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quick reference guide
Edge® 605/705
Warning: This product contains a lithium-ion battery. See the Important
Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for important
battery safety information.
Warning: Always consult your physician before you begin or modify any
exercise program. See the Important Safety and Product Information guide
in the product box for product warnings and other important information.
➊ power
• Press and hold to turn the Edge
• Press to turn the backlight on/off.
➐ ➋ mode
• Press to return to the previous
• Press and hold to switch bike
➌ reset/lap
• Press and hold to reset the timer.
• Press to create a new lap.
➍ thumb stick/enter
Resetting the Edge
• Move the thumb stick to scroll
through menus, options, and data
• Press in the thumb stick to select
options and to acknowledge
➎ start/stop
Press to start/stop the timer.
➏ menu
• Press to open the menu page.
• Press and hold to lock/unlock the
Edge buttons.
➐ in/out
Press to zoom in/out on the map
page and the altimeter page.
If your Edge is locked up/frozen,
press mode and reset/lap
simultaneously to reset the Edge.
This does not erase any of your data
or settings.
Battery charge level
Battery charging
Satellite icon changes from
blank to 3D when receiving
satellite signals.
Heart rate sensor active
Cadence sensor active
Power sensor active
Keylock active
Step 1: Charge the
You can charge the Edge using the
AC charger or the USB cable and
your computer.
Note: To prevent
corrosion, thoroughly
dry the mini-USB
port, weather cap, and
surrounding area before
charging or connecting to
a personal computer.
To charge the Edge:
1. On the back of the Edge,
pull up the weather cap
from the mini-USB port.
2. Plug the mini-USB end of the AC
or USB cable into the mini-USB
port on the back of the Edge.
Mini-USB port
under weather
3. Plug the other end into a
standard wall outlet (AC) or
an available USB port on
your computer (USB).
Step 2: Install the
For best GPS reception, position the
bike mount so the front of the Edge
is oriented toward the sky. You can
install the bike mount on the stem or
the handlebars. The stem installation
(shown here) provides a more sturdy
location. The optional wedge should
be used under the mount for a better
viewing angle.
rubber pad also prevents the mount
from slipping. Continue with step 2.
To install the Edge on your
bike stem:
2. Attach the bike mount
securely using two cable
ties. Make sure the cable ties
are threaded through both
parts of the bike mount.
1. Place the wedge on the bike
stem, and then place the bike
mount on the wedge. Make sure
the release lever is on the left.
3. Align the Edge with the bike
mount so that the Edge is
parallel to the stem.
Bike mount
For horizontal bars: Separate and
remove the top part of the mount,
turn it 90 degrees, and replace it.
Continue with step 2.
For bars with a diameter less than
1 in (25.4 mm): Place the additional
rubber pad under the bike mount to
increase the diameter of the bar. The
Cable ties
4. Slide the Edge to the left
until it snaps into place.
To release the Edge:
Press down on the release lever, and
slide the Edge to the right.
Step 3: Turn on Your
Press and hold to turn on
your Edge. Follow the on-screen
configuration instructions.
Step 4: Acquire
Satellite Signals
It may take 30–60 seconds to acquire
signals. Go outdoors to an open area.
For the best reception, make sure the
front of the Edge is oriented toward
the sky.
Step 5: Save Your
Home Location
You can set a home location for the
place you return to most often.
1. Press menu > select
Where To > Find Places >
Favorites > Go Home.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 6: Set Up
Sensors (Edge 705)
If your Edge included a heart rate
monitor or GSC™ 10 speed and
cadence sensor, the ANT+Sport™
sensors are already paired. Press
menu. The
icons stop
flashing when the sensors are paired.
Heart Rate Monitor
Wear the heart rate monitor directly
on your skin, just below your
breastplate. It should be snug enough
to stay in place during your run.
1. Push one tab on the strap
through the slot in the heart rate
monitor. Press the tab down.
2. Wet both sensors on the back of
the heart rate monitor to create
a strong connection between
your chest and the transmitter.
3. Wrap the strap around your
chest and attach it to the other
side of the heart rate monitor.
note: The Garmin logo
should be right-side up.
4. Turn on the Edge and bring it
within range (3 m) of the heart
rate monitor. The
heart rate
icon appears on the menu page.
Heart Rate Monitor Strap
Heart Rate Monitor (Front)
Heart Rate Monitor (Back)
GSC 10
mount and a cable tie. The
pedal magnet must be within
5 mm of the GSC 10 and the
indication line on the pedal
magnet must line up with the
indication line on the GSC 10.
Both magnets must be aligned with
their respective indication lines for
the Edge to receive data.
To install the GSC 10:
1. Place the GSC 10 on the rear
chain stay (on the side opposite
the drive train). Loosely attach
the GSC 10 using two cable ties.
2. Attach the pedal magnet to the
crank arm using the adhesive
3. Unscrew the spoke magnet
from the plastic piece. Place
the spoke in the groove of
the plastic piece and tighten
slightly. The magnet can face
away from GSC 10 if there is
Reset button
Cable tie
Cable ties
GSC 10 on rear chain stay
Pedal magnet on
crank arm
Spoke magnet
GSC 10
Pedal magnet
Sensor arm
indication line
GSC 10 and magnet alignment
not enough room between the
sensor arm and the spoke. The
magnet must be aligned with
the sensor arm indication line.
4. Loosen the screw on the sensor
arm and move it to within 5 mm of
the spoke magnet. You can also
tilt the GSC 10 closer to either
magnet for improved alignment.
5. Press the Reset button on the
GSC 10. The LED turns red,
then green. Pedal to test the
sensor alignment. The red LED
blinks each time the crank arm
passes the sensor, and the green
LED blinks each time the wheel
magnet passes the sensor arm.
note: The LED blinks
for the first 60 passes after
a reset. Press Reset again
if you require additional
6. When everything is aligned
and working correctly, tighten
the cable ties, sensor arm,
and spoke magnet.
To set your bike profile:
Press menu > select Settings >
Profile & Zones > Bike Profile.
Step 7: ����������
Set Your
The Edge uses information that you
enter about yourself and your bike to
calculate accurate ride data.
To set your user profile:
Press menu > select Settings >
Profile & Zones > User Profile.
Use the
thumb stick
to change the
field values.
Step 8: Go for a Ride!
Press mode to view the bike
computer page. Press start to start
the timer. After completing your ride,
press stop. Press and hold lap/reset
to save your ride data.
Step 9: Download Free
1. Go to
2. Follow the on-screen instructions
to download Garmin Training
Center® or Garmin Connect™.
Step 10: Transfer
History to Your
1. Plug the small end of the
USB cable into the mini-USB
port on the back of the Edge
(under the weather cap).
2. Connect the larger end of the
USB cable to an available
USB port on your computer.
3. Open Garmin Connect or
Garmin Training Center.
Follow the upload instructions
included with the software.
More Information
For more information about the Edge
functions and settings, refer to the
owner’s manual.
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