Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
The El i t e 2 0 P F F e a t u r e s
Power Factor correction provides surplus current for power-star ved amplifiers
Ultra-Linear Filtering for stunning audio/video clarity
Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) featuring Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS)
Zero ground contamination circuitr y protects critical digital components
Ultrasonic bi-directional filtering isolates each audio and video outlet bank
Retractable LED lamps illuminate a cabinet or rack full of equipment
Detachable module for telco surge suppression and 3 pairs of cable / satellite T VSS
isolated F-connectors
Suggested AC Connection
with Power
Satellite /
Cable TVSS
1 to 7
Plasma /
LCD Monitor
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
For over 30 years, Furman has pioneered the
development of AC power products for the
most demanding audio, video, and broadcast
professionals. Though the need for pristine AC
power is nothing new, the Elite-20 Power Factor’s
technology and its unique implementation are
revolutionary and without peer.
The extreme AC demands encountered in the
professional audio/video arena have required
technological developments far in excess of
typical home theater/audiophile power products.
In studios, live sound, and broadcast facilities,
breakdown is unacceptable. Equipment failure
or poor performance is costly. The same is true
of today’s home theater. Our solution based
technology, extensive engineering expertise,
and robust build quality have answered the
challenge of today’s corrupted power lines, and
led to the creation of the Elite-20 PF.
Today’s power lines are plagued with RF
and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive
equipment to your home’s power outlet, AC
noise couples into your system’s critical
components. This AC noise masks low level
signals and cripples performance. This low level
content is critical because it relays the crucial
harmonics and ambience in audio, as well as
the depth and clarity in video. With Furman’s
exclusive Ultra-Linear Filtering Technology,
televisions, projectors, DVD players, amplifiers,
and processors are fed ultra-wide bandwidth
linearly-filtered AC power. This dramatically
reduces noise, ensuring consistent peak
operation regardless of load conditions or the
time of day. For the first time, you will see and
hear your theater or audio system as it should
be – uncompromised.
Another critical feature is our exclusive
Series Multi-stage Protection. This virtually
maintenance-free surge suppression assures
the highest level of AC protection possible,
without sacrificing itself when the offending
surge is severe – no damaged equipment,
no service calls, no down time. Further, our
famous retractable front panel LED lamps allow
easy viewing of either a rack or cabinet full of
equipment, even when your theater lights are
At the center of the Elite-15 PF is our unique
Power Factor Correction Circuit. For the first time,
low-level analog, digital, and video components
are not modulated or distorted via the power
amplifier’s extreme AC current demands.
Further, the power amplifier sees a highly
filtered, extremely low-impedance supply of AC
power. The Elite-20 PF, in fact, has in excess
of 4.5 Amps of continuous current reserve (over
55 amps peak charge) for the most extreme
peak power demands. This technology enables
power amplifiers and powered subwoofers to
operate at peak efficiency, reaching levels of
performance previously unattainable.
No longer will your amplifier’s performance be
at the mercy of your home’s incoming AC power
or inferior AC protection/filtering devices. The
net effect is as if your power amplifier virtually
doubled in power and improved immeasurably
in quality.
When employing the Elite-20 PF, you will
immediately notice far clearer, stunningly
focused sound and visual images from your
system. Video presentation will be crisp and
colors true with greater gray and black scale
definition, as well as noticeably improved
depth and clarity. Sonic transients will be
startlingly fast with bass fundamentals that
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
shake foundations with their weight and visceral
impact. Mid and high frequencies will bloom with
sweet, non-glaring ease while imaging improves
dramatically, all the while remaining true to your
system’s inherent virtues.
Before unpacking your unit, inspect the carton
for any obvious severe damage to the box and
internal protective materials. If internal damage
is likely, contact the carrier who delivered the
unit before proceeding with unpacking. If, after
unpacking, shipping damage is evident, contact
the carrier. Save all shipping and packing
materials. You may need them if you should
ever have to return the unit to the factory for
Do not allow liquids or foreign objects to
enter the unit
The Elite-20 PF should be serviced by qualified
service personnel when:
The power supply cord or plug has been
frayed or cut.
• Objects have fallen or liquid has spilled into
the unit.
• The Elite-20 PF has been exposed to rain or
other moisture.
• The Elite-20 PF does not appear to operate
normally, or exhibits a marked change in
• The Elite-20 PF has been dropped, or the
enclosure damaged.
The Elite-20 PF requires that a safety ground
The box should contain the Elite-20 PF unit, be present for proper operation. Any attempt to
detachable AC cord, rack mount kit, owner’s operate the Elite-20 PF without a safety ground
manual, and warranty registration card. If anything is considered improper operation and could
is missing, please contact Furman Customer invalidate the warranty.
Service. Fill out and return your warranty
registration card. Registration is recommended Power Source
because it can be used to establish whether the
unit is within the warranty period should your The power source to which the Elite-20 PF is
original ownership documents be lost, and it connected should be adequate for use at 20
assists us in informing you about upgrades or Amps. The Elite-20 PF will operate with a 15
other vital information.
Amp service outlet; however, nuisance tripping
at the circuit breaker panel may result if the
Safety Information - Warnings
systems continuous current draw exceeds 15
Please read and observe all of the safety and
operating instructions before the Elite-15 PF is Placement
operated. Retain these instructions for future
The Elite-20 PF is manufactured with four
rubber feet for placement on any table, cabinet,
• Do not disassemble or modify in any way. No shelf, or floor. These rubber feet may be
user-serviceable parts inside
easily removed with a standard Philips screw
• Keep away from moisture and avoid excessive driver when rack mounting adjacent to other
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
components. Placement or proximity to other
components is not critical, and the Elite-20 PF
does not produce any appreciable heat under
standard use. The Elite-20 PF may also be rack
mounted in a standard 19” rack by attaching
the Elite-20 PF rack ears. These rack ears
(contained within the plastic rack kit package)
mount flush with the back portion of the Elite20 PF’s front panel. They are attached to the
chassis by installing each rack ear with (3) panhead Philips screws contained within the Elite20 PF rack mounting kit. The third screw used
for each rack ear is for the center hole, located
towards the rear and aids in stabilizing the unit
when rack mounted.
connected to the “Ultra-Linear Video AC Outlets,”
with the exception of receivers, power amplifiers
and powered sub-woofers.
These outlets
possess the same exceptional AC noise filtering,
and provide additional inter-component noise
isolation to maximize system performance.
Connecting Components to the High Current
Power Amplifier Banks
All power amplifiers, receivers and powered
sub-woofers should be connected to these four
Many Audiophile and premium Home Theater
systems will have combined continuous current
demands below 20 Amps. It is rare, in fact, for
large power amplifiers to draw more than 4
Amps continuously. For superior performance,
AC Cable Routing
it is vital that an AC filter possess extraordinarily
Once the Elite-20 PF is placed, its AC cord’s low impedance, and have the capability to pass
female end must be plugged into the male IEC peak current demands far in excess of the RMS
connector located on the lower left hand side (continuous) current rating.
of the rear panel (when facing the rear panel). The Elite-20 PF was designed to more than meet
Next the male Edison plug must be connected this demand. Additionally, our Power Factor
to an appropriate socket (see current rating Correction Circuitry effectively creates a current
recommendation above).
reserve in excess of 55 amps peak charge that
is cleaner and faster than a dedicated line from
Connecting Components to the Ultra-Linear your local power station. This feature eliminates
Filtering Video AC Outlet Banks
any concern towards the current compression
The Elite-20 PF’s four “Ultra-Linear Video AC that can result from typical power conditioners,
Outlets” should be employed for critical video and the peak power reservoir benefits any power
components such as DVD players, projectors, amplifiers performance dramatically.
plasma, or LCD video screens. When employing
the Elite-20 PF for a 2-channel audio system, Note about Power Factor Correction and Current
a SACD player for example would be ideally Consumption:
suited for one of these outlets.
When power correction technology is employed
with even the most sophisticated circuit breakers,
Connecting Components to the Ultra-Linear it effectively adds to the perceived current load.
Filtering Audio AC Outlet Banks
Though the Elite-20 PF was designed for steady
The Elite-20 PF’s four rear panel and one front 20 Amp operation, and peak current demands
panel “Ultra-Linear Filtering Audio AC Outlets” many times that, the maximum total continuous
should be employed for any component not current draw may be limited to a range between
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
1900 - 2300 Watts per Elite-20 PF employed.
Soft Start - Continuous Use and Break-In Time
When power is first applied to the Elite-20
The RMS current available before the circuit PF, (the front panel breaker- power toggle
breaker trips varies due to what is referred to must be switched to the “on” position) the Soft
as a vector load. Simply put, the type of power Start feature is activated. There is an audible
supplies or electronic circuits connected to “clack” when the Elite-20 PF is first turned on
the Elite-20 PF will have an effect on its circuit or off. This sound is produced by the Soft Start
breakers perceived current load, and therefore, circuit’s 30 Amp relay engaging or disengaging.
when it will trip. Though the benefits of There is virtually nothing in the Elite-20 PF’s
power factor correction far outweigh the small construction, design, or componentry to wear
reduction in continuous current draw, this must over the life time of the product, and there is
be accounted for when constructing a large no power draw from your electric service meter
system with high RMS current demands.
aside from the LED power indicator, lamps, and
relay circuits. For this reason the Elite-20 PF
The total continuous current draw of most may be left with its power engaged permanently
electronic components is typically listed in at a cost of pennies per month. This is an
Watts by their AC input cord or AC connector. added benefit, as many audio/videophiles
Watt ratings are simply added to determine the find performance improves significantly when
total system RMS current draw. It should also leaving low-powered components permanently
be noted that the Elite-20 PF’s power correction charged (turned on). In fact, this is true of the
circuitry has no actual effect on the power drawn Elite-20 PF. Though it will function flawlessly
from your utilities’ power meter. The Elite-20 right from its shipping carton, the performance of
PF draws a mere 12 Watts independent of other its circuit parts will improve after approximately
components, so it may be left on at all times.
two weeks of continuous use or “break-in.”
Retractable Front Panel Lights and
Dimmer Control
AC Transient Voltage Surge
Suppression and Extreme Voltage
The Elite-20 PF includes a front panel mounted
dimmer control for the two retractable front Extreme Voltage Shutdown Indicator:
panel light tubes. The dimmer knob controls the This LED is normally off. It monitors AC wiring
brightness of both light fixtures. Turn it clockwise faults – for example, accidental connection to an
to increase brightness; turn it counter-clockwise open neutral from a 208 or 240VAC feed (this
to decrease brightness. When the lights tubes is a common occurrence if the 20 Amp outlet
are fully inserted flush to the front panel, the source is not a dedicated line, but instead has
light circuit is turned off via an internal micro- been wired with a daisy-chained neutral from
switch. Whether the light tubes are retracted or a homes breaker box). The Series Multi-stage
nearly flush with the front panel, there will be no Protection (SMP) circuit senses voltages that are
appreciable heat regardless of dimmer setting so high that operation would be impossible and
due to the efficiency of our full light spectrum shuts the power down before damage can occur.
Upon initially applying power to these units, the
Extreme Voltage indicator LED will light if the
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
input voltage is above the extreme voltage cutoff,
and power will not be applied to the unit’s outlets.
If the unit has been operating with an acceptable
input voltage and subsequently that voltage
exceeds 137V, it will shut off power to the outlet
and the Extreme Voltage LED will light.
All in-line surge suppressors feature our exclusive
ground contamination free technology. This aids in
eliminating audio buzzing, and the video hum-bars
that can result from typical in-line suppressors.
Further, our cable and satellite suppressors are
TIVO friendly as well as HD-Digital Television ready.
Protection OK Indicator:
Both DC carrier signals as well as high bandwidth
Although the Furman SMP circuit assures signals can pass through our circuit. In fact the
virtually maintenance free protection from bandwidth is less than 0.1dB loss at 1GHz!
transient voltage spikes and surges, nature has
a way of occasionally creating electrical forces To connect your cabling to these in-line protectors,
that are beyond the capabilities of any Transient simply follow the in and out indications marked
Voltage Surge Suppression device to absorb next to the Telco, Cable and Satellite connectors.
without some degree of damage. In the rare
instance that this occurs, the blue LED located Note: It is not possible to make an a telco
in the center of the front panel will dim, even (telephone –line), satellite or cable protector
though AC power is present at the unit’s outputs. “maintenance-free” as we have accomplished with
If this happens, some level of protection from the 120 VAC line. This would necessitate limited
voltage surges will remain, but the Furman’s signal bandwidth that would not allow the signal
clamping voltage rating will be compromised. to pass. Under extreme conditions, it is possible
The unit must be returned to Furman Sound, or that the surge suppression in one of these
an authorized Furman Service center for repair. devices could sacrifice itself after a catastrophic
event. If the telephone, cable or satellite signal
NOTE: If the mains power is above the high will no longer pass through our protector, please
cutoff voltage and has caused the unit to remove contact your local service representative, installer
power from its outlets, it cannot restore power or Furman for servicing. Since the telco circuit
without the operator manually turning the unit is modular, replacement may be accomplished
off, then on again. Avoid turning the unit back on, in seconds with a new telco TVSS module. To
without first checking the source of the problem, test this, simply disconnect the incoming and out
and perhaps changing the AC source.
going phone line from the Elite-20 PF. Connect
the incoming connector to the component that
Telco – Satellite – Cable Transient Voltage
formerly received the out going connector, thus
Surge Suppressors
by-passing the in-line protection. If the signal is
present (but not when used with the Elite-20 PF)
The Elite-20 PF features transient voltage then the protection circuit is damaged (assuming
surge suppression for both standard telephone it worked properly before a storm or catastrophic
lines, as well as cable or satellite lines utilizing event). With Cable or Satellite protection, it is
standard coaxial connectors. As these surge HIGHLY unlikely that the protection device will
suppressors are in-line, they will require an ever fail unless a severe lightening strike literally
additional cable to connect from their output to deforms the connector. If this occurs, return to
the control device requiring protection.
Furman Sound for Servicing.
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
Furman Sound, Inc. warrants to the original
purchaser of this product, the Furman Elite 20 PF,
that the product will be free from defects in material
and workmanship for a period of three years from
the date of purchase. The purchaser of the product
is allowed fifteen days from the date of purchase
to complete warranty registration by mail or online at the Furman website. If the purchaser fails
to complete the aforementioned registration, the
warranty period will be reduced to one year from the
date of purchase.
If the product does not conform to this Limited
Warranty during the warranty period (as herein
above specified), purchaser shall notify Furman
in writing of the claimed defects. If the defects are
of such type and nature as to be covered by this
warranty, Furman shall authorize the purchaser to
return the product to the Furman factory or to an
authorized Furman repair location. Warranty claims
should be accompanied by a copy of the original
purchase invoice showing the purchase date;
this is not necessary if the Warranty Registration
was completed either by mailing in the completed
warranty card or by registering on-line at the Furman
website. Shipping charges to the Furman factory
or to an authorized repair location must be prepaid
by the purchaser of the product. Furman shall, at
its own expense, furnish a replacement product or,
at Furman’s option, repair the defective product.
Return shipping charges back to purchaser will be
paid by Furman.
Sound’s Connected Equipment Warranty covers
equipment that is damaged by transient voltage (an
“Occurrence”) while properly connected through the
Furman Elite 20 PF to a properly wired AC power
line with a protective ground in an indoor location.
Furman’s Connected Equipment Warranty is limited
to the amount of the deductible on the Purchaser’s
personal property insurance policy up to $500.00. In
order to make a claim for this Connected Equipment
Warranty, the Purchaser must forward a copy of
his/her personal property insurance claim for the
damaged equipment to Furman and complete the
Furman Connected Equipment Warranty claim
form (call Furman at (707) 763-1010 to obtain the
form). Furman reserves the right to review the
damaged Furman product, the damaged connected
equipment, and the site where the damage
occurred. All cost of shipping damaged equipment
to Furman for inspection shall be borne solely by
the Purchaser. Damaged equipment must remain
available for inspection until the claim is finalized.
The Connected Equipment Warranty is also in effect
for a period of three years unless the Purchaser
does not complete the warranty registration within
fifteen days from date of purchase, at which time,
the Connected Equipment Warranty period is also
reduced to one year from the date of purchase.
All warranties contained herein are null and void
if: the Furman Surge Protector in use during the
occurrence is not provided to Furman for inspection
upon Furman’s request at the sole expense of the
Purchaser, Furman determines that the Furman
Surge Protector has been opened, improperly
installed, altered in any way or tampered with,
Furman determines that the damage did not result
from the Occurrence or that no Occurrence in fact
took place or Furman determines that the connected
equipment was not used under normal operating
conditions or in accordance with Manufacturer’s
instructions for the connected equipment. All
Furman Surge Protectors must be plugged directly
into a properly wired AC power line with a protective
ground and must not be “daisy-chained” together
in serial fashion with other power strips, UPS’s,
other surge protectors, three-to-two-prong adapters,
or extension cords. Any such installation voids
this warranty. The Furman warranty only protects
against damage to properly connected equipment
where Furman has determined, at its sole discretion,
that the damage resulted from an Occurrence and
does not protect against acts of God (other than
lightning) such as flood, earthquake, war, terrorism,
vandalism, theft, normal-use wear and tear, erosion,
Elite 20 PF owner’s manual
depletion, obsolescence, abuse, damage due to
low-voltage disturbances (i.e. brownouts or sags),
non-authorized program, or system equipment
modification or alteration. Do not use this product
in anyway with a generator, heater, sump pump,
water-related device, life support device, medical
device, automobile, motorcycle, or golf-cart battery
charger. To be used indoors only and in dry areas. All
warranties contained herein are null and void if used
in anyway with any of the aforementioned devices.
does not warrant against damages or defects arising
out of improper or abnormal use or handling of the
product; against defects or damages arising from
improper installation, against defects in products
or components not manufactured by Furman, or
against damages resulting from such non-Furman
made products or components. This warranty shall
be cancelable by Furman at its sole discretion if
the product is modified in any way without written
authorization from Furman. This warranty also does
not apply to products upon which repairs have been
affected or attempted by persons other than pursuant
to written authorization by Furman.
exclusive obligation of Furman shall be to repair or
replace the defective product in the manner and for
the period provided above. Furman shall not have
any other obligation with respect to this product or
any part thereof, whether based on contract, tort,
strict liability, or otherwise. Under no circumstances,
whether based on this Limited Warranty or
otherwise, shall Furman be liable for incidental,
special, or consequential damages. Furman’s
employees or representatives’ ORAL OR OTHER
WARRANTIES, shall not be relied upon by
purchaser, and are not a part of the contract for
sale or this limited warranty. This Limited Warranty
states the entire obligation of Furman with respect
to the product. If any part of this Limited Warranty is
determined to be void or illegal, the remainder shall
remain in full force and effect.
Warranty claims should be accompanied by a copy
of the original purchase invoice showing the date
of purchase (if a Warranty Registration Card was
mailed in at the time of purchase or if the product
was registered on-line, this is not necessary). Before
returning any equipment for repair, please be sure
it is adequately packed and cushioned against
damage in shipment, and that it is insured.
AC Current Capacity:
Input - 20 Amp capacity required
Output - 16-20 Amps RMS * (maximum, all outlets combined - continuous)
Linear Noise Attenuation:
Transverse (Differential) Mode:
>40 dB from 5 kHz. - 100 kHz. >80 dB from 100 Khz. – 1GHz.
(Linear attenuation curve from 0.05 – 100 ohms line impedance)
Transient Voltage Surge Suppression:
120 VAC - Series Multi-Stage Protection - Non-Sacrificial with Zero Ground Contamination.
(188 V peak clamping @ 6000V - 3000A input)
Extreme Voltage Shutdown (>137 VAC)
Telco Cable / Satellite (less than .1dB insertion loss)
Power Consumption:
12 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load.
1 (Ultra-Linearly filtered outlet - front panel)
8 (Ultra-Linearly filtered outlets with additional ultrasonic filtering for either video or audio
4 (power factor corrected amplifiler outlets – 4.5 amps RMS reserve - resistive load - over 55 amps peak charge)
Dimensions: 4” H x 17” W x 14.75” D (Standard 1 RU height without feet)
Weight: 18 lbs.
Safety Agency Listing: NRTL-C (pending)
* (Due to the power factor correction circuit, available RMS power varies with the reactance of the load (vector). However, this only affects the circuit breaker for continuous
RMS current draw. Since power amplifiers will require high transient current demands, the Elite-20 PF will never succumb to current compression. Quite the opposite, in fact,
it will buffer the power amplifier’s power supply, while lowering the AC input impedance, allowing power amplifiers to work more efficiently).
Furman Sound, Inc.
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Petaluma, California 94954-6919 USA
Phone: 707-763-1010 Fax: 707-763-1310
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