S610f Fingerprint Reader OVERVIEW FEATURES Fully Integrated Biometric Solution

S610f Fingerprint Reader OVERVIEW FEATURES Fully Integrated Biometric Solution
S610f Fingerprint Reader
Fully Integrated Biometric Solution
•Does not require smartcards, works
with 125 kHz Proximity
The S610f Fingerprint Reader is a fully integrated biometric and access control
reader that is used as part of the AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) and AC2000 Lite
systems to control access to restricted areas where an additional biometric layer of
security is required.
•Fast verification using a 1:1
fingerprint match at the door
The reader, which has an on-board 10/100Mbps Ethernet connection, communicates
directly with the AC2000 host server removing the need for an intelligent control
panel in the system design. Featuring a controller, advanced IP card reader and single
biometric solution all in one, the S610f fingerprint reader meets requirements for three
stage identity authentication (card, PIN, and biometric verification) using one device.
Using a powerful 32bit processor and a unique internal database, the S610f gives full
off-line card validation and biometric verification decision at the door, even when host
communication is not available.
Designed for use with all card technologies the S610f device is available with integral
reading support for 125 kHz HID Proximity or 13.56 MHz MiFare and iClass.
The IP30 rated (indoor use) polycarbonate enclosure houses the reader electronics and
comes with a large 4x3 Keypad, graphical display screen and three LED indicators.
The reader has 4 analogue inputs, which can be used to monitor door and alarm
conditions for transmission to the host computer. Two outputs are also available to
control the activation of door locks or other equipment.
•Secure storage of fingerprint on the
central access control server and
the S610f internal database using
RC4 encryption
•Uses Suprema Fingerprint module
giving a high resolution scan.
Detects conductivity of the living
tissue beneath the skin. Exceeds
FBI requirements and is FIPS201
•Integral reading technology for
Proximity, Mifare, and iClass
•Fast fingerprint enrolment and
connection over 10/100 Mbps
Ethernet, no need for an intelligent
controller in the system design
•Structured database allows storage
of large amounts of cardholder
records for off-line card validation
•Keypad for configuration and
optional Personnel Identification
Number (PIN)
•4 analogue inputs to monitor alarm
conditions and 2 changeover relay
outputs to activate door strike or
other equipment
S610f Fingerprint Reader
CEM/B/017/Rev D
Product Highlights
Fully integrated biometrics & access control solution
The S610f features a controller, advanced IP card reader and
industry leading Suprema fingerprint module all in one device.
Single process & network solution
Fingerprint enrolment is captured and stored via the AC2000
access control system at the same time as cardholder
enrolment. This offers clients a single solution and eradicates
the requirement to purchase a separate biometric reader and
software application to link to the access control system.
Host Communications
The S610f has an on-board 10/100 Mbps Ethernet allowing for
fast fingerprint enrolment over the TCP/IP network using RC4
encryption. The S610f communicates directly with the AC2000
host server, removing the need for an intelligent control panel
in the system design.
Onboard Card Reading Technologies
The S610f supports onboard card reading technologies for
125 KHz Proximity and 13.56 MHz Mifare and iClass. Other
technologies can be externally supported using the two
available onboard Wiegand connections.
Off-line Card Validation
The card details and biometric templates are initially
downloaded to the reader’s memory from the host computer
with subsequent changes to card data automatically sent as
updates. This ensures that the reader has up-to-date card
information when operating in off-line mode. Operating in offline mode the reader can hold in excess of 123,000 fingerprint
Reader Messages
The S610f has a large graphical LCD which is used to display a
number of predefined messages to cardholders to inform them
when using the reader e.g. Place Finger, Retry Finger, Bad
Biometric, Wrong TimeZone, Lost/Stolen Card, Card About to
Expire, Access Granted etc. Messages to be displayed by the
S610f can be modified via the AC2000 software or translated
into local languages.
IP Rating
LED Indicators
amber and green
LCD Indicators
190 x 120 x 44mm
590g (13oz) with connectors
Flame retardant polycarbonate containing fully encapsulated electronics.
Dark and Light Grey
2 MB battery backed memory
128 MB Typical (Optional)
0° to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
Unlimited, also condensing
Three high intensity LED indicators red,
Battery Backup
Operating Modes 32 x 122 dots Monochrome Graphics supertwist LCD with backlight
12 character, standard layout, tactile or non-tactile response keypad.
Communication Interface
To System Host
10/100 Base-T TCP/IP using CAT5
Unshielded twisted pair cable
9 – 14Vdc
Memory Compact Flash
260mA (passive), 470mA (peak)
Four analog inputs – voltage supplied
Two relays fitted – Changeover volt
free contacts
30Vdc @ 5A
Suppression device (diode, MOV, etc.) required at load
3.0V rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Storage of up to 123,000 cardholders.
(Two fingerprint templates per cardholder)
Up to 50,000 transactions in offline operation.
Operational parameters are downloaded from host computer. Some configuration setting can also be set using the keypad.
Door Access, Passenger, Turnstile, Verification, Control Post.
Product Codes
S610f 125khz HID Prox
S610f 13.56MHz MiFare
S610f 13.56MHz HID iClass
Minimum Technical Specifications
AC2000 SE software v5.7 upwards
AC2000 Lite software v6 upwards
Product specifications and availability is subject to change without notice. Certain product names mentioned herein may be trade names
and/or registered trademarks of their companies.
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