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Sleek sophistication in a versatile ergonomic design provides 1080p HD digital imaging
with superb HD image quality, color reproduction, contrast and resolution.
UNITRON’s enVISION HD Digital Imaging System’s versatile design makes it compatible
with a wide range of mounting options. Real-time on-screen dimensioning is provided
by integrated XY grids and cursors making it a must for repair & rework, quality control
& failure diagnosis processes in industries such as: automotive, aviation, electronics,
engineering, forensics, jewelers, medical devices, packaging & labeling, pharmaceuticals
and security.
Key Features
 High definition camera system offering
superb full 1080p HD image quality at
60 fps.
 enVISION HD offers superb color repro-
duction, contrast and resolution, as well
as a dynamic range of magnification
levels and integrated LED illumination.
Easy to use controls
are located conveniently
on the front of the camera.
 Integrated, real time, on screen XY
measuring grids and cursors provide a
simple and effective way to measure
without a PC and provides vital information such as magnification level,
focus/exposure mode and an in depth
settings menu.
For more advanced functions
and ease of use, an optional
external controller is available.
 Wide Dynamic Range uses overlapping
multiple exposures depending on the
saturation level of each pixel.
Various stands and mounting
options are available
 Advanced functions include brightness
control, cross hair, overview, infrared,
memory recall (3), LED intensity, iris, hi
contrast, auto/manual focus, auto/
manual exposure, and gain.
 Removable USB storage image capture
Camera Resolution
HD 1080p; 1980x1080; 50/60Hz
4D Lens; 2.0x—85x (24” screen)
Basic Functions
Auto/Manual focus, brightness adjustment, magnification
adjustment, snapshot, overview, high contrast mode,
height adjustable
Response Time
Output Modes
Monitor Format
16:9 (recommended); monitor not included
Power Supply
100/240v; 50/60Hz; 8w power consumption
Table: 24cm x 41cm
Folded height: 11cm
Raised height: 42cm
ISO 9001
allows for storing images directly to
your USB storage device with the builtin USB port making documentation and
traceability for accurate quality control
 The enVISION HD system offers a
best-in-class 11” (280mm) field of view
and a 9.85” (250mm) working distance
with the standard 4D lens.
 The ergonomic design enables users to
sit or stand in a comfortable and safe
posture providing less operator fatigue
and improved production efficiency.
 With the optional external controller,
the enVISION HD becomes a dynamic
imaging system with the capability of
additional functions such as memory/
save recall, overlay grid and dimensioning lines, image capture and interactive
focusing zoom controls. An additional
option is also available for PC based
image analysis software.
ISO 14001
Design and production
adheres to ISO9001
international quality standard.
Design and production meets the
requirements of international standard
ISO 14001 for environmental management.
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