User`s guide | Franklin QC-20 Electronic Accessory User Manual

User’s Guide
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License Agreement
PRODUCT means the software product and
documentation found in this package and FRANKLIN
means Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc.
All rights in the PRODUCT remain the property of
FRANKLIN. Through your purchase, FRANKLIN grants
you a personal and nonexclusive license to use this
PRODUCT. You may not make any copies of the
PRODUCT or of the data stored therein, whether in
electronic or print format. Such copying would be in
violation of applicable copyright laws. Further, you may
not modify, adapt, disassemble, decompile, translate,
create derivative works of, or in any way reverse
engineer the PRODUCT. You may not export or reexport,
directly or indirectly, the PRODUCT without compliance
with appropriate governmental regulations. The
PRODUCT contains Franklin’s confidential and
proprietary information which you agree to take adequate
steps to protect from unauthorized disclosure or use. This
license is effective until terminated. This license
terminates immediately without notice from FRANKLIN if
you fail to comply with any provision of this license.
Key Guide
Function Keys
Takes you back one step (e.g., erases
typed letters).
Selects the calculator mode.
Clears to the start of selected mode.
Enters words or numbers, or selects items.
Selects the game mode.
Displays help messages.
Selects the phone list mode.
Turns the unit on or off.
Selects the spelling corrector mode.
Calculator Keys
Lets you add numbers.
Calculates square roots.
Clears your calculations.
Lets you multiply numbers.
Performs calculations (i.e., acts as =).
Lets you divide numbers.
Clears the calculator memory.
Retrieves total from the memory.
Subtracts a number from the memory.
Adds a number to the memory.
Key Guide
Types numbers.
Lets you subtract numbers. (In the phone
list, types a hyphen.)
Calculates percentages.
Changes the sign (+/-) of a number.
Lets you convert measures and currencies.
Other Keys
In the phone list, deletes an entry. In
spelling corrector mode, types an asterisk
to stand for a series of letters in a word.
During a game, provides a clue.
In spelling corrector mode, types a question mark to stand for any letter. When a
question mark flashes next to a spelling
correction word, displays its
Confusables®. During a game, reveals
the answer(s) and ends the round.
Direction Keys
In lists, scrolls up or down. At entry
screens, types apostrophes or full stops.
At the ENTER a word screen, adjusts the
screen contrast.
At entry screens, moves the cursor right
or left.
Getting Started
To View the Demo
When you first use this product, you will see a
demonstration of what it can do.
1. Press ON/OFF .
The demonstration automatically appears.
2. To stop the demonstration, press CLEAR .
To Disable or Reenable the Demo
You probably do not want to view the demonstration every time you use this product. Here is how
to disable and reenable the demonstration.
1. Press SPELL .
2. Type ✽✽d.
3. Press ENTER .
4. To reenable the demonstration,
repeat the above steps.
To Adjust the Screen Contrast
1. Press SPELL .
to darken
2. At ENTER a word, use
or lighten the screen contrast.
Correcting Spellings
1. Press SPELL .
2. Type a word.
To erase letters, use BACK . To type an apos.
trophe, press . To type a full stop, press
To type a space, press . To edit a word,
press and then retype letters.
You cannot type capital letters, but the spelling
corrections may include capitals. Also, you
cannot begin a word with a punctuation mark.
3. Press ENTER .
The flashing arrow indicates that more corrections are available. If you enter a correctly
spelled word, Correct word appears and then
the word appears on the main word list.
4. Use
to view more words, if needed.
Note: If a word is too long to fit on the screen,
use ENTER or to see it all.
5. Press CLEAR when finished.
Viewing Confusables®
Confusables are words such as homonyms and
spelling variants that people often confuse. When
you see a flashing question mark to the right of a
word, that word has Confusables. Try this example.
1. Press SPELL .
2. Type rain and then press ENTER .
Notice the flashing question mark.
3. Press
Each Confusable is followed by a word that
explains its meaning.
4. Use
5. Press
to view the Confusables.
when finished.
✓ Follow the Arrows
The flashing arrows at the right of the
screen show you which arrow keys you can
use to view more words.
Finding Parts of Words
You can find parts of words by typing question
marks and asterisks in place of letters. Each
question mark stands for any single letter. Each
asterisk stands for any series of letters.
You can use question marks to help solve crossword puzzles and similar word games by typing
them in place of missing letters.
Try this example.
1. Press SPELL .
2. Type d??b✻.
3. Press ENTER .
4. Press
5. Press
repeatedly to view more words.
when finished.
✓ Help is Always at Hand
You can view an appropriate help message
at most screens by pressing HELP . To go
back to the previous screen, press BACK .
Storing Names & Phone Numbers
This product has a data bank that can save as
many as 100 names and phone numbers. The
total amount of names and numbers that you can
save depends upon the number of characters in
each entry.
To Add an Entry to the Phone List
1. Press PHONE .
or , if needed, to see Add a new
2. Use
entry and then press ENTER .
3. Type a name and then press ENTER .
Each name can contain up to 23 characters (with
letters appearing as capitals only) and spaces.
To erase a character, press BACK . To type a
space, press .
To edit a character, press and then retype a
4. Use the numbered keys to type a phone
number and then press ENTER .
To type a hyphen between the parts of a
phone number, press S .
To type a space, press .
You cannot type letters in the phone number.
Storing Names & Phone Numbers
To View the Phone List
1. Press PHONE .
, if needed, to see View phone
2. Use
list and then press ENTER .
3. To go to a name, type the name or use
To undo a typed letter, press BACK .
4. Press ENTER to see its phone number.
5. To edit an entry, first press , then press Y, type
your changes and then press ENTER until the
entry is saved. Or press N to cancel the edit.
6. To go to another name, use
then press ENTER .
7. Press BACK to go back to the phone list options.
✓ Checking the Memory
To see how much memory is free in the phone
list for more names and numbers, press PHONE
and then use
to see Space: XX% free.
✓ Keep Copies of Important Data
Warning! Your phone list information is
safely stored in memory as long as the battery supplies power. However, if the battery
loses all power, this information will be permanently lost. You should always keep written copies of your important information.
Storing Names & Phone Numbers
To Delete an Entry from the Phone List
1. Press PHONE .
2. Press ENTER to select View phone list.
until you see the entry that you
3. Press
want to delete.
4. Press
5. Press Y to delete the entry or N to cancel
the deletion.
6. To delete another entry, repeat Steps 3 to 5
To Erase All the Phone List Entries
Warning! This procedure permanently erases all
the names and numbers in your phone list.
1. Press PHONE .
to see Erase all data and then press
2. Use
3. Press Y to erase all the entries or N to
cancel the operation.
Using a Password
You can use a password to keep the information
in your phone list private. Your password will be
requested whenever anyone turns on the unit
and presses PHONE .
Warning! After you have set the password, you
will not be able to see or use your phone list without it. So always record your password and keep
it in a separate place.
1. Press PHONE .
to see Set the password and then
2. Use
press ENTER .
3. Type a password and then press ENTER .
Remember to write down your exact password
and keep it in a separate place. Your password can have up to 23 characters.
4. To test the password, press ON/OFF , type the password, and then press ENTER to gain access.
5. To disable the password, repeat Steps 1
and 2 above, and then press ENTER when
Enter password appears.
✓ About Automatic Shutoff
If you forget to turn off this product, it will automatically turn off in about two minutes.
When you turn it on again, operation
resumes with your current settings.
Using the Calculator
To Make a Calculation
1. Press CALC .
2. Use the numbered keys to type a number.
To make a number negative or positive, use
X+/- . To type a decimal point, press
3. Use A+ , S - , D x , or F to enter a math function.
Note: The division function is indicated by a /
on the screen display.
4. Type another number.
Note: To find a square root, press C√ .
5. Press ENTER= or V % .
To clear the calculation, press CLEAR .
To Use the Calculator Memory
1. Make a calculation as shown above, or
simply type a number in the calculator.
2. Press L to add the number to the calculator memory as a positive number or K to
add it to the memory as a negative number.
The total in the memory flashes on screen.
3. Press CLEAR to clear the calculator, or start
making a calculation.
4. To retrieve the total from the memory, press J .
5. To clear the calculator memory, press H .
Converting Measures & Currencies
You can convert temperatures, weights, liquid
measures, and lengths to and from metric measurements. You can also convert currencies using
an exchange rate that you enter.
1. Press CALC .
2. Press Z (CONV).
to select a conversion category
3. Use
then press ENTER .
4. If you selected Money as the conversion
category, set the exchange rate.
or , if
To set the exchange rate, first use
needed, to see set rate and press ENTER . Then
type a number as the exchange rate and press
ENTER . To type a decimal, use
. The exchange rate will be saved until you change it.
Important! The exchange rate should be the
number of units of the other currency per one
unit of home currency (e.g., 2.0 = 2 other/1
to select a conversion and then
5. Use
press ENTER .
6. Type an amount and then press ENTER .
7. To make another conversion, press BACK .
Setting the Skill Level of the Games
You can play the games at skill levels from Beginner to Wizard.
1. Press GAMES .
to see Set Skill Level and
2. Use
then press ENTER .
to see the skill level that you
3. Use
want and then press ENTER . Or press BACK
to leave the skill level unchanged.
✓ Understanding the Skill Levels
The skill levels change the number of
guesses in Hangman, the minimum number
of letters (Min size) in Anagrams, and the
number of letters in Word Jumble. Word
Builder is unaffected by the skill levels.
Playing Hangman
Hangman challenges you to guess mystery
words in a certain number of tries.
1. Press GAMES , if needed.
to see Hangman and then
2. Use
press ENTER .
mystery word
wrong guesses allowed
3. Type letters you think are in the word.
4. Press ENTER or
to reveal a letter.
Note: If you reveal a letter, you will lose the round.
5. To reveal the word and end the round , press ? .
6. Press ENTER to play a new round.
✓ User Hangman and Anagrams
You can test your friends with User Hangman
and User Anagrams. User Hangman and User
Anagrams play the same as Hangman and
Anagrams, except that you must enter a word
with which to play before each round.
Playing Anagrams
Anagrams challenges you to find the anagrams
of words. An anagram is a word formed from
some or all the letters of another word.
1. Press GAMES , if needed.
2. Press
to see Anagrams and then
press ENTER .
Note: The Min size is the minimum number of
letters that the anagrams can have.
anagrams to guess
3. Type an anagram and then press ENTER .
If the anagram is correct, OK appears.
4. Enter more anagrams.
5. Press
to jumble the letters.
6. Use
to see the anagrams that
you have already entered, if any.
7. To end the round and see all the anagrams,
press ? and then use
8. Press ENTER to play a new round.
Word Jumble & Word Builder
Playing Word Jumble
1. Press GAMES , if needed.
to see Word Jumble and
2. Press
then press ENTER .
The letters are a jumbled word or words. The
number shows how many words have been
3. To re-jumble the letters, press ENTER or
4. Type a word formed from the jumbled letters and then press ENTER .
5. To reveal the word(s) and end the round, press ? .
6. Press ENTER to play a new round.
Playing Word Builder
Word Builder builds words of a minimum size from
letters chosen from the letters that you enter.
1. Press GAMES , if needed.
to see Word Builder and then
2. Use
press ENTER .
3. Type up to 14 letters.
You can type a letter more than once.
4. Press ENTER .
to view the words.
5. Use
6. Press ENTER to play a new round.
Changing the Battery
This product uses one CR2032, 3-volt lithium battery.
The battery should be changed when the screen contrast is too light even after adjustment.
Before you replace the battery, you should have a new
battery and a small Phillips screwdriver.
Warning! If the battery completely loses power, all the
information stored in the phone list will be permanently
lost. Furthermore, any time that you change the battery,
you risk losing all your phone list information, so always
keep written copies of your phone list information.
1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew and remove the back cover.
2. Install a new battery, with its plus sign (+) facing
3. Replace the back cover.
Important Notes
1. Different types of batteries or new and used
batteries are not to be mixed.
2. Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as
recommended are to be used.
3. Batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity.
4. Exhausted batteries should be removed.
5. The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.
This unit may change operating modes due to electrostatic
discharge. Normal operation of this unit can be reestablished
by pressing ON/OFF .
PN 7201607
Rev. B
Product Information
Model: SCQ-106 • Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.9 x 0.8 cm • Weight: 45.36 g
Cleaning and Storage
To clean this spelling corrector, spray a mild glass cleaner onto a
cloth and wipe its surface. Don't spray liquids directly on the spelling corrector. Don't use or store this spelling corrector in extreme
or prolonged heat, cold, humidity, or other adverse conditions.
Customer Service
If you have a problem with your unit, refer to the limited warranty. For
sales and customer service, please call 01932 891025.
FCC Notice
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful
interference; and (2) this device must accept any interference received,
including interference that may cause undesirable operation.
Limited Warranty (outside U.S.)
This product, excluding batteries, is guaranteed by Franklin for a
period of one year from the date of purchase. It will be repaired or
replaced with an equivalent product (at Franklin’s option) free of
charge for any defect due to faulty workmanship or materials.
Products purchased outside the United States that are returned
under warranty should be returned to the original vendor with proof
of purchase and description of fault. Charges will be made for all
repairs unless valid proof of purchase is provided.
This warranty explicitly excludes defects due to misuse, accidental
damage, or wear and tear. This guarantee does not affect the
consumer’s statutory rights.
Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks
©1997 Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc.
Burlington, N.J. 08016-4907 USA. All rights reserved.
U.S. PATENTS: 4,490,811; 4,830,618; 4,891,775; 5,113,340;
5,218,536; 5,396,606. Euro. Pat. 0 136 379. Patents Pending.
ISBN 1-56712-405-4
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