Epson 85HD Projector User Manual

Epson MovieMate 85HD
High-definition, portable projector, dvd and music player combo
The on-the-go, high-def, instant home cinema.
Experience the ultimate versatility in widescreen, high-def home entertainment with Epson MovieMate 85HD,
a powerful projector, DVD and music player combo that brings you brilliant blockbuster performances. Just
plug, load and play. Get brilliant, larger-than-life entertainment — with 2500 lumens color light output and
2500 lumens white light output1, plus 720p widescreen performance. A sleek, portable performer, Epson
MovieMate 85HD includes a built-in DVD/CD player and dual Dolby® 5.1 Digital DTS® 10 W stereo speakers.
Add to that its convenient HDMI connectivity and you’ve got everything you need for amazing HD adventures.
Epson MovieMate 85HD works with any blank wall or screen and projects DVD movies up to 12 times larger
than they would appear on a 40", widescreen TV.
Enjoy larger-than-life, high-def entertainment — widescreen, 720p
resolution and images up to 12 times larger than on a 40", widescreen TV
Ultra bright, even in well-lit rooms — 2500 lumens color light output,
2500 lumens white light output1
Epson MovieMate 85HD
High-definition, portable projector, dvd and music player combo
The best selling projectors in the world.
Built with image quality and reliability in mind, Epson projectors take home theater entertainment
to a whole new level, featuring color and detail that’s sure to win rave reviews from friends and
family alike, making your home the hottest ticket in town.
The best seats in or out of the house
Enjoy big-screen cinematic adventures at home or
on the go. Epson MovieMate 85HD makes it easy
with built-in features including larger-than-life
widescreen resolution, a CD/DVD player, two 10 W
Dolby Digital speakers and DTS Digital Surround.
Amazing light output
• 2500 lumens color light output and
2500 lumens white light output1
• High color light output for bright,
balanced, colorful images
• White light output that’s measured using ISO 21118 (a more rigid standard than the outdated ANSI
lumens rating used by competitive products)
Feel closer to the action with brilliant HD performance.
Enjoy a variety of entertainment options
• Play music or movies using the projector’s built-in
CD/DVD player
• Show videos or listen to tunes stored on your Apple® iPod®
• Use the microphone input for the ultimate karaoke party
• Play songs from a flash/thumb drive or MP3 player
• Show content from a PC or Mac® computer
• Enjoy added versatility with HDMI connectivity
Play songs from your flash/thumb drive or MP3 player.
Eco Features
For more information on Epson’s environmental
For more information
on Epson’s environmental
go to
programs, go to
• RoHS compliant
• Designed to be recycled2
• Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWaySM
Transport Partner3
3LCD technology — for quality and color
that’s beyond amazing
Innovative technology with proven reliability
• 3 chips for full-time, vibrant color
• 25% less electricity required per lumen of
brightness when compared to 1-chip DLP
• Road-tested reliability from a company with
over 20 years of experience
• Enjoy larger-than-life, high-def entertainment —
widescreen, 720p (1280 x 800) resolution for amazing
high-def movies and more; images up to 12x larger than
on a 40", widescreen TV
• Ultra bright, even in well-lit rooms — 2500 lumens color
light output, 2500 lumens white light output1
• Cutting-edge connectivity, including HDMI, for
maximum flexibility — connect to external highdefinition video sources
• Brilliant, blockbuster movies — built-in DVD player
• Just plug, load and play — easy setup; includes 1.2x
manual zoom, manual focus and auto keystone
correction (+/- 30 degrees)
Play larger-than-life video games with vibrant color graphics. Just connect your
Nintendo® Wii™, Microsoft® Xbox 360® or Sony® PS3.
Energy-efficient E-TORL® lamp, exclusively
from Epson
• Take the show on the road — built-in handle and
carrying case included
• Set up in any setting — sleek design and low profile for
any décor
• Share all the action with great sound — two built-in,
10 W Dolby Digital speakers with Digital DTS Surround
• Enjoy every detail with colors that pop off the screen —
3LCD, 3-chip technology and dynamic contrast ratio up
to 3000:1
• Delivers more lumens per watt
and lasts up to 5000 hours5
• Minimizes both light diffraction
and light leakage
• E-TORL lamps maximize your
viewing time, while minimizing
your costs
• Use with popular electronic devices — Apple iPod,
Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360
E-TORL lamp
Compact and portable design
• With the included handle and carrying case,
you can take all this technology with you, for
action-packed entertainment virtually anywhere
• Not just for DVDs — sing karaoke with the built-in
microphone input, play videogames and enjoy your
computer, camcorder or digital camera with easy
Plug ‘n Play connectivity
• Energy-efficient E-TORL lamp — 200 W lamp lasts up
to 5000 hours5
• Rest easy with outstanding support — includes two
years of toll-free, priority technical support;
replacement shipped via two-business day delivery
• Warranty — Epson’s two-year limited warranty and a
90-day limited lamp warranty
Composite Video
Epson MovieMate 85HD
Audio L/R
Computer VGA
USB Type B (service only)
High-definition, Portable Projector, DVD
and Music Player Combo
Product Name Epson MovieMate 85HD Genuine Epson Lamp Replacement Air Filter Product Code V11H412020 V13H010L66 V13H134A26
0 10343 88101 8
0 10343 88012 2
0 10343 87488 6
Component Video (R/G/B)
Microphone Power
USB Type A
Digital Audio Out
Projection Lens
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Accessory Part Numbers
Projection System
3LCD, 3-chip technology
Poly-silicon TFT active matrix
Widescreen 720p (1280 x 800)
Aspect Ratio
Native 16:10 widescreen (4:3 resize)
Compatible with 4:3 and 2.35:1 video formats
with Normal, Full or Zoom Modes
2500 lumens color light output
2500 lumens white light output (ISO 21118)
Contrast Ratio
Up to 3000:1
5 Color Modes
Dynamic, Livingroom, Theater, Game, Auto
Built-in Speakers
Integrated 10 W stereo speakers
DVD Unit
Built-in DVD player
DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital
Media and Format
Audio, CD-R/RW, DVD-VR (without CPRM),
Audio CD, MP3(CD/DVD), WMA (CD/DVD),
JPEG, DualDisk
Fan Noise
28 dB – 33 dB
200 W UHE (Ultra High Efficiency)
Lamp Life5
Up to 5000 hours
Zoom Ratio
Manual 1.2x
Projection Lens
F-number: 1.58, 16.9 mm focal length
Widescreen Image Size (projected distance)
33" – 318" wide: 3' – 29' (16:10 image)
Keystone Correction
Vertical +/-30 degrees
Including feet: 13.2" x 9.4" x 5.4"
Excluding feet: 13.2" x 9.4" x 5.0"
Weight: 9.3 lb
Genuine Epson Lamp Air Filter 1
Video Input Signal
DVD Region Code 1
SECAM, HDTV (720, 1080i),
SDTV (525i/525p/625i/625p),
HD-DVD and Blu-ray™ (external source only)
Terminal Inputs
1 RCA (composite)
1 RCA (component)
2 RCA (audio L/R) stereo
1 VGA D-sub 15 pin (computer input)
USB Type A
USB Type B (service only)
Mic input
Terminal Outputs
1 headphone stereo jack
1 digital coaxial audio out
Computer Compatibility
Parental Controls
Restricted Access
Prevents your child from viewing
inappropriate DVDs
Power Button Lock
Hinders Epson MovieMate from being turned on
without parental supervision
The Epson ConnectionSM
U.S. and Canada 800-463-7766
Internet website
Projector resources available at
Includes two years of toll-free, priority
technical support, plus Epson’s two-year
limited warranty and a 90-day limited lamp
Epson MovieMate 85HD, glow-in-the-dark
remote control (with batteries), AC power cord,
CD with user manual and electronic registration
utility, cushioned carrying case, Quick Guide
Packaging Specifications
Epson MovieMate 85HD
Dimensions 20" x 13" x 11" (W x D x H)
Weight 14.8 lb
Genuine Epson Lamp
Dimensions 6.3" x 5.6" x 5.6" (W x D x H)
Weight 0.7 lb
Master Carton
Dimensions 28.4" x 13.1" x 6.8" (W x D x H)
Weight 9.3 lb
Units Per Master Carton 10
Replacement Air Filter
Dimensions 5.0" x 4.1" x 1.3" (W x D x H)
Weight 0.1 lb
Master Carton
Dimensions 12.8" x 5.3" x 4.7" (W x D x H)
Weight 1.3 lb
Units Per Master Carton 10
Light output varies depending on modes (color and white light output). White light output measured using ISO 21118 standard.
See our website for convenient and reasonable recycling options at
SmartWay is an innovative partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.
Data source: Projector, Jan. 2010. Average of 910 shipping models for which the manufacturers provided lumens and total power data, all resolutions and brightness levels.
Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.
Epson America, Inc.
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Epson Canada, Ltd.
3771 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M1W 3Z5
Specifications and terms subject to change without notice. Epson and E-TORL are registered trademarks, Epson Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark and Better Products for a Better Future is a
trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. Epson MovieMate is a registered trademark and Epson Connection is a service mark of Epson America, Inc.
DTS is a registered trademark of DTS, Inc. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories. All other product and brand names are trademarks and/or registered
trademarks of their respective companies. Epson disclaims any and all rights in these marks. Copyright 2010 Epson America, Inc. CPD-32497 09/10
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