Whirlpool | HUL161I | Instruction for Use | Hotpoint RLA30 Refrigerator User Manual

Instructions for Installation and Use
Model HUL161I
Product Safety
Electrical Connection
Get to Know your Appliance
Getting your Appliance ready for use
How to use the Refrigerator Compartment
Energy Saving Tips
Caring for your Appliance
After Sales Service
Hotpoint Guarantee
Key Contacts
Back Cover
Retention of this Instruction Book
This Instruction Book must be kept handy for reference as it contains important details on the safe and proper use of the
If you sell or pass the appliance to someone else, or move house and leave it behind, make sure this Book is also provided
so the new owner can become familiar with the appliance and safety warnings.
If the Book is lost or damaged a copy may be obtained from:
Merloni Elettrodomestici UK Ltd. Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JB
Read your manual carefully since it contains instructions
which will ensure safe installation, use and maintenance of
your appliance.
Your Refrigerator is built to International safety standards
(EN60) and has been awarded the European approval mark
(IMQ) for compliance with UK electrical safety requirements.
It also meets the EC standards on the prevention and elimination of radio interference (EC directive 87/308 - 02.06.89).
8. Never clean the appliance or perform maintenance without
first disconnecting it from the electrical mains. Turning the
thermostat knob to the
setting does not suffice to break
all electrical contact with the mains.
9. Before having your old refrigerator picked up for disposal,
remove or make inoperable any locking devices to prevent
children who might play in or around the appliance from
being locked inside.
10. Before calling for service/assistance in the case of malfunction, consult the chapter entitled “Troubleshooting" to
determine whether it is possible to eliminate the problem.
Do not try to repair the problem by trying to access the internal components of the appliance.
11. If damaged, the power supply cord on this appliance
must necessarily be replaced by our service centre because
special tools are required for replacement.
12. Do not use electric appliances inside the compartment
for food storage, if these are not those recommended by the
13. At the end of the functional life of your appliance –
containing cyclopentane gas in the insulation foam and
perhaps gas R600a (isobutane) in the refrigeration circuit –
the latter should made safe before being sent to the dump.
For this operation, please contact your dealer or the Local
Organisation in charge of waste disposal.
1. This appliance must not be installed outdoors - not even
in an area protected by a roof. It is extremely dangerous to
leave it exposed to rain or storms.
2. It must only be used by adults and exclusively to refrigerate and freeze foodstuffs, following the instructions for use
contained in this manual.
3. Do not ever touch or handle the appliance with bare feet
or with wet hands or feet.
4. It is highly recommended that you do not use extension
cords or multiple socket adapters. If the refrigerator is installed between cabinets, make sure that the cord is not
bent or dangerously pinched or compressed.
5. Never pull on the cord or the refrigerator to remove the
plug from the wall socket - this is very dangerous.
6. Never touch the cooling components within the appliance, especially with wet hands because this could result in
7. Never put ice cubes just removed from the freezer into
your mouth because they could stick to your mouth and
cause burns.
To ensure that the appliance operates properly and to
reduce energy consumption, it is important that the
appliance is installed correctly.
The compressor and condenser generate heat and, therefore,
need to be ventilated properly. Avoid placing refrigerator in
direct sunlight, or next to an electric stove or similar appliance.
Areas not adequately ventilated are not suitable for this
During installation, make sure not to cover or obstruct the
grates that allow for proper ventilation of the appliance.
Away from Heat
Avoid positioning the appliance in a place where it is directly
exposed to sunlight or near an oven, hob or the like.
Electrical Connection and Earthing
Before proceeding with the electrical connection, make sure
that the voltage indicated on the rating plate, located at the
bottom left near the fruit and vegetable crisper, corresponds
to the mains voltage in your home and that the socket is
fitted with a standard earthing wire in accordance with safety
standards for 46/90 systems. If the socket is not fitted with
an earthing wire, the manufacturer will not be held liable
for any damages and/or injuries arising out of the use of the
appliance. Do not use multiple sockets or adapters.
Position the appliance in such a way that you can access
the socket where it is plugged in.
Insufficient power?
The electrical socket must be able to handle the maximum
power load of the appliance, which is indicated on the rating
plate located at the bottom left next to the vegetable crisper.
Before making the electrical connection ...
After the appliance has been delivered, place it in the vertical upright position and wait at least 3 hours before inserting the plug into the socket in order to ensure that it functions properly.
Fitting a new plug
Your appliance is supplied with a 13amp fused plug
that can be plugged into a 13amp socket for
immediate use. Before using the appliance please
read the instructions below.
Green and Yellow
Replacing fuse covers:
When replacing a faulty fuse, a 13amp ASTA
approved fuse to BS 1362 should always be used
and the fuse cover re-fitted.
If the fuse cover is lost, the plug must not be used
until a replacement is obtained.
Replacement fuse covers:
If a replacement fuse cover is fitted, it must be of the
correct colour as indicated by the coloured marking
or the colour that is embossed in words on the base
of the plug.
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead may not
correspond with the coloured markings identifying
the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:
- Connect Green and Yellow wire to
terminal marked 'E' or
or coloured
Green and Yellow.
- Connect Brown wire to terminal marked
'L' or coloured red or brown.
- Connect Blue wire to terminal marked 'N'
or coloured Black or Blue.
If a 13amp plug (BS 1363) is used it must be
fitted with a 13amp fuse. A 15amp plug must be
protected by a 15amp fuse, either in the plug or
adaptor or at the distribution board.
Changing the plug:
Removing the plug
If your appliance has a non-rewireable moulded plug
and you should wish to remove it to add a longer
cable or to re-route the mains cable through
partitions, units etc. please ensure that either:
- The plug is replaced by a fused 13amp rewireable plug bearing the BSI mark of
- The mains cable is wired directly into a
13amp cable outlet, controlled by a
switch (in compliance with BS 5733)
which is accessible without moving the
If you are in any doubt about the electrical
supply to your machine, consult a qualified
electrician before use.
CE Marking certifies that this appliance
conforms to the following EEC
directives :
Low Voltage Equipment - 73/23/EEC &
93/68 EEC
Electromagnetic Compatibility
89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC & 93/68/EEC
Disposing of the plug
Cut off and dispose of the supplied plug if it does
not fit your socket. The cable should be cut as close
as possible to the moulded plug.
Remove the fuse.
To avoid a shock hazard do not insert the
discarded plug into a socket anywhere else.
- Earth
- Neutral
- Live
Temperature control
Removable door shelves with lid, with egg tray
and lidded butter dish
This knob is used to regulate the temperature in the
two compartments with the following settings:
The refrigerator is
1 Minimum cold
5 Maximum cold
Hinged shelf
Compartment for a 2 litre bottle
Removable door shelf for bottles
Fruit and Vegetable Crisper
Removable crisper cover tray
Removable, Height-adjustable Shelves
After the appliance has been delivered, leave it to stand
in its upright position for approximately 3 hours, before plugging it into the mains and switching on, to
ensure proper performance.
Use these average temperature settings to ensure optimum performance and to save energy.
Before placing food in the refrigerator or freezer, clean the
interior well with warm water and baking soda.
After plugging the appliance into the socket, make sure that
the light is on inside the appliance and then turn the temperature control (A) to the “3” setting. After a few hours
have passed, you can place fresh food in the refrigerator.
Do not be concerned about this! The refrigerator is operating normally.
The temperature control automatically regulates the
temperature inside the appliance
1 = minimum cold temperature
5 = maximum cold temperature
It is recommended that a medium setting be used.
To increase the amount of space, optimize arrangement and
improve appearance, this appliance has a “cooling area”
located within the back panel of the refrigerator compartment. When the appliance is operating, this panel may be
covered with frost or droplets of water depending on
whether the compressor is operating or not.
If the temperature control is positioned on higher settings
while the refrigerator is heavily filled and the ambient temperature high, the appliance may run continuously, resulting in the formation of frost on the back cooling area. This
will lead to an increase in energy consumption.
To avoid this situation, just turn the temperature control to a lower setting so that the appliance defrosts
Storing Food in the Refrigerator Compartment
Storage Time
Location in the Refrigerator
Wrapped meat and cleaned fish
(use cling
or pack
bags) bags)
or in
in plastic
2 or 3 days
On the shelf above the vegetable crisper
(which is the coldest area).
Fresh cheese
3 or 4 days
On the shelf above the vegetable crisper
(which is the coldest area).
1 month
In special egg rack on door.
Butter, margarine
On any shelf.
Cooked or precooked food
and when
in store
and cool
in refrigerator)
Sausages, salami, sandwich meats in general, fresh
pasta, custards,puddings, chocolates, cream
pastries, bread, dry pastries, red tomatoes
3 or 4 days
On any shelf.
3 or 4 days
On any shelf.
Bottled products, milk, drinks, yoghurt
On special door shelves.
Fruits and
In In
and vegetable
What Not to Store in the Refrigerator
Garlic (transmits odour), onions and leeks.
Bananas (they will turn black).
Citrus fruits.
Potatoes and root vegetables (store in dark, dry places).
- The air circulates naturally, with the colder air falling because it is heavier. This is the reason why meat and fish should
be placed above the vegetable crisper.
- Please follow our instructions carefully on maximum storage time: any food, even the freshest, will not remain edible
for any extended amount of time.
- Contrary to popular belief, cooked foods do not store any
longer than raw food.
- Do not store liquids in containers without covering them
because this will lead to an increase in the level of moisture
within the refrigerator, causing the formation of frost.
- Be careful not to place containers (plastic or glass), food or
other objects in direct contact with the cooling area of the
back wall of the refrigerator. This could harm the food, increase energy consumption and facilitate the formation of
condensate (on food, containers, etc.).
- The refrigerator compartment is equipped with convenient, removable shelves (Fig. 1) which can be adjusted for
height using the shelf guides. This allows you to place large
items in the refrigerator.
Fig. 1
- Install the Appliance Properly
In other words, away from sources of heat and direct sunlight,
in a well ventilated room.
- Correct Temperature Settings
Set the temperature control to one of the middle settings. Very
cold temperature settings will not only consume a great deal of
energy but will neither improve nor lengthen the storage life of
the food. Excessively cold temperatures may ruin vegetables
and cheese.
- Do not Overfill your Appliance
Remember that proper storage of food requires good air circulation. Overfilling your appliance will hamper proper air circulation and overwork the compressor.
- Close the Doors
Open your refrigerator only when necessary, remember that every
time you open the door, most of the cold air will be lost. To
bring the temperature back to the proper level again, the motor
must run for a considerable amount of time, consuming a substantial amount of energy.
- Check the Door Seal
Keep the seal clean and make sure that they adhere well to the
door. This alone will ensure that no cold air escapes.
- No Hot Foods
A container of hot food placed in the refrigerator will increase
the temperature significantly.
Allow food to cool before storing.
Before doing any cleaning, disconnect the appliance
from the electricity (by pulling out the plug or turning
off the general switch in your home).
WARNING: do not damage the refrigeration circuit.
Do not use mechanical devices or instruments other
than those recommended by the manufacturer to
speed up the defrosting process.
This appliance defrosts automatically and the defrost water
is channelled to the back toward the drain installed for this
purpose (fig. 2). Here, the heat produced by the compressor
will make it evaporate. The only thing you must do is to
periodically check and clean the drain hole, which is located
behind the fruit and vegetable crisper, so that the water
drains properly.
Cleaning and Special Maintenance
Before cleaning the refrigerator, switch off and remove
the plug from the socket.
- Your appliance is manufactured with hygienic, odourless
materials. To preserve these characteristics, always use sealed
containers to store foods, in order to prevent spills which
could stain and cause unpleasant, difficult to remove odours.
- Use a water and bicarbonate solution to clean the appliance. Cean the interior and exterior with a sponge soaked
in warm water and a sodium bicarbonate solution, which
is, among other things, a good disinfectant. If you do not
have any in the house, you can use a neutral soap.
- DO NOT use abrasive detergents, bleach or deterents containing ammonia. NEVER use solvent based products.
- All removable parts should be taken out and soaked in
warm soapy water or detergent. Rinse and dry them thoroughly before putting them back in the appliance.
- When the appliance is not used for a long time, remember
to clean the interior and dry thoroughly, leave the doors open
to prevent the formation of mould and unpleasant odors.
- Replacing the light bulb. The bulb for lighting the interior
of the refrigerator is located at the back of the thermostat
box. When replacing the lamp, unplug the appliance from
the electrical socket, unscrew the burned out lamp and replace it with another with a wattage no higher than 15W
(fig. 3).
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Nothing works.
Check that:
• The mains switch in your home is on.
• There has not been a power cut.
• The plug is properly inserted in the socket and is switched
• The socket is working; try another appliance in the socket
to check.
• The fuse in the plug is ok - if not replace it,
If after all the checks, the appliance still does not operate or
the problem persists, call Hotpoint Service (see KEY
CONTACTS, back page) and inform them of: the type of
problem, the abbreviation of the model name (Mod.) and
the relative numbers (S/N) written on the rating plate
located at the bottom left next to the fruit and vegetable
Never call on unauthorized technicians and always
refuse spare parts which are not originals.
The refrigerator does not cool properly.
Check that:
• The door is shut properly.
• The seal is clean and not damaged.
• The door has not been left open too long.
• The temperature control is on the correct setting.
• The refrigerator is not overfilled.
The food in the refrigerator becomes too cold.
Check that:
• The temperature control is on the correct setting;
• The food is not in contact with the back wall - which is the
coldest part.
The motor runs continuously.
Check that:
• The door is shut properly or has not been left open too
• The room temperature is not too high;
• The temperature control is not set too high.
The appliance makes too much noise.
The refrigerant in the cooling circuit causes a slight bubbling
sound, even when the compressor is not running (this is
quite normal and is not a fault).
Check that:
• The appliance is level.
• The appliance was installed between cabinets or objects
that vibrate and make noise.
There is water on the bottom of the refrigerator.
Check that:
• The defrost drain is clear from any blockage (see fig.2).
After Sales Service
"No company is better positioned to offer an after sales service on a
Hotpoint appliance than us - the manufacturer"
As part of our commitment to you, all Hotpoint appliances have the added benefit of a fully inclusive parts
and labour guarantee for the first 12 months. In addition to this you also have the advantage of free
replacement parts for the first 5 years when fitted by a Hotpoint
engineer. When the 12 months parts and labour guarantee expires we offer the following after sales service
Repair Service and Information Help Desk
UK: 08709 066066
Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200
Note: Our operators will require the Model number and the Serial number of your appliance
Available 364 days a year with a fast, effective and value for money service. We have the largest white goods
repair service in the UK with over 1200 of our own fully trained engineers. All repairs include a parts and
labour guarantee for 12 months from the date of the repair.
If you require any information or have any questions about your appliance, our operators are on hand with
help and advice.
All this ensures that you will receive the best available after sales service possible.
Extended Warranties
UK: 08709 088 088
Republic of Ireland: 1850 502 200
Whether you have just one or a number of Hotpoint appliances in your kitchen, we offer two service cover
plans to give you total peace of mind.
- Repair Protection Plan
FREE service repairs for a single Hotpoint appliance during the
of cover.
- Kitchen Cover
FREE service repairs for all your Hotpoint appliances less than 8
years old.
Genuine Parts and AccessoriesUK: 08709 077 077
Republic of Ireland: (01) 842 6836
A wide range of genuine parts and accessories are available from our hotline or through our web site.
Genuine parts and accessories, extended warranties and service repairs are all
available on our web-site at:
"Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back"
We give you a unique 'satisfaction guaranteed' promise - valid for 90 days - after you have
purchased your Hotpoint appliance. If there is a technical problem simply call Hotpoint Repair service or
visit our web-site at www.theservicecentre.co.uk and where necessary, we will arrange for an engineer to
call. If the technical problem is not resolved under this guarantee, we will replace your machine or, if
you prefer, give you your money back.
All Hotpoint appliances carry a fully inclusive 12 month parts and labour guarantee as well as free
replacement parts for the first 5 years (except microwaves, selected integrated appliances and cooker
hoods, which have a one year guarantee) provided that they are fitted by a Hotpoint engineer.
Guarantee terms and conditions
Your guarantee is only applicable in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland and is subject to the
following provisions that your appliance:
Has been installed and used correctly in accordance with this instruction booklet.
Has been used solely for domestic purposes and is located on domestic premises (ie. not for
commercial or trade use).
Has been properly connected to a suitable electrical supply voltage as stated on the appliance
rating plate.
Has not been subject to misuse, accident, modified or repaired by anyone other than one of our
own service engineers.
For pre purchase information on any other Hotpoint product call: 08701 50 60 70
or visit: www.hotpoint.co.uk
Recycling & Disposal Information
As part of Hotpoint's continued commitment to helping the environment, Hotpoint reserves the right to
use quality recycled components to keep down customer costs and minimise material wastage.
Please dispose of packaging and old appliances carefully.
To minimise risk of injury to children, remove the door, plug and cut mains cable off flush with the
appliance. Dispose of these parts separately to ensure that the appliance can no longer be plugged into a
mains socket, and the door cannot be locked shut.
Key Contacts
After Sales Service
Over 1200 trained specialists, directly employed by us, ensure that you can have complete confidence in both
the appliances and services we offer.
Repair Service and Information Desk
UK: 08709 066 066
(Open 8 to 8 Mon - Fri, 8 to 6 Sat, 10 to 4 Sun & Bank Holidays)
Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200
Note: Our operators will require the following information:
Model number:
Serial number:
Extended Warranties
UK: 08709 088 088
(Open 8 to 8 Mon - Sun)
Republic of Ireland: 1850 502 200
Genuine Parts and Accessories
UK: 08709 077 077
(Open 8-30 to 5-30 Mon - Fri & 9 to 12 Sat)
Republic of Ireland: (01) 842 6836
Merloni Elettrodomestici UK Ltd. Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JB.
April 2004 Part no. FP127 - 01
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