Test Equipment Solutions Datasheet

Test Equipment Solutions Datasheet
Test Equipment Solutions Datasheet
Test Equipment Solutions Ltd specialise in the second user sale, rental and distribution of
quality test & measurement (T&M) equipment. We stock all major equipment types such as
spectrum analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, power meters, logic analysers etc from
all the major suppliers such as Agilent, Tektronix, Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz.
We are focused at the professional end of the marketplace, primarily working with customers
for whom high performance, quality and service are key, whilst realising the cost savings that
second user equipment offers. As such, we fully test & refurbish equipment in our in-house,
traceable Lab. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2
year warranty. Our staff have extensive backgrounds in T&M, totalling over 150 years of
combined experience, which enables us to deliver industry-leading service and support. We
endeavour to be customer focused in every way right down to the detail, such as offering free
delivery on sales, covering the cost of warranty returns BOTH ways (plus supplying a loan
unit, if available) and supplying a free business tool with every order.
As well as the headline benefit of cost saving, second user offers shorter lead times, higher
reliability and multivendor solutions. Rental, of course, is ideal for shorter term needs and
offers fast delivery, flexibility, try-before-you-buy, zero capital expenditure, lower risk and off
balance sheet accounting. Both second user and rental improve the key business measure of
Return On Capital Employed.
We are based near Heathrow Airport in the UK from where we supply test equipment
worldwide. Our facility incorporates Sales, Support, Admin, Logistics and our own in-house
All products supplied by Test Equipment Solutions include:
- No-quibble parts & labour warranty (we provide transport for UK mainland addresses).
- Free loan equipment during warranty repair, if available.
- Full electrical, mechanical and safety refurbishment in our in-house Lab.
- Certificate of Conformance (calibration available on request).
- Manuals and accessories required for normal operation.
- Free insured delivery to your UK mainland address (sales).
- Support from our team of seasoned Test & Measurement engineers.
- ISO9001 quality assurance.
Test equipment Solutions Ltd
Unit 8 Elder Way
Waterside Drive
T: +44 (0)1753 596000
F: +44 (0)1753 596001
Email: info@TestEquipmentHQ.com
Web: www.TestEquipmentHQ.com
Agilent N5399B HDMI Electrical
Performance Validation and Compliance
Software for Infiniium Series Oscilloscopes
Data Sheet
Verify and debug your HDMI
designs more easily
Agilent Technologies N5399B HDMI
electrical performance validation
and compliance software for
Infiniium 9000, 90000, 90000X-Series
oscilloscopes provides you with a
fast and easy way to verify and debug
your High Definition Multi-media
Interface (HDMI) designs for set-top
boxes, Digital Video Recorders, DVD
players, entertainment systems, and
motherboard systems. The HDMI
electrical test software is designed for
use in HDMI Authorized Test Centers
(ATCs) so you can confidently use it to
execute HDMI electrical checklist tests
as well as employ it as a development
tool. It displays the measurement
data results in a flexible report format
and the report also provides a margin
analysis that shows how closely your
device passed or failed each test.
To make measurements with the
N5399B HDMI electrical test software,
you may also need the N1080B HDMI
TPA Fixtures for signal access. For
testing the new ethernet connectivity
and audio channel (HEC and ARC)
capability as specified in HDMI 1.4, you
may also need additional equipment as
listed in table 3c.
High Definition Multi-media Interface Organization
The N5399B HDMI electrical test
software performs a wide range of
tests required to meet the HDMI
1.4 electrical specifications for
various home theater components
(DVD players, set top boxes, etc),
entertainment, and motherboard
systems as documented in section 4.2
of the base specification by the HDMI
Standards Body1. To introduce an
HDMI product to the market, your
product must successfully pass
compliance testing based on the HDMI
specification and it is expected that
you have performed the tests included
on the checklist before you submit
your product for full compliance testing
at one of the compliance test labs. The
N5399B HDMI electrical test software
helps you execute the most difficult
physical layer tests on the transmitter
(Tx) checklist that can be measured
with an oscilloscope. As an HDMI
adopter, you must submit your first
HDMI product to the HDMI ATC for
certification; the N5399B software is
targeted to ensure that product has
been debugged and well-characterized
prior to the certification and to become
the sole HDMI test environment for all
of your subsequent HDMI transmitter
The N5399B HDMI electrical test software offers several
features to simplify the validation of HDMI designs:
• Test setup wizard for ease-of-use
• Wide range of electrical tests
• Measurement process configurability
• Automated scope measurement setup
• Test results report generation
N5399B saves you time
N5399B HDMI electrical test software saves you time
by setting the stage for automatic execution of HDMI
electrical tests. Part of the difficulty of performing
electrical tests for HDMI is connecting the oscilloscope
to the target device, configuring the instrument for
measurement, executing the test procedure, and then
analyzing the measured results by comparing them to
limits published in the specification. The HDMI electrical
test software does almost all of this work for you. Further,
new filtering constructs (such as the reference equalizer)
adopted in HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 which are extremely difficult
to design, are implemented in the software. In addition, if
you discover a problem with your device, debug tools are
available to aid in root-cause analysis.
• Pass/fail margin analysis
With the HDMI electrical test software, you can use the
same oscilloscope you use for everyday debugging to perform
automated testing and margin analysis based on the HDMIspecified test checklist.
The N5399B HDMI electrical test software offers the eight
required HDMI Transition Minimized Differential Signaling
(TMDS) electrical tests as well as two important tests
for cable and receiver tolerance testing. The software
automatically configures the oscilloscope for each test,
and it provides an informative results report that includes
margin analysis indicating how close your product is to
passing or failing that specification. Clock recovery of the
TMDS clock is accomplished according to the standard by
the oscilloscope using proprietary software techniques.
See Table 2 for a complete list of the measurements made
by the HDMI electrical test software.
Easy test definition
N5399B HDMI electrical test software extends the easeof-use advantages of Agilent’s Infiniium oscilloscopes to
testing HDMI designs. The Agilent automated test engine
walks you quickly through the steps required to define
the tests, set up the test, perform the tests, and view
the test results. The user is allowed to pick high level
test parameters to suit test process objectives, and then
can proceed to select a category of tests all at once, or
specify individual tests. The user interface is oriented to
minimize your reconnections necessary which saves time
as well as minimizes potential for operator error. You can
save tests and configurations as project files and recall
them later for quick testing and review of previous test
results. Straightforward menus let you perform tests with a
minimum of mouse clicks.
Test environment setup and test selection
The N5399B now allows the user to select test environment
variables to better suite testing goals as well as improving
documentation. Three selection areas are offered for Test
Setup, Device Under Test, and Probe Offset Calibration:
The Test Setup offers channel connection models of 2 or
4 channel connection. The 2 channel connection is the
standard user connection model, however, the 4 channel
model provides the capability to test all differential
parameters with only one test connection. This section
also allows entry of the test fixture type used which is
important for probe selection and for total compliance
test configuration tracking. Also selectable is the HDMI
specification version (1.2, or 1.3, or 1.4) and whether you
want to hide informative tests. The version for HDMI is
now 1.4 however, you may wish to correlate results to
HDMI 1.3 and find the option useful. Informative tests are
provided for additional characterization capability (such as
jitter separation measurement if you have the EZJit Plus
analysis package, N5400A).
Figure 1. The New Test Setup Screen. Selection for 2 or 4 channel
connection model, test fixture selection and device type.
The Device Under Test section allows selection of device
type tested (transmitter, receiver or cable). Though
the primary use of this compliance software is for the
transmitter, there are use models requiring receiver eye
measurement or calibration, cable eye evaluation, and cable
equalization where the other options are useful. The Device
Identifier targets the type of DUT and will enable only those
tests for the device type chosen. The Device Name and
Comments allows you to name the device or to identify key
configuration details and the Comment field allows further
information to be captured. All of these are captured in the
final report.
The Probe Offset calibration procedure is provided to make
precision measurements when measuring the eye at TP2 (at
the receiver). The offset calibration can be zeroed manually
and if performed will be used in all measurements for
greater accuracy.
Figure 2. The Agilent automated test engine guides you quickly
through selecting tests and configuring tests, setting up the
connection, running the tests, and viewing the results. You
can easily select individual tests or groups of tests with a
mouse-click. Also easily seen is the test status for the device
under test
Configurability and guided connections
The N5399B HDMI electrical test software provides
flexibility in your test setup. It guides you to make
connection changes with hookup diagrams when the
tests you select require it. For test parameters such as
Bandwidth reduction or data channel selection, the user
can select values deemed appropriate; for the more critical
parameters, such as rise trigger pattern, default values
are tied to the compliance standard and so these can only
be altered in the debug screen. Shown in Figure 3 is the
selection for the various mask test functions that the
N5399B offers. The default for compliance mode is ‘Find
Passing condition’ which will horizontally search for a
passing condition of the mask.
After configuring the test according to your needs,
the N5399B User Interface will then present you the
connection screen which is specific to the configuration
data you have selected. Figure 4 illustrates the typical
connection guidance provided for a two channel
connection model.
Figure 3. In configuring the tests, you define the device to
test, its configuration, and how the oscilloscope is connected.
Shown here is the N5399B’s Debug Mode selection for Eye
Figure 4. When you make multiple tests where the connections
must be changed, the software prompts you with connection
diagrams and/or photographs.
N1080 HDMI Test Point Adapters
The N1080B H04 HDMI TPA test fixtures are also available
to simplify the measurement process by providing access
the electrical measurement points required for the
compliance tests. They break out the TMDS (transition
minimized differential signaling) lines to SMA connectors
for high bandwidth probing with the InfiniiMax SMA
differential probes and allows for the single ended
measurements required as well. To support the Digital
Display Channel where the Electronic Display Identification
data is exchanged, the N1080A HO6 can be used. This
is shown below in figure 5b. For more information, see
publication 5989-5118EN.
Figure 5a. The Agilent N1080B H04 HDMI Test Point Adapter
Margin analysis
In addition to providing you with measurement results, the
N5399B HDMI electrical test software provides a report
format that shows you not only where your product passes
or fails, but also reports how close you are to the limits
specified for a particular test assertion. You select the
margin test report parameter, which means you can specify
the level at which warnings are issued to alert you to the
electrical tests where your product is operating close to the
official test limit defined by the HDMI Compliance Test 1.3
Specification for a given test assertion.
Figure 5b. The N1080A H06 test point adapter
Margin is calculated:
Single-sided specification:
Margin = (ValueSpecification – Valueactual)/ValueSpecification
Double-sided specification:
Margin = lowest of: (ValueSpecification_High – Valueactual)/RangeSpecification
(ValueSpecification_Low – Valueactual)/RangeSpecification
Eye Margin: another method of evaluating the eye is
provided by sweeping the eye horizontally with the
specified mask and determining the last locations on the
left and right portions of the interior eye where there are
no violations in the mask. The distance from the center
mask location is a measure of design margin and is
reported as Eye margin if that eye mask mode is chosen
in the configuration screen. configuration screen.
Figure 6. The HDMI electrical test software results report
documents your test, indicates the pass/fail status, the test
specification range, the measured values, and the margin.
Thorough performance reporting
The N5399B HDMI Compliance and Validation software
generates thorough reports that not only capture the
performance and status of the device under test, but also
the screen shots of the your most significant measurements
for your perusal and evaluation. The first page of the
report lists equipment and configuration details required
in standard quality assurance programs. It also provides
a hot-linked results table that will quickly get you to the
measurement report section of interest.
Figure 7b. Additional details are available for each test including
the test limits, test description, and test results, including
waveforms, if appropriate. In addition, the margin of the result is
indicated to provide further insight.
Figure 7a. The N5399B software generates a summary report where
you can see the total test results for your device quickly and clearly.
This is the title page illustrating the important session information
regarding the connection, device and measurement equipment.
Figure 8. Summary Report Detail: the N5399B software’s
summary report yields all the screen shots of all the
measurements that have been performed. In this figure you can
see the Data-Eye. Observe the clear status and description at
top and the measurement data just above the eye.
Cable equalization feature
The N5399B software is implemented with the latest
features required for HDMI 1.4 CTS compliance. Among
the many requirements is the equalization of the cable for
receiver eye analysis. This feature can be turned on and off
for further insight into cable performance. The figure below
illustrates the performance of a non-equalized HDMI cable
versus equalization for a 5 meter cable.
A use of this feature is to evaluate receiver design
comparing actual or modeled results against the HDMI
reference equalizer.
Figure 9. Cable Equalization Model for receiver eye or
cable analysis. Top: no equalization. Bottom: 5 meter HDMI
equalization model applied.
Figure 10. Selecting the Cable length to be equalized in
the configuration screen when performing cable end eye
You may add additional custom tests or steps to your
application using the N5467A User Defined Application
(UDA) development tool (www.agilent.com/find/uda). Use
UDA to develop functional “Add-Ins” that you can plug into
your application.
Add-ins may be designed as:
• Complete custom tests (with configuration variables
and connection prompts)
• Any custom steps such as pre or post processing
scripts, external instrument control and your own
device control
Figure 11. Importing a UDA Add-In into your test
Figure 12. UDA Add-In tests and utilities in your test
You can completely automate execution of your application’s
tests and Add-Ins from a separate PC using the included
N5452A Remote Interface feature (download free toolkit
from www.agilent.com/find/scope-apps-sw). You can even
create and execute automation scripts right inside the
application using a convenient built-in client.
The commands required for each task may be created
using a command wizard or from “remote hints” accessible
throughout the user interface.
Using automation, you can accelerate complex testing
scenarios and even automate manual tasks such as:
• Opening projects, executing tests and saving results
• Executing tests repeatedly while changing
• Sending commands to external instruments
• Executing tests out of order
Combine the power of built-in automation and extensibility
to transform your application into a complete test suite
• Interact with your device controller to place it into
desired states or test modes before test execution.
• Configure additional instruments used in your test
suite such as a pattern generator and probe
switch matrix.
• Export data generated by your tests and postprocess it using your favorite environment, such
as MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW, C, C++, Visual
Basic etc.
• Sequence or repeat the tests and “Add-In”
custom steps execution in any order for complete
test coverage of the test plan.
Figure 13. Remote Programming script in the Automation tab.
Compliance App + Automation Engine
UDA Add-in
● Custom Test/Steps
● Post processing
UDA Add-in
● DUT control
● Instrument control
Custon tests
Matlab processing
R l
Switch Matrix
DUT or External
Instrument Control
Live Signals
Custom Tests/steps
or Post Processing
Figure 14. Combine the power of built-in automation and
extensibility to transform your application into a complete test
suite executive.
Measurement requirements
To use the N5399B HDMI electrical
performance validation and compliance
software with the Agilent N1080B
HDMI TPA Fixture, you will need at
least two 7GHz or higher InfiniiMax
differential probe amplifiers (1134A,
1168A, or 1169A) with appropriate
SMA probe heads (N5380A). If not
using the N1080A H04 test point
adapter, you will need to select the
appropriate probe head to interface
with your fixture. For instance, if the
TMDS signals are accessible through
a terminated 50 ohm transmission line
for testing for example, silicon devices,
you will need to use the E2678A
socketed probe head, or the E2677 or
N5381A solder-in differential probe
head for high impedance probing.
Test time can be minimized by using
four InfiniiMax probes to measure
all three differential data lanes (D0,
D1, D2) and clock without having to
reposition or reconnect probes. This is
called the ‘Four Probe Connection’ and
is selectable in the Setup screen.
Oscilloscope compatibility
The N5399B HDMI electrical
performance validation and compliance
software is compatible with Agilent
54850, 80000 and 90000 Series
oscilloscopes with operating software
revision A.05.70 or higher (for 54850
or 80000 Series), DSO90000A Series
Oscilloscopes with operating software
revision A.2.1. 0 or higher and X
90000A Series oscilloscopes with
operating software revision 2.5 or
higher. For oscilloscopes with earlier
software revisions, free upgrade
software is available at
Date rate
Agilent Oscilloscopes for HDMI 1.4 Compliance Test
Suitable Oscilloscopes
Recommended New
Up to
740 Mb/s
DSO80404A/B, DSO90404A
DSO80604A/B, DSO90604A
DSO80804A/B, DSO90804A
4 GHz
4 GHz
6 GHz
8 GHz†
Up to
3.4 Gb/s
DSO80804A/B, DSO90804A
8 GHz
10 GHz†
12 GHz†
13 GHz
DSOX91604A †††
DSOX92004A †††
DSOX92504A †††
DSOX92804A †††
DSOX93204A †††
16 GHz
20 GHz
25 GHz
28 GHz
32 GHz
† The N5399B software will automatically control the bandwidth setting of the oscilloscope
* The HDMI 1.4 CTS Specification supercedes the previous 1.3c HDMI version.
†† The DSO90000A series of Oscilloscopes are upgradable in bandwidth from 2 to 13 GHz
††† The 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes are upgradable in bandwidth from 16 to 32 GHz
Table 1. Recommended oscilloscopes and bandwidth for HDMI 1.4 specification
Tests performed
The N5399B HDMI electrical
performance validation and compliance
software performs the following
tests as per the HDMI Compliance
Test Specifications 1.4 (CTS1.4) as
documented in section 4.2 of the base
Assertion No.
Section 7.0
Transmitter tests
Test ID 7.2
Test ID 7.4
TMDS TRise and TFall
Test ID 7.5
TMDS Over/Undershoot*
Test ID 7.6
TMDS Inter Pair Skew
Test ID 7.7
TMDS Intra Pair Skew
Test ID 7.8
TMDS Clock Duty Cycle
Test ID 7.9
TMDS Clock Jitter
Test ID 7.10
TMDS Data Eye Diagram
Sections 5.0 & 8.0
Cable and Receiver Tests
Test ID 5.3
Cable Eye Diagram Test
Test ID 8.5
Min/Max Differential Swing Tolerance
Test ID 8.7
TMDS Jitter Tolerance Calibrations
Supplement 2 of the HDMI 1.4 CTS
Differential Signal Characteristics
Test ID 5-1
Operating DC Voltage Test
Test ID 5-2
Jitter Max Test
Test ID 5-3
Rise/Fall Time Test
Test ID 5-4
High/Low Center Level Voltage Test
Test ID 5-5
Cycle Time Test
Common Mode Characteristics
Test ID 5-6
Operating DC Voltage Test
Test ID 5-7
High/Low level Voltage Test
Test ID 5-8
Rise/Fall Time Test
Test ID 5-9
Jitter Max/Clock Frequency Test
Single Mode Signal Characteristics
Test ID 5-11
Operating DC Voltage Test
Test ID 5-12
Signal Amplitude Test
Test ID 5-13
Rise/ Fall Time Test
Test ID 5-14
Transmit Jitter
* This test omitted in HDMI 1.3 Specification
Table 2. HDMI electrical tests performed by the N5399B software
Note: The N5399B HDMI test software can make measurements for Digital Visual
Interface (DVI) 1.0 devices. However, those devices are governed by the DVI specification
which calls out different test methodologies and test fixturing. For DVI, Agilent offers the
N5394A DVI electrical performance validation and compliance software.
Ordering information
To purchase the N5399B (or -Opt 023)
HDMI electrical performance validation
and compliance software with a new
or existing Infiniium 9000 , 90000, or
90000 X-Series oscilloscope, order
the following:
Model number
Oscilloscope (see table 1) 10 MB Memory Standard
10/12 GHz Probe Amplifiers. 1169A Recommended.
12 GHZ SMA Probe Heads for differential and
single-ended measurements.
Oscilloscope up to 1 Gpt memory
1133A or 1134A
7 GHz Probe Amplifiers
N5380A or E2695A 12 GHz SMA Probe Heads for differential and
single-ended measurements
Oscilloscope up to 2 Gpts memory
16 GHz Probe Amplifier
2.92 SMA Probe Heads
Table 3a. HDMI Oscilloscope solution ordering information
For physical connections to an
HDMI device to perform tests with
the N5399B HDMI compliance test
software, order the following:
Model number
N1080B H04
HDMI Plug Test Adapter
N1080A H06
DDC/CEC Test Adapter board
N1080B H05
HDMI Receptacle Test Adapter For cable evaluation
or receiver eye tests/analysis
Type D connector Test Point Adapter from Bitifeye
GmbH- Plug connector
Type D connector Test Point Adapter from Bitifeye
GmbH- Receptacle connector
Type E connector Test Point Adapter from Bitifeye
GmbH- Plug connector
Type E connector Test Point Adapter from Bitifeye
GmbH- Receptacle connector
Table 3b. HDMI Test Adapter solution ordering information
For HEC and ARC testing using the
N5399B HDMI compliance test software, order the following:
Model number
N1080B H01
HDMI Plug Test Adapter
HEC/ARC Test Fixture
Differential Socketed probes (used with
Probe Amplifiers
High Impedance adaptor
Arbitrary waveform generator
N5990A opt 351
HEAC test software option to N5990A Factory
automation sw
Stand-alone HEAC receiver physical layer and
audio protocol test sw
Table 3c. HEAC solution ordering information
Measurement and test accessories
To complete your test setup, Agilent
provides a wide range of cables,
adapters, terminations, etc.
Model number
Power splitter, DC to 26.5 GHz, 3.5- mm (f) connectors
Power divider, DC to 26.5 GHz, 3.5-mm (f) connectors
Coaxial attenuator (3, 6, 10, 20 or 30 dB), DC to 18-GHz, SMA
SMA (f - f) adapter, DC to 18 GHz
SMA (m - m) adapter, DC to 18 GHz
Right-angle adapter, SMA (m - m)
Right-angle adapter, SMA (f - m)
SMA tee adapter (m, f, f), DC to 12.4 GHz
SMA (m) to SMA (f) Adapter
Cable kit, four 90-cm (36-in) SMA (m - m) cables
Matched cable pair, two 90-cm (36-in) SMA (m - m) cables,
propagation delay within 25 ps
SMA (m) 50Ω termination
SMA push-on adaptors from S.M. Electronics (or equivalent)
Bias Tee from Mini-Circuits Corporation
Probe Power Distribution Kit from Bitifeye corporation.
Snap on Connector Kit from Bitifeye corporation. www.
HEC and ARC Test Accessory Kit
Table 4. Recommended test accessories
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