Quick start manual | Garmin 900 Fish Finder User Manual

quick start manual
nüvi 900 series
GPS navigator with digital TV
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July 2008
Part Number 190-00878-01 Rev. A
Printed in Taiwan
Getting Started
S ee the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings
and other important information.
Your nüvi Unit
TV Antenna
Battery cover
Power key:
slide to the left to turn on/off the unit;
slide to the right to lock the screen
GPS antenna
SD™ card
TvCard slot
under battery
TV antenna
GPS antenna
Check local traffic laws before mounting. Currently, some laws prohibit drivers from using suction
mounts or other devices on their windscreens that could obstruct the driver’s vision while operating
motor vehicles. Other Garmin dashboard or friction mounting options should be used.
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
Step 1: Install the TvCard
1. Locate the TvCard in the TvCard
envelope included in the product box.
2. Remove the TvCard from the holder
following the instructions included in
the TvCard envelope.
2. Slide the battery cover off the back of
the nüvi.
Card holder
Step 2: Activate the TV
1. Call (+ 39) 800 179 777 and follow
the instructions.
2. Locate the TvCard number on the
label on the TvCard envelope. The
TvCard number begins with +39.
3. Enter the TvCard number (do not
enter +39).
4. Locate and enter the PIN, which is
printed on the TvCard holder.
Your free trial begins the first time
you watch TV using the nüvi 900. For
additional information about the TvCard,
call (+ 39) 800 179 779.
3. Slide the TvCard into the card holder
in the battery compartment. The logo
on the TvCard should face up.
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
Step 3: Install the Battery
Warning: This product contains a lithiumion battery. To prevent damage, remove the
unit from the vehicle when exiting or store it
out of direct sunlight.
1. Locate the rectangular lithium-ion
battery included in the product box.
2. Locate the metal contacts on the end
of the lithium-ion battery.
3. Insert the battery so that the metal
contacts on the battery match up with
the metal contacts inside the battery
Metal contacts
Step 4: Mount the nüvi
1. Clean and dry your windshield with
a lint-free cloth. Remove the clear
plastic from the suction cup, and
clean it with a lint-free cloth.
2. Plug the vehicle power cable (with
integrated traffic receiver) into the
power connector on the cradle.
Power cable
3. Snap the cradle onto the suction cup
Suction cup
4. Press the battery down into place.
5. Slide the battery cover back on until it
clicks into place.
4. Place the suction cup on the
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
5. Flip the lever back, toward the
6. Fit the bottom of your nüvi into the
7. Tilt the nüvi back until it snaps into
8. Plug the other end of the vehicle
power cable into a power outlet in
your vehicle. Your unit should turn on
automatically if it is plugged in and
your vehicle is running.
Antenna (suction
cups not shown)
To power outlet
in vehicle
To power connector
on nüvi cradle
9. Secure the antenna to the windshield
using the suction cups.
Step 5: Configure the
To turn on your nüvi, slide the Power
key to the left. Follow the on-screen
Step 6: Acquire Satellites
1. Go outdoors to an open area, out of
garages, and away from tall buildings.
2. Stop your vehicle, and turn on the
nüvi. Acquiring satellite signals can
take a few minutes.
bars indicate GPS satellite
strength. When at least one bar is green,
the nüvi has acquired satellite signals.
Now you can select a destination and
navigate to it. For more information
about GPS, go to www.garmin.com
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
Understanding the Menu
➊ ➋
➊ GPS satellite strength.
➋ Bluetooth® technology status.
➌Battery status.
➍ Current time. Touch to change the
➎Touch to find a destination.
➏Touch to open the map.
➐Touch to make a call when
connected to a compatible mobile
➑ Touch to open the digital television.
➒Touch to adjust the volume.
➓Touch to use tools such as media
players, settings, and Help.
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
Finding Your Destination
The Where to? menu provides several
different categories for you to use when
searching for addresses, cities, and other
locations. The detailed maps loaded in
your nüvi contain millions of points of
interest, such as restaurants, hotels, and
auto services. The example below shows
you how to find an address.
1. Touch Where to? > Address.
2. Touch Change Country, if
3. Touch Search All. Or, touch Spell
City or Postal Code, enter the city/
postal code, and touch Done. Select
the city/postal code in the list.
4. Enter the street name, and touch
Done. Select the correct street in the
list, if necessary.
5. Enter the number of the address, and
touch Done.
6. Touch the address, if necessary.
7. Touch Go!.
Following Your Route
Your route is marked with a magenta
line. As you travel, your nüvi guides you
to your destination with voice prompts,
arrows on the map, and directions at the
top of the map. If you depart from the
original route, your nüvi recalculates the
route and provides new directions.
A speed limit icon could appear as you
travel on major roadways.
Touch and drag the map to view a
different area of the map. Touch to
zoom in, and touch to zoom out.
Touch Menu to return to the Menu page.
➊ Touch to view the Turn
➋ Touch to view the
List page.
Where Am I? page.
➌ Touch to view the
Trip Computer page.
➍ Touch to view the
Next Turn page.
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
Adding a Stop
You can add a stop (called a Via Point)
to your route. The nüvi gives you
directions to the Via Point and then to
your final destination.
1. With a route active, touch Menu >
Where to?.
2. Search for the extra stop.
3. Touch Go!.
4. Touch Add as Via Point to add this
stop before your destination. Touch
Set as new Destination to make this
your new final destination.
Taking a Detour
Stopping the Route
1. With a route active, touch Menu.
2. Touch Stop.
Adjusting the Volume
From the Menu page, touch Volume.
Touch and to adjust the master
volume. Touch the box next to Mute to
mute all audio.
To adjust the volume levels for the voice
prompts, the media players, and the
phone, touch Mixer. Adjust the levels
as needed. Touch Restore to return the
volume settings to the original levels.
1. With a route active, touch Menu.
2. Touch Detour.
The nüvi attempts to get you back
on your original route as quickly as
possible. If the route you are currently
taking is the only reasonable option, the
nüvi might not calculate a detour.
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
Watching Digital TV
Do not attempt to view the television function
or other video input while driving. Failure
to pay full attention to the operation of your
vehicle could result in death, serious injury, or
property damage.
Note: To watch digital mobile
television, the nüvi must be in a “3”
DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting
for Handheld devices) coverage area.
Coverage is guaranteed for outdoor
use only. For detailed coverage
information, go to www.la3tv.it.
1. Extend (pull out) the TV antenna.
2. Verify that you are in a “3” DVB-H
coverage area. Go to www.la3tv.it.
3. From the Menu page, touch TV.
• Touch ▲ and ▼ to select a channel.
• Touch + and – to adjust the volume.
• DVB-H signal strength and system
messages are displayed in the status
bar in the lower-right corner of the
screen. If the signal is weak or absent,
move to a different location in the “3”
DVB-H coverage area.
Note: Not all channels are available
with the 6-month trial service.
Your free trial begins the first time
you watch TV using the nüvi 900. For
information on requesting your PPC
(PIN for Parental Control), subscribing
to additional channels, and renewing TV
packages, see the instructions included
in the TvCard envelope and go to
Using FM Traffic
Note: Garmin is not responsible for
the accuracy of the traffic information.
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
The FM traffic receiver is integrated in
the vehicle power cable. The FM traffic
receiver and the nüvi must be in data
range of an FM station transmitting
TMC (Traffic Message Channel) data to
receive traffic information.
Note: Heated, metallized windows
could degrade the performance of the
traffic receiver.
For information about FM traffic
receivers and coverage areas, go to
Traffic on Your Road
When you are not navigating a route
and there is traffic on your road, the
Map page displays a traffic icon, such as
. Touch the icon to view information
about the traffic delay.
Traffic on Your Route
When calculating your route, the
nüvi examines the current traffic and
automatically optimizes the route for the
shortest time. You might still be routed
through traffic if no alternative roads
exist. If a severe traffic delay occurs on
your route while you are navigating, the
nüvi automatically recalculates the route.
The Map page displays
when there is
traffic on your route. The number in the
icon represents the number of minutes
the traffic has added to your route, which
has been automatically calculated into
the arrival time shown on the map.
To avoid traffic on your route:
1. On the Map page, touch .
2. Touch
to view traffic delays.
3. Touch Avoid.
Making Hands-Free
Phone Calls
Using Bluetooth wireless technology,
your nüvi can wirelessly connect to
your mobile phone to become a handsfree device. To determine whether your
mobile phone with Bluetooth technology
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
is compatible with the nüvi, go to
To pair and connect, your phone and
your nüvi must be turned on and be
within 10 meters of each other.
Pairing the nüvi with your
Mobile Phone
1. From the Menu page, touch Tools >
Settings > Bluetooth > Add.
2. Enable the Bluetooth component on
your phone and enable Find Me/
Discoverable/Visible mode. These
settings might be in a Bluetooth, a
Connections, or a Hands-free menu.
3. Touch OK on the nüvi.
4. Select your phone, and touch OK.
5. Enter the nüvi Bluetooth PIN (1234)
in your phone.
When you turn on the nüvi, it tries to
connect to the last phone to which it was
Receiving a Call
When you get a call, the Incoming Call
window opens. Touch Answer to answer
the call. Touch Ignore to ignore the call
and stop your phone from ringing.
The internal microphone is in the front
of the nüvi. Speak normally.
Making a Call
When your phone is connected to your
nüvi, you are ready to make phone calls.
Touch Phone to access the Phone menu.
Note: Not all phones support all
features of the nüvi Phone menu.
Sending a Location Message
Note: Messages sent from your nüvi
do not appear in your phone’s outbox.
Location messages contain text and GPS
information that other nüvi users can
view. Non-nüvi users receive a plain
text message with latitude/longitude
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
1. Touch Phone > Text Message >
2. Select an option to choose the text
message recipient.
3. Select a type of message to send,
such as Meet me at… or Go to….
4. Select a location, and then touch
Send as Location Message.
5. Select Modify to edit the message, if
6. Select Send to send the message.
safety camera and can warn you if you
are driving too fast. The data is updated
at least weekly. To load the most recent
information, go to http://my.garmin.com.
Safety Cameras
1. (Optional). Insert an SD card. Press it
in until it clicks.
2. Connect the mini-USB connector to
the side of the nüvi.
3. Connect the larger end of the cable
to an available USB port on your
computer. Your nüvi and SD card
appear as removable drives in My
Computer on Windows® computers
and as mounted volumes on Mac®
4. On your computer, copy the file you
want to transfer. Check your local laws and regulations before
using these features. Garmin is not responsible
for the accuracy of, or the consequences of
using, a custom POI or safety camera database.
Safety camera information is available
in some locations. For availability,
check http://my.garmin.com. For these
locations, the nüvi includes the locations
of hundreds of safety cameras. Your nüvi
alerts you when you are approaching a
You can purchase a new region or extend
an existing subscription at any time.
Each region that you purchase has a
specific expiration date.
Loading Files on Your
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual11
5. Open the “Garmin” or SD card drive/
volume and paste the file. The file
appears in the list of files in the nüvi
memory or on the SD card.
6. When you are finished transferring
files, click the Eject icon on Windows
computers, or drag the volume icon
to the Trash on Mac computers.
7. Unplug your nüvi from your computer.
Playing Music
1. Touch Tools > Music Player.
2. Touch Browse.
3. Touch a category.
4. To play the entire category from the
beginning of the list, touch the first
song listed. To play a specific song,
touch the title.
Current song
Song status bar
Album art
Supported Music File Types
The nüvi supports MP3 and FLAC
music files, and M3U and M3U8 playlist
Locking Your nüvi
NOTE: If you forget your PIN and
your security location, you must send
your nüvi to Garmin to get it unlocked.
You must also send a valid product
registration or proof of purchase.
1. Make sure that your nüvi is receiving
satellite signals and that you are at
your security location.
2. Touch Tools > Settings > Security >
Garmin Lock.
Resetting the nüvi
If the nüvi stops functioning, turn it off
and on again. If the problem persists,
slide the Power key to the left and hold
it there for a minimum of 8 seconds. The
nüvi should operate normally.
You can also remove and then reinstall
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual
the battery to reset the nüvi.
Calibrating the Screen
If the touch screen is not responding
properly, calibrate the touch screen.
Slide the Power key to the left and hold
it for 8 seconds. Release the Power
key, and press your finger to the screen.
Hold your finger on the screen for about
30 seconds until the calibration screen
appears (white screen with “Press dot”).
More Information
For more information about your nüvi,
select Tools > Help. You can download
the latest version of the owner’s manual
from www.garmin.com.
For information about accessories, go to
http://buy.garmin.com or contact your
Garmin dealer.
Charging Your nüvi
• Use the vehicle power cable.
• Use the USB cable.
• Use the AC adapter cable.
nüvi 900 Tips
• Touch
to see more
• To quickly return to the Menu page,
touch and hold Back.
nüvi 900 Series Quick Start Manual13
For the latest free software updates (excluding map data) throughout the
life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin Web site at
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