Diamond 1 6 in 1 Heavy Duty Desktop Corner Rounder

Diamond 1 6 in 1 Heavy Duty Desktop Corner Rounder
“When You Need More Than Staples.”
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Diamond 1
6 in 1
Heavy Duty Desktop Corner Rounder
Instruction Manual
Operation Attention Matters
Use plastic pads at all time for longer die cutter life span.
Keep fingers away from cutting area.
Avoid reach of children, it is not a toy!
Do not cut staples, paper clips and other metal objects.
Avoid cutting objects over top guide thick.
When changing the cutter or plastic pad, please be aware of the blade.
Any blade of the cutter should be carefully protected and can not be any hard object.
Function Introduction of six kinds of angle-cut
Standard parts and accessories
Operational Instructions
Tearing off packing
Take off the plastic bag on the machine, open label paper marked a directive arrowhead, and pull out ““ shape hex wrench then the handle can work and swing up and down.
Cutting Operation
Place sheets and align them tightly to both sides of the side guides. Hold sheets firmly and push
handle downward to cut. Keep fingers away from cutting area.
“L” Guide
It is recommended to use this guide to align all sheets that fit on the workbench.
Place the “L” guide on the workbench.
From one of the sheets corner push forward toward the side guides.
Plastic Pad Usage
Always make sure the plastic pad is in place, to protect the blade. To maximize the life span of the
plastic pad, once one side has been depreciated, simply rotate to the following unused space.
Changing Plastic Pad
Once the plastic pad has been completely worn-out used, then use the hex wrench to push it backward,
push it up, and take it out. Place the new plastic pad in place.
Tools Box and Trash Bin
Tools box is storing the hex wrench, the cutters and any other tools, so you have them always handy.
Trash bin is for collecting material cut waste. Important – Empty the trash bin as needed.
Changing Cutter
Loosen two lock screws with headed rounded hex wrench. Push down cutter with hands (as direction
illustrated), and take out the cutter from the front. From the downward install the new cutter to upward
and then tighten two lock screws.
Loosen Both Side Guides
Loosen both side guide lock screws with the head rounded hex wrench. Put both side guides backward
(as direction illustrated).
Adjusting the Side Guide
Place the alignment board on the workbench, choose one of the corners opposite to the alignment
board depending on the cutter size and push the alignment forward closely to the cutter then press the
alignment board with hands. Make the right side guide close to the right side of the alignment. Fix the
right side guide and tighten the lock screw with the head rounded hex wrench. The way to fix the left
side guide is the same as the way to fix the right side guide.
Completion of Changing Cutter and Adjusting
Lightly press down the handle; pull the “-“ shaped hex wrench. Lay down the handle and therefore
completed changing cutter and adjusting.
Bevel “5” size
Inwardly push both side guides closely to two outside sides of the workbench. Tighten the lock screw
with the head rounded hex wrench.
Bevel “M” size
The way to align both side guides is the same as 2.2-2.5 stated.
Bevel “L” size
Loosen lock screws of both side guides, and push outwardly to the most backward. Place the
alignment board on the workbench (any angle is acceptable), hold and be close to both side guides and
then tighten lock screw.
Maintenance and Preservation
If there will be an idle situation in a long time, please do not fix the handle at the lowest position. In
order to keep elasticity of the handle, which should be kept at the highest position. Empty the material
cut in the trash bin immediately. Keep dry and away from humidity. Avoid cleaning the machine with
alcohol or similar liquids. Please use clean cloth for cleanness.
Structural Drawing
Please give the following information for a further demand.
Machine mo del number
Machine manufacture number (listed on the back workbench).
Spare parts numbers, description and quantity for the illustration.
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