EB – 19 Manual Punch and Bind

EB – 19 Manual Punch and Bind
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EB – 19
Manual Punch and Bind
Instruction Manual
Important: Please read these instructions as it will only take you a few minutes.
Binding Plastic
Binding Wire
Operation Manual and Warranty Registration
Machine Dimensions:
Recommended Punching Capacity:
18” W x 6” D x 5-1/2” H
12 sheets per punch (standard copy paper). Punching
capacity may vary with different materials
1” to 11” size sheets
19 progressive radius cut dies
Up to 5/8” thick (approx. 120 sheets)
Up to 1 / 2” thick (approx. 90 sheets)
Sheet size range:
Punch Hole Capacity:
Binding Capacity:
Installation and Setup:
Carefully unpack and inspect your new plastic and wire binding machine for shipping
damage. If any damage is noticed it should be brought to the immediate attention of the
delivery carrier.
The following instruction will demonstrate certain methods and techniques to improve
your binding results. Before using the machine carefully read through these instructions.
This machine is designed to punch up to 12 sheets of common photocopier paper. Cover
materials vary in thickness and composition; as a rule, covers should be punched two at a
time separate from the document. Some brands of clear plastic covers and sheet
protectors do not punch cleanly and may jam the machine. All IBICO cover materials are
manufactured to punch cleanly in an IBICO machine.
For proper punching alignment, the side guide should be set to the right position for 8-1/2” x 11”
paper and to left position for oversized covers.
Raise the handle to the most upright position. Place up to 12 sheets of paper into the punch
opening; marked with rectangles, flush to the side guide and back.
For punching ease, always grip the handle at the radius; press down to punch through the paper.
Lift the handle upward to release and remove the paper.
Note: The waste drawer is located on the left side of the machine. It is recommended that it be
emptied regularly.
Binding Plastic:
Choose a plastic comb (up to 5/8”). Comb diameter should be 1/8” larger than the document
Open the binding panel. Position the plastic comb behind the vertical binding fingers.
Allow the binding element to drop down between the vertical fingers. Push the elements to the
right until the hooks of the binding fingers are inside the rings of the binding element.
Open the binding element by raising the binding handle in a counter clockwise direction. Place
covers and paper on the binding element (front side down) and close the element by rotating the
binding handle in the opposite direction.
Binding Wire:
Wire binding is performed on the backside of the machine.
By hand, insert the wire comb of desired size into holes of the punched paper.
Using covers:
For the cleanest bound book, hide the binding closure by placing the front and
rear cover back to back at the front of the book and then insert the wire comb.
After binding, this will hide the binding closure at the inside of the back cover.
A plastic gauge is located on the handle at the pivot point to assist in closing the wire element.
Prior to lifting the handle the gauge should be aligned with the right edge of the machine. As the
handle is lowered, the gauge indicates the desired wire size-clamping stop.
If using a 1 / 2” wire element, lower handle to the 1 / 2” mark to form and close
the wire properly. Ideally the element should be round in shape and closed
preventing removal of paper.
Insert the open side of wire comb into the back of the binding clamp. Hold book firmly in place
while pulling down to close binding element.
Limited Warranty For Punching and Binding Equipment
IBICO punching and binding equipment is warranted for a period
of one year from the date of the dealer’s sale to the consumer.
Excluded from warranty are the dies, which are subject to wear.
This warranty extended to and IBICO machine that has been
subject to misuse, neglect, accident, if the serial number has been
altered or defaced, or if the unit has been opened.
For service of a unit under warranty, send unit prepaid and
insured to IBICO INC.
This warranty contains the entire obligation of IBICO INC.
Unless prohibited by law neither this warranty nor any other
warranty express or implied, including implied warranties of
merchantability, shall extend beyond the warranty period. No
responsibility is assumed for incidental or consequential
IBICO INC. will repair or replace at our option the unit free of
charge and return it prepaid. Please include a copy of your paid
invoice. Any unit sent without proof of purchased will not be
service free of charge. Instead such units will be serviced at the
prevailing rates and returned C.O.D.
This warranty is valid only within the 48 contiguous states.
IBICO INC. will honor this warranty outside the area with the
stipulation that all shipping and related charges involved in
transporting the defective unit to and from IBICO’s premises will
be borne by the customer.
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