How to complete the  UTAS Admission and Enrolment Form We encourage you to fill out the form online. It is quicker and easier.

How to complete the  UTAS Admission and Enrolment Form We encourage you to fill out the form online. It is quicker and easier.
How to complete the UTAS Admission and Enrolment Form
We encourage you to fill out the form online. It is quicker and easier.
You can fill in this form online by typing directly into the highlighted fields. However, we require your signature so you must print it, sign it and send to UTAS.
The online form prompts you with details where required. If you print the form to complete offline then follow the guidelines below to complete sections which may have multiple answers.
Section A: Personal Details
If applicable, note your University of Tasmania Student ID Number. Complete the relevant contact details, including any previous names (you must submit certified evidence of name change with this application) and your emergency contact details.
Section B: Citizenship Details
What is your citizenship status: • Australian citizen • New Zealand citizen  (attach a certified copy of your New Zealand passport, or New Zealand Citizenship Certificate)
• Australian Permanent Resident  (attach a certified copy of your Visa and indicate the date of permanent status)
• Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa holder
 (attach a certified copy of your Visa and indicate the date of permanent status)
• International Student  (attach a certified copy of your Visa) If you were born outside Australia, please enter the name of the country in which you were born and the date (dd/mm/yy) you first arrived in Australia. Do you speak a language other than English at home?
If yes, enter the name of the non‐English language that is spoken most often.
If you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin indicate which one applies to you. If you are of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin simply write 'BOTH'.
Section C: Disability Details
Students with disability and/or health condition may seek support from the University. If you want to inform UTAS about any Disability Details and support you may require please answer the questions indicated.
Section D: Enrolment
Refer to the Faculty or the course structure to determine which units you will study. For preset enrolments the units will be listed.
How to complete the UTAS Admission and Enrolment Form
Section E: Secondary Educational Qualifications
Enter the details of • any secondary education by completing the year you studied, your School/College name and the state where you attended, and/or
• post secondary education by writing in the year from/to, name of the institution you attended, title of your award and your student number.
Section F: Education Level of Parents or Guardians
These questions are about the highest level of education completed by your parents or guardians. The Australian Government Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations require this information to be collected for statistical purposes. You can indicate information for up to two parent/guardian(s).
Parent/Guardian ‐ indicate whether male or female. Leave blank if there is no parent/guardian.
In the second box write in the highest level of education from the following list:
• Postgraduate qualification (e.g. graduate diploma, masters degree, PhD)
• Bachelor degree
• Other post‐school qualification (e.g. associate degree, diploma, advanced
• diploma, completed apprenticeship, VET/TAFE certificate)
• Completed Year 12 schooling*
• Completed Year 10 schooling*, continued at school, but didn’t complete Year 12 schooling*
• Completed Year 10 schooling*
• Didn’t complete Year 10 schooling*
• Don’t know
* or equivalent
Section G: Student Declaration and Signature
You must read and sign the declaration before sending it to UTAS. Applications with unsigned declarations cannot be processed.
Section H: Final Check
Completed all relevant questions on the application and enrolment form? Indicated your citizenship status? Listed your enrolment information? Attached any documentation required (eg. visas)? Signed and dated the declaration? Attached a completed Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF)* (this form is not required if you are International Student)
Your application cannot be processed if this information is not complete.
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