Fluke 430 Series Computer Monitor User Manual

Fluke 430 Series
Three-Phase Power
Quality Analyzers
Pinpoint power problems
faster, safer and in greater detail
The Fluke 434 and 433 three-phase power quality
analyzers help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems.
These easy-to-use handhelds are a “must have” for
any person who maintains or troubleshoots three
phase distribution. The new IEC standards for
flicker and power quality are built right in to take
the guess work out of monitoring.
Records all your necessary values in a three
phase system.
Minimal setup required with intuitive menus.
System-Monitor: Six power quality parameters
on one dashboard
Automatic Transient display: Never miss an event.
Highest safety rating in the industry.
Four voltage and four current channels.
Captures waveform data on all phases
Auto Trend: Don’t waste time setting up recordings.
Rugged, handheld recorder.
Seven hours operating time per charge on NiMH battery pack.
Transfer data files to your PC for reporting and analysis using
FlukeView® software.
CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V safety rating
Designed to help protect you and your equipment against
electrical shock and fire, the Fluke 430 Series analyzers,
accessories and charger are all certified to meet the stringent
safety standards for use in CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V
environments. They are the first tools of their kind to carry
the CAT IV rating and therefore can be used at virtually all
power connections and outlets in a low-voltage power
distribution system.
Technical Data
Quickly see the trend
Measures everything
Auto Trend feature allows fast insight into
changes over time. Every displayed reading is
automatically and continuously recorded without
having to set thresholds or intervals and without
manually starting the process. Quickly view trends
for voltage, current, frequency, power, harmonics
or flicker on all phases and neutral. Analyze the
trends using the cursors and zoom tools — even
while background recording continues.
Measure true-rms & peak voltage and current,
frequency, dips and swells, transients, interruptions, power and power consumption, peak
demand harmonics, inter-harmonics, flicker and
Simple menu structure with logical function grouping gives fast access
to key measurements.
AutoTrend automatically records all displayed parameters in the background. Toggle between data and trend view and use cursors and
zoom to analyze measurements without interrupting the recording.
Track harmonics up to the 50th, and measure and record THD in
accordance with IEC61000-4-7 requirements.
Automatic transient display
Every time an event or distortion on voltage is
detected, the instrument triggers and automatically stores voltage and current waveforms on all
three phases and neutral. The analyzer will also
trigger when a certain current value level is
exceeded. Up to 40 dips, swells, interruptions
and transients can be captured this way. You can
see voltage transients as high as 6 kV and as
fast as 5 microseconds.
2 Fluke Corporation
Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
System-Monitor: Multi-parameter power
quality health check on one display
‘off line’ on stored measurement data. The stored
measurements can also be transferred to a PC
with FlukeView ® software. The software’s ‘view’
A single push of the MONITOR button delivers a
mode allows cursors and zoom tools to be used
single dashboard display of rms voltage, haron stored measurements. Perform custom analymonics, flicker, interruptions, rapid voltage
sis and create reports, measurement data can
changes, swells, unbalance and frequency. The
also be exported to common spreadsheet prodashboard is updated live, showing compliance
grams. Store up to 10 measurement datasets,
of each parameter to EN50160 limits or your own each dataset can contain up to 32 parameters
limits. Color-coded bars clearly show which
and up to 50 screens for use in reports.
parameters are inside (pass) or outside limits
(fail). During a Monitor session, you can easily
drill down to more detail of any parameter and
view and capture its trend for a report.
Perform custom analysis and create reports with FlukeView® Power
Quality software. Measurement data can also be exported to common
spreadsheet programs.
The System-Monitor overview screen gives instant insight into
whether the voltage, harmonics, flicker, frequency and the number of
dips and swells fall outside the set limits.
Thanks to thoughtful features like user-friendly
menus in local languages and setups with minimal steps. The high-resolution color screen
updates every 200 mS and displays waveforms
and wiring diagrams color coded to industry
standards. Handy on-screen wiring diagrams for
all commonly used three phase and single phase
configurations guide you through connections.
A detailed list is given of all events falling outside the set limits. By
scrolling through the event list and selecting an event, the event can
be analyzed in detail.
Extensive data analysis possibilities
The Fluke 430 Series provides three ways to
analyze measurements. Cursors and zoom tools
can be used ‘live’ while taking measurements or
The full color display uses region specific industry-standard colorcoding (user selectable) to correlate measurements with actual wiring.
Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers Fluke Corporation
Input characteristics
Voltage inputs
Number of inputs
Maximum input voltage
Maximum peak voltage
Input impedance
Current inputs
Number of inputs
Input impedance
Nominal frequency
Sampling system
Maximum sampling speed
RMS sampling
PLL synchronization
Display modes
Waveform display
Matrix readings
AutoTrend graph
Measurement modes
Dips and Swells
Harmonics DC, 1 to 50
Power and Energy 4
Inrush Currents4
System Monitor
4 Fluke Corporation
4 (3 phases + neutral)
1000 Vrms
6 kV
4 MΩ / 5 pF
9 kHz, up to 100 kHz for transient display
1:1, 10:1, 100:1, 1000:1 and variable
4 (3 phases + neutral)
Clamp on current transformer with mV output
1 to 400 Arms with included clamps (I400S)
0.1 to 3000 Arms with optional clamps
50 kΩ
9 kHz
0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1000 mV/A and variable
40 to 70 Hz
16 bit analog to digital converter on 8 channels
200 kS/s on each channel simultaneously
5000 samples on 10/122 cycles according IEC 61000-4-30
4096 samples on 10/122 cycles according IEC 61000-4-7
Available in Scope and Transient mode
Captures 8 waveforms simultaneously
Display update rate 5 x per second
Up to 10/12 times horizontal zoom2
Cursors: Single vertical line showing min, max, avg reading at cursor position
Shows real time phasor diagram
Available in Scope and Unbalance mode
Display update rate 5 x per second
Available in Volts/Amps/Hertz, Harmonics, Power & Energy, Flicker and Unbalance mode
Available in Volts/Amps/Hertz, Dips & Swells, Harmonics, Power & Energy, Flicker,
Unbalance, Inrush and Monitor mode
Cursors: single vertical line showing with min, max, avg reading at cursor position
Available in Harmonics and Monitor mode
Available in Dips & Swells and Monitor mode
Vrms, Arms, Vcursor, Acursor, Vfund, Afund, Hz, V phase angles, A phase angles
Vrms, Vpk, V Crest Factor, Arms, Apk, A Crest Factor, Hz
Vrms1⁄2 , Arms1⁄2
Captures up to 1000 events with date, time, duration, magnitude and phase identification
with programmable thresholds
Harmonic Volts, THD Volt, Harmonic Amps, THD Amps, K Amps, Harmonic Watts, THD
Watts, K Watts, Interharmonic Volts4, Interharmonic Amps4
(relative to fundamental or to total rms)
Watts, VA, VAR, Power factor, Cos ϕ / DPF, Arms, Vrms, kWh, kVAh, KVARh, peak demand
interval using trend, KYZ revenue meter verification via optional input
Pst(1min), Pst, Plt, PF5, Vrms1⁄2 , Arms1⁄2 , Dc, Dmax, TDEX
Vneg, Vzero, Aneg, Azero, Vfund, Afund, Hz, V phase angles, A phase angles
Vrms, Arms, Vcursor, Acursor
Inrush Current, Inrush duration, Arms1⁄2 , Vrms1⁄2
Vrms, Arms, Harmonic Volts, THD Volts, Plt, Vrms1⁄2 , Arms1⁄2 , Vneg, Hz, dips and swells,
unbalance. All parameters are measured simultaneously in accordance with EN50160.
Using Flagging to indicate unreliable readings according IEC61000-4-30.
Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
Specifications continued
Accuracy, resolution and range
Measurement range
Vrms (AC+DC)
1 to 1000 Vrms
0.1 Vrms
1 to 1400 Vpk
1.0 to > 2.8
0,001 to 10 Arms1
Arms (AC+DC)
0 to 20,000 Arms1
with included clamps
0 to 400 Arms
0.1 and 1 Arms
Apk using 1mV/A scaling
0 - 5500 Apk
10 A
CFA using 1mV/A scaling
1 to 10
50 Hz nominal
42.50 to 57.50 Hz
0.01 Hz
60 Hz nominal
51.00 to 69.00 Hz
0.01 Hz
Dips and swells
Vrms1⁄2 (AC+DC)
0.0 to100 % of nominal voltage
Arms1⁄2 (AC+DC)
0 to 20,000 Arms1
0,001 Arms to 10 Arms
with included clamps
0 to 400 Arms
0.1 Arms and 1 Arms
Threshold levels
Programmable in percent of nominal voltage
hhh,mm,ss,mmm with half-cycle cycle time resolution
Harmonic selection (n)
DC, 1 to 50
Inter-Harmonic selection
Off, 1 to 49
Relative (%f):
0.0 to 100.0 %
0.1 %
Relative (%f):
DC voltage
Phase angle
Power and Energy
Power Factor
Cos ϕ / DPF
Pst (1min), Pst, Plt, PF5
instantenous Flicker
Dc %, Dmax % and Time d(t)
exceeds limits. As described
per IEC 61000-3-3
Transient capture
Minimum detect duration
Inrush mode
Arms (AC+DC)
Inrush Duration
± 0.5 % of nominal voltage
5 % of nominal voltage
± 1 % of reading ± 5 counts3
0.1 % of nominal frequency
0.1 % of nominal frequency
± 1 % of nominal voltage
± 1 % of reading ± 5 counts3
± 0.1 % ± n x 0.1 %
(± 0.4 % for %r)
± 5 % of reading ± 2 counts
± 0.1 % ± n x 0.1 %
(± 0.4 % for %r)
± 5 % of reading ± 5 counts
0.0 to 1000 Vrms
0.0 to 100.0 %
0.1 Vrms
0.1 %
0.0 to 4000 mV x selected
clamp scaling
0.0 to 100.0 %
depends on selected clamp
and voltage scaling
0.0 to 100.0 %
0.0 to 1000 V
0.0 to 100.0 %
0 to 3500 Hz
-360 º to +360 º
1 mVrms x selected clamp scaling
0.1 %
0.1 V
0.1 %
1 Hz
± 5 % of reading ± n x 2 %
of reading, ± 10 counts
± 5 % of reading ± 10 counts
± 2.5 %
± 1Hz
± n x 1.5 º
1.0 W to 20.00 MW1
1.0 VA to 20.00 MVA1
1.0 VAR to 20.00 MVAR1
00.00 kWhr to 200.0 GWhr1
00.00 kVAhr to 200.0 GVAhr1
00.00 kVARhr to 200.0 GVARhr1
0 to 1
0 to 1
0.1 W to 1 kW1
0.1 VA to 1 kVA1
0.1 VAR to 1 kVAR1
0.01 Whr to 100 Whr1
0.01 VAhr to 100 VAhr1
0.01 VARhr to 100 VARhr1
0.00 to 20.00
0.0 to ± 100.0 % for Dc % and
Dmax % and 0.000 to 9.999s
for Time
0.1 % for Dc % and Dmax % and
10 ms for Time
Within ± 5 % of tabulated values
according IEC61000-4-15
± 1% for Dc % and Dmax % and
20 ms for Time
0.0 to 5.0 %
0.0 to 20 %
0.1 %
0.1 %
± 0.5 %
± 6000 Vpk
5 µs
Sampling rate
± 15 % of cursor reading
± 2.5 % of Vrms
200 kS/s
0.000 to 20.00 kArms1
mm:ss:mmm between 7.5 s to
30 m selectable
0.001 to 10 Arms1
10 ms
± 1 % of meas ± 5 counts3
± 20 ms (Fnominal = 50 Hz)
0.1 %
1.5 %
1.5 %
1.5 %
1.5 %
1.5 %
1.5 %
Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers Fluke Corporation
Specifications continued
Trend recording
AutoTrend automatically records min, max and average values over time for all readings being
displayed for the 3 phases and neutral simultaneously
Volts/amps/hertz, harmonics, power and energy, flicker and unbalance mode
5 readings/sec continuous sampling per channel
1800 min, max and avg points for each reading
Recording time
From 30 min with 1 second display resolution up to 450 days with 6 hour display resolution
Up to 6 x horizontal zoom
Dips and swells mode
100/1202 readings/sec continuous sampling per channel
3600 min, max and avg points for each reading
Recording time
From 90 sec with 25 msec display resolution up to 450 days with 3 hour display resolution
Up to 12 x horizontal zoom
Inrush currents and flicker PF5 mode
100/1202 readings/sec continuous sampling per channel
3600 min, max and avg points for each reading
Recording time
From 7.5 sec with 25 msec display resolution up to 30 min with 500 msec display resolution for
Inrush measurements and up to 2.5 hour with 2.5 sec display resolution for PF5 recordings
Up to 12 x horizontal zoom
Monitor mode
Combination of 5 readings/sec and 100/1202 readings/sec continuous sampling per channel
depending on the parameter measured
Recording time
Up to 1 week with 10 min resoluton
1008 min, max and avg points for each reading
According EN50160 or customer definable
Measurement method
Vrms, Arms
10/122 cycle contiguous non overlapping intervals using 500/4162 samples per cycle in
accordance with IEC 61000-4-30
Vpeak, Apeak
Absolute highest sample value within 10/122 cycle interval with 40 µs sample resolution
V Crest Factor
Measures ratio between the Vpeak and Vrms
A Crest Factor
Measures ratio between the Apeak and Arms
Measured every 10 sec in accordance with IEC61000-4-30
Vrms1⁄2 , Arms1⁄2
Value is measured over 1 cycle, commencing at a fundamental zero crossing, and refreshed each
half-cycle. This technique is independent for each channel in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30.
Calculated from 10/12-cycle gapless harmonic group measurements on Voltage and Amps
according to IEC 61000-4-7
Power Factor
Cos ϕ / DPF
Transient capture
Inrush current
6 Fluke Corporation
Selectable Total or Fundamental real power display
Calculates average value of instantaneous power over 10/12 cycle period for each phase
Total Active Power PT =P1 + P2 + P3
Selectable Total or Fundamental apparent power display
Calculates apparent power using Vrms x Arms value over 10/12 cycle period
Total Apparent Power is root mean square of real and apparent power
Selectable Total of Fundamental reactive power display
Calculates reactive power as root of VA squared minus Watt squared over 10/12 cycle period
Capacitive and inductive load is indicated with capacitor and inductor icons
Calculated Watt / VA
Cos of angle between fundamental voltage and current
The supply voltage unbalance is evaluated using the method of symmetrical components
according to IEC61000-4-30
According to IEC 61000-4-15 Flickermeter - Functional and design specification
Includes 230 V 50 Hz lamp and 120 V 60 Hz lamp models
Captures waveform triggered on signal envelope
Additionally triggers on dips, swells, interruptions and Amps level as specified by IEC61000-4-30
The inrush current begins when the Arms half cycle rises above the inrush threshold, and ends
when the Arms half cycle rms is equal to or below the inrush threshold minus a user-selected
hysteresis value. The measurement is the square root of the mean of the squared Arms half
cycle values measured during the inrush duration. Each half-cycle interval is contiguous and
non-overlapping as recommended by IEC 61000-4-30. Markers indicate inrush duration.
Cursors allow measurement of peak Arms half cycle.
Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
Specifications continued
Drip and dust proof
Shock and Vibration
Contrast and brightness
Limit templates
Real-time clock
Line power
Battery power
Battery operating time
Battery charging time
Power saving
Measurement methods used
Power Quality
Max voltage on banana input
Max voltage on current BNC input
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Maximum operating altitude
Maximum storage altitude
Rugged, shock proof with integrated protective holster
IP51 according to IEC60529 when used in tilt stand position
Shock 30 g, Vibration: 3 g Sinusoid, Random 0.03 g2/Hz according to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2
Bright Full-Color LCD with CCFL backlight, 80cd/m2
115.2 x 86.4 mm (4.5 x 3.4 in)
320 x 240 pixels
User adjustable, temperature compensated
50 screen memories on Fluke 434
25 screen memories on Fluke 433
10 data memories for storing data including recordings on Fluke 434
5 data memories for storing data including recordings on Fluke 433
2 preprogrammed, 2 administrator (programmable via FlukeView, 2 user locations)
Time and date stamp for AutoTrend, Transient display and SystemMonitor
256 x 169 x 64 mm (10 x 6.6 x 2.5 in.)
2 kg (4.4 lb.)
Switchable 115 V, 230 V adapter with country specific plug
Rechargeable NiMH (installed)
> 7 hours
4 hours
Adjustable time for dimmed backlight with on screen power indicator
IEC61000-4-30 class A
IEC 61000-4-15
IEC 61000-4-7
IEC/EN61010-1 (2nd edition) pollution degree 2; CAN/CSA C22.2 No 101.1; ANSI/ISA S82.01
CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
42 Vpeak
0 °C to +50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
-20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F)
10 to 30 °C: 95 % RH non condensing (50 to 86 °F: 95 % RH non condensing)
30 to 40 °C: 75 % RH non condensing (86 to 104 °F: 75 % RH non condensing)
40 to 50 °C: 45 % RH non condensing (104 to 122 °F: 45 % RH non condensing)
3000 m (9842 ft) Derate to CAT II 1000 V / CAT III 600 V / CAT IV 300 V above 2000 m (6561 ft)
12 km (39,372 ft)
3 years on mainframe, 1 year on included accessories
Hard carrying case with clamp holders BC430
4 current clamps, i400s
5 Test leads, 4 black, 1 green
5 Alligator clips, 4 black, 1 green
Battery Charger Eliminator, BC430
FlukeView Software, SW43W (Fluke 434 only)
Optical Cable for USB , OC4USB (Fluke 434 only)
Color localization set, WC100
Getting Started (printed)
User Manual (CD-ROM)
depending clamp scaling
50 Hz/60 Hz nominal frequency according to IEC 61000-4-30
Add clamp accuracy
The advanced functions: interharmonics, energy, transients and inrush are optional for the Fluke 433 and standard available on the Fluke 434
Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers Fluke Corporation
Optional 430 Series Accessories
i400s AC Current Clamp — Replacement
current clamp for the Fluke 430 Series:
It is compatible with any oscilloscope,
ScopeMeter® Test Tool or Power Quality
Analyzer that accepts BNC connectors and
is capable of millivolt measurements.
TLS430 Test Lead Set — Test lead replacement set for the 430 Series Power Quality
Analyzer. Set includes five test leads and five
alligator clips.
WC100 Multi-Color Wire Clips — 32 wire
clips in 8 colors easily snap onto test leads
and current clamp cables to organize multiple
leads and cables in a work area.
CCS430 Color coding set for Fluke 430 Series.
C430 Hard carrying case.
OC4USB Optical cable for USB.
BC430 Battery charger 230 V/110 V.
Fluke-433/UGK Upgrade kit for Fluke 433,
includes FlukeView software, USB cable and
advanced feature upgrade.
Ordering information
Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer
Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer
Upgrade Kit for Fluke 433
Fluke offers a full suite of power quality
test tools to locate, predict, prevent and
troubleshoot power problems.
Handheld troubleshooters for instant analysis
Ready-to-use event loggers
Full Disclosure power analyzers
Power calibrators and standards backed by
Fluke metrology expertise
The Fluke power quality set of products offers the
highest level of performance and maintains the
Fluke promise of rugged and reliable test tools.
Fluke. Keeping your world
up and running.
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Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
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