Test Equipment Solutions Datasheet

Test Equipment Solutions Datasheet
Test Equipment Solutions Datasheet
Test Equipment Solutions Ltd specialise in the second user sale, rental and distribution of
quality test & measurement (T&M) equipment. We stock all major equipment types such as
spectrum analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, power meters, logic analysers etc from
all the major suppliers such as Agilent, Tektronix, Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz.
We are focused at the professional end of the marketplace, primarily working with customers
for whom high performance, quality and service are key, whilst realising the cost savings that
second user equipment offers. As such, we fully test & refurbish equipment in our in-house,
traceable Lab. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2
year warranty. Our staff have extensive backgrounds in T&M, totalling over 150 years of
combined experience, which enables us to deliver industry-leading service and support. We
endeavour to be customer focused in every way right down to the detail, such as offering free
delivery on sales, covering the cost of warranty returns BOTH ways (plus supplying a loan
unit, if available) and supplying a free business tool with every order.
As well as the headline benefit of cost saving, second user offers shorter lead times, higher
reliability and multivendor solutions. Rental, of course, is ideal for shorter term needs and
offers fast delivery, flexibility, try-before-you-buy, zero capital expenditure, lower risk and off
balance sheet accounting. Both second user and rental improve the key business measure of
Return On Capital Employed.
We are based near Heathrow Airport in the UK from where we supply test equipment
worldwide. Our facility incorporates Sales, Support, Admin, Logistics and our own in-house
All products supplied by Test Equipment Solutions include:
- No-quibble parts & labour warranty (we provide transport for UK mainland addresses).
- Free loan equipment during warranty repair, if available.
- Full electrical, mechanical and safety refurbishment in our in-house Lab.
- Certificate of Conformance (calibration available on request).
- Manuals and accessories required for normal operation.
- Free insured delivery to your UK mainland address (sales).
- Support from our team of seasoned Test & Measurement engineers.
- ISO9001 quality assurance.
Test equipment Solutions Ltd
Unit 8 Elder Way
Waterside Drive
T: +44 (0)1753 596000
F: +44 (0)1753 596001
Email: info@TestEquipmentHQ.com
Web: www.TestEquipmentHQ.com
NSG 435
NSG 435 ESD Simulator
Advanced, compact
ESD test system
NSG 435: A new concept
Combining ease of operation and ergonomic design
with exceptionally high functionality, the NSG 435 offers
all the features of a comprehensive ESD test system in
a compact, light-weight, hand-held instrument.
Microprocessor-based control and a five-key
pad give access to the comprehensive range
of built-in functions. The liquid crystal display
shows the operating status and all userprogrammed test parameters continuously.
A discharge pulse counter is incorporated
and a further handy feature is the provision of
a preset counter for long duration tests and
remote use.
User programmable discharge voltage 200V to 16.5kV
Built-in IEC 1000-4-2 test settings
Battery powered
Compact and Iightweight design
Ergonomic design and high functionality
Careful attention has been paid to ergonomic design to ensure
that the NSG 435 sits easily in the hand without being tiring or
uncomfortable during long or repeated test procedures.
The liquid crystal display panel is clearly visible at all times in
the working position and all the controls are conveniently at the
user’s fingertips.
The NSG 435 is powered by a rechargeable battery supply,
so there is no separate high voltage generator or stiff
connecting cable to hinder access to the EUT. The battery,
which lasts for several days under normal test usage, can be
easily interchanged and recharged in just three hours.
The NSG 435 has its own high voltage
generator producing pulses up to 16.5kV.
In addition to the pre-programmed, standard
IEC pulses, the user can create custom tests,
using single or repetitive discharges with
selectable discharge rates and manual or
automatic polarity switching. A unique feature
is the detection of a real or valid discharge
thereby avoiding misleading discharge counts.
This is especially important during long term
and remote test set up. The NSG 435 also
measures and displays the real flash over
voltage during air discharge testing.
The NSG 435 comes with a 150pF/330Ω
discharge network for tests to IEC 1000-4-2,
and a range of interchangeable discharge
networks is available for other standards
including EN, ANSI-IEEE, ISO, etc. The
discharge voltage of up to 16.5kV for air
discharges and up to 9kV for contact
discharges ensures a comfortable margin
over and above the values required for the
standard tests.
static discharge
ESD simulation
IEC 1000-4-2
Basic kit
The standard basic NSG 435
simulator system consists of:
Optional extras
A range of optional extras is available
for special applications:
Carrying case 42x32x13.5cm
(16.5 x 12.5 x 5.3ins)
Carrying case (options)
42 x 32 x 13.5cm (16.5 x 12.5x5.3ins)
NSG 435 electrostatic discharge
Mains power supply unit
Spare battery pack
Battery pack
Remote triggering unit with
5m (16ft) fibre-optic cable
Discharge network for
150pF/330Ω test to IEC 1000-4-2
Test finger, air discharge
Discharge network for
150pF/150Ω test to IEC 801-2/1984
Test finger, contact discharge
Special discharge networks
Earthing cable
Test finger with fast leading
edge <400ps
Battery re-charger
Coaxial measuring adapter
Operating instructions
A comprehensive test package
The simulator system is supplied with
standard accessories, including interchangeable test fingers, an earthing cable and battery
re-charger - all in a durable carrying case.
There is an optional fibre optic remote control
trigger for operation inside a screened room or
enclosure. The LC-display gives the operator a
clear, continuous indication of all the test
parameters, the operational status of the
instrument and the current function of each of
the five software-controlled keys as well as:
• Discharge voltage - actual or pre-set
voltage, with polarity indicator
• Counter - number of discharges,
up-counter or preselection down-counter
• Battery status - low battery indicator
Technical specifications
Pulse data - standard
Pulse data - special
Discharge network - standard
Discharge network - special
Discharge voltage - air
Discharge voltage - contact
Test finger - standard
Test finger - special
Voltage measurement
Holding time
Remote control
Power supply
Operating modes
Pulse counter
Pre-set counter
Environmental conditions
during operation
As per IEC/EN 61000-4-2
Interchangeable test fingers to conform with other standards
150pF/330Ω as per IEC 61000-4-2
Interchangeable networks to conform with other standards
200V to 16.5kV (in 100V steps); tolerance ±5%, 1 to 16kV
200V to 9kV (in 100V steps); tolerance ±5%, 1 to 9kV
Ball and point as per IEC, interchangeable, screw fitting
Special test finger for fast rise time pulse
On HV side, dynamic; accuracy better than ±5%, 1 to 16kV
> 5s
Manual trigger button or optical remote input
Optical interface for INA 415
Rechargeable battery pack in hand-grip, interchangeable,
3hour re-charging time; mains power unit available as an
Positive, negative or automatic switching
Single; repetitive at 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20, or 25Hz; continuous
0 to 9999
0 to 9999
LCD panel showing:
discharge voltage • breakdown voltage • polarity •
air/contact discharge • counter/preset counter • soft key
functions • battery monitor
NSG 435 with battery: 1.2kg (2.64lbs) approx.
5 to 40°C (40 to 105°F); 20 to 80% rh (non condensing);
68 to 106kPa
NSG 435 ordering information
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The Schaffner NSG 435 ESD simulator system range
NSG 435 ESD Simulator system basic kit
Order No.
NSG 435 ESD simulator with the following
• Carrying case
• Network for IEC 1000-4-2 (150pF/330Ω)
• Test fingers - ball and point
• Battery pack
• Earth cable
• Operating instructions
• Charging unit, 115/230V, 50/60Hz,
with Euro-connector
NSG 435-01
NSG 435 ESD simulator with all the accessories
as listed above, and with:
• Charging unit, 115/230V, 50/60Hz, with
NSG 435-04
NSG 435 ESD simulator with all the accessories
as listed above,and with:
• Charging unit, 100V, 50/60Hz, with
NSG 435-07
NSG 435 ESD Simulator system options
Order No.
Carrying case (options)
Mains power supply, 80 to 240V, 50/60Hz,
inc. grip-adapter*
Spare battery pack
Remote triggering unit including 5m opto-cable
IEC 801-2/1984 (150pF /150Ω) discharge network
Test finger for IEC 1000-4-2 with
fast leading edge < 400ps
Discharge networks, special versions
INA 410
Measuring adapter IEC 1000-4-2
INA 420
contact local
sales office
MD 101
* Specify mains cable: - 01 SCHUKO; - 02 SEV 13; - 04 UL 498; - 05 BS 1363
© 1999 Schaffner EMV. Specifications subject to change without notice.
All trademarks recognized.
ISO 9001
Schaffner is an ISO-registered company. Its products are designed and manufactured under the strict quality
requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.
This document has been carefully checked. However, Schaffner does not
assume any liability for errors or inaccuracies.
Urs Uebelhart / Feb 2000
Use a copy of this page as your order form by completing the right-hand
column with the quantities required and returning it to your local sales office.
The Schaffner guarantee
The Schaffner name is synonymous with quality in the world of EMC test instrum
entation. A long-standing commitment to research and development, and
exceptionally high standards of manufacture, are your guarantee that every Schaffner
product offers stability, reliability and repeatability of test over a long working life.
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