eDCM 350 FEATURES Two-door Intelligent encrypted IP Controller OVERVIEW

eDCM 350 FEATURES Two-door Intelligent encrypted IP Controller OVERVIEW
eDCM 350
Two-door Intelligent encrypted IP Controller
• Support for two doors
The CEM eDCM 350 (Door Control Module) is a low cost, two-door controller that is
designed to interface to CEM sPass DESFire smart card readers.
By utilising encrypted RS485 serial communications between the eDCM 350 controller
and the sPass reader, the threat of Wiegand controller signal cloning is effectively
eliminated. In addition, the CEM sPass reader utilises 3DES (Triple DES) encryption
offering the highest measures of data security.
The eDCM 350 has an on-board 10/100 Ethernet connection and communicates directly
with the AC2000 server, removing the need for an intelligent control panel in the
system design. Using a powerful 32bit processor, the eDCM 350 gives full off-line
verification and decision making at the point of entry, even when host communication
is not available.
The eDCM 350 supports two door configurations. It can either be configured for
two sPass readers on two separate doors, with optional Exit push buttons, or can be
configured to support two sPass readers (an Entry/Exit configuration) for bi-directional
control on a single door.
Together the eDCM 350 controller and sPass reader offer an ideal solution when a panel
approach is required. It offers a highly secure, encrypted DESFire solution at a cost
effective price.
The eDCM 350 is suitable for use on the AC2000 Lite & AC2000 SE (Standard Edition)
security management systems.
eDCM 350
• Two encrypted RS485 reader
communication connections
• 100/10 Mbps Ethernet host
• Communicates directly with the
AC2000 central server – no need
for an intelligent control panel
in system design
• Eight supervised inputs (four
inputs per door)
• Four outputs Two Relays
(normally opened or normally
closed) Two FET’S (Field Effect
Transistor’s) with 12V supply
• Self resetting fuses – saves
maintenance time
• Onboard LED indicators –
provides visual status
• Dedicated Tamper input
• Integrated backup battery
monitoring and trickle charging
• Suitable for use with AC2000 SE
(Standard Edition) and AC2000
Lite security management
Product Highlights
Encrypted Verification
The eDCM 350 offers 3DES (Triple DES) card verification and
RS485 encrypted communications between the reader and the
Off-line Card Verification
The card database is initially downloaded to the eDCM 350
internal memory from the AC2000 host server, with subsequent
changes to card data automatically sent as updates. This
ensures that the eDCM 350 has up-to-date card information
when operating in off-line mode. While operating in off-line
mode, the controller can hold 200,000 cards.
ABOVE: eDCM 350 in two door (Master/Master) mode, shown
with CEM sPass card readers. The sPass readers are connected
using the encrypted RS485 channel.
Easy to Install
The eDCM 350 is designed to be extremely easy to install. The
installer simply enters the unit IP address on the server, sets
the IP address on the reader, connects to an Ethernet network
and the controller self-configures and can receive a 50,000
cardholder database in under two minutes.
Size - Board Only - Enclosure Weight - Board Only
- Enclosure Housing Colour Power Board Only:
- Voltage - Current
- Voltage 180 x 120 x 20mm
(7.1” x 4.7” x 0.8”)
460 x 250 x 90mm
(18” x 10” x 3.5”)
Wall mount 1.2mm steel enclosure
11 – 15Vdc
185mA (excluding locks and heads)
220-230 VAC 50/60Hz.
Backup Battery
Integral charging circuit provided with enclosure and space battery
(Battery not supplied).
- Temperature -10º to 55°C (14° to 131°F)
LED Indicators
Power, Link to host, Comms Tx/Rx, Fault / Tamper, Lock and Relay Status
*Door Position, *Lock Status
*Exit Push Button, *General Purpose or Interlock
Tamper, Battery Low
Dedicated Power Fail Input
(For example mains fail on the PCB board)
* = 4 state tamper protected inputs
Outputs Reader Configuration Two 12V open collector outputs
limited to 1.5A
(Door Lock and External Sounder)
Two relays rated at [email protected]
Two RS485 serial sPass smartcard readers
Operational parameters are downloaded
from host computer
Database memory
2GB SD Card
Storage of 200,000 cardholders at the door.
Up to 8,000 transactions in offline operation.
RTC Battery Backup
3.0V rechargeable LithiumConfiguration
Operational parameters are downloaded from host computer.
Communication Interface
To Readers RS485 encrypted
To System Host
10/100 Base-T TCP/IP using CAT5 Unshielded twisted pair cable
Host Connection
Product Codes
eDCM 350 (Board Only)
eDCM 350 (Includes enclosure, board & power supply/battery charger)
Product specifications and availability is subject to change without notice. Certain product names mentioned herein may be trade names
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CEM Systems Ltd, 195 Airport Road West, Belfast BT3 9ED Northern Ireland
Tel: +44 (0)28 9045 6767 Fax: +44 (0)28 9045 4535 email: [email protected]
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