Quick start manual | Garmin 760 GPS Receiver User Manual

Quick Start Manual
nüvi 780
personal travel assistant with
MSN® Direct Receiver
WARNING: See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings
and other important information.
What’s in the Box?
Power key:
slide to the left to turn the unit on/off;
slide to the right to lock the screen
nüvi GPS device and vehicle suction cup
Vehicle power cable with built-in MSN®
Direct Receiver to provide external power
and MSN Direct content.
out jack
USB cable to connect the nüvi to your
computer. Your nüvi connects to your
computer as a mass storage device.
SD card slot
Dashboard disk to mount the suction cup
mount on your dashboard.
GPS antenna
Ways to Charge Your nüvi
• Use the vehicle power cable.
• Use the USB cable.
• Use an optional AC adapter.
Serial number
Mini-USB connector
External antenna connector
Warning: This product contains a non-user-replaceable lithium-ion battery. See the Important Safety and
Product Information guide in the product box for important battery safety information.
State law in Minnesota and California prohibits and/or restricts drivers from using suction mounts on their
windshields while operating motor vehicles. (See California Vehicle Code 26708(a); Minnesota Statutes
Section 169.71.) Other Garmin dashboard or friction mounting options should be used in those states. Check
your state and local laws and ordinances where you drive, as other states may enact similar prohibitions or
related restrictions against windshield objects that obstruct the driver’s vision (Michigan and New Jersey law
currently prohibits windshield objects that obstruct the driver’s vision). Remember to always mount your
Garmin unit in a location that does not obstruct the driver’s view of the road. Garmin does not assume any
responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of disregarding this notice or
as a result of any other state or local law or ordinance relating to use of the unit.
Step 1: Mount the nüvi
1. Plug the vehicle power cable into the power
connector on the right side of the cradle.
2. Snap the cradle onto the suction cup arm.
3. Clean and dry your windshield and the suction
cup with a lint-free cloth. Remove the clear plastic
from the suction cup. Place the suction cup on the
4. Flip the lever back, toward the windshield.
5. Fit the bottom of your nüvi into the cradle.
6. Tilt the nüvi back until it snaps into place.
7. Plug the other end of the vehicle power cable into
a power outlet in your vehicle. Your unit should turn
on automatically if it is plugged in and your vehicle is
Power cable
Suction cup mount
Step 2: Configure the nüvi
To receive MSN Direct content, first you
must activate your service (3-months free
service included).
To turn on your nüvi, slide the Power
key to the left. Follow the on-screen
1. Connect the vehicle power cable to your
nüvi and your vehicle’s power outlet.
Turn your vehicle’s key to the ON/ACC
position, if necessary, to power the nüvi.
2. Touch Tools > MSN Direct.
3. Write down the product key.
4. Call (866) 658.7032 or go to http://garmin.msndirect.com/activate and follow the directions.
5. Within two days, complete the following
• Connect the vehicle power cable, and
turn the key to ON/ACC.
• Make sure you are in an MSN Direct
coverage area (see http://garmin
• Touch Tools > MSN Direct. If the
Subscription Inactive page appears,
verify that one
signal bar is green.
Step 3: Acquire Satellites
Go outdoors to an open area, out of garages,
and away from tall buildings. Stop your
vehicle, and turn on the nüvi. Acquiring
satellite signals may take a few minutes.
bars indicate GPS satellite
strength. When one bar is green, the nüvi
has acquired satellite signals. Now you can
select a destination and navigate to it.
Step 4: Activate Your MSN®
Direct Receiver
Your use of the MSN Direct service, as well as your use
of the MSN Direct content delivered to and displayed on
your device, is subject to the MSN Direct Subscription
Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Statement located
at www.msndirect.com. By using and activating your
navigation device, you hereby accept such Subscription
Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, and
acknowledge that you are aware of and have had an
opportunity to fully review them at the URL referenced
It may take up to 20 minutes for your
subscription to be activated. After it
is activated, the MSN Direct menu is
Step 4: Use the nüvi
Finding Points of Interest
1. Touch Where to? > Points of Interest.
2. Select a category and a sub-category.
3. Select a destination, and touch Go.
A GPS satellite strength.
B Bluetooth® technology status.
To enter letters contained in the name, touch
Where to? > Points of Interest > Spell
C Battery status.
D Current time; touch to change time
E Touch to find a destination.
To search for a location in a different area,
touch Where to? > Near….
F Touch to view the map.
Adding a Via Point
G Touch to make a call when connected to
a compatible mobile phone.
H Touch to adjust the volume.
1. With a route active, touch Menu on the
map, and touch Where to?.
2. Search for the via point (extra stop).
3. Touch Go.
4. Touch Add as Via Point.
I Touch to use the tools such as media
players, settings, and Help.
Tip: To add more than one stop, edit the
current route. Touch Where to > Routes.
Viewing the Main Pages
View map to open the Map page. The
vehicle icon shows your current
location. Touch the map and drag to view different parts of the map. Touch anywhere on the
map; an arrow appears pointing at the object.
After you touch Go, the Map page opens. Your route is marked with a magenta line. As you
travel, your nüvi guides you to your destination with voice prompts, arrows on the map, and
directions at the top of the Map page. A checkered flag marks your destination. If you depart
from the original route, your nüvi recalculates the route and provides new directions.
Touch the text bar to open the Turn List.
to zoom out.
Touch Menu to return to
the Menu page.
Touch Arrival or Speed to
open the Trip Information.
Trip Information
to zoom in.
Touch to save your
current location.
Map Page while Navigating a Route
Turn List
Touch Turn In to view the
Next Turn.
Next Turn
Taking a Detour
Locking Your nüvi
1. With a route active, touch Menu.
2. Touch Detour.
1. Touch Tools > Settings > Security.
2. Touch the button below Garmin Lock.
3. Enter a 4-digit PIN and drive to a security
The nüvi attempts to get you back on your
original route as quickly as possible. If
the route you are currently taking is the
only reasonable option, the nüvi might not
calculate a detour.
NOTE: If you forget your PIN and your
security location, you must send your nüvi
to Garmin to get it unlocked. You must
also send a valid product registration or
proof of purchase.
Stopping the Route
1. With a route active, touch Menu.
2. Touch Stop.
Saving Your Current
Adjusting the Volume
From the Map page, touch . Touch Save
Location to save your current location.
From the Menu page, touch Volume. Touch
to adjust the master volume.
Touch Mute to mute all audio.
Saving Places You Find
After you have found a place you want to
save, touch Save. Touch OK. The place is
saved in Favorites.
Locking the Screen
To prevent accidental screen taps, slide the
Power key to the right ( ). To unlock the
screen, slide the Power key to the center
Tip: Your Last Position is automatically
saved each time you remove the nüvi from
the cradle. Use this feature to find your car
in a parking lot.
Using MSN® Direct
The MSN Direct Receiver and nüvi must be
in range of an MSN Direct coverage area.
See http://garmin.msndirect.com/coverage
for more information on coverage areas.
Receiving Content
It can take several hours to receive all the
content the first time you use it, after you
have traveled long distances, or after you
have not used your nüvi and MSN® Direct
Receiver for several days.
MSN Direct provides local traffic
information for a large number of
metropolitan areas. To learn more about
the type of traffic data available in your
area, visit http://garmin.msndirect.com/
There is a rechargeable (non-userreplaceable) battery in the MSN Direct
Receiver that allows it to receive and store
updates for several days, even when not
connected to external power.
When calculating your route, the nüvi
examines the traffic delays and optimizes the
route for the shortest time. If a severe traffic
delay occurs on your route and a better
route is available, the nüvi recalculates
the route to avoid the delay. You might be
routed through traffic if it is the best route
Note: Garmin is not responsible for the
accuracy of the MSN Direct content.
MSN Direct Menu
To view MSN Direct content, from the
Menu page, touch Tools > MSN Direct.
Touch a category to view information for it.
The Map page displays
when there is
a traffic delay on your route. The number
represents the number of minutes the traffic
will delay your route. The delay time has
been automatically calculated into the
arrival time. To view the details of the
delays, touch . If there is more than one
delay, touch Details. Touch Avoid to avoid
this delay.
5. Touch OK on the nüvi.
6. Select your phone, and touch OK.
7. Enter the nüvi’s Bluetooth PIN (1234) in
your phone.
Phone Menu
Using Hands-Free Features
Hands-free phone features are available only
if your nüvi and your compatible mobile
phone have Bluetooth wireless technology.
Not all phones support all the hands-free
phone features the nüvi provides. To use
the hands-free features, you must pair your
phone and the nüvi.
Calling a Number
1. Touch Phone > Dial.
2. Enter the number, and touch Dial.
3. To end the call, touch
> End Call.
Pairing Your Phone
1. Verify that your phone is compatible with
the nüvi (www.garmin.com/bluetooth).
2. From the Menu page, touch Tools >
Settings > Bluetooth.
3. Touch the Add button.
4. Enable your phone’s Bluetooth
component and enable Find Me/
Discoverable/Visible mode. These
settings might be in a Bluetooth,
Connections, or Hands-free menu.
Receiving a Call
When you receive a call, a message appears
on the nüvi. Touch Answer.
Using Call Waiting
If you get a call waiting call, the nüvi
displays a message. Touch Answer. The first
call is put on hold. To end the call, touch
> End Call; this does not disconnect the call
on hold.
Loading Files on Your nüvi
Listening to MP3 Files
1. Connect the USB cable to the mini-USB
connector on the nüvi and to an available
USB port on your computer. Your nüvi’s
internal memory and SD card appear
as removable drives in My Computer on
Windows® computers, and as mounted
volumes on Mac® computers.
2. Copy and paste files from your computer
into the nüvi drives/volumes.
3. When you are finished transferring files,
click the Eject icon or drag the volume
icon to the Trash.
4. Unplug your nüvi.
1. Load MP3 files to the internal memory or
SD card.
2. Touch Tools > Media Player. Touch
Source to open the music player.
3. Touch Browse.
4. Touch a category.
5. To play the entire category from the
beginning of the list, touch Play All. To
play a specific song, touch the title.
To create, edit, and listen to playlists, touch
Browse > Playlist.
Using the FM Transmitter
More Information
For more information about your nüvi, touch
Tools > Help.
Before using the FM transmitter in your area, see
the FM transmitter legal notice in the owner’s
You can download the latest version of the
owner’s manual from www.garmin.com.
You can listen to your nüvi audio on your
vehicle’s FM stereo speakers.
For detailed information about the MSN
Direct® content, download the MSN Direct
Supplement from www.garmin.com
1. From the Menu page, touch Volume >
FM Trans > Enable FM Transmitter.
2. Select an FM channel with a lot of static,
and select the same channel on the nüvi.
For information about accessories, go to
http://buy.garmin.com or contact your
Garmin dealer.
Resetting the nüvi
If the nüvi screen stops functioning, turn the
nüvi off and on again. If this does not help,
slide the Power key to the left and hold
for 8 seconds. Turn the nüvi back on. The
nüvi should operate normally.
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