eDCM 300 I/O Module OVERVIEW FEATURES Input/Output Module

eDCM 300 I/O Module OVERVIEW FEATURES Input/Output Module
eDCM 300 I/O Module
Input/Output Module
• Support for 8 inputs and 4 outputs
The CEM eDCM 300 Input/Output Module provides a flexible means to monitor and
control a wide array of external equipment. An addition to the Ethernet suite of
devices for use on the CEM AC2000 system, the eDCM 300 I/O connects to the nearest
network point to monitor for example windows or machinery.
The eDCM 300 I/O features eight analogue inputs and four outputs that are used to
give spare inputs/outputs on the access control system. Each input can be crossmapped to an output. A change of state to a particular input will cause a specific and
definable output from the unit. This means for example an input can be taken from a
motion detector and be used to trigger an intruder alarm siren.
The four outputs are comprised of two relay contacts and two open drain FET’s acting
as switches. The eDCM outputs can be used to control a wide variety of equipment
including intruder panels, PIR detectors, heating and lighting controls.
In addition inputs on the eDCM 300 I/O can be used to activate a ‘Broadcast Zone’
on the AC2000 system. The Broadcast can be configured to activate an output on a
different eDCM 300 I/O or CEM device located anywhere on the network.
• Onboard 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
• Communicates directly with AC2000
RTC or AC2000 Lite controller
• Inputs can be mapped to Outputs
on the same controller or across the
• Self resetting fuses – saves
maintenance time
• Backup battery connection for
emergency power (optional)
• Onboard LED - provides visual
• Dedicated Tamper input
• Suitable for use with AC2000 Lite,
SE and AE systems
eDCM 300 Input/ Output Module
CEM/B/205/Rev A
Product Highlights
Monitors external equipment
The eDCM 300 offers a flexible and affordable means of
controlling external equipment such as intruder panels, PIR
detectors, heating controls e.t.c
The eDCM 300 I/O will send input change alarms to the system
host. In addition to this, unit tamper, mains failure and mains
restored alarms will also be sent to the host controller.
Input to Output mapping
The eDCM I/O will take specific inputs and map them to a
particular output. This allows functionality such as proximity
sensors being used to turn on lights; break glass switches,
sounders, releasing door locks e.t.c.
Broadcasts are commands from the AC2000 system to groups
of peripheral devices to change state.
Any combination of outputs can be broadcast (active or
inactive) at any time when the eDCM 300 I/O is online. When
an output has been broadcast active a change of state to any
related input will have no effect, broadcasts will be given
priority. Broadcasting the output inactive again will revert
back to the last configured input mapping condition.
During the period when an output is broadcast active the
mapped inputs can still be configured to send input alarms to
the system.
Additionally, an input changing state on an eDCM 300 I/O
can activate an output on a different eDCM 300 I/O or a CEM
- Board Only - Enclosure Weight - Board Only
- Enclosure Housing Colour
Power Board Only:
- Voltage
- Current
192 x 145 x 20mm
(7.6” x 5.7” x 0.8”)
460 x 250 x 90mm
(18” x 10” x 3.5”)
Wall mount 1.2mm steel enclosure
8 x four-state transorb and tamper protected inputs
4 Outputs (2 NO/NC Relays & 2 open collector FET switches)
Two 12V open collector outputs
limited to 1.5A
Two Relays rated at [email protected]
9 – 14Vdc
Configuration 170mA (excl. powered external devices)
Database memory
1GB SD Card
RTC Battery Backup
3.0V rechargeable LithiumOperational parameters are downloaded from host computer.
- Voltage
220-230 VAC 50/60Hz.
- Current
Consumption 200mA (excl. powered external devices)
Backup Battery
Integral charging circuit provided with enclosure and space battery
(Battery not supplied).
- Temperature -10º to 55°C (14° to 133°F)
- Humidity 95% non condensing
LED Indicators
Power, Link to host, Comms Tx/Rx, Fault / Tamper, and Relay Status
Operational parameters are downloaded
from host computer
Communication Interface
To System Host
10/100 Base-T TCP/IP using CAT5e/6 Unshielded twisted pair cable
Product Codes
eDCM 300 Input/Output Module
(Board Only)
eDCM 300 Input/Output Module (Includes enclosure, board & power supply/
battery charger)
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Tel: +44 (0)28 9045 6767 Fax: +44 (0)28 9045 4535 email: [email protected]
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