Quick start manual | Garmin nuvi 855 GPS Receiver User Manual

nüvi 805 series
quick start manual
November 2008
© 2008 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries
190-01047-01 Rev. A
Printed in Taiwan
Your nüvi Unit
Warning: See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings and other
important information.
Battery cover
Power key:
slide to the left to turn the unit on/off;
slide to the right to lock the screen
audio out
GPS antenna
card slot
Serial number
under battery
Garmin®, the Garmin logo, and nüvi® are trademarks of
Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries, registered in the USA and
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of Garmin. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned
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Garmin is under license. Panoramio™ is a trademarks of
Google Inc.
Warning: This product contains a lithium-ion battery.
To prevent damage, remove the unit from the vehicle
when exiting or store it out of direct sunlight.
Before mounting the nüvi, see the Important Safety
and Product Information guide for information
about laws pertaining to windshield mounting
Step 1: Install the nüvi
Step 2: Mount the nüvi
1. Plug the vehicle power cable into the
power connector on the right side of the
1. Locate the rectangular lithium-ion battery
that came in the product box.
2. Slide the battery cover off the back of the
3. Locate the metal contacts on the end of
the lithium-ion battery.
4. Insert the battery so the metal contacts
on the battery match up with the metal
contacts inside the battery compartment.
2. Snap the cradle Suction cup
onto the suction
cup arm.
3. Clean and dry
your windshield
and the suction
cup with a lint-free cloth. Remove the
clear plastic from the suction cup. Place
the suction cup on the windshield.
4. Flip the lever back, toward the
5. Fit the bottom of your
nüvi into the cradle.
6. Tilt the nüvi back until it
snaps into place.
5. Press the battery down into place.
6. Slide the battery cover back on until it
clicks into place.
Ways to Charge Your nüvi
• Use the vehicle power cable.
• Use the USB cable.
• Use an optional AC adapter cable.
7. Plug the other end of the vehicle power
cable into a power outlet in your vehicle.
Your unit should turn on automatically if it
is plugged in and the vehicle is running.
8. If you are using a traffic receiver in
Europe, secure the traffic receiver’s
antenna to the windshield using the
suction cups. (The traffic receiver is
included in the nüvi 865 package.)
Step 4: Configure the nüvi
To turn on your nüvi, slide the Power
key to the left and let go after one second.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 3: Activate and Mount
the Speech Recognition
Remote Control
Step 5: Acquire Satellites
Go outdoors to an open area, out of garages,
and away from tall buildings. Stop your
vehicle, and turn on the nüvi. Acquiring
satellite signals may take a few minutes.
Pull the clear tab out of the remote control to
activate it.
bars indicate GPS satellite
strength. When one bar is green, the nüvi
has acquired satellite signals. Now you can
select a destination and navigate to it. For
more information about GPS, visit
Mount the remote control in a convenient
location in your vehicle, such as on your
steering wheel. Use the strap to secure the
remote control in place.
Understanding the Menu
➊ ➋
1. Select Where to? > Address.
2. Select Change State/Province, if
3. Select Search All.
Select Spell City, enter the city/postal
code, and select Done. Select the
city/postal code in the list. (Not all
locations can be found using postal code
4. Enter the number of the address, and
select Done.
5. Enter the street name, and select Done.
Select the correct street in the list, if
6. Select the address, if necessary.
GPS satellite strength
Bluetooth® technology status
(Bluetooth technology is not available
on the nüvi 855.)
➌ Battery status
➍ Current time. Touch to change time
➎ Select to find a destination.
➏ Select to view the map.
➐ Select to make a call when connected to
note: Depending on the version of the
maps loaded on your nüvi, the button
names can change and some steps could be
ordered differently.
a compatible mobile phone.
Select to use the tools such as media
players, settings, and Help.
Finding an Address
➌ ➍
➐ ➑
Select to adjust the volume.
Viewing the Main Pages
View map to open the Map page.
vehicle icon shows your current location.
Touch and drag the map to view a different area of the map.
Touch to zoom in, and touch to zoom out.
Touch Menu to return to the Menu page.
A speed limit icon could appear as you travel on major roadways.
Touch to view the Turn
List page.
Touch to view the Next
Turn page or the Lane
Assist page (if available).
Touch to view the Trip
Touch to view the
Where Am I? page.
Taking a Detour
Walking to a Destination
1. With a route active, select Menu.
2. Select Detour.
If you are walking to your destination, use
Pedestrian mode to optimize your route for
walking. Select Tools > Settings > System
> Usage Mode > Pedestrian > OK.
If the current route is the only reasonable
option, the nüvi might not calculate a detour.
You can also select specific detours while
navigating a route by using the Prompted
Detour feature. Select Tools > Settings >
Navigation > Prompted Detour. While
navigating a route, touch Detour on the
Menu page, and select a detour.
Securing Your nüvi
1. Select Tools > Settings > Security.
2. Select Garmin Lock.
3. Enter a 4-digit PIN and drive to a security
NOTE: If you forget your PIN and your
security location, you must send your nüvi
to Garmin to get it unlocked. You must
also send a valid product registration or
proof of purchase.
Adding a Stop (Via Point) to
Your Route
1. With a route active, select Menu >
Where to?.
2. Search for the extra stop (via point).
3. Select Go!.
4. Select Add as Via Point to add this stop
before your destination. Select Set as
new Destination to make this your new
final destination.
Resetting the nüvi
If the nüvi screen stops functioning, turn the
nüvi off and on again. If this does not help,
slide the Power key to the left and hold it
there for a minimum of 8 seconds. The nüvi
should operate normally.
TIP: To add more than one stop, edit the
current route. Select Where to? > Routes.
You can also remove the battery, and then
reinstall it.
Using Speech Recognition
Voice Commands
Use the speech recognition feature to speak
to your nüvi to find destinations, select
options, and perform other functions. The
speech recognition feature does not work for
all languages in all areas. See the owner’s
manual at www.garmin.com for more
1. Press the large button on the remote.
2. Wait for the
green speak icon to
3. Speak a command.
Using the Remote Control
Using Speech Recognition
Speech recognition uses four search
Use the remote control to start or stop a
speech recognition session.
Speak any text on the screen
Speak shortcut commands
Speak the name of a popular place
Speak an address
To speak any text on the screen:
1. Speak any word on the screen. For
example, from the Tools menu, you can
speak Routes or Page Down.
2. Listen for the voice prompt before
speaking your next command.
Start speech
Stop speech
You can also speak Find Nearest to search
a location category. Location categories are
Point of Interest categories contained in
the nüvi. The Find Nearest command only
works from the Menu page, Where to? page,
and Map page.
To speak shortcut commands:
1. Speak any shortcut command from the
Shortcut Commands table. You can use
shortcut commands from any screen.
2. Listen for the voice prompt before
speaking your next command.
Shortcut Commands
Audible Player
To search using the Find Nearest
shortcut command:
1. Speak Find Nearest followed by a Point
of Interest category, such as Italian
Cancel Route
Main Menu
Music Player
Find Address
Stop Listening
Find City
Tools Menu
Find Favorite
Trip Computer
Find Place by
View Map
Find Place by Name
Volume Down
Find Recently Found
Volume Up
Go Home
Where Am I?
Hands Free
Where To?
“Find Nearest Italian Restaurant”
Additional examples of Find Nearest
commands include:
Find Nearest Gas Station
Find Nearest Grocery Store
Find Nearest Bank
Find Nearest Movie Theater
To speak the name of a popular place:
1. Speak Find Place by Name from any
4. Speak Yes to navigate to the place, or
speak No to go back to the list of found
“Find Place by Name”
2. Listen for the voice prompt, and speak
the name of the place. The nüvi repeats
the name of the place as it is searching.
To speak an address:
1. Speak Find Address from any screen.
2. Respond to the prompts to speak or spell
the city name, house number, and street.
nüMaps Guarantee™
To receive one free map update, register
your nüvi at http://my.garmin.com within
60 days of acquiring satellites. You are
not eligible for the free map update if you
register by phone or wait longer than 60
days after the first time your nüvi acquires
satellites. For more information, go to www
3. A list of places appears. Speak the line
number of the place you want.
“Line 1”
Using Hands-Free Features
Calling a Number
1. Select Hands Free > Dial.
2. Enter the number, and select Dial.
3. To end a call, touch
> End Call.
Hands-free phone features are available
only if your nüvi and your mobile phone
have Bluetooth wireless technology. Not
all phones support all the hands-free phone
features the nüvi provides. To use the handsfree features, you must pair your phone and
the nüvi.
Receiving a Call
When you get a call, the Incoming Call
window opens. Select Answer to answer
the call. Select Ignore to ignore the call and
stop the phone from ringing.
Pairing Your Phone
1. Verify that your phone is compatible with
the nüvi (www.garmin.com/bluetooth).
2. From the Menu page, select Tools >
Settings > Bluetooth > Add.
3 Select Add.
4. Enable the Bluetooth component of your
phone and enable Find Me/Discoverable/
Visible mode. These settings might be in
a Bluetooth menu, Connections menu, or
Hands-free menu.
5. Select OK on the nüvi.
6. Select your phone, and select OK.
7. Enter the Bluetooth PIN (1234) for your
nüvi in your phone.
Using the FM Transmitter
Before using the FM transmitter in your area, see the FM
transmitter legal notice in the owner’s manual. Use of FM
transmitters is currently illegal in certain European countries
due to specific radio frequency restrictions. You must check
the local regulations in all European countries in which you
intend to use the FM transmitter to ensure its legality. For more
information, visit www.garmin.com/fm-notice.
You can listen to the audio from your nüvi
on your vehicle’s speakers. On the Menu
page, select Volume > Audio Output > FM
Transmitter. Select an FM channel for the
FM transmitter, and select the same channel
on your nüvi.
automatically recalculates the route.
The Map page displays
there is traffic on your route. The number in
the icon represents the number of minutes
the traffic has added to your route, which
has been automatically calculated into the
arrival time shown on the map.
Using FM TMC Traffic
1. On the Map page, touch
The traffic receiver is included in the nüvi
865 package and is an optional accessory for
the nüvi 855. Visit http://buy.garmin.com for
more information.
2. Touch
to view traffic delays.
3. Touch Avoid.
Note: You do not need to activate the
subscription included with your FM
traffic receiver (if it came with one). The
subscription activates automatically after
your nüvi acquires satellite signals while
receiving traffic signals from the pay
service provider.
If the nüvi is connected to the FM Traffic
Message Channel (TMC) traffic receiver,
connected to vehicle power, and you are in
a coverage area, the nüvi can receive traffic
delay information. For more information,
visit www.garmin.com/traffic.
More Information
When calculating your route, the
nüvi examines the current traffic and
automatically optimizes the route for the
shortest time. You might still be routed
through traffic if no alternative roads exist.
If a severe traffic delay occurs on your
route while you are navigating, the nüvi
For more information about your nüvi,
select Tools > Help. You can download the
latest version of the owner’s manual from
www.garmin.com. For information about
accessories, go to http://buy.garmin.com or
contact your Garmin dealer.
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