your friends can access them
remotely. Go to Menu/My Items/Pictures, select the picture you want and choose [Options]/Send/To
live! Studio. To see your album on the Vodafone live! portal, go to Menu/Messaging/live! Studio. You
can also log in to your homepage on your local Vodafone website and select the live! Studio option.
(Note: you can also send other items like ringtones, MMS messages and videos to your album.)
Exclusive services for Vodafone live! 3G customers
1. live! TV:
A great way to get video news and entertainment, TV clips and sport. Connect to Vodafone live! and
choose live! TV. Choose a clip – this will be streamed to you directly, so you don’t have to store it.
2. Full Track Music Downloads:
Listen to the music you want – whenever you want and wherever you are. Go to Music on Vodafone
live!, then select and buy a track from the catalogue. Download it, save it and play it whenever you
choose. Use your stereo headphones for the best playback.
Tosh 803 UK.indd 10
7/9/05 2:30:10 pm
Other functions
For more information see the User Guide. You can also find out more about Vodafone 3G and other
services by going to your local Vodafone website, or contacting your local Customer Services.
Phone hints
1. Silent profile:
In standby mode, press and hold the
key. You’ll see a ‘silent’ icon at the top of the screen. Press
and hold the
key again to return to the previous profile.
Multi Task
Organiser & Tools
2. External keys lock:
When the phone is closed, press and hold the side camera
and hold the key again to unlock.
key. This locks the external keys. Press
3. Application switch key:
You can use more than one application at the same time. Press
, then select Organiser & Tools,
and choose a new application. For example, while creating a message you can also view your calendar
appointments. To switch between applications, press
and select a new one.
You can also dial a number to make a voice or video call while using applications. Press
and go
to [Options]/Dial Number and enter your number. To select a number from your Contacts list, go to
Menu/Contacts/Contacts List.
If you try and open more than two applications at the same time, you may run out of memory.
Tosh 803 UK.indd 11
7/9/05 2:30:11 pm
Media Player
Your Toshiba 803 is also a personal music player! Download music from Vodafone live! (see page 10),
or transfer it from your PC, then listen to it through headphones or the stereo speakers. The front control
panel makes it even easier!
Transfer and play music
1. Transfer music from your PC:
First format your miniSD™ card on your phone (warning: this deletes all previous data!): go to Menu/
Settings/Memory Settings/Memory Card/Format Card, then enter the password 0000.
Install the supplied Toshiba Mobile Music software onto your PC, and run the program. Click the top
left button on the screen to add music files to the program library. Connect your phone to your PC using
the supplied USB cable, and press Yes to switch to Music Transfer mode. Then check that the destination
folder on your PC is set to the handset.
Highlight the music tracks you want to transfer, then click on the Transfer icon (on the right), and wait until
the transfer is complete.
2. Organise music:
Press the Media Player key on your phone, then select Playlists/Create Playlist. Give it a name, then
add the music files you want. You can make up to 10 playlists. You can also add tracks to your Favourites
Press to play
previous track.
Hold to rewind
Press to play
next track.
Hold to fast
forward track.
3. Play music:
With the phone closed, press the
icon on the front panel. Use the panel as a controller to open
and play your playlists, following the onscreen prompts. You can also use the controller on the supplied
stereo headset. Adjust the volume using the side volume keys, or the headset controller. Press and hold
key to lock and unlock the controller.
Press to play/
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7/9/05 2:30:11 pm
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