R3 GE IFS Rack Mount Card Cage Security

R3 GE IFS Rack Mount Card Cage Security
IFS Rack Mount Card Cage
The design approach employed by IFS for equipment
mounted within the model R3 Chassis Rack Unit with
Integral 115/230 VAC Power Supply, provides for the
elimination of a single-point failure in the event of a major
fault within any module located within the chassis rack.
This is accomplished through the use of automatic
electronic current limiting within each rack-mountable
module, rather than to provide the current limiting within
the power supply unit which supports the power
requirements for equipment located within the rack. In
nearly all competing designs, a major fault within a module,
located within the chassis rack, results in the power supply
unit going into a current limiting condition, and as a result,
all of the modules located within the rack shut down. The
R3 Rack design employed by IFS eliminates this possibility,
as only the faulty module shuts down, and the operation of
the other devices within the rack continues unimpaired.
This automatic current limiting feature is also self-resetting,
should the fault or overload be of a temporary or
intermittent condition. Furthermore, all modules located
within the chassis rack are hot-swappable, so that it is not
necessary to power-down the rack when removing or
replacing modules.
Rack Mount
Card Cage
Provides for the elimination of a
single-point failure in the event
of a major fault within any module
located within the chassis rack.
Rather than utilizing a switching-mode or linear DC power
supply for providing the operating power to the rack as
employed by most competing designs, the IFS Model R3
Chassis Rack uses a simple under stressed step-down
power transformer, and all rectification, filtering, and
regulation is performed within each rack mounted module.
The use of a step-down power transformer for the power
supply unit results in a significantly higher MTBF than any
switching-mode or linear DC power supply can provide, as
there are no semiconductors, electrolytic capacitors, etc.,
to degrade the reliability of the supply. In addition, the
high-reliability transformer power supply and current
limiting built into each module, eliminates the necessity
of providing redundant power supplies within the chassis
rack, as the overall system reliability is still much higher
(and less costly) than can be provided with a redundant
power supply design approach.
North America
F 503-691-7566
E [email protected]
T 852-2907-8108
F 852-2142-5063
Australia and New Zealand
T 613-9239-1200
F 613-9239-1299
T 44-113-238-1668
F 44-113-253-8121
Input Voltage: Power Supply: (to plug-in modules) # Slots/Spacing R3: Differential Phase: 115 VAC (other voltages available)
1A slow blow (Rack Power Supply)
(Plug-in modules individually electronically fused)
Ac line cord
Electrical & Mechanical
Circuit Board:
Size (in./cm.) (LxWxH)
Rack: Shipping Weight:
Detachable, IEC-connectorized.
Allows easy field replacement or exchange for various
worldwide AC power plug configurations.
MTBF: Operating Temp: Storage Temp: Latin America
T 305-593-4301
F 305-593-4300
20 VAC C.T. @2.8A
14 one-inch modules or 7 two-inch modules
Meets IPC Standard
19.0 x 7.0 x 5.25 in., 48.3 x 17.8 x 13.3 cm
< 5 lbs./2.15 kg
> 100,000 hours
-40° C to +74° C
-40° C to +85° C
Specifications subject to
change without notice
© 2008 General Electric Company
All Rights Reserved
Agency compliance
Made in the USA
Ordering Information
Part Number
19” Rack, 115 VAC Input (includes power supply)
19” Rack, 115 VAC Input (DC back plane included)
19” Rack, 24 VDC Input (includes power supply)
19” Rack, 48 VDC Input (includes power supply)
19” Rack, 230 VAC Input (includes power supply)
19” Rack, (no power supply)
Blank Panel (1”)
115 VAC power supply
24 VDC power supply
48 VDC power supply
230 VAC power supply
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