Directions for Archiving (Dubbing) From VHS Tape to DVD Disc

Directions for Archiving (Dubbing) From VHS Tape to DVD Disc
Directions for Archiving (Dubbing) From VHS Tape to DVD Disc
You can copy the contents of a VHS tape to a DVD using the DUBBING (DUB)
button. This allows you to archive your old VHS tapes to DVD.
1. Insert a blank DVD disc in the DVD deck and close the disc tray.
2. Insert the VHS video tapes you wish to copy into the VCR deck.
3. Find the place on the VHS tape from which you want to start dubbing
using the PLAY, FF, REW and PAUSE functions. For best results, pause
playback at the point from which you want to record.
4. Press the DUBBING button on the Remote Control or DUB on the front
panel. The Dubbing menu will appear.
5. Use
to select the desired Record Mode: EP, LP, SP, or XP.
6. Select [Dubbing] then press ENTER or DUBBING to start copying.
7. To stop dubbing at any other time, press STOP. Dubbing will stop
automatically when the VHS tape ends.
Note: If the VHS video tape you are attempting to copy is copy protected, you
will not be able to copy the tape. It is not permitted to copy Macrovision encoded
Tip: If you press PAUSE during Dubbing mode, both the DVD and VCR decks go
into Pause mode and the [DUB] indicator blinks on the front panel display. While
in Pause mode, you can adjust the VCR playback position using PLA, REW, FF,
PAUSE/STEP, etc. The DVD deck will remain in Pause mode. To resume
Dubbing, press the Dubbing button twice.
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