Using the Weather Radio
The Weather Radio, available only on Rino 530HCx units, provides
a constant update of weather conditions, which is helpful while
outdoors or planning a trip. Seven Weather Radio channels are available. For more information about the Weather Radio, refer to the
Owner’s Manual.
To turn the Weather Radio on:
1. Open the Radio page by pressing the
Main Page Menu button .
2. Highlight Weather button on the page
and press Enter or use the Option
Menu to select Use Weather Radio
and press Enter.
Radio Page with
3. Select the Seek button to find an active Weather Radio On
weather channel in your area.
4. With the Weather button highlighted, press the Thumb Stick
in to exit weather.
Marking a Waypoint
Marking a waypoint records your current location and stores it in the
unit’s memory. You must be tracking satellites to mark your location,
otherwise your last known location is marked.
To mark a waypoint:
1. Press Enter and hold it until the Shortcuts Menu is shown.
2. Highlight Mark Waypoint and press Enter to display the Mark
Waypoint page.
Symbol Field
Navigating with Your Rino
You can navigate to a waypoint, city, exit, or a contact’s location.
Using optional detailed maps, you can also navigate to points of
interest, addresses, and intersections.
To begin navigation using Find:
1. Press and hold the Enter key to open the Shortcuts Menu.
2. Highlight Find and press Enter.
3. Highlight Waypoints and press Enter to view the list of nearest waypoints.
4. Highlight a waypoint and press Enter.
5. With the Waypoint page shown, highlight the Go To button at
the bottom of the page and press Enter to begin navigation.
The Map page automatically opens to guide you to your destination. Compass Page
The two main components of the Compass
page are the compass ring and the pointer. As
you move, the compass ring rotates showing
your current heading at the top of the display.
The pointer points toward your destination.
When the pointer is aligned with the vertical
line at the top of the compass ring, you are on
Compass Page
a direct course toward your destination. The
Rino 520HCx has to be moving to navigate. If you are standing still
or moving very slowly, the navigation data may not be accurate.
When you are stationary, an electronic compass (Rino 530HCx only)
becomes functional to maintain directional orientation. Follow instructions in the Owner’s Manual for calibrating the electronic compass the
first time you use it.
Using Contacts
The first time you are contacted by another Rino user, the New Contact
page is displayed. From the New Contact page you can show the user’s
location on your Map, Go To that position.
Select OK to add them to your contact list. To
disregard the contact, exit by pressing the Page
button or the Page/Quit key. Every time
you receive signals from contacts, your map is
updated showing their new position. A Track
New Contact Page Log of their movement is created and shown on
your map.
Sending a Location
You can send any location that you have available in your Find
menu. These may be waypoints, contacts, cities, exits, or any
other data that is loaded in the unit. Below are the steps to send a
To send a location (waypoint) using Find:
1. Press the Enter key and hold it until the Shortcuts Menu
appears, or press the Page/Quit key until the Main Menu is
2. Highlight Find and press Enter. Highlight Waypoints and
press Enter to view the list of waypoints nearest to your current location.
3. Highlight the waypoint that you want to send and press Enter
to view the Waypoint Review page.
4. Highlight the Option Menu button and press Enter.
5. Select Send Location and press Enter.
Using Peer-To-Peer Positioning
Mark Waypoint Page
3. Highlight the Name field and press Enter. Enter a new name.
When finished, highlight OK then press Enter.
4. Highlight the Symbol field and press Enter. Choose a symbol
then press Enter to accept.
5. Highlight the OK button at the bottom of the page and press
Enter to save the waypoint.
The Rino’s most unique feature is Peer-to-Peer positioning, sending the location of one Rino unit to other Rino units. Peer-to-Peer
positioning allows you to track the movement of other Rino users
and also navigate to their location.
To send your location:
Press and release either the Call or Talk key. Your Rino automatically sends out its location. Other Rino users monitoring
the same channel and code receive this information.
Send Location
The location is sent to all Rinos using the same channel and code.
They can then choose to Go To that location, view the location on
the map (Map), or save the location (Save).
Quick Start Guide
Polling a Location
If you have not heard from a contact in a while and would like to
know that contact’s current location, you may “poll” the contact’s
location. This will update that contact’s location in your Rino.
2-way radio and GPS
To poll a location:
1. Press Enter and hold it until the Shortcuts Menu is shown, or
press the Page button until the Main Menu is shown.
2. Highlight Find and press the Thumb Stick in. Highlight Contacts and press Enter.
3. Highlight the contact that you want
to poll and press the Call key or,
press Enter to view the Contact
Review page.
4. Highlight the Option Menu button and press Enter.
5. Select Poll Location and press
Polling a contact’s location
Sending a Note
You can send a note to communicate silently with other Rino users
on the same channel and code that you are using. This can be a
saved note or a new note.
To send a note:
1. Press Enter and hold it until the Shortcuts menu is displayed.
2. Select the Send Note option.
3. To create a new note or edit an existing note, press Enter
when the Edit Note field is highlighted. Enter your note using
the data entry keyboard. Select OK when complete.
To use a Saved Note, select the desired note from the Saved
Note list and press Enter.
4. Select Send to send the note to all Rino users on the same
channel and code that you are using. Select Save to save the
note for future use. Select Clear to erase the note.
If you have further questions or just want to learn more about
the operation of the Rino 520HCx or Rino 530HCx, refer to the
Owner’s Manual, which provides detailed information about all of
your unit’s features.
Power key
• Press and hold to turn the
unit On/Off
• Press and release to
adjust backlighting
Rocker/Enter key
• Move up, down,
right or left to
move through lists,
highlight fields,
on-screen buttons,
icons, enter data,
or move the map
panning arrow
• Press in to enter
highlighted options
and to confirm
• Press in and hold
to display the
Shortcuts menu
Call key
• Press to send out Call Tone
• Sends position when
released (if enabled)
Talk key
• Press and hold to talk
• Sends position when
released (if enabled)
Zoom/Map (Z)
Page/Quit key
• Press to cycle through the
main pages
• Used to quit or escape
menu items
Volume (V) key
• Press to open the volume
and squelch control
• Press and hold to mute or
unmute the speaker.
• Hold unit 3–4 inches from
your mouth when talking
Rino 520HCx (shown)
• From the Map
Page, press to
open the Zoom
control window
• From any other
page, press to
access Map Page
• Press and hold to
turn the electronic
compass On/Off
(Rino 530HCx only)
Charging the Battery
The Rino operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack
attached to the back of the unit. See the Rino Owner’s Manual for
more information about batteries. Stored data is not lost when the
battery is removed. The first time you charge the battery, charge
it completely while attached to the unit in order to set the battery
capacity gauge calibration.
To charge the battery:
1. Remove the battery pack from the product package and
install it on the back of the Rino.
2. Insert the tab at the base of the battery pack in the slot at the
bottom of the Rino and rotate the battery pack up into the cavity
on the back of the Rino with the D-Ring vertical. Secure in place
by turning the D-Ring on the battery pack 1/4 turn clockwise.
Mini USB
Viewing the Main Pages
All of the information you need to operate the Rino can be found on
five default main pages (only four for the Rino 520HCx). Simply
press and release the Page/Quit key to cycle through the Radio
page, Map page, Compass page, Altimeter page (Rino 530HCx
only), and Main Menu page. You can also access the Main pages by
pressing the on-screen Main Page Menu button
If you are navigating a route, an additional Active Route page
becomes available.
Map Page
Radio Page
To initialize the unit (acquire satellites):
1. Take the Rino outside where it has an unobstructed view of
the sky and turn it on.
2. The unit begins to search for satellite signals. A satellite signal graph is displayed
on the radio page or you can get more
Radio Page GPS
detailed information by accessing the
signal graph
Satellite page from the Main Menu.
The first time you use your Rino, initialization could take up to
five minutes.
3. When the GPS is initialized and ready for navigation, three or
more green GPS signal bars are displayed.
Entering Data
Battery pack
Main Menu
Power cord
Battery tab
Before the Rino can be used for navigation, the GPS receiver must be
initialized. Initialization allows the Rino to receive and store satellite
information and begin using the satellites for navigation. The initialization is automatic and should only take a few minutes.
If for some reason the unit is not able to gather the necessary satellite information, refer to the Owner’s Manual.
Initializing the GPS
Compass Page
3. Insert the charger power cord into the jack in the side of the
charger. Connect the other end of the power cord into a wall
outlet. Then, clip the charger onto the battery pack, making
certain the tabs on the charger engage the detents on the battery pack. A red LED indicates that charging is in progress.
4. As charging is in progress, a Battery Gauge displaying the
percentage of charge appears on the screen. A fully depleted
Lithium-ion battery pack may take up to 6 hours to charge.
The Rino can be operated while charging is in progress, but
unless you are outdoors, you cannot receive satellite signals.
Extensive use of backlighting, WAAS, and/or FRS or GMRS
transmitting can significantly reduce battery life.
Altimeter Page
(Rino 530 Only)
While these Main pages provide you with different types of information, they all share common features like Option Menus and a
Main Page Menu. Access the Option Menu and Main Page Menu
by using the Rocker to highlight the on-screen button. Then press
Use the Rocker like a joystick that you control with your thumb.
Move the Rocker up, down, right, or left. Press the Thumb Stick in
to select an item on the screen, much like pressing the Enter key on
a computer keyboard.
Sometimes you will need to spell out things using
the Rocker and an on-screen keyboard. To enter
characters with the on-screen keyboard, press the
Rocker up, down, left, or right to highlight the
desired character (letter, number, or a space). Press Enter to select
that highlighted character. Choose Back to delete the character to
the left of the cursor. When you are finished entering characters,
highlight OK and press Enter.
Transmitting on the Rino
The on-screen keyboard
The Rino can transmit to and receive voice communications from
other FRS/GMRS radio users on the same channel and code. Communicate with other Rino units in order to utilize all of the features
of the Rino, such as position sending.
Select a channel and code to transmit on. Channels 1-7 and 15-22
are GMRS*, channels 8-14 are for FRS. Be sure to tell the other
members of your group what channel and code you are using so they
can communicate with you.
To transmit on your Rino:
To select a channel:
1. Press and hold the Talk key and speak in a normal voice into
the microphone area from a distance of about 3–4 inches.
2. When you are finished talking, release the Talk key. Your
location is updated on all receiving Rino units.
1. Highlight the Channel field and press
2. Select an available channel and press
Enter to accept the selection.
To select a code:
1. Select the Code field and press the
Thumb Stick in.
2. Select one of the thirty-eight (38) available codes. Press
Enter to accept the selection.
*Using GMRS channels requires an FCC license. See the
Owner’s Manual for details.
Changing the Name and Symbol
The Name and symbol (icon) identifies you to other Rino users.
To change the user name:
1. Highlight the Name field and press Enter
to activate the field and display the
2. Highlight Clear, then press Enter to
clear the default name.
3. Enter a name, up to ten (10) characters
4. When you have entered your new name,
highlight OK and then press the Thumb
Stick in.
Volume, Squelch, and Backlighting
Selecting the channel
Symbol icon
Name field
To change the user symbol:
1. Highlight the face symbol to the left of the Name field. Press
Enter to show a list of available face symbols.
2. Highlight a symbol from the list of selections.
3. Press Enter to select that symbol.
Main Page Menu button
Option Menu button
Setting Up the Radio
© Copyright 2007 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries
Part Number 190-00742-01 Rev. A
Printed in Taiwan
If you need to adjust the Volume and Squelch,
press the V (Volume) key on the front of the unit to
display adjustment sliders. To change the volume,
press the Rocker up or down to raise or lower the
slider. To set the squelch level (which allows you
to hear only the individuals you want to communicate with and not the
weak background noise signals), press the Thumb Stick right or left
to move the slider. Move the slider to the left (-) until the background
noise is audible. Then move it to the right until the background noise
stops and you have squelched the unwanted signals. Stop at this point
by pressing the V key or Enter.
If lighting conditions make it hard for you to see the display screen,
you can turn on the Backlight.
To turn on the backlight:
1. With the unit on, briefly press and release the Power
key to display the Backlight adjustment slider.
2. Press the Power key repeatedly to cycle the slider,
or press the Rocker up or down to adjust the
Backlight brightness level. When you use the Power
key to set the level of brightness, the last setting is selected
on the second press of the key. The backlight remains on
until the set timeout period is completed or the Power key is
pressed again. The unit is factory set to timeout 15 seconds
after the last key press.
3. Press Enter to close the Backlight window.
You may want to customize the Display Mode and Color Scheme
to your own preferences by accessing the Main Menu, Setup and
Display options.
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