AC-215 / AC-210 E AC Power Conditioner
Thank you for purchasing the Furman
AC-215 / AC-210 E Power Conditioner. For
over 30 years, Furman has pioneered the
development and manufacturing of AC power
products for the most demanding audio,
video, and broadcast professionals. Furman’s
Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+)
delivers the purest AC power and the most
comprehensive protection available – going far
beyond what is found in traditional surge strips.
Today’s power grid typically experiences
numerous electrical surges and spikes on a
daily basis. At best, these irregularities can
degrade your equipment’s performance; at
worst, they can severely damage individual
components or your entire system. Furman’s
SMP+ circuit offers the highest degree of
protection available.
The AC-215 / AC-210 E is specifically
designed for today’s diverse power purification
applications. This compact unit can be
mounted behind a projector; LCD or plasma
screen; inside of a rack; on a wall or a
ceiling; or any other location where discrete
power conditioning is needed. Its compact,
streamlined design integrates easily into any
system, and the included brackets allow you to
mount it inconspicuously.
Advanced Linear Filtering Technology for
unequalled audio/video clarity
Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus for AC
surge protection with Extreme Voltage
Shutdown and a TVZ MOV offers the
highest amount of protection available for
your equipment
Zero ground contamination circuitry
protects critical video circuits
Compact chassis design easily attaches
to any flat screen television mount with
included hardware
Safety Information
To obtain best results from your Furman
AC-215 / AC-210 E Power Conditioner, please
be sure to read this manual carefully before
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not
expose this equipment to rain or moisture.
Dangerous high voltages are present inside
the enclosure. Do not remove the covers.
There are no user serviceable parts inside.
Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.
The lightning flash with an arrowhead symbol,
(within an equilateral triangle) is intended to
alert the user to the presence of un-insulated
dangerous voltage within the product’s
enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude
to constitute a risk of electric shock.
Important Safety Instructions
1. Please read and observe all safety and
operating instructions before installing your
unit. Retain these instructions for future
AC-215 / AC-210 E AC Power Conditioner
2. Your unit should not be used near water – for
example, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen
sink, laundry tub, in a wet basement, near a
swimming pool, etc.
3. Do not place your unit near heat sources
such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or
other appliances that produce heat.
4. The unit should only be connected to a 120
VAC, 60Hz, 15 Amp [230 VAC and10 Amp for
the AC-210 E] grounded electrical outlet. Do
not defeat the ground or change polarization of
the power plug.
5. Route the power cord and other cables so
that they are not likely to be walked on, tripped
over, or stressed. Pay particular attention to
the condition of the cords and cables at the
plugs, and the point where they exit your unit.
To prevent risk of fire or injury, damaged cords
and cables should be replaced immediately.
6. Clean your unit with a damp cloth only. Do
not use solvents or abrasive cleaners. Never
pour liquid on or into the unit.
7. Your unit should be serviced by qualified
service personnel when:
• The power supply cord or the plug
has been frayed, kinked, or cut.
• Objects have fallen or liquid has
spilled into the unit.
• The unit has been exposed to rain or
other moisture.
• The unit does not appear to operate
normally or exhibits a marked change
in performance.
• The unit has been dropped, or the
enclosure damaged.
invalidate the warranty.
9. Do not attempt to service yourunit beyond
what is described in this manual. All other
servicing should be referred to qualified service
While the AC power delivered by today’s
overworked and outdated power grid may be
adequate for typical lighting and consumer
products, it is well below the level of quality
needed for connecting sensitive audio and
video equipment. With the average investment
in home theater equipment steadily rising, it’s
more important than ever to purify or clean
your incoming AC power.
Furman’s Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus
(SMP+) circuitry incorporates Linear Filtering
Technology (LiFT) to insure that flat screen
televisions, projectors, processors, and other
sensitive audio/video components are fed
linearly-filtered AC power. This dramatically
reduces noise, ensuring consistent, peak
performance from your equipment. The result
is better performance, a better quality picture,
and less wear on your components.
Another feature unique to Furman’s SMP+
circuit is automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown
(EVS) with a TVZ MOV. Extreme voltages are
statistically the most common, damaging AC
event. The Extreme Voltage Shutdown circuit
automatically turns off the AC-215 / AC-210 E
when it is fed 137 volts [270VAC for the AC-210
E or 260VAC for the AC-210 E UK] or higher,
protecting itself and connected equipment from
the extreme voltage. Only Furman offers this
advanced degree of protection.
8. Your unit requires that a safety ground be
present for proper operation. Any attempt
to operate the unit without a safety ground
is considered improper operation and could
AC-215 / AC-210 E AC Power Conditioner
Extreme Voltage Shutdown Indicator
The AC Series SMP+ circuit senses voltages
that are high enough to cause damage to your
components, and shuts the power down before
damage can occur.
The Extreme Voltage Shutdown LED is
normally off. If an input voltage in excess of
137VAC [270VAC for the AC-210 E or 260VAC
for the AC-210 E UK] is sensed, either on initial
power-up or during normal operation, the AC215 / AC-210 E will shut off power and this
indicator will light.
NOTE: If the mains power is above the high
cutoff voltage and has caused the unit to
remove power from its outlets, it cannot restore
power without the operator manually turning
the unit off, then on again. Avoid turning the
unit back on, without first checking the source
of the problem, and perhaps changing the AC
Protection OK Indicator
Although the Furman SMP+ circuit assures
protection from transient voltage spikes and
surges, nature has a way of occasionally
creating electrical forces that are beyond the
capabilities of any TVSS device to absorb
without some degree of damage. In the rare
instance that this occurs, the green “Protection
OK” LED indicator located on your front panel
will turn off. If this happens, some level of
protection from voltage surges will remain,
but the Furman’s clamping voltage rating will
be compromised. The unit must be returned
to Furman Sound, or an authorized Furman
Service center for repair.
Symptom: No power to the AC outlets.
Possible Cause: Circuit breaker has
tripped due to excessive load.
Action Needed: Unplug one piece of
equipment from the AC-215 / AC-210
E, and push the re-set tab into the
Circuit breaker bezel.
Symptom: No power to the AC outlets, even
after the Circuit breaker has been re-set.
Possible Cause: Protection devices
are damaged.
AC-215 / AC-210 E AC Power Conditioner
The AC-215 / AC-210 E can be conveniently and inconspicuously mounted within an equipment
rack or on the rear panel of your video display, using the included brackets.
Refer to the illustrations below for instructions.
The brackets can be positioned facing in or out as shown to best allow for different types of installations.
AC-215 / AC-210 E AC Power Conditioner
Furman Sound, Inc. warrants to the original
purchaser of this product, the Furman AC-215 or
AC-210E, that the product will be free from defects
in material and workmanship for a period of three
years from the date of purchase. The purchaser of
the product is allowed fifteen days from the date of
purchase to complete warranty registration by mail
or on-line at the Furman website. If the purchaser
fails to complete the aforementioned registration, the
warranty period will be reduced to one year from the
date of purchase.
If the product does not conform to this Limited
Warranty during the warranty period (as herein
above specified), purchaser shall notify Furman
in writing of the claimed defects. If the defects are
of such type and nature as to be covered by this
warranty, Furman shall authorize the purchaser to
return the product to the Furman factory or to an
authorized Furman repair location. Warranty claims
should be accompanied by a copy of the original
purchase invoice showing the purchase date;
this is not necessary if the Warranty Registration
was completed either by mailing in the completed
warranty card or by registering on-line at the Furman
website. Shipping charges to the Furman factory
or to an authorized repair location must be prepaid
by the purchaser of the product. Furman shall, at
its own expense, furnish a replacement product or,
at Furman’s option, repair the defective product.
Return shipping charges back to purchaser will be
paid by Furman.
Sound’s Connected Equipment Warranty covers
equipment that is damaged by transient voltage (an
“Occurrence”) while properly connected through
the Furman AC-215 or AC-210E to a properly wired
AC power line with a protective ground in an indoor
location. Furman’s Connected Equipment Warranty
is limited to the amount of the deductible on the
Purchaser’s personal property insurance policy up to
$500.00. In order to make a claim for this Connected
Equipment Warranty, the Purchaser must forward a
copy of his/her personal property insurance claim for
the damaged equipment to Furman and complete
the Furman Connected Equipment Warranty claim
form (call Furman at (707) 763-1010 to obtain the
form). Furman reserves the right to review the
damaged Furman product, the damaged connected
equipment, and the site where the damage
occurred. All cost of shipping damaged equipment
to Furman for inspection shall be borne solely by
the Purchaser. Damaged equipment must remain
available for inspection until the claim is finalized.
The Connected Equipment Warranty is also in effect
for a period of three years unless the Purchaser
does not complete the warranty registration within
fifteen days from date of purchase, at which time,
the Connected Equipment Warranty period is also
reduced to one year from the date of purchase.
All warranties contained herein are null and void
if: the Furman Surge Protector in use during the
occurrence is not provided to Furman for inspection
upon Furman’s request at the sole expense of the
Purchaser, Furman determines that the Furman
Surge Protector has been opened, improperly
installed, altered in any way or tampered with,
Furman determines that the damage did not result
from the Occurrence or that no Occurrence in fact
took place or Furman determines that the connected
equipment was not used under normal operating
conditions or in accordance with Manufacturer’s
instructions for the connected equipment. All
Furman Surge Protectors must be plugged directly
into a properly wired AC power line with a protective
ground and must not be “daisy-chained” together
in serial fashion with other power strips, UPS’s,
other surge protectors, three-to-two-prong adapters,
or extension cords. Any such installation voids
this warranty. The Furman warranty only protects
against damage to properly connected equipment
where Furman has determined, at its sole discretion,
that the damage resulted from an Occurrence and
does not protect against acts of God (other than
lightning) such as flood, earthquake, war, terrorism,
vandalism, theft, normal-use wear and tear, erosion,
depletion, obsolescence, abuse, damage due to
low-voltage disturbances (i.e. brownouts or sags),
non-authorized program, or system equipment
modification or alteration. Do not use this product in
anyway with a generator, heater, sump pump, waterrelated device, life support device, medical device,
automobile, motorcycle, or golf-cart battery charger.
To be used indoors only and in dry areas. All
AC-215 / AC-210 E AC Power Conditioner
warranties contained herein are null and void if used
in anyway with any of the aforementioned devices.
Furman does not warrant against damages or
defects arising out of improper or abnormal use or
handling of the product; against defects or damages
arising from improper installation, against defects
in products or components not manufactured by
Furman, or against damages resulting from such
non-Furman made products or components. This
warranty shall be cancelable by Furman at its sole
discretion if the product is modified in any way
without written authorization from Furman. This
warranty also does not apply to products upon
which repairs have been affected or attempted by
persons other than pursuant to written authorization
by Furman.
damage in shipment, and that it is insured.
All equipment being returned for repair must
have a Return Authorization (R/A) Number.
To get an R/A number, please call the Furman
Service Department at (707) 763-1010 ext 121,
between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm
US Pacific Time. When returning equipment
for repair, please use the original packaging to
ship the product. Also, please enclose a note
giving your name, address, phone number, email address, and a description of the problem.
Please display your R/A Number prominently
on the front of all packages.
exclusive obligation of Furman shall be to repair or
replace the defective product in the manner and for
the period provided above. Furman shall not have
any other obligation with respect to this product or
any part thereof, whether based on contract, tort,
strict liability, or otherwise. Under no circumstances,
whether based on this Limited Warranty or
otherwise, shall Furman be liable for incidental,
special, or consequential damages. Furman’s
employees or representatives’ ORAL OR OTHER
WARRANTIES, shall not be relied upon by
purchaser, and are not a part of the contract for
sale or this limited warranty. This Limited Warranty
states the entire obligation of Furman with respect
to the product. If any part of this Limited Warranty is
determined to be void or illegal, the remainder shall
remain in full force and effect.
Warranty claims should be accompanied by a copy
of the original purchase invoice showing the date
of purchase (if a Warranty Registration Card was
mailed in at the time of purchase or if the product
was registered on-line, this is not necessary). Before
returning any equipment for repair, please be sure
it is adequately packed and cushioned against
AC Current Capacity
AC Noise Attenuation
Transverse (Differential) Mode
15 Amp capacity required (10 Amp for the AC-210 E)
15 Amp RMS (both outlets combined) (10 Amp for the
AC-210 E)
>40dB from 10kHz to 100kHz
>80dB from 100kHz to 1GHz
(linear attenuation curve from 0.05 to 100Ω line impedance)
Transient Voltage Surge
120VAC (230VAC for AC-210 E)
Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus Non-Sacrificial
with Zero Ground contamination
188V peak clamping @ 6000V/3000A input
276V peak clamping for AC-210 E
Extreme Voltage Shutdown
137 VAC typically
(270 VAC typically for the AC-210 E)
(260 VAC typically for the AC-210 E UK)
Dimensions & Weight
1.75” (H) x 5” (W) x 8.5” (D), 3 lbs.
Safety Agency Listing
Furman Sound, Inc.
1997 South McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, California 94954-6919 USA
Phone: 707-763-1010
Fax: 707-763-1310
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