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GTU™ 10
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Getting Started
‹ Warning
See the Important Safety and
Product Information guide in the
product box for product warnings
and other important information.
It is your responsibility to ensure
that your use of this device complies
with applicable laws in your area.
Some jurisdictions have laws or
regulations concerning the use of
location tracking devices. Garmin is
not responsible for your use of this
device in violation of any such laws
or regulations.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
When using the device the first time,
complete these tasks.
1. Connect the device to the
computer (page 2).
2. Register and activate your device
(page 2).
3. Charge the device (page 2).
4. Track the device (page 4).
5. Configure the device (page 5).
6. Check the device status (page 6).
7. Attach the device (pages 7–8).
Connecting to a
The LED turns on when the device is
connected to the computer.
To prevent corrosion, thoroughly dry
the contacts and the surrounding area
before charging or connecting to a
Registering and
Activating Your Device
Before you can use your device, you
must register and activate it on your
1. Plug the cable into the USB port
on your computer.
2. Plug the mini-USB end of the
cable into the mini-USB port ➊
on the device.
1. Go to
2. Select Register > Track &
3. Follow the on-screen instructions
to set up an account and register
your device.
Charging the Device
The device will not charge when the
battery is outside the temperature
range from 32°F to 113°F (0°C to
In order to charge the device, it must
be connected to your computer
(page 2) or a Garmin charging
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
• Charge the device completely.
The LED is red while the device
is charging. When it is fully
charged, the LED turns green.
This can take up to 2 hours.
• Disconnect the device when the
LED turns green.
• Go to to
buy additional charging cables.
Tracking the Device
You can set tracking settings at From here
you can locate the device on a
map, create geofences, and manage
Some device tracking options are
only available to Deluxe Tracking
service plan subscribers. Go to for more
information on service plans.
See page 10 to see how device
tracking settings affect battery life.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
You can view the location of your
device on a map using the tracking
Schedule a Check-In Event
Scheduled check-ins are available for
Deluxe Tracking plan subscribers.
You can schedule a specific time
to view the location of the device.
At the scheduled time, you are sent
a text message or email with the
device location and which geofence
the device is within (if applicable).
Continuous Tracking
Continuous tracking is available for
Deluxe Tracking plan subscribers.
Continuous tracking enables
the device to report its location
at 15-second intervals. You can
schedule continuous tracking to
begin and end at specific times.
When you schedule a session, you
can invite others to view the device
tracks during that session only if
you will be the device holder for the
complete duration of the scheduled
A geofence is a virtual boundary that
you can create. You are alerted when
the device enters or exits a geofence.
You can set up to 10 geofences. The
virtual boundaries of your geofences
are accurate up to approximately 5
If your phone can receive text
messages, you can set up text
message alerts. You can also set up
email notifications.
note: The number of text
messages you are able to receive
will vary according to your country
and your subscription plan. Go to for more
Track History
Track history is a log of where your
device has traveled. The detail level
of your track history depends on
your service plan and the tracking
method you choose.
Deluxe Tracking plan subscribers
can see all location points sent by
the device, whether the points are
from location requests, scheduled
check-ins, or device alerts. The
Deluxe Tracking plan records the
device location at regular intervals,
depending on the battery use setting
(page 10).
Standard plan subscribers can see the
last ten location points, whether the
points are from location requests or
device alerts.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
You can clear the track history from or your mobile
Device Alerts
The device cannot send alerts when
the battery is dead.
Battery Level
You can set the level at which the
device sends a low power alert, and
you can add a second, critically low
power alert.
The default battery alert sends a low
power notification when the battery
life drops below 20%.
GPS Signal
When you have a geofence set up,
you can set the device to send an
alert when there is poor GPS signal
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
Power Off
You can set the device to send an
alert when it is turned off by the
power button on the device.
External Power Loss
You can set the device to send an
alert when it is disconnected from an
external power source.
Speed alerts are available for Deluxe
Tracking plan subscribers.
Because speed alerts require the
device to run continuously, speed
alerts require the device to be
connected to an external power
You can set an alert that notifies you
when the device exceeds a specified
speed limit.
Checking the Device
Now is the time to check your device
status. Any time the device is on and
in standby mode, you can check the
1. If necessary, unplug the device.
2. Press , and observe the LED.
LED State Description
4 green
The device is turned on
and can be located.
2 green
The device is turned
on and is inside a
1 red and 3 Low battery. The
device is on and can
be located.
1 red and 1 Low battery. The
device is inside a
4 red and 1 Battery is too low for
long red
Turning Off the Device
To instantly retrieve new tracking
settings, you must turn off the
for 3 seconds.
The LED turns red. When the
LED turns off, the device is off.
Turning On the Device
1. Go outside where you have an
unobstructed view of the sky.
2. Hold
for 3 seconds.
The LED flashes green while the
device is connecting to the network.
The LED turns off when the device
enters standby mode and is ready
to use.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
Attaching the Device to
Your Pet
NOTE: This device should be
used only with the provided case.
For optimal performance, keep the
device facing up when mounted.
Remove the collar from your pet.
Turn on the device (page 6).
Place the device in the case.
Place the collar on top of the
nubs ➊.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
5. Place the case strap ➋ over the
collar, and secure it using the
hook and loop fastener.
6. Attach the collar to your pet.
Attaching the Device
Using the Carabiner Clip
note: This accessory may not be
included with your device.
You can use the carabiner clip to
attach the device to an object like a
note: Do not use the carabiner clip
to attach the device to your pet.
1. Place the device in the case.
2. Attach the carabiner clip to the
loop on the case.
3. Attach the carabiner clip to the
object you want to track.
Attaching the Device
Using the Adhesive
note: This accessory may not be
included with your device.
You can use the adhesive mount to
attach the device to an object. The
case is not needed when using the
adhesive mount.
1. Clean the area where you intend
to attach the adhesive mount.
note: For optimal performance,
ensure that you have a clear view
of the sky. Do not mount the
device near metal surfaces.
2. Attach one side of the adhesive
mount to the back of the device
3. Attach the other side of the
adhesive mount to the object ➋
you want to track.
4. Connect the two sides of the hook
and loop fasteners.
Mobile Application
note: Text message notifications
do not require a smartphone or the
mobile application.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
There is a GTU™ 10 mobile
application available for Android™
and iPhone® smartphones. With the
mobile application you can manage
your device in the same way you use
your account.
Go to the store on your
smartphone to download the
mobile application.
Android QR Code
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
Rechargeable lithiumion
Battery life See page 10.
Operating From -4°F to 131°F
temperature (from -20°C to 55°C)
From 32°F to 113°F
(from 0°C to 45°C
Waterproof IEC 60529 IPX7
Computer USB 2.0 full speed
About the Battery
‹ warning
This product contains a lithium-ion
battery. See the Important Safety and
Product Information guide in the
product box for product warnings
and other important information.
Battery Life*
You can set how often the device
checks its location. More frequent
checks can require you to charge
the battery every day. Less frequent
alerts can extend the battery life up
to four weeks.
Device Use
Battery Life
Up to 10 days inside
of the geofence.
Up to 3 days outside
of the geofence.
Up to 1 day inside
or outside of the
*Estimations are based on typical
use. For more information on battery
life, go to
Device Use Battery Life
Up to 7 days.
Up to 4 weeks inside
of the geofence.
Up to 5 days outside
of the geofence.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
Caring for Your Device
Your device contains sensitive
electronic components that can be
permanently damaged if exposed
to excessive shock or vibration. To
minimize the risk of damage to your
device, avoid dropping your device
and operating it in high-shock and
high-vibration environments.
Do not store the device where
prolonged exposure to extreme
temperatures can occur, because it
can cause permanent damage.
Avoid chemical cleaners and solvents
that can damage plastic components.
Cleaning the Device
1. Use a cloth dampened with a
mild detergent solution.
2. Wipe it dry.
GTU 10 Owner’s Manual
Contacting Garmin
Product Support
You can contact Garmin Product
Support if you have any questions
about this product.
• In the USA, go to www.garmin
.com/support, or contact Garmin
USA by phone at (913) 397.8200
or (800) 800.1020.
• In the UK, contact Garmin
(Europe) Ltd. by phone at 0808
• In Europe, go to www.garmin
.com/support and click Contact
Support for in-country support
information, or contact Garmin
(Europe) Ltd. by phone at +44 (0)
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