Installation manual | Escort ZR3 Radar Detector User Manual

Important Notes
Installation Manual
Read This First
Please read both sides of these
instructions before starting your
Then before installing the other
components,plug all of them into
the Interface and power up the
unit to confirm proper operation.
For the easiest trouble-free
installation,install the Interface
first,and wire it to a 12-volt
switched circuit.
Important Installation
Miniature Display Controller
Rear Laser Shifter
• Twin weather-proof sensors
• Display Controller mounts easily to
instrument pod, dashboard, or console.
• Weatherproof license plate mounted
• Velcro and adhesive pads provided for
secure mounting
• 30-foot cable with modular connector
• 13 foot shielded cables with in-line
• Universal mounting brackets with
stainless steel hardware
• Comprehensive Owner’s Manual
• Central module connects to switched
12-volt power and ground
• All components plug directly in using
modular connections
• Installation Manual
Built-in Diagnostics
• Confirms all components are operational
• 3M connector taps into existing vehicle
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3 If your vehicle is damaged
during installation,its safety
systems may be compromised,
which could cause personal injury
or property damage.
4 Improper installation may void
Shifter’s warranty.
2 Attempting to install this
product without expertise in
automotive electronics installation
can cause personal injury,or
damage to your vehicle.
SHIFTER ZR3 Comes Complete
Front Laser Shifters
1 A professional installer must
install your new Laser Shifter.
Installation of this system requires
experience and expertise in
automotive electronics.Car audio
specialists and many new car
dealers can install the Laser Shifter
for you.
Since Laser signals will not pass
through any objects,including
plastic,it is critical that the Laser
Shifters be mounted perfectly
level,and have an unobstructed
“view”of the road.
To get the best performance
possible,the mounting location of
the radar receiver is critical.
Although radar signals will pass
through some types of plastic,
mounting the radar receiver so
that it has a clear “view”of the road
will ensure maximum warning.
SHIFTER ZR3 Installation Manual
Display Controller
1 Determine the best location for the Display
Controller in the vehicle’s interior. (Consult
customer if necessary.)
2 Install Display Controller using supplied
velcro, or double-sided tape.
3 Route cable and plug into jack marked
“Display” on Interface.
1. Make certain that the Display is clearly
visible from the driver’s position, and that the
controls can be easily accessed without
interfering with normal driving.
1 Determine best location for the Laser
Shifters. For optimum performance, install
each laser shifter on either side of the front
license plate, with a clear “view” of the road.
If possible, center each shifter module
between the license plate, and the outside
edge of the vehicle. (See photo at left.)
2 Using the supplied mounting bracket, mark
location. Drill pilot holes in the vehicle if
3 Mount the Laser Shifters using the supplied
hardware, making sure that each shifter is
level to the road.
1. Do not drill holes in the Laser Shifter itself.
2. Thoroughly investigate location before
drilling any holes.
3. Keep all cables away from moving parts,
and hot surfaces. (Radiator, hoses, etc.)
4. Do not splice cable.
5. Make certain that each Laser Shifter is level,
and has a clear “view” of the road.
12 Volt
Power Line
1 Remove two license plate screws (top or
2 Mount Laser Shifter to plate using supplied
mounting bracket.
3 Route wire through trunk compartment,
and into the vehicle’s interior.
4 Insert connector to jack labeled “Rear
Shifter” on Interface.
1. Do not block license plate illumination.
2. Do not cover any required license plate
Installation Alternatives:
1. Cable can be routed under vehicle (keep
away from hot and moving parts) then
brought into the vehicle’s interior.
2. Cable can be cut if necessary for routing.
Reconnect and solder each of the three wires,
and seal with heat-shrink tubing.
Interior of Vehicle
Rear Laser Shifter
Front Laser Shifters
Laser Shifter Cables
1 Route Laser Shifter cables to firewall, and
secure with zip-ties (included).
2 Route both Shifter cables into the vehicle’s
interior. If there is not a suitable opening, drill
a 13/32" or 7/16" hole.
3 Pull cables through firewall, and plug into
jacks marked Front Shifter 1 and Front Shifter
2 on interface.
4 Pull grommet (located on each cable)
through the firewall to seal the hole. Use
silicone sealant (not supplied) if necessary.
1. Only drill hole in firewall after thoroughly
investigating location first, ensuring no other
wires, hoses, etc. will be damaged.
2. Keep all cables away from moving parts,
and hot surfaces. (Radiator, hoses, etc.)
3. Do not splice cable.
Remote Mute
1 Determine best location for the Remote
Mute Button.
Passport 8500 (Optional)
1 Install Interface under the dash using
supplied zip-ties. DO NOT MOUNT IN
1 Determine best location for Passport 8500.
After all components are installed correctly:
2 Route optional “link” cable to ZR3 Interface.
1 Turn the Laser Shifter on by rotating the
volume control knob.
2 Connect black wire (–) to ground, and redstriped wire (+) to a switched 12-volt supply.
(If the Laser Shifter is left in the “on” position,
it will automatically power on and off with the
ignition.) Use blue 3M connector (provided)
to tap into existing circuit if needed.
3 Connect one end of the cable to the
Passport 8500, and the other end to the ZR3
Interface marked “8500.”
2 Clean surface area.
3 Remove paper backing on the back of the
button, and press onto surface.
4 Route cable and plug into jack marked
“Mute” on Interface.
3 Be sure to plug all cables into the correct
labeled jacks.
4 Refer to ZR3 Owner’s Manual for programming options if needed.
2 Turn vehicle’s ignition to the “on” position.
3 Shifter will cycle through a startup
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