Quick start manual | Garmin NVI 3750 GPS Receiver User Manual

nüvi 3700 series
quick start manual
for use with these nüvi models:
3750, 3760, 3790
April 2010
190-01157-01 Rev. B
Printed in Taiwan
Getting Started
Powering the Device
• Vehicle power cable
• USB cable (page 11)
• AC adapter (optional accessory)
If you do not plan to use your device
while it is connected to a power
source, press the Power button to
lock the device. For more on locking
the device, see page 10.
Connect your device to the vehicle
power cable while it is plugged
See the Important Safety and Product
into your vehicle.
Information guide in the product
Your nüvi charges as you drive.
box for product warnings and other
important information.
Power Cables
Your device can be powered three
When using your nüvi for the first
time, complete the following tasks.
Power your device (page 2).
Mount your device (page 3).
Configure your device (page 4).
Acquire satellites (page 4).
Understand the Main menu
(page 5).
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
Mounting Your Device
This product contains a lithium-ion
battery. To prevent the possibility of
personal injury or product damage
caused by battery exposure to
extreme heat, remove the device from
the vehicle when exiting or store it
out of direct sunlight.
Before mounting the device, see
the Important Safety and Product
Information guide for information
about laws pertaining to windshield
1. Remove the clear plastic from the
suction cup.
2. Place the suction cup on the
3. Flip the lever back toward the
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
4. Snap the mount onto the suction
cup arm.
Suction cup mount
Vehicle power Speaker
5. Fit the bottom of your device into
the mount.
6. Tilt your device back until it
snaps into place.
Vehicle power
cable connector
Configuring your Device
1. Plug the vehicle power cable into
the mount.
2. Plug the other end of the vehicle
power cable into a power outlet in
your vehicle.
Your unit should turn on
automatically if it is plugged in
and the vehicle is running.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. If you are using a traffic receiver
in Europe, connect the external
antenna to the traffic receiver and
secure it to the windshield using
the suction cups.
Front Cover
Power button
Micro-B connector
(on back cover)
Acquiring Satellites
bars indicate satellite
1. Go outdoors to an open area, away
from tall buildings and trees.
2. If necessary, turn on your device.
Acquiring satellite signals can take
a few minutes. When at least one of
the bars is green, your device has
acquired satellite signals.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
Main Menu
➊ ➋
Finding Points of Interest
➎ ➏ ➐ ➑ ➒
➊ GPS satellite strength.
➋ Touch to select a transportation
➌ Touch to find a destination.
➍ Touch to view the map.
➎ Touch to stop a route.
➏ Touch to detour a route.
➐ Touch to make a call when
connected to a compatible
mobile phone. See www.garmin
.com/bluetooth for information.
➑ Touch to adjust the volume.
➒ Touch to open the menu of tools
and settings.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
1. From the Main menu, touch
Where To? > Points of Interest.
2. Select a category and a
subcategory, if necessary.
3. Select a destination.
4. Touch Go!.
Finding a Place by Spelling
the Name
1. From the Main menu, touch
Where To? > Points of Interest >
Spell Name.
2. Enter the name your destination.
3. Touch Done.
4. Select a destination.
5. Touch Go!.
Searching Near Another
1. From the Main menu, touch
Where To? >
> Near.
2. Select an option.
Following Your Route
Your route is marked with a magenta
line on the map. If you depart from
the original route, your device
recalculates the route. A speed limit
icon could appear as you travel on
major roadways.
➍ ➎
➊ T ouch to view the Next Turn
page. If a view of the junctions
exists, the Junction View page
ouch to view the Turn List
Touch to zoom in and out. Touch to return to the Main
➎ Touch to change the data field.
➏ Touch to view the Where Am I?
➐ Touch and drag the map to view
a different area of the map.
Touch to view the Trip
Computer page.
Adding a Stop
Before you can add a stop, you must
be navigating a route.
1. Touch to return to the Main
2. Touch Where To?.
3. Search for the extra stop.
4. Select the stop from the search
5. Touch Go!.
6. Touch Add to Current Route.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
Taking a Detour
Before you can take a detour, you
must be navigating a route.
1. Touch to return to the Main
2. Touch Detour.
If the route you are currently taking is
the only reasonable option, the device
might not calculate a detour.
Adjusting the Screen
1. Touch Tools > Settings > Display
> Brightness.
2. Touch and move the scroll bar to
adjust screen brightness.
About the Transportation
Orienting the Screen
Rotate your device to view in
horizontal (landscape) or vertical
(portrait) mode.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
Your device has different
transportation modes for navigation.
Routing is calculated differently based
on your transportation mode. For
example, in Pedestrian transportation
mode with cityXplorer™ maps loaded,
your unit calculates a route that uses a
combination of public transit options,
such as riding a bus or subway, and
walking. cityXplorer maps are not
included with your device.
Go to www.garmin.com to purchase
cityXplorer maps.
Changing Your Transportation
1. From the Main menu, touch the
transportation mode icon.
2. Select a mode, and touch Save.
About Traffic
The FM Traffic Message Channel
(TMC) traffic receiver is included in
some nüvi 3700 packages. It is built
into the vehicle power cable.
The traffic receiver and the nüvi must
be in data range of an FM station
transmitting TMC data to receive
traffic information. You do not need
to activate the subscription included
with your FM traffic receiver.
If a severe traffic delay occurs on
your route, the device automatically
recalculates the route. The traffic icon
( ) changes color to indicate the
severity of traffic conditions on your
route or on the road you are traveling.
Go to www.garmin.com/traffic for
more information.
NOTE: Garmin is not responsible for
the accuracy of the information.
About Voice Command
NOTE: Voice Command is not
available for all languages or regions.
The Voice Command feature is
available on some nüvi models. Voice
Command allows you to use your
device by speaking the words you see
on the screen or by speaking certain
commands. The Voice Command
menu provides a list of available
commands to use.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
3. Listen for the voice prompt and
speak the name of the place.
The device repeats the name of the
place as it is searching.
A list of locations appears.
Tips for Using Voice
4. Speak the line number of the
location you want.
• Talk in a normal voice directed at
the device to speak a command
5. Speak Yes to navigate to the
exactly as it appears on the screen.
location, or speak No to go back
to the list of found locations.
• Respond to voice prompts from
the device as needed.
• Speak numbers to enter numbers. Hands-free Features
Hands-free calling is available on
• Speak Exit to exit Voice
some nüvi models.
Activating Voice Command
1. Speak Voice Command.
The voice command menu
Navigating with Voice
1. Speak your wakeup phrase.
The voice command menu
2. Speak Find by Name.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
Pairing Your Phone
Before you can pair, your phone and
the device must be turned on and near
each other.
1. Enable the Bluetooth® component
on your phone.
2. Touch Tools > Settings >
3. Touch the button below Bluetooth
> Enabled > OK.
4. Touch the button below Phone.
5. Touch OK.
6. Select your phone, and touch OK.
7. Enter the Bluetooth PIN (1234)
for your device in your phone.
Placing and Ending Calls
1. Touch > Dial.
2. Enter the number.
3. Touch Dial.
4. Touch > End Call to end a
Answering a Call
When you receive a call, the
Incoming Call window opens.
1. Touch Answer.
TIP: Touch Ignore to stop your
phone from ringing.
2. Speak normally.
The internal microphone is in
the front of the device. Speak
About Sleep Mode
You can use sleep mode to conserve
battery power when your device is
not in use. Sleep mode uses very little
power, and a battery charge lasts for
weeks when your device is in sleep
• Press the Power button to put the
device in sleep mode.
• Press and quickly release the
Power button and double-tap
to wake up the device.
Resetting the Device
You can reset your device if it stops
Press and hold the power button
for 10 seconds.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
Registering Your Device
1. Go to http://my.garmin.com.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions
to register your product.
3. Keep the original sales receipt, or
a photocopy, in a safe place.
Updating the Software
1. Connect the device to your
computer using the USB cable.
2. Double-click to open the
myDashboard™ Web page.
If the AutoPlay menu does not
open, or you are on a Mac®
computer, go to www.garmin
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
After you have installed myGarmin
Agent, you will be prompted to
open myDashboard each time
you connect your device to your
computer. myDashboard checks for
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
current software updates and provides
additional information about your
nüMaps Guarantee™
To receive one free map update
(if available), register your nüvi at
http://my.garmin.com within 60 days
of acquiring satellites while driving
with your nüvi. You are not eligible
for the free map update if you register
by phone or wait longer than 60
days after the first time you acquire
satellites while driving with your
nüvi. For more information, go to
More Information
For more information about your
device, select Tools > Help. You can
download the latest version of the
owner’s manual from www.garmin
.com. For information on accessories,
go to http://buy.garmin.com or contact
your Garmin dealer.
Contact Garmin
Contact Garmin Product Support if
you have any questions while using
your nüvi device. In the USA, go to
www.garmin.com/support, or contact
Garmin USA by phone at (913)
397.8200 or (800) 800.1020.
Garmin®, the Garmin logo, and nüvi® are
trademarks of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries,
registered in the USA and other countries.
cityXplorer™, nüMaps Guarantee™,
myDashboard™, and myGarmin™ are trademarks of
Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. These trademarks
may not be used without the express permission of
Garmin. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are
owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of
such name by Garmin is under license. Mac® is a
trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in
the U.S. and other countries.
© 2010 Garmin Ltd. or its
In the UK, contact Garmin (Europe)
Ltd. by phone at 0808 2380000.
In Europe, go to www.garmin.com
/support and click Contact Support
for in-country support information,
or contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. by
phone at +44 (0) 870.8501241.
nüvi 3700 Series Quick Start Manual
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