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Precision Weighing Solutions
User Manual
25 Lb / 12 Kg
Digital Scale
Thank you for purchasing an
Escali Digital Scale.
Please read the following operation information to ensure the
proper function of your new scale.
How to weigh*
1) On the right side, move the switch to select the units (g/oz)
2) On the left side, press the “ON” soft-touch button
3) Place item slowly on the platform
*Please Note: If the scale does not return to “0” g/oz after removing
the item from the platform, simply press the “ON” button again. This
will reset the scale to “0” g/oz.
How to use the “Tare” feature:
This feature allows you to obtain the exact weight of an item in a
container, by subtracting the weight of the container.
1) On the right side, select measuring units (g/oz)
2) On the left side, press the “ON” button
3) Place the container, without the item, slowly on the platform
4) Press the “ON” button again. The weight of the container will be
removed and the display will reset to “0”
5) Slowly add the item to the container. The display will show the
weight of the item only
How to clear “Tare” feature:
1) Remove all items from the platform.
2) Press the “OFF” button
3) Press the “ON” button
Now the scale is reset to “0” and the weight of all items on the
platform will be displayed.
Reading the unit of measurement for ounces
This unit does not display decimal points, instead it uses oz.
Example: The display will read 1LB 12oz1, which is 1lb 12.1oz
Selecting the default weight
Additional Information
Before the scale is turned ON, you may select the default weighing
units by moving the switch (located on the right side of the scale) to g
or oz. Once the scale is activated, the display will show the defaultweighing units. You may switch to the other weighing units during
use by moving the switch.
1) Make sure your scale is at room temperature and on a stable
horizontal surface free of vibration.
2) This scale is not waterproof. Do not expose to moisture.
3) As this scale is a precision instrument, it must be handled with
extreme care. Avoid rough treatment, shaking and vibration.
4) Do not disassemble this scale or the warranty will be void.
5) The display value may be affected by electromagnetic
disturbances such as operating near a radio. If this occurs, move the
device that is causing the disturbance and turn the scale off and
How to reset the scale:
If a series of dotted lines appears on the display and/or the scale fails
to weigh items placed on the platform:
1) Remove the item from the platform and press the “OFF” button
3) Press the “ON” button again; your scale is now reset to “0”
How to use the special built-in holder:
1) Before activating the scale, lift the built-in holder cover*
2) On the left side, press the “ON” button
3) Place and secure item slowly into the special holder
*Please note - If the scale is activated before lifting the built-in holder
cover, the scale may not operate. If this occurs, simply reset the unit
by pressing the “OFF” button and return to step 1.
Battery Replacement/Installation
Do not place overweight items on scale
Weighing items over the maximum weight capacity will cause an “EE”
error to display. Immediately remove overweight items to avoid
causing damage to your scale.
Connecting the 110V AC adapter
Insert the adapter’s plug into the matching outlet holes. Firmly push
and adjust the plug until it is fully inserted into the scale.
Replace the battery when the LCD display reads “LO”.
1) Remove the battery door
2) Install the 9-volt battery connections
3) Replace the battery door
Power Source: 9-volt battery or 110V AC Adapter
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 3" (20.3cm x 20.3cm x 7.6cm)
Resolution: 0.1 oz / 2 gr up to 2 Lb / 1 Kg,
0.5 oz / 5 gr over 2 Lb / 1 Kg
Capacity: 25 Lb / 12 Kg
Weight Modes: Kg/gm and lb/oz
Auto Shut Off: Turns off after 3-4 minutes of non-use.
Warranty: Manufacturer’s five (5) year warranty, see for full details.
Warning – To prevent damage to your scale, use only an Escali
adapter or your warranty will be void
Escali’s liability is limited to two (2) times the cost of the product
© Copyright Escali LLC, 2003
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