Operating instructions | Frigidaire 134305500A Washer User Manual

Before Operating Your Washer
Read your washer Use and Care Guide. It has
important safety and warranty information. It also
has many suggestions for best washing results.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS in your washer Use and
Care Guide before operating this appliance.
Operating Steps
Read and follow “Washing Procedures” in your
Use and Care Guide. It provides detailed information for preparing the wash load and choosing control settings to ensure best washing results.
1. Sort laundry into loads that can be washed together.
2. Prepare items for washing.
3. Pretreat stains and heavy soil.
4. Add laundry load to the wash drum.
5. Open the dispenser drawer and add the measured amount of a high efficiency detergent to the
detergent compartment. If desired, add liquid
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bleach and fabric softener to the appropriate com- 8. Add desired features by pressing symbols for
partments. They will be dispensed at the proper
• Control Lock
times. Slowly close dispenser drawer. The washer
• End-of-Cycle Signal
will not operate with the drawer open.
9. Start the washer.
Note: From time to time you may see water in the • Close the door and touch START. The washer
will not operate with the door open. As a safety
bleach and fabric softener compartments.
measure, the door will automatically lock durThis is a result of the siphoning action and
ing the entire wash cycle and “DOOR LOCK”
is part of the normal operation of the washer.
will be displayed.
6. Press CYCLES until the desired cycle is se- • To pause the cycle, press STOP/CANCEL once.
“PAU” will flash alternately with the time remainlected. Suitable wash and rinse water temperaing display. The door can then be opened to add
tures, final spin speed and options will automatia forgotten item. However, if the washer was
cally be displayed. To change these settings, press
paused during final spin, it will take approxiTEMPS, SPEED and OPTIONS until the desired
mately 2-3 minutes for the door lock to release.
selections are made. These adjustments to the
Do not force the door open.
cycle will automatically be remembered each time
• To restart the washer, press START. Tumbling
that cycle is selected.
will be resumed where it was interrupted. If the
7. To select or delete Heavy Soil/Stain, Auto Temp,
washer was interrupted during spin, the spin time
Extra Spin and Extra Rinse, press OPTIONS until
will be reset.
the flashing light indicates a desired option. Then • To stop the washer, press STOP/CANCEL twice.
press SELECT to add or delete the option.
Two dash lines will be displayed.
Note: To provide the best care for your laundry
items, not every temperature, speed and
option is available with every cycle.
10. A signal will sound when the end-of-cycle signal
option is selected. Remove items when cycle ends.
PN 134305500A (0311)
Cycle Selection
Press CYCLE until desired cycle is selected. For
best results, follow the fabric care label instructions on items to be washed.
Heavy Duty
This cycle provides 18 minutes of reversing tumble
wash action for heavily soiled regular items, followed by a spray rinse and four rinses. Extra Rinse
can be added to remove excess soil and detergent.
Normal Cycle provides 13 minutes of reversing
tumble wash action for normally soiled regular and
perm press items, followed by 4 rinses.
Quick Cycle provides 6 minutes of reversing
tumble wash action for normally soiled regular
and perm press items, followed by 3 rinses.
Delicates/Hand Wash
This cycle provides 10 minutes of gentle reversing wash action for knits, delicates and hand
washables, followed by a spray rinse and two
rinses. Select Med Spin for knits and Low Spin for
delicates and hand washables.
Cycle Adjustments
This cycle provides 10 minutes of very gentle reversing wash action for washable silks, followed
by two rinses. To protect the fabric, the Cold/Cold,
No Spin and Extra Rinse selections cannot be
Suitable wash and rinse water temperatures and
final spin speed will automatically be displayed
when a cycle is selected. To change them, press
TEMPS and SPEED until the desired selections
are made.
Follow these guidelines to retain the color, sheen
and texture of washable silks:
• Follow fabric care label instructions.
• Wash and rinse in cold water.
• Use a mild detergent.
• Do not use bleach or pretreatment products.
• Remove stains promptly; avoid rubbing.
• Place item in a mesh bag.
• Wash items separately to avoid dye transfer.
• Do not soak.
• Do not wring or twist. Roll wet item in a
towel to absorb water. Dry flat or on padded hanger out of sunlight.
Adjustments can be made before or after the cycle
begins. Adjustments to the cycle will automatically
be remembered each time that cycle is used.
Final Spin Speed
There are three final spin speed options available
for each cycle: High, Med (Medium) and Slow. The
speeds will vary from cycle to cycle. For example,
Regular High Speed is much faster than Delicates/
Hand Wash High Speed.
Use this cycle to remove water from the wash drum
or a wet load. Select High Speed for regular items,
Med Speed for perm press and knit items or Slow
Speed for delicate items. The Extra Spin option
can be added to this cycle.
Wash / Rinse Water Temperatures
Select the wash and rinse water temperatures
appropriate for each load.
• Hot/Cold for heavily soiled, white/colorfast,
cotton and perm press loads.
• Warm/Cold for normally soiled, white/colorfast,
cotton and perm press loads.
• Cold/Cold for lightly soiled, non-colorfast
items, knits, delicates, hand washables and
washable silks.
• Warm/Warm for washable woolens.
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Select Med Speed for most loads.
To increase water extraction and decrease
drying time select High Speed.
To reduce wrinkling, select Slow Speed.
Use NO SPIN to omit the final spin at the end
of the cycle. The load will contain a high
amount of water. Remove items from wash
drum to drip dry or select DRAIN / SPIN to
remove excess water at a more convenient
PN 134305500A (0311)
Water Level
There is no need to select a water level. The
washer automatically adjusts the water level to the
type and size of wash load.
Washer Features
Error Codes
Add A Garment
The Add A Garment light will be lit during all wash
cycles as a reminder that a forgotten item can be
added to the load.
If the washer stops and the F 01,F 03, F 04 or
F 05 error code is flashing in the display, press
STOP/CANCEL, select a cycle and press
START. If the error code appears again, please
contact service for assistance.
Cycle Options
To select Heavy Soil/Stain, Auto Temp, Extra Spin
and Extra Rinse, press OPTIONS until flashing
light indicates desired option. Then press SELECT
to add that option to the cycle. To delete an indicated option, press SELECT.
Heavy Soil / Stain
Use this option to add approximately 6 minutes of
wash time to very soiled or stained loads.
Auto Temp
The temperature of hot, warm and cold wash water can be affected by the water heater setting and
seasonally low ground water temperatures in some
geographic areas. Since detergents work best in
wash water at a minimum of 65° F, select AUTO
TEMP to regulate the temperature of hot wash to
approximately 150° F, warm wash to approximately
90° F and cold wash to approximately 70° F. Rinse
water temperatures are not regulated.
Extra Rinse
Use this option when additional rinsing is desired
to remove excess dirt and detergent. It is recommended for heavily soiled loads or if household
members have sensitive skin. Extra Rinse occurs
before the liquid fabric softner is dispensed.
Control Lock
To prevent accidental operation of the washer or
alteration of the cycle settings, press and hold the
lock symbol until you hear 3 beeps and “LOC” is
displayed. To cancel, press and hold the lock symbol until “LOC” is no longer displayed.
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle. Repeatedly press the signal symbol to select one of
three volume levels or turn off the signal. The selection will be programmed until you change it.
The following will be displayed during the cycle:
• Estimated Remaining Cycle Time
• Door Lock
• Cycle Status (WASH, RINSE, FINAL
• Signal volume selected
• “LOC” will be displayed briefly when lock
symbol is pressed.
F 01 - There may be an internal problem
with the wash system.
F 02 - There may be a water temperature
problem. Be sure hot and cold wa
ter hoses are properly connected
before calling service.
F 03 - Be sure the water is turned on be
fore calling service. There may be a
problem with the pump or pressure
F 04 - The washer may have run too long
or there may be a problem with the
motor control.
F 05 - There may be a problem with the
Extra Spin
Use this option for several additional minutes of
spin at the selected spin speed. This will increase
water extraction and decrease drying time.
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PN 134305500A (0311)
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