AC2000 Lite

AC2000 Lite
AC2000 Lite
Access Control and Security Management System
AC2000 Lite is an integrated access control, alarm processing
and photo badging security management system. Encompassing
the core features of the industry renowned AC2000 SE (Standard
Edition) system, AC2000 Lite has been designed to meet the
complete security needs of small to medium sized sites.
AC2000 Lite
The complete solution for all your security needs…
AC2000 Lite is a feature rich, yet affordable access control system that meets the
complete security needs of small to medium sized installations. Taking advantage
of core software features within the industry renowned AC2000 SE system and
supporting CEM’s range of industry leading hardware products, AC2000 Lite is setting
the benchmark as one of the most accomplished security management solutions
available for the small to mid range markets.
System Features
• Support for up to 64 or 128 doors
• AC2000 Lite System Controller –
Easy to use web interface tool
for system controller set-up
• Support for up to 5 Windows®
based operator workstations
• Ideal for small to medium sized
• Offers a ‘Complete IP Solution’
• Supports 3rd party manufacturer
read heads
The System controller that makes AC2000 Lite possible...
The central component of the AC2000 Lite security management system is the AC2000
Lite System Controller. The system controller is an intelligent, networked device that
holds the AC2000 Lite database and controls up to 128 doors. Any client workstation
on the network can access the system controller to manage the database, monitor
alarm activity or configure devices. As a quick and convenient method of installation,
installers simply use a web based configuration tool to perform the basic set-up and
configuration of the AC2000 Lite Controller, as well as perform diagnostic checks and
system backups. Once the basic configuration has been completed, administrators can
then operate and fully maintain the AC2000 Lite system via a networked Windows®
based operator workstation, with AC2000 Lite software installed.
• Intelligent CEM card readers
with onboard database offering
distributed intelligence and remote
• Supports CEM portable hand-held
• Support for up to 10,000
• ODBC Compliant
• Integrated ID Badging
• Graphical Alarm Event Display
• Visitors Management
• Time Zones & Holidays
• Advanced Reporting
• Unlimited ‘User Definable’ software
• Time & Attendance Reporting
• Seamless integration with External
Systems; CCTV, DVR, Intruder Alarm
And much more…
System Capability
The AC2000 Lite system is available in
two software licencing configurations
supporting either 1-64 doors, or 1-128
doors. From a single-operator workstation
users can seamlessly perform all system
tasks including AC2000 AED (Alarm Event
Display), RTD (Real Time Display) and
AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging & Pass
Production) etc. In the event that clients
require different workstations for modular
administration tasks, AC2000 Lite supports
up to 5 Windows® based operator
workstations, making it the ideal choice
for small to medium sized facilities.
Door Devices
Using the CEM DCM 300 intelligent twodoor controllers, AC2000 Lite supports
most third party read heads conforming
to the physical Wiegand interfaces,
including support for third party biometric
technology. The system also supports
CEM’s advanced range of IP card readers
to offer clients an enhanced layer of
security at the door. With a keypad and
on-board database, CEM’s readers store
transactions and operate offline, with
the additional option of card plus PIN
control. The readers also feature a backlit
LCD graphical display screen, to display
Applications include…
• Central Monitoring
meaningful outcome messages that can
be customised by clients to suit their
existing network infrastructure to provide
power to the door via the same CAT 5/6
Ethernet cable as used for Comms.
Power over Ethernet Support
Using CEM DIU 230’s (Power over Ethernet
Door Interface Units) and CEM IP card
readers, AC2000 Lite offers clients a
complete IP solution to complement
existing IP infrastructure. IT department’s
simply allocate an IP address to connect
directly to CEM Ethernet card readers at
secure doors and using DIU 230 (Door
Interface Units) can take advantage of
Future Proof Solution
The AC2000 Lite system supports up
to 128 doors. Should client’s needs
grow beyond this, AC2000 Lite can be
seamlessly upgraded to the powerful,
industry renowned AC2000 SE (Standard
Edition) system – giving clients an
upgrade path with virtually unlimited
expansion means and the widest of
functional capabilities.
(Alarm & Event Display)
• Zone Monitor
• Integrated Photo ID Badging
(AC2000 VIPPS)
• Vehicle Management
• Biometrics Support
• Rolling Transaction Display
• Remote Notification of
Alarm Events
• Advanced Reporting
• Visitor Management
AC2000 Lite complements your operations...
AC2000 Lite software incorporates a comprehensive suite of applications
to complement all the operational procedures and needs of each client.
AC2000 AED (Alarm & Event Display)
AC2000 AED provides a dynamic graphical
and textual representation of the status
of the entire system. Operators can
choose how they want to view alarms –
graphical maps, text alarms list or both.
AED responds to all alarm situations
in real time and provides a dynamic
on-screen interface to external systems
such as CCTV systems with facilities for
CCTV switching, remote door broadcasting
and audio output in response to alarm
Integrated Photo Badging (VIPPS)
The CEM AC2000 VIPPS (Visual
Imaging Pass Production System)
allows users to produce and
design both permanent and
temporary ID card badges.
Clients are offered easy to use
drawing tools and a full range
of image capture sources for
capturing personnel images and
signatures and incorporating
these into professionally
designed ID passes.
• Time & Attendance Reporting
CEM/B/049 Rev b
Zone Monitor
The Zone Monitor application allows a real
time view of all cardholder(s) movements
in a defined zone. Zone Monitor provides
up to date information on who is present
on site for safety and security reasons
and offers a real time display / numerical
counter of every individual in a predefined zone.
Remote Notification
Event notifications can be programmed
to be sent remotely to designated
personnel via email. This offers system
administrators the reassurance that they
will be notified immediately if an event
occurs in their building/site.
Rolling Transaction Display
The Rolling Transaction Display feature
provides a split screen view of transaction
outcomes and alarms in real time. When
a card is presented at a reader, the
cardholder’s image & associated personnel
details are displayed on an operator PC.
This allows security personnel to perform
a visual check that the image stored on
the system matches the individual using
the card.
Visitor Management
The Visitors application provides a
powerful tool to use access control
cards to monitor and control access
for temporary cardholders (visitors).
The application offers clients the
ability to print professionally
designed access control visitor ID
cards, which can then be returned
for re-issuing to other visitors.
Biometrics Support
AC2000 Lite supports CEM’s range of
fully integrated biometric card readers
including the S610f reader and the S3020f
portable fingerprint reader. AC2000 Lite
also integrates with third party biometric
systems including fingerprint verification,
iris recognition and hand geometry.
Advanced Reporting
AC2000 Lite provides a sophisticated
level of reporting including reports
on card usage, card reader activity,
system alarm, personnel reports, time
and attendance reports and much
more. Reports can be scheduled and
predefined for client convenience or
quickly generated upon request for
monitoring and control purposes.
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